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Welcome to the sightedmoon website.  Since 2005, we have produced a weekly newsletter and stored up a large wealth of information to help you in your walk.  All of this saved information can be found by navigating the menus at the top of your screen.  As this can be a bit overwhelming for new visitors to the site, below are a few suggestions based on how you learn best:

Our VIDEOS are very engaging to watch together with friends.  Although they, and many others, are all on the Sightedmoon YouTube channel, below are links to the core videos hosted here that you can watch without ads:

 Core Teaching and other videos

Our BOOKS can guide you at your own pace.  Supporters can access our entire library to download these books to their own devices. Still, printed versions are also available at the bookstore link below (as well as a special direct link to download a sample book now as a thank you for visiting our site):


“I do” (special direct download link to one of our many books)

If you’re new to sightedmoon.com, I recommend that your first book be It Was A Riddle Not A Command. Then The 2300 Days of Hell and then The Elijah Trilogy. These five along with the Sabbatical and Jubilee Charts will help you to understand where we are today at the end of this age.

Visually, our CHARTS can help you grasp history and place dates to events in scripture and today:

Charts Archive


Our LESSON BOOKS can help you share what you have learned from sightedmoon with others in your study group.  Below are

Lesson Books