The Covenant with Death



The Covenant with Death: An Urgent Warning for Our Time

The Covenant with Death – An Urgent Warning for our Time This book–whose portentous title is lifted directly from the ancient writings of the prophet Isaiah Chapter 28:15–was written by European (and Jewish) author Stephen J. Spykerman. He puts forward the notion that Isaiah’s warning is not directed strictly to Judah but rather to the entire family of Israel (the Jews are but ONE of the 12 Tribes of Israel). Who then are the descendants of the 12 Tribes of Israel who should be heeding the warning voice of Isaiah? Spykerman turns the key to understanding end-time biblical prophecy by deciphering in the opening chapters, the heraldic emblems of America and Great Britain, which can be traced directly back to ancient Israel. Spykerman then sets froth the evidence by which he “proves” (by means of scripture and history) that the 10 “Lost” Tribes became the source of most of the “native” populations of Western Europe and Great Britain. Hence, the citizens of those lands are in large measure, (whether they know it or not) “the Children of Israel.” Understandably, if his claims are true, then they are nothing short of earth-shaking. The implications for the United States, Great Britain, her allies and especially our enemies, are apocalyptic in the extreme. The reader is taken on a fascinating journey of discovery through history, reaching back to Abraham until the present day. The ancient (and on-going) roots of the conflict between Israel versus “Assyria and Babylon,” are exposed as never before. The book reveals the secret pact that binds European Union with the Arab nations called “EURABIA.” Learn about the ultimate “Axis of Evil” whose common goal is the destruction of the of the English speaking [Anglo-Saxon and Jewish] world. This book is the timely wake-up call, a must-read for anyone with the courage to delve into the truth of our past and the challenge of the future.


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