Special Promotion


With this promotional package, you get each of the 4 e-books being offered as well as the charts that take you from the creation of Adam all the way down to our time today, year by year, Sabbatical cycle by Sabbatical cycle and Jubilee Cycle by Jubilee cycle. This is a special promotion for this offer only. To buy each item individually would cost $50.96.

You Get:

  • The Prophecies of Abraham
  • Remembering the Sabbatical Years of 2016
  • The 2300 Days of Hell
  • The Blood Moons
  • The Sabbatical & Jubilee Charts (added bonus).

We want you to understand the revelations that only come from understanding the Jubilee cycles and how they reveal end time prophecy, unlike anything you have learned before. This is why we want you to get all 5 offers as a package deal so you can go from one book or charts to the next and compare and double check everything we have shared here. We want you to know and to understand. Your order supports our work in sharing these truths.

When you order this bundle you will receive two emails. First being your receipt while the order is being processed and the second, once your order has been processed you will receive another with the download link. Please be patient while the process is happening. There are no refunds on e-products.