Biblical Foundation Lesson


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I wrote this in Africa when I found out that in many if not all the places I went to teach, they had no concept of the most basic teachings according to Torah. While most of their teachings had come from Christian missionaries, and they mostly focused on only New Testament teachings and ignored the Torah all together. While this is a travesty to say the least it has also become the norm. So, in writing this book over the years I have put together a series of teachings in lesson format, not a novel, to people can use to help study the material and learn for themselves what it means to understand the Sabbath, Feasts, Sabbatical Years, and much much more. I hope this helps many of you who are just starting down this path and strengthen your relationship with YHVH.

I would like to point out also that this book has not been edited by a professional, so please do not expect that. I hoped that the content would be of more importance than the formatting.


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