Pay It Forward!

You are reading the information here because many years ago, someone sponsored us and helped us create this website.

Then, others helped sponsor our research and teachings in East Africa, The Philippines, North America and Europe.

Because of the generosity of still others, we have put all of this information in one place in each of our books.

Those who support this work, no matter how much, are entitled to read all our books as PDFs or Audio Books. 

We have recently undertaken High-Quality video productions and advertising campaigns around the world. These are not cheap.

Pay It Forward and join our family of sponsors working with us to reach the world, explaining to them how the Sabbatical and Jubilee Cycles reveal the secrets of Entime Prophecy unlike anything else you have ever been taught.

The Time to help is NOW! 2024 is about to begin.

I have seen Yehovah open doors for us because of the prayers many offer on behalf of this work.

Please pray it forward, as someone else prayed and paid it forward on your behalf many years ago.

You know we are close to the end of this age. Our Jubilee Cycles prove we are. 

Click the button to choose the monthly amount you want to pay forward.

And in case no one thanks you. I want to thank you. 

Thank you for being so supportive. 

Again, I thank each of you for helping me to do this work at this time, with your prayers like incense before Yehovah and with your donations to help cover the cost of this work.




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