Shalom and Welcome to the Sighted Moon Newsletter Subscription page!

You are about to learn and be challenged on what you may have always thought the Bible says. You have signed up to learn these truths and now you will be equipped to find, in your own Bible, what you have not been shown until now.

If you go to the library section of the site you can find all of our articles. They cover most subjects in the Bible that we have written about beginning in 2005.

Our advantage over most other teachers is that we teach from the Sabbatical and Jubilee Year perspective. By understanding the Sabbatical Years, you will see where this will change your whole understanding of Scripture and, specifically, prophecy.

We also teach about the 70 weeks of Daniel ch. 9 as well as the 2300 Days of Daniel ch. 8. We will point out these two crucial prophecies and how they relate to the Sabbatical Years. The understanding of these two prophecies is terrifying; especially when you know how close the actual time is when these things will come to pass.

When you come to an article that causes you great concern, pray about it and study out the Scriptures provided. This is an important step in your studying to show yourself approved.

We also encourage you to take the time to watch the videos in our media section and once again, take the time to study them out as we present them to you. Please pause the video while you search your Bible and history books. You will learn a lot by doing so!

We pray Yehovah will bless you and that Yehovah will give you the knowledge and the understanding to gain the wisdom that will preserve you in the years immediately in front of us. And we pray Yehovah will be with you as you seek His truth out.

Joseph F Dumond