The Philippines Report – Joseph Dumond

Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: Oct 12, 2015
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News Letter 5851-033
3rd day of the 8th month 5851 years after the creation of Adam
The 8th Month in the Sixth year of the Third Sabbatical Cycle
The Third Sabbatical Cycle after the 119th Jubilee Cycle
The Sabbatical Cycle of Earthquakes, Famines and Pestilence
The Year of the Tithe for the Widows, Orphans & Levites

October 17, 2015


Shabbat Shalom Family,


The New Crescent Moon of the 8th month was sighted in Jerusalem Wednesday evening, making Wednesday evening and Thursday day the first day of the 8th Month.

Pre Trip planning

It is now October 4, 2015, and I have sent James the report that Greg has made of our trip thus far in the Philippines. We have been flat out since we got here. Flat out! We had one break on the way up to Ilocos N. and Laoag. Today is Sunday and we have met with the farmers of Pigyag.

We just went swimming in the river Bagbag, which is crystal clear and coming down from the Mountains. So before I forget I want to share my side of the story. We now have a few hours before we jump on the bus back to Manila. We will sleep on the bus.

This trip has been the result of one woman’s praying for me to come to the Philippines for the past two years. Last year I was to come but it fell apart. That same lady, Corette Buri, then went to the Philippines and found a group and told them they had to have me come. This was in the winter of 2015.

Bro. Aike Aizon of MLTC (Messiah the Living Torah Center) was the person Corette met and so we began to exchange emails and Skype messages, seeing if this was going to work out. After many talks Corette asked me when I was going. I said I had not been asked. And right here was a cultural difference that we had to figure out and address.

I will not push myself on someone or some group. They must ask me to come. The Filipino people are too shy or modest to ask and wait until you volunteer. While Aike and I were trying to figure these differences out, I sent them 20 books each of the 2016 and the 2300 Days of Hell. They arrived but were not picked up. The import tax was so high they could not afford to pick up the books. I could not understand what was going on.

On the other hand Aike was feeling out his members and his contacts to see if they actually wanted to have me come and teach them. All of this took time each week, which left me wondering if they wanted me to come at all. When I began to explain why the Philippines was under a curse, then things began to take off and all of those groups Aike was contacting then began to want to know more. Now the bible and end time prophecies were real to them. They did not want another western person coming here to teach things that were not relevant to the Philippines.

I then offered to pay for the import tax and this showed Aike I was not in this for the money or to promote a book, but that I actually did care and truly had a real end time message for the Philippines.

Then Aike asked me if I would come and I said I would and he began to tell me all the places I would speak at. I could not believe him and thought he might be very delusional as he suggested each of the venues I was to speak at.

It got me excited and also scared me at the enormity of this message and to whom Aike was preparing to have me share it with. A very good friend told me the following when I shared with him what was going on in the Philippines. He told me that all of these high ranking people who wanted me to come to their venue were just other human beings, the same as everyone else on the earth. They were just humans who, like myself, sought to know Yehovah better. Once I was able to see this, then all the fear that could have built up was now gone. I was just speaking to fellow brethren who did not yet know the Sabbatical and Jubilee prophecies and that Yehovah was opening this door for me to go through. And when He opens a door no man can shut it.

We then sent more books and we also sent more money to help pay for the cost of preparing for our visit, printing of posters and flyers and other incidental costs. Again this was showing Aike I was here to help, not to get or make a profit off the Filipino people.

Planes Trains and Automobiles

The time has now arrived to go, and all the books have arrived and all the venues were sort of arranged and I was not really sure what was about to happen. But I was neither scared nor overwhelmed. I just knew I had a job to do and I was about to go and get that job done.

I left Toronto and arrived in Detroit where Greg, who had just flown in from Oklahoma, was waiting for me at the gangway as I departed the airplane to change flights. I was in my travel mode and had no time for a lot of talk as we rushed to find our departure gate. Greg had just done part of a radio show with Mitch on OutCry, just as I arrived. It was great to see Greg again whom we had just met in Myerstown, Pennsylvania three weeks before. Greg was charged with recording on video all that we thought was about to happen. Mitch, Krista, Greg, James and myself all felt that this was going to be an historic trip if the things Aike was saying actually panned out. We were not yet sure what was going to happen but brought Greg to record it just in case. And what has happened, and what Greg has recorded is phenomenal and even Greg and I both can’t believe it. Each night as we go to sleep we ask ourselves “What just happened?” This happened each and every day. Both of us are stunned to see Yehovah’s arm moving in front of us each step of the way. Yes, we both see Yehovah working and preparing things for us to deliver the hardest message I have had to deliver. It is unbelievable each day and at each event multiple times each day.

We left Detroit and flew north over Canada and then over the North pole following the north shore of Alaska across the Bearing Sea into Russian airspace. I reminded Greg that the Russians had shot down a Korean airliner flying over Russian airspace years ago. We looked out over Siberia as we flew and could see how mountainous it was and also how desolate, with no cities or roads.

As we approached Seoul, South Korea we had to take a large detour around North Korean airspace so as not to be shot down over this hostile country. We landed in Seoul, where we had to change planes. It was packed wall-to-wall with people as we disembarked. When we boarded the train to be shuttled over to our departure gates people kept packing in like sardines, if not even tighter. The sun was just going down and we had not slept on the plane due to our excitement and talking, but we each needed our space because we both needed a shower and yet they were packing us in even tighter. I could not believe it and the train ride was a long five-minute ride with strangers coughing and breathing right in our faces. I really wished I had a face mask as I saw many others who had one, which made me feel vulnerable to any outbreak that might begin in such packed conditions. I did not like this at all.

In the airports we had noticed signs warning of Ebola and flu-like symptoms for Dengue Fever, measles and Avian Flu.

The sun set and we were now into tomorrow. Greg and I tried to figure this out, how we lost a day. Where it went and how we just aged one day in an instant. Had fun trying to figure this out but our brains just could not work after no sleep during our 13 hour-plus flight. We were able to prove just by our flight path that the world is round and not flat like some idiots are trying to teach you, wasting your time on such absurd subjects and leading you away from Torah. Before I left for the Philippines, I posted my message and blasted those who still want to read and follow all conspiracy type teachings. Many of them wrote me to justify their positions. Again what a waste of time and they do not see it.

Greg and I had separate seats from Korea and I tried to get some sleep, but could not during this three hour flight to Manila. I kept thinking over and over, what was about to happen and if this was real. I kept pinching myself to make sure I was not asleep. It is all real and about to begin.

Aike Aizon and Daryl Chan Chan who had met me back in Canada picked us up after a short search for them. They had a poster there that they had hung up to greet us. It was nice to have this welcome. Most of the time I am never greeted at the airport. We were then introduced to Filipino driving and it is crazy and packed everywhere you go. But now after being here for three weeks, there is order in all of this chaos. There are rules and the horns are used to warn and assist. But at first it is just crazy.

Aike took us to his meeting place on the 44th floor of this building and told me how this came about. A miracle was presented to him. Once there, I was measured and told that I was not going to be speaking in my suit from the west. No, instead I would be wearing a Barong Tagalog, the formal Philippine attire worn by dignitaries at all presentations. This Barong was an instant hit and just opened the doors for me to give the message I have at each meeting. Everyone commented how nice it was for me to honor them by wearing this formal attire.

We spent that night and the next day adjusting to the time change, and planning and strategizing with Aike. The venues he had now finalized and was still working on could have intimidated me had I not come to accept these people as fellow brethren seeking Yehovah. But at the same time Aike was blowing both Greg and I out of the water with the emails he was getting and the things he was trying to finalize.

A Divine Appointment

 We had now recovered somewhat from our jet lag and Bro. Aike wanted us to meet Attorney Jeremiah Belgica. I was not sure who he was or why we had to meet him. His father is Bishop Butch Belgica who was and is a very influential person here in the Philippines.

Aike Ayson, Atty. Jeremiah Belgica, Joseph Dumond and Greg Cronkite discussing the Current events of the Philippines and our message to them.

Aike has been telling me over and over that I have a great message that the Filipino people need to hear. But it has to be marketed and he knows how to market it here. I admit this is a weakness on my part so I am putting my faith in Yehovah’s hands and trusting Aike to make this all work out.

We met in a dark Italian restaurant and began to talk and mostly listen for the first part to Jeremiah and Aike talk back and forth and with me. But I was listening, trying to grasp what they were explaining. It sounded similar to what I was teaching. After supper Jeremiah pulled out his power point presentation that he shares with the Congressmen. It was only then that I realized, he was fighting the exact same fight I am. He from a moral point of view as a follower of Yehshua and Yehovah and learning to keep Torah, but my presentation went back to the very beginning with the rape or Dinah and Tammar in Genesis and then the Curse of Balaam which is the same curse as we are in right now at the end of this 120th Jubilee cycle and the end of this 6th millennial day of man.

We were both singing the same song, both preaching the same message from different perspectives. I was showing them why they were under the curses already and Jeremiah was showing them the evil laws they were about to pass-the SOGI and RH laws, as well as the BBL laws.

I came to the Philippines to share my teachings that we did in 2013 in Tennessee, but now, NOW I UNDERSTOOD why we were here and I could not believe this divine appointment that Yehovah had just arranged in order to direct my message and refine it more for this Great Country of the Philippines.

As I began to explain this to Jeremiah he had some restrained excitement, but he had not yet heard my message. I assured him we were singing in the same choir. That night I went home and worked on my presentation again. We had three meetings coming up and they would all get the same message, only each message would be refined for each group.

I now knew why we were here and what I had to do. WOW, and this is from just one meeting. But I had not yet learned who Jeremiah and Butch Belgica were.

On our way home Aike was telling us about another group that he was trying to get me to talk to, but the leader was out of the country, so we stopped by the group IFP Intercessors for the Philippines. The IFP are made up of about 5,000 Christian churches who send representatives from all over the Philippines to keep the feasts in Manila and pray for Israel. They were keeping the Day of Atonement when we arrived late that night, only it was the day after the actual Hebrew calendar day of Atonement and a day before the Crescent Moon Calendar for Atonement. This told me they need to be taught the basics, but there were almost 1,000 people praying and begging for atonement for their sins. I was moved by the outpouring from these people even though they do not understand it all. They were at least trying.

After this Greg and I went back to our rooms and just stared at each other as we began to realize the magnitude of the events unfolding. I was excited to know Jeremiah and I were on the same page and that my message was very relevant to the nation we were in.


Government Bishops & Generals

It is now our first day to begin our work here in the Philippines. Our books were sent to President Aquino and we know they were received. Bro. Aike also delivered our books and a personal note from me to Manny Pacquaio who is the Philippine national hero after going from extreme poverty to the world’s greatest boxer in 8 weight class categories. (You can watch the trailer of his life here which is also the story of the Philippines.)He is a very strong Christian who now works as a Senator for the Philippine congress working for the people. We did not hear back from either one although we did invite them both to come to the lecture I was about to give a group of Christians who are also keeping the Feast in the Congress.

With Rosemarie Ventura Cunanan, Marivic Palomar, Joseph Dumond, Carmen Jimenez, Aike Ayson and Poyingcalizar Azion at R.V. Mitra Building, House Of Representatives.

It was the Day of Atonement according to the Hebrew calendar, which they were following. It was amazing to me that here were a group of people who worked in the House of Representatives in many various departments all coming together to keep the Day of Atonement. I thought that was awesome to begin with. Some of them were already friends of mine on Facebook. They apologized to me that our timing was not good because the congressmen were in session and could not come to this meeting.

I was humbled that they had even considered having me to share my message in such a great House of Representatives, representing the entire People of the Philippines. I was humbled beyond words. I was also told that some were not sure about even having me there. They had heard my message is very hard for new Christians to listen to. I agree I have a very hard message to share, but it is done with all believers in mind, not just Torah observant ones.


Left to right; Marivic Palomar,Tetao C. Gatchalian, Carmen Jimenez, Greg Cronkite, Ventura Cunanan, Aike Ayson, Joseph Dumond, Corette Buri, Jeremiah Belgica, and two persons whose names I have forgotten at this time.

Wearing my Barong Tagalog I began to explain to these representatives of this house, the curses that have befallen the people of the Philippines these past ten years, curses of typhoons, flooding rains, earthquakes, mudslides and now droughts for the first time. Also during our time here Dengue Fever has broken out. As I showed this section of my presentation, they were silent and sitting on the edge of their chairs as they watched each slide of destruction, remembering where and when it was. Over and over I asked them why was this happening to a people who are the most loved around the world. No one hates the Filipino people anywhere in the world and yet these curses are happening to them and no one there could deny it.

I then showed them their sins. The Bansamoro Law, (BBL) was a result of sin and so was the Sexually Oriented Gender Identity (SOGI) a law that was sin. Reproductive Healthcare (RH), which is just another name for the abortion law, is also sin, and these people are involved in the development of these laws and the process of how they pass through each of the houses until they are enacted into laws.

Next we began to explain the curse of Balaam and how that curse from Numbers 22 is the same thing the United Nations is doing here in the Philippines by urging them to accept SOGI, (Sexually Orientation Gender Identity), in other words LGBT laws. The United nations is also promoting the abortion laws and the BBL laws which will give the Muslim people the rule of self governance in Mindanao.

Once they understood the connection to Balaam and how Yehovah Himself would destroy Israel when they began to sin, and how the Baal Peor is the god of holes, or oral and anal sex, or sex with an animal and abortion is also against Yehovah, then they were all kind of stunned.

No one has ever connected this curse of Balaam, Baal Peor and making the ancient books of the Bible relevant to us today and how the UN is the same as Satan. No one has talked to them as I did this day.

We had Corette and her sister Sueyin , Aike and his wife Florence, Greg and myself as our delegation. Aike and Florence both said that I spoke with power and authority and my message was very strong and tough to hear.

Those listening said the same thing. I had just bowled them over with the facts of history from the bible and the facts of life today. It is the same story being repeated again now in our lifetime.

The Filipino people are very shy and quiet and courteous and want to serve you, so almost everyone at the meeting thanked me for coming and were appreciative of the frankness of my message.

I challenged them all to act on this information. Stating to them to prove me right or to prove me wrong, but either way they had to get off their behinds and prove this one way or the other. And then, then they had to act. Faith without works is dead; they just can’t go and pray and think it is enough. They must also act upon those prayers as if it all depended on them. Again I was very strong on making this point to them. They work in this great house. They must use their voice here to bring about changes in the Government, or suffer the curses that are already coming.

Later in the week we heard that they had also kept the First Sukkot in the Parliament, putting up a Succa for everyone to come and enjoy.

Also, later in the week Sister Tetao posted the following quote:

Spirit-filled month of September in the halls of the Philippine Congress celebrating the Feasts of the Lord (Leviticus 23:23-44) – the Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement and Feast of Tabernacles. These are designated times commanded by our Lord for us to meet Him. statutes that are to be observed, not only by the Jews, but from generation to generation. Sadly, these Commandments have been forgotten and relegated as part of the Old Book or the Old Testament.

But in Congress, the seeds have been planted and it is truly a wonderful surprise for me that the Lord’s Feasts have been observed, by a few, for the second year now, under the meticulous leadership of Sister Carmen, who has so far won for the Lord a few lawmakers and their staff as well as some officials from the administration. Now, after attending the feasts, they now want to learn more how to do Shabbat and the Feasts. There is even a plan to draft a bill that will institutionalize the celebration of the Lord’s Feasts. The seeds are growing.

The Lord sent His emmisary from Canada, Brother Joseph Dumond, a bible scholar and a 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, and we were so blessed to have him during Day of Atonement and also talk about current world events in the context of astonishing developments around the world marked by deadly and unprecedented calamities, political turmoil, the rising dominance of Islam versus biblical prophecies, climate change, etc.

We are witness to how the Lord is blessing His work in this important arm of the government where the counsel of the Lord has been promoted by a few, the same place where controversial bills like RH, SOGI, BBL were conceptualized and proposed .. if we consider the purpose of these bills, few realize and wonder, much less ask themselves, what is the world coming to?

In the midst of daily grind in Congress, too much words are spoken, too many conjectures and statements, so much show of wit and wisdom, but what do they all mean? So much work unwinding into more work and struggle. There is so much lamentation over day-to-day problems of traffic, escalating crime and corruption, inefficiencies and blunders of government. At the same time, vanity and ostentatiousness abound, too much pride and grandstanding while so much more people languish in poverty.

Brother Joseph Dumond, with Greg Cronkite, Brother Aike Ayson and Sis Corette Buri who flew all the way from Bangkok, certainly inspired our faith, challenged us to let the world know what we know about God’s impending judgment on a sinful people and the need to turn back to Him in true repentance and obey His commands to enjoy His blessings in full.

As Yeshua’s emissaries, we can only truly care for others by helping bring His presence amidst The vanity of life in this world. Thank you, Brother Joseph.
Whoever abides in Me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from Me, you can do nothing. May we continue to be inspired under the shadow of our Almighty God!

Sister Tetao at the Feast of Sukkot, praising Yehovah.


Feast of Tabernacles Sukka in Mitra Conference Rm in Congress with Congresswoman Cinchona Cruz-Gonzales (middle) & her staff, beside Sis Mylene.


The Bishops

Sept 24 and we are now on our way to the Manila Yacht Club to give our presentation to the Bishops and Pastors of Manila. Christian Bishops and Ministers Association of the Philippines. CBMAP.

Aike Aison & Joseph Dumond Manila Yacht Club to Speak to the Bishops and Pastors.

I was about to speak the same message as the night before to some of the leading Bishops and Pastors in Manila. Bishop Butch Belgica had arranged it. There was also TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) at this meeting filming the first part of my message but who left to cover another job assignment (they have no idea what they missed).

This was the meeting I was expecting to have my panic attack at. After all, these are all Bishops, and Pastors and they all will know their bibles and I expect that they will ask many of those hard questions.

I sat at the head table with one of the leading Bishops who said he is excited to hear my message. He has been hearing about it for some time. This caused me to pause and consider what was going on. They have come to learn from me about end time prophecy, about how the Sabbatical and Jubilee years show end time prophecy along with the Holy Days of Lev 23.

I began the same message about the curses that are falling on the Philippines and again asked them why this was happening to them, the most loved people around the world. I then rebuked these Bishops as I showed them their sins that they as a nation were doing by allowing the SOGI law, and BBL, and RH. I told them prayers alone were not enough. One person told me they had protested for one day. I then asked them what they did the second and third and fourth days? Did they just pray and protest one day or are they out there still doing this? Again, I said your prayers without works are dead and do no good unless you are going to obey Yehovah God and His commandments. They also have access to TV and Radio and how much have they utilized these things?

I felt more emboldened because maybe I felt more intimidated. So I went on with strength and continued to warn them of the sins they were about to allow and the curses of Lev 26 that are coming. I told them they had the clout to rally the people against SOGI and against the RH laws as well as BBL, that they had to call their representative in Congress and keep calling them every day. Every day.

Greg said I was super bold and stuck it to them in a polite manner. Aike too, was pleased with this. Greg Cronkite stated the following;

This was their monthly meeting so they felt very comfortable on their home field but Joseph was very bold in speaking out on some of their beliefs that are not based on the Torah and admonished them to keep the seventh day Sabbath.

I did not attack them for being in a religion. I attacked them for not doing enough to stop sin from entering in through government reforms being pushed on the nation by the UN in return for subsidence’s being given the Philippines by the United Nations. You can call it pork barreling or bribes, it does not matter, it is the fact that they will get huge amounts of money for accepting the laws and mandates of the United Nations.

Bishop Butch Belgica got up after I had finished and this was the first time he had heard me talk. He supported the things I was saying. I do not recall how the conversation started because they were speaking Filipino, but one of the Bishops asked him if he agreed with what I was saying. And then the Bishop asking the questions said or did something, which I do not recall at this time.

Bishop Belgica said if this was the old days he would just pull out his gun and shoot this other Bishop. It was a super statement and awesome endorsement of what I was saying. The audience all laughed, but the support for my message was not lost on me in the following dialogue in Filipino.

Bishop Butch Belgica is Atty. Jeremiah Belgica’s Father and has a past that was also made into a movie here in the Philippines. You can watch it here.
We then had our pictures taken with almost all the Bishops and then one wanted me to take my picture with his wife the Congresswoman who was talking right after I left, so we did.

The first man on the left is running for Vice President Philippines. Then we have I believe Rolly M. Natividad, Hebraic Affairs Director, Bishop Butch Belgica, Joseph F Dumond, Bishop Bernie Malitao IV, Past President of the Rotary Club, Aike Aison and I do not remember this last person’s name.


Many of the Pastors from around Manila all wanted to get a copy of the book Remembering the Sabbatical Year of 2016. I really busted their bubble when I told them why the rapture was not going to happen.

After all I said to them, the Bishops then wanted to pray over me. They realized I had a serious message for these last days and it was not a pleasant message to give.



The Generals

We had to rush as we had just a few hours before sunset and I said to Aike, to find the first restaurant so we could get a bite to eat before our Atonement began. We then turned on to the highway and it was dead stop and absolutely no place to get off.

We emptied our pockets and purses and glove box of crackers and water bottles and sweets and shared them among the five of us in the car as we watched the sunset ushering in Atonement, stuck in this huge traffic jam. All traffic jams in Manila are huge and slow to resolve themselves. It is part of the lifestyle you have to accept.

As we drove to the military base Fort Bonifacio for our meeting this evening with four military generals, 2 retired and 2 currently seated in their position, as well as many other military leaders and their wives and families I was again thinking what is going on here? What is Yehovah doing? We were late and stuck in traffic and I was thinking about these events Greg and I are involved in. First the House of Representatives, the Governing body for the Philippines. Then the Spiritual body represented by the Bishops of the CBMAP. And now we are about to speak to the Military leadership. What is Yehovah doing here?

Everyone understands the traffic and if you’re late, you’re just late and they wait for you. We called it Filipino time. It may be just 1 km away but you have no idea how long it will take because of the traffic.

When we arrived they were singing and had been doing so to fill the time we were en route.

Again I delivered the teaching on the curse of Balaam and how it is affecting the Philippines, and these men are the ones who had to dig up the bodies and help in every disaster that comes. Again it was hard-hitting and our group was surprised, as I got stronger with each message and bolder in my presentation. Those with us were surprised I was not tired after this long day with no food and now with no water, but I was inspired each time. I knew my message had teeth and was real and was pertinent for this time and this country and this moment. I changed each presentation slightly for each of the groups I spoke to, focusing on what was most important to each group, but the overall message remained the same.

General Philippines

From Right to left, Bishop Butch Belgica who once again came to hear what I was saying. Joseph F Dumond, General Esel Soriano, Aike Aison of MLTC.
After the presentation, General Esel Soriano, head of the MCF (Military Christian Fellowship), asked if I could go to Mindanao to deliver this message sometime while I was still here. He would later call the next day and ask if I was available to come in November to a conference with all the military leadership around the South China Sea. Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and others who are gathering to talk about the growing threat of China who is actively claiming the whole China Sea and telling the USA to take a hike. This event is one of these two  or

I advised them to make inroads with China because their ally and supporter, the USA was about to be defeated and destroyed as we are told in Daniel 9:24-27. They were taken aback by this as I explained it more.

The two active Generals were recording everything I said but never spoke to me about it further.

Aike would later write about this day with the following post.


Once again Greg and I went back to our rooms in amazement of what transpired that day; whom we spoke to and how I spoke to them and then more amazingly, how each one in these groups were extremely interested in the teaching on Balaam. No one has ever shown them these things. No one has been able to show them just how close we truly are to the end of this age.
We both then go to sleep knowing this is real and wondering what tomorrow will hold to top this day.


Friday Sept 25, The Day of Atonement MLTC

Greg wrote the following in his report:

We spent the day at MLTC for Yom Kippur. Joseph taught on Afflicting Our Souls and the meaning of The Day of Atonement. There was something very special about sharing the challenging task of fasting with 100 other like minded believers. We listened, learned and waited not so patiently at times for the sun to go down. Somewhere during this memorable time, this trip started to become life-changing for me. Finally, I was able to watch the sun set behind the clouded Manila skyline from their 44th floor window. We were soon eating a bountiful meal the ladies had prepared somehow. I tried goat curry for the first time and was surprised how good it was! Of course, everything tasted wonderful after fasting. I’m still trying to figure out where all that food came from though.

I had now given the same teaching three times with emphasis on specific points focusing on the various audiences I had in front of me. Now I was able to give the full teaching with all the scriptures and why on this day of Atonement we are to fast. I know some in the audience kept the Hebrew calendar and others were Christian pastors and from various groups, but the place was packed out once again.


Greg and I were now seeing the hearts of the brethren-those who attended MLTC and those who were visiting, pastors and seminary students, all of them had a heart for the truth and for Yehovah. Both of us were experiencing life changing events and neither of us knew how to express it. It was such a change from the fighting in North America. These people loved each other and showed it. You will know them by their fruits. We could sure see it here.

On Shabbat, Aike said we had another different crowd and that he wanted me to once again give the teaching on Balaam. I felt sorry for Greg who has heard this now every day we have been here. LOL. But we did do it again. This time we finished early and so we then presented the teachings on Assyria, the Prophecy in the Laws of Niddah, the Stock market and the Sabbatical years teachings and the 38 proofs that we now have that prove when the Sabbatical years were.

My computer had fallen and it was now acting funny with certain slides disappearing on me.

Sunday Sept 27, we moved over to the Richville Hotel.
Greg had the following comments to say in last weeks News Letter:

Throughout this week, Joseph has been called Reverend, Pastor, even Dr. at one place. But it was on this day he became Jose Dumond on the hotel board. Well, whatever his name or title, he was blessed to speak to 260+ people and presented the Philippines Under the Curse/ Curses of Baalam study. It was a very full and tiring day even though it was another exciting experience, but tomorrow was to be even busier!

We laughed at all this. I was also called counselor and Joe the Baptist when we baptized a number of people. But the name I liked the most was Kuyo Joe, which I think means elder brother Joe. I am not one for titles, but I do like Kuyo Joe.

This is Christine Fernadez and she is going out on Missionary work in the Philippines. Keep her in your prayers as she is heading to some dangerous areas to share Yehovah’s word. She is in a lot of the pictures here and was a great joy to be with. We are commanded to be joyful at the feast and this young lady was full of joy all the time we saw her.

On Sunday we again gave the teaching on Balaam and I tried to change it up to keep both Greg and myself interested. Once again we had a large crowd and Aike said they were different than the ones we normally had and that those who had heard it before needed to hear it again. We also shared some of the stock market teachings with them.

Monday Sept 28, 2015 Philippines, Richville Hotel.

We have been going flat out all week since we arrived here, doing teachings two and three times a day. It feels like we have been here now a month and only one week has past. Aike gets the venue and then drives me there, I get up and share the message to each group as if this was the first time I said it because I cared about each group.

This morning we had to get up and get going because we were going to the 700 Club Asia to teach and then be interviewed by Peter Kuirus.

Above is Corette Buri, myself and Peter Kuirus on the set of the 700 Club Asia.

When I arrived there the staff of the 700 Club was waiting for me to come and present to them our teaching on Balaam. I did it in one and half hours on the dot. Just in time for us to go on the air to record our interview with Peter. You can watch the entire show here. It is in both English and Filipino.

From here we had to get back to the Richville Hotel for the start of Sukkot according to the Hebrew Calendar. Greg and I are now dizzy from all the traveling around and traffic jams. But neither one of was expecting or ready for what we were about to see from our Filipino brethren.


MLTC Sukkot Celebrations Manila 2015

We had spoken here in the same place the day before, and had expected things to be the same as when we had left. But when Greg and I walked through the doors we were stunned. It stopped both of us in our tracks. The hallway coming in was busier than normal and there was an excited buzz about things at the registration desk. I am not going to waste my words on what we saw, because what we saw when entered the hall was so beautiful I am not able to describe it. So I will let you just look at the pictures, all of them, and cry as you watch such joy come from such awesome people.

Those of you with Facebook accounts can see these pictures at the following links.


This was the beautiful sukka they had erected. And the crowds wanted to wave the Lulav and pray in the sukka. It was an awesome sight to see this. Everyone was so excited to do this.









These four ladies were just some of the beautiful women dressed up and dancing for us this evening. It was wonderful to watch them dance before Yehovah.

Atty. Jermiah Belgica and his wife Eunice also joined us again for this event.


Florence and Aike Ayson also prayed in the succa for the Philippines to come back to the Torah.


These ladies also come from Bali and from Bangkok, Thailand to take part in these celebrations.


Greg Cronkite may have been working the camera, but he was also taking part in the rejoicing and festivities. He was a huge blessing to us on this trip.


I would say this in Filipino each time in my presentation, and then take them back to Genesis to explain the raping of Dinah and Tammar and compare that to the Balaam and now these last days. This is Jose Rizal, a national hero in the Philippines, born June 19, 1861 and executed December 30, 1896

This was my bodyguard while I was there. He is an active duty service man in the military and a believer. Keep Aldo in your prayers.

Bishop Butch Belgica was also at all of our events listening to what I was teaching. Years ago, he also was a member of the World Wide Church of God.


Traveling North to Laoag, Ilocos

After all of this excitement, it was time for us to travel by two cars for 13 hours north to Laoag, Ilocos North to talk to the local farmers up here and Pastor Jojo’s groups. We greeted the start of Sukkot in a resort and watched the dark moon rise over the Philippines while the rest of the world saw a Blood red moon.

It was nice to have a day off and sort of relax as we got to our resort just as the Sabbath began. I thought we had arrived but we were told the next day we had another 3 hours to go. We swam in the pool and had a discussion about something for half the night. But I forget what we talked about. I know it was fun though.

Here I am at a local farmhouse with a porch made from bamboo. Esteng and Jonathan were afraid of me walking on it due to my weight and they were right, as it began to break as soon I walked on it.


We then arrived for supper in Ilocos Wednesday after Sunset at Bro Jojo’s place.
Thursday we began to teach at our resort in Ilocos twice and then again twice on Friday to local dignitaries and people from this area. It was the Balaam teaching again, as we had a new group each day.



On Sabbath we went to Pastor Jojo’s group of about 200 local people.



I spoke for about one hour before they performed a wedding ceremony for this couple. One of his workers production on the farm was always having bad results. Pastor Jojo suspected it was because he had sinned and gotten a girl pregnant and was not getting married. Pastor gave him a choice. Either get married or get off the farm. The results are pictured below.

We then went to Pastor Jojo’s farm and relaxed and talked. He has a farm with dragon fruit on it. It was a feast there.

Most of the people in these groups have only been keeping the weekly Sabbath now for three months.


Shabbat afternoon in the Succa on Pastor Jojo’s farm with all locally grown foods. It was awesome.


It was time to try and get some sleep, but everyone had many questions because so many were so new to this walk. We stayed up and answered them all as best we could. Here is Pastor Pedro.


On Sunday, October 4th we went out and told about 60 local farmers, tenant farmers that the Sabbatical year was in March 2016 and that if they wanted to receive the blessing from Yehovah and to stop the curses they were currently receiving, then they had to let the land rest.

We also explained to them that while their yields were decreasing they were at the same time paying more for their fertilizers which were killing the bacteria and worms in the soil. We then explained how by increasing the vermenology and bacteria in the soil they could reduce and eliminate the chemical fertilizers and increase thier yields. All of the farmers said they would not plant this coming 2016.

I was so surprised at the willingness of them all to learn and obey. I had expected rocks. I also admonished the land owners to assist these farmers so they all could profit from the land after it rested this coming year and they also agreed. One owner was a devoted Catholic and the other a muslim and both liked what I was saying. My prayers to Esteng and Johnathan who are trying to work out Yehovah’s Sabbatical year with all their tenant farmers. Keep them in your prayers. They needed bibles in the local dialect. Aike made a phone call and all we had to do was go and pick them up in Manila, which we would do as soon as we got back.

After we talked to the farmers we then met with the Assistant to the Mayor and one of the local lawyers. I told them also what I had been saying all along. They wanted me to meet with the Mayor who was away at this time. They hoped I would come back and share what I was telling them with many more in this area. They wanted to learn more and have the whole of their commmunity obey. They know they are in a drought now and did not know why. Now they do.


We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming in the river Bagbag, which was a welcome break to our hectic time here. Aike had received some news from Manila that the people at the Congress wanted to have me come by and look over a document they were working on. Aike was very excited.

So that night Aike, Greg and I took the sleeper bus back to Manila, while Pastor Jojo drove all night with the ladies in their car. The funny thing about the sleeper bus was that the seats were built with the Filipino in mind. So when I sat in them, I had to be shoe horned in. Everytime the bus stopped I would slide forward and then have to push myself back up into the most comfortable position. There was no comfortable position. LOL. My feet hung in the aisle and my back was killing me. This was the longest night of my life, lol, but we did survive it.


This is an historic day. In all my presentations I admonish those listening to act. Prayers without action is the same as faith without works. Here in the House of Representatives we have some GIANTS in Israel. These women have put together a draft bill with supporting explanations to have passed into law that each of the Holy Days of Lev become national Holidays for the entire country of the Philippines. The draft was created and worded by Carmen Jimenez, who then asked me for my input and wording of the bill. I was greatly humbled to be apart of such a great effort by these humble women. Debora’s of Israel willing to take a stand and do something.



Sister Tetao C. Gatchalian, Rosemarie Ventura Cunanan Greg Cronite, Aike Ayson holding the act to make into law the Holy Days of Lev 23, Camren Jimenez who drafted the act and Joseph Dumond

Carmen Jimenez, Aike Ayson, Joseph Dumond, Tetao C. Gatchalian and Rosemarie Ventura Cunanan at the House of Representatives working on the Act to make into law the Holy Days of Lev 23.

Greg would say to me this day, that this was a great bookend to this entire time here in the Philippines. By that he meant that we started with the Congress and now we are finishing our tout here with the Congress. Greg’s words would become more prophetic in the remaining time here.

After this meeting with these super women, we had to rush over to meet Bishop Buthc Belgica who wanted to talk to me before we were to go on GNN ( Golbal News Network) with Aike King. Aike King is the Larry King of Asia and I never clued in until after the show was done.

We talked with Bishop Belgica for about an hour and then walked to the studio to do the show, which would be an hour long interview by a secular host. He knew nothing of my teachings other than what the Bishop had told him.

What I had failed to realize was that Bishop Butch Belgica was also going to come on the TV show with me. After a few minutes into the interview Aike King turned to Bishop Belgica and asked him if he was in agreement with me. This was a huge moment in the show. Bishop Butch Belgica, the legend of Manila, said directly into the camera and to Aike King that he was in agreement with all I was saying and that the Philippines was in trouble and going to reap these curses I was warning them about. For me, this was a huge moment to be endorsed by this man and on national television, to boot. You can watch the whole show at this link. We now have the interview on yourtube.

You can watch the two parts here. Part #1  & Part #2

After this we rushed back to take part in the Shimini Etzeret celebrations at MLTC. I did not speak much so that we could dance as soon as possible. And we danced and danced and danced the whole night. It was awesome.

Greg mentioned to me how we had just had another bookend to this trip, with Bishop Belgica coming on TV with me and endorsing all I was saying on national TV. Greg was very perceptive to these things and then said to me we need just one more divine appointment to have a complete end to our trip. One more bookend to complete everything that has transpired here these past two and a half weeks, and that was for Atty. Jeremiah Belgica to show up. I agreed, and we watched and waited to see Yehovah’s hand once more move in front of us on this tour.

Towards the end of the 8th Day as evening came upon us our final bookend arrived. We also had for the first time Philippine ice cream. It was a very special night as we bid everyone goodbye.

Atty. Jeremiah Belgica and myself going over the wording of the Act for Congress to make the Holy Days of Lev 23 National holidays according to the biblical calendar.


And now Yehovah had given us a complete book end to our visit in the Philippines, which began with our first meeting with Atty. Jeremiah Belgica and now concluding with him helping and assisting the ladies with the act to have the Holy Days of Lev 23 as National Holidays for the entire country to keep. How awesome, how incredible, how great is Yehovah in giving these people a chance to obey Him and to make it easier for them to get the time off work. How great is our Yehovah? Beyond measure.

Both Greg and I are humbled to be a part of this whole process at this time. We were inspired by the hearts of these people everywhere we went who want to obey and are excited to learn the truths of the Torah and to share it with others.

Bishop Belgica wants me to come back and teach a seminary class for a month or so. Others are also asking me to come. I am now getting emails from people who saw me on the 700 Club show and want me to teach their pastors these truths.

I have never seen such a desire to learn and obey as I have here in the Philippines. As General McArthur said and did, I shall return, Yehovah willing, I shall return to help these most awesome people of God.


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