After spending over a month filming a documentary on God’s time in Israel and Rome, Keith Johnson returned to the United States to a legitimate clock crisis. The Jewish and Christian calendars were synched to celebrate Passover and Easter on the same weekend!

One major dilemma was that, in his hometown of Charlotte, NC, not a single church could even be found open on “Good Friday” to discuss the fact that Passover was taking place according to the biblical calendar that very evening. However, all of the churches were advertising, along with secular organizations, the “Easter weekend.”

He finally found a ministry in Charlotte that was celebrating the biblical holiday of Passover and was willing to let him preach his passion about this important topic of “our time vs. God’s time” during an international live broadcast! Thanks to Michael Rood and A Rood Awakening International for being in synch with God’s clock!

This clock crisis presentation provides foundational information for the entire Time Will Tell television series that caught the attention of both heaven and earth.


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