The Pattern within the Tabernacle

Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: Jan 11, 2019

News Letter 5854-042
The 2nd Year of the 4th Sabbatical Cycle
The 23rd year of the 120th Jubilee Cycle
The 5th day of the 11th month 5854 years after the creation of Adam
The 11th Month in the Second year of the Fourth Sabbatical Cycle
The 4th Sabbatical Cycle after the 119th Jubilee Cycle
The Sabbatical Cycle of Sword, Famines, and Pestilence

January 12, 2019

Shabbat Shalom to the Royal Family of Yehovah,


11th New Moon


Dear Friends,

The new moon was sighted from Israel this evening on Monday, January 7, 2019!

* From Jerusalem at 5:13pm by Devorah Gordon and Gil Ashendorf.
* From Arad at 5:11pm by Elsie Anderson and Nataliyah Ribeiro.
* From Kfar Eldad (El David) at 5:15pm by Bruce Brill.
* From Eilat at 5:15pm by Lukas Michael Schneider, Anabelle Santos, and Alon and Lior Schneider.
* From Beer Sheva at 5:25pm by Ephraim Amnon.
* From Beer Sheva at 5:30pm by Yochanan Zaqantov and Gavriela Zaqantov.
As Rosh Chodesh (the first day of the month) begins the evening the new moon is sighted, the first day of this month is from sunset January 7, 2019 – sunset January 8, 2019.


Book and DVD Sale

January 11 this past week I turn the awesome age of 61. And I was thinking of how to make the most of this year.

If you have not already noticed the changes to the home page, then I urge you to go there and take a new look around. We have added two landing pages for our books “The 2300 Days of Hell” and “Remembering the Sabbatical year of 2016”. Yes, we are hoping to make more sales of the book and continue to share the message of the Sabbatical and Jubilee Cycles and the prophecies they reveal.

We also added a countdown clock which is ticking away the time left until we come to Shavuot 2020. We used to have so much time to get this message out. It now amazes me how little time is left and still so much work to be done.

We are also preparing our home for sale. Yes, I do believe in what I am sharing.

As a birthday gift from me to you, I am going to give away the remaining 2016 and 2300 books in my basement. I am also giving away the DVDs teachings. If you would like to have one or more of these then I will send them to you. You must though pay for the shipping. So for one book the cost to you is going to be $12 US. For the DVD it is going to be $10. You can write me a cheque or money order or deposit it through PayPal and write me a note as to what you want. Once I run out of the supply I have here then that will be the end of it for now. These are both hardcover and softcover books.

If you wanted one of the books or DVDs now is your chance to get them. But when they are gone then they are gone. So do not delay.

Make sure you include a note with your payment as to what you want and your return address.

Mail Cheques or money orders out to;

Joseph F Dumond
P.O. Box # 21007
RPO 150 First St.
Orangeville Ontario
Canada L9W 4S7

My Pity Party

For the past month, I have been thinking about just how close we are to the end. In our meeting with James a few weeks ago, he suggested a countdown clock. One. So I added many more to his dismay. I was going to mention this to you all so that you all look at the home page of and click on it and consider just how little time is left for each of those things we have been warning you about since 2005.

I have been praying for the past two weeks basically one prayer. For Yehovah to send me a dream or an angel to tell me that yes we really do have our understanding of Daniel 9:24-27 correct and how the Jubilee cycles reveal these end-time chronologies. I have begged Him for something as I know many people are watching and waiting. Some are getting ready and others are going to wait and see and then act. Some are waiting for a dream or a second witness according to their own determinations.

I do realize and have realized exactly what it means when I share these truths with you. I get it.

My family, what will happen to them? How do I convince my spouse to come with me? How do I convince my kids and grandkids to come with me? They think I am nuts now.

My things, what do I do with them or how do I bring them? How do I go to a foreign land? How will I survive there? Where do I stay, and for how long are we going to be there? Then what happens after that? What if I am wrong?

Should we or could we, or maybe we will wait until after Shavuot 2020 and see what happens if anything does happen and then we can decide? After all, he did say something about not having to flee on the Sabbaton which are the Fall Holy Days. So maybe we can wait until then. I wonder how many in Noah’s day said they would wait until after it started to rain before they would go to the ark. They wanted to make sure this was real before they committed. But the door was already shut and sealed. They could not get in.

And then I think what is it exactly I am looking for to happen in Shavuot 2020. Is it a nuclear detonation, is it the announcement of war or an assassination of a key figure. Is it the break out of civil war? What are we looking for and what is the sign?

All of these questions and more that I now forget I am asking Yehovah. And silence is all I hear. Self-doubt and depression set in and I then go back and try to find something wrong with my Jubilee Cycles or the reading of Daniel. All of those who have read these things in my books, surely someone would be able to prove it wrong or seen the mistake that proves this wrong. But no one has.

No one has proven it wrong. No Angel has come and told me this is right and I have had no dreams. And when I am talking to James he sees my frustration and the weight that I carry.

If I keep silent and this happens then all that blood is upon me. If I speak up and it does not happen then I am the world’s fool. And I get angry with Yehovah.

So that is my mental mindset for the past few weeks as I pray and as I think about what is going on in the world and counting down the time that is left. I remember reading about the Brethren in Jerusalem just before 70 AD and how they were told to leave. So I went looking for this and found the following.

Pseudo-Clementines (2/3rd century)
“Subsequently also an evident proof of this great mystery is supplied in the fact, that every one who, believing in this Prophet who had been foretold by Moses, is baptized in His name, shall be kept unhurt from the destruction of war which impends over the unbelieving nation, and the place itself; but that those who do not believe shall be made exiles from their place and kingdom, that even against their will they may understand and obey the will of God.” (Recognitions 1:39:3)

Eusebius (325)
“But the people of the church in Jerusalem had been commanded by a revelation, vouchsafed to approved men there before the war, to leave the city and to dwell in a certain town of Perea called Pella. ” (History of the Church 3:5:3)

“The whole body, however, of the church at Jerusalem, having been commanded by a divine revelation, given to men of approved piety there before the war, removed from the city, and dwelt at a certain town beyond the Jordan, called Pella. Here those that believed in Christ, having removed from Jerusalem, as if holy men had entirely abandoned the royal city itself, and the whole land of Judea; the divine justice, for their crimes against Christ and his apostles finally overtook them, totally destroying the whole generation of these evildoers form the earth. (Eusebius, 3:5.)

“After all those who believed in Christ had generally come to live in Perea, in a city called Pella of the Decapolis of which it is written in the Gospel and which is situated in the neighborhood of the region of Batanaea and Basanitis, Ebion’s preaching originated here after they had moved to this place and had lived there.” (Panarion 30:2)

“For when the city was about to be captured and sacked by the Romans, all the disciples were warned beforehand by an angel to remove from the city, doomed as it was to utter destruction. On migrating from it they settled at Pella, the town already indicated, across the Jordan. It is said to belong to Decapolis (de Mens. et Pond., 15).

“Now this sect of Nazarenes exists in Beroea in Coele-Syria, and in Decapolis in the district of Pella, and in Kochaba of Basanitis– called Kohoraba in Hebrew. For thence it originated after the migration from Jerusalem of all the disciples who resided at Pella, Christ having instructed them to leave Jerusalem and retire from it on account of the impending siege. It was owing to this counsel that they went away, as I have said, to reside for a while at Pella” (Haer 29:7).

“For when all who believed in Christ had settled down about that time in Peraea, the majority of the emigrants taking up their abode at Pella, a town belonging to the Decapolis mentioned in the Gospel, near Batanea and the district to Basanitis, Ebion got his excuse and opportunity. At first their abode was Kochaba, a village in the district of Carnaim, Arnem, and Astaroth, in the region of Basanitis, according to the information we have received. But I have spoken, in other connections and with regard to other heresies, of the locality of Kochaba and Arabia (Haer 30:2)… “[The Ebionites] spring for the most part from Batanea … and Paneas, as well as from Moabitis and Cochaba in Basanitis on the other side of Adraa” (Haer 30:18).

Epiphanius (375)
“The Nazoraean sect exists in Beroea near Coele Syria, in the Decapolis near the region of Pella, and in Bashan in the place called Cocaba, which in Hebrew is called Chochabe. That is where the sect began, when all the disciples were living in Pella after they moved from Jerusalem, since Christ told them to leave Jerusalem and withdraw because it was about to be besieged. For this reason they settled in Peraea and there, as I said, they lived. This is where the Nazoraean sect began.” (Panarion 29:7:7-8)

“Their sect began after the capture of Jerusalem. For when all those who believed in Christ settled at that time for the most part in Peraea, in a city called Pella belonging to the Decapolis mentioned in the gospel, which is next to Batanaea and the land of Bashan, then they moved there and stayed..” (Panarion 30:2:7)

“For when the city was about to be captured and sacked by the Romans, all the disciples were warned beforehand by an angel to remove from the city, doomed as it was to utter destruction. On migrating from it they settled at Pella, the town already indicated, across the Jordan. It is said to belong to Decapolis ” (On Weights and Measures 15)

Eutychius of Alexandria (10th C)
“Qistus, governor of Jerusalem, died and the city was without any authority or sovereign to govern it.  The Jews then arose and rioted and killed James, son of Joseph, known as the “brother of the Lord”, stoning him to death (14).  Then they harassed a group of disciples and expelled them from the city.  The Christians abandoned Jerusalem, crossed the Jordan and settled in those places (15).  Informed of this fact, Nero Caesar sent word to the commander stationed in the East, named Vespasian, to rally his troops and go to Judea with orders to kill all the inhabitants, sparing none, and to destroy the houses.” The Annals of Eutychius of Alexandria, ch. 9:

(Pella (Ancient Greek: ?????, also known in Arabic as Tabaqat Fahl, ???? ???) is found in northwestern Jordan, 27.4 km (17 miles) south of the Sea of Galilee.[1] Pella represents one of ten Decapolis cities that were founded during the Hellenistic period and became powerful under Roman jurisdiction. With a history extending back into the Bronze Age, Pella expanded to its largest state during the reign of the Roman Empire. Pella is located in the Jordan Valley, 130 km (80 miles) north of Amman, and is half an hour by car from Irbid, in the north of the country. Today, the city’s sizable collection of ruins are excavated by archaeologists, and attract thousands of tourists annually.)


So we are told here that Yehovah did send an angel to warn them about the coming doom and they listened and left. I wonder what happened to those who doubted whether or not this was true and stayed back in case it was false. I wonder if that Angel was a human messenger like me or someone and they headed the message.

And in the midst of all this mental anguish I am going through on top of writing letters to leaders of certain nations, and also trying to warn certain Christian TV groups, this email comes in on Monday this week as I am near the depth of my depression not knowing what to do or how to go about doing it.

I don’t know how long that you have had the countdown clock on, but the first time I noticed it was this past Friday morning while signing some online employment papers for a new job (more about this in a moment).  I have a confirming thought or two that I would like to share, but I’ll keep them  very short, as I know you receive many emails.

From study, both from scripture and from your books, I understand the important dates and such during this particular Jubilee cycle – from a nerdy logical engineering viewpoint, it makes sense to me.  I did not need a “dream” to confirm it to me, and I understand your frustration with people sharing dreams and such.  However, I’m going to break protocol here and share with you in a sentence or so a dream that I had the evening after *grieving over the whole “Christmas” thing back while keeping the Sabbatical year in 2016:

All the dream contained was a question and a response (no symbolic images… nothing visual… only a voice):  I asked, “How much time left until it begins?” and then I heard, “3 years, 6 months, 5 days.”  I woke up and said out loud, “3 years, 6 months, 5 days.”

This should come as no surprise, but doing the math gives the same date as on your website:  Pentecost/Shavuot 2020 – hence, why the countdown clock in the same format (days/months/weeks/years) startled me so much the other day when noticing this on the sightedmoon website.

As for signing the online employment papers for a new job at the same time as noticing the countdown clock for the first time… it was not just the dream above that was brought back to mind, but another shaking such short dream that I had a decade or so ago.  Once again, I know that you don’t like hearing about people’s dreams (I don’t either… trust me, I get it), but please bear with me for another brief account:

In the dream I was in a classroom where I could see mountains nearby teaching when suddenly **destruction came to my nation (United States), and I knew that a sudden greater burden of teaching responsibility came upon me as a result.

The thing is, I left my very successful career in computers many years ago and went back to school to get a graduate degree in education… and, I’ve felt like that was a mistake because it just never worked out.  For instance, many years ago a private Christian school (literally surrounded by Kentucky’s Appalachian mountains) verbally hired me to teach for them, but then changed their mind shortly before school started when someone noticed that I did not eat pork at a social picnic.  An angry red-faced pastor on the school board called me into a conference and cornered me on my beliefs:  he called me a legalist and pretty much kicked me out when I was forced by direct questions (this pastor was apparently trained to screen out people like me) to admit my beliefs in the name YHWH and His Torah.  Years later, I would eventually begin employment in the pagan/public schools at the base of the Rocky Mountains here in the Denver area.  I performed computer work for a while in the schools, but ended up teaching in the classroom in multiple schools (even Columbine High School) in multiple temporary teaching positions.  After a few years of that, I decided not to teach anymore.  It was not just because it never turned into a permanent job, but because the utter and complete lawlessness of the students and complete disrespect by the students and administration was unbearable.  After being cussed out daily (and other common daily events, such as a student throwing desks and writing “bitches” all over front walls, students bragging about doing drugs over lunch, sexual groping, telling me to shut up so they could hear better on their phones while in class, etc) and never seeing the students ever being disciplined (I write them up, administration does not suspend/expel or anything), I got a substitute the last week of school and quit.  I have no doubt the half a dozen wiccan teachers (yes, actual witches) that I worked with were glad to see me go.  I was done teaching.

Since then, although I have applied to over 200 engineering and computer related jobs that I am ridiculously qualified for, I have been unemployed for over a year and a half now.  Last week, I stayed up late one night and applied online to position at a nearby college.  I was called the next morning – the phone call went so well, I was hired me on the spot (without an in person interview) to teach computer courses.  It’s something that I wanted to do, but seemed out of reach.  In addition, college professors tend not only to get treated better by their students, but classroom discipline on the college level is not an problem at all like it is in the public high schools.  I quite honestly thought I was done teaching, but now I am looking forward to it.  It seems to be a secure job, and I’ll probably be teaching there in 2020, as well.

So, I found myself this past Friday signing online employment papers to teach in a classroom at the base of the mountains when I take a short break and click on the sightedmoon website to see if the newsletter was up yet, and there I see this countdown clock that causes me to suddenly remember the two dreams that I retold above.  So, I thought I would share the above…

By the way, I’m not too keen on looking like a nutter… so, if you happen to share this with anyone, I’d rather not have my name attached to it (as it was a bit personal talking about dreams and such).  I just figured that you would want to hear some person feedback on the countdown clock thing.


Name with held

The thing that makes your website and associate ministry work is that what you do is based on actual “work” — lots and lots of historical research, a good bit of math, etc — and not a bunch of dreams and feelings. I hear so many Christian leaders say that the Spirit told them or gave them a word and such and such… which tells me that they are usually just running their mouth. One thing I know from being a teacher/instructor/professor/whatever that is, is that being good at it requires a lot of actual time and effort (ie: work). Sightedmoon does that, where others simply do not.

I do thank this writer for sharing this with me and with you all. Then on Wednesday I see the following email in my junk box and almost missed it. I read it while at work and it was quite the kick in the head. Exactly the kind I needed at this time.


Hello Grandpa Joe Dumond

The news letter you wrote titled “Are You Ready” inspired me to write the following, which I would like to share with you.

AS In The Days Of Noah and The Days of Lot

Luke 17:26  And as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man:

Luke 17:27  They ate, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all.

Luke 17:28  Likewise as it was also in the days of Lot: They ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built;

Luke 17:29  but on the day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all.

The time is near when the righteous are to flee away from among the Tribes of Israel.

This raises the question: –

Why do the righteous need to flee away from their families and their friends, if their families and their friends refuse to flee with them?

I want to interrupt here and tell you all to stop what you’re doing and stop reading. Right now. Stop and ponder what this person has just said. Lot went to his extended family and tried to get them to come. He tried. They must have thought he was nuts. This has never happened before to Sodom it is not going to happen now. Go and read Gen 19:12-22. Think about this before you continue on reading.

Lot’s daughters and Lot’s sons in law refused Lot’s offer to join his fleeing, and they perished.

Let us get the answer from the Scripture.

The righteous know that all the modern day House of Jacob, all the tribes of Israel are going to be punished by their God, when God is going to employ modern day Assyria, to just about wipe them out of existence, as written in Isaiah 10:5  “Woe to Assyria, the rod of My anger And the staff in whose hand is My indignation. Isaiah 10:6  I will send him against an ungodly nation, And against the people of My wrath I will give him charge, To seize the spoil, to take the prey, And to tread them down like the mire of the streets.

Modern day Assyria is Germany and Germany will be destroying all the house of Jacob, in the name of The God of Israel.

The Scripture tells us to consider our moves and what steps we take as written in Proverbs 14:15 The simple believes every word, But the prudent considers well his steps.

When God repeats Himself by writing a verse more than once, it means He wants His people to know that it is important to take notice what He wants to relay to His people. We find the following repeated and God wants His people to take action as written in Proverbs 22:3  A prudent man foresees evil (Calamity) and hides himself, But the simple pass on and are punished. Proverbs 27:12  A prudent man foresees evil (Calamity) and hides himself; The simple pass on and are punished.

Here the word simple means the fools that believe every word that is not according to God’s Word.

Jesus Christ, as quoted above said that in the coming days the same life saving episodes are going to repeat themselves as to what Noah and Lot went through. Therefore let us see how and why both Noah and Lot spared their lives while the rest perished.

Let us start with Noah. God was going to flood the whole planet earth with water; did God provide a boat for Noah? No. Noah had Faith and believed what God said and he had to be prudent and take the steps and build the boat himself. Hebrews 11:7  By faith Noah, being divinely warned of things not yet seen, moved with godly fear, prepared an ark for the saving of his household, by which he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness which is according to faith.

We too are being warned by God that Great Calamity is coming to all the Tribes of Israel. God is not going to grab us from the scruffs of our necks like kittens and take us away from the nation of Israel that we are living among, to a safe place. We are to believe that God is going to punish all the tribes of Israel and to be prudent and go into hiding away from the nations of Israel on whom Calamity is going to befall on.

Now let us look at the case of Lot.

Lot was considered to be a righteous man by God. 2 Peter 2:7  and delivered righteous Lot, who was oppressed by the filthy conduct of the wicked

Lot was keeping God’s Feast of Unleavened Bread and he feasted that evening with the two angels that went to his house. Genesis 19:3  But he insisted strongly; so they turned in to him and entered his house. Then he made them a feast, and baked unleavened bread, and they ate.

The two angels wanted Lot and his family to move out of Sodom before the calamity of Sodom’s destruction. If we know that calamity of the destruction of all the tribes of Israel will soon happen, we too are to take this example and move out from among Israel to avoid being destroyed with them. Genesis 19:12  Then the men said to Lot, “Have you anyone else here? Son-in-law, your sons, your daughters, and whomever you have in the city—take them out of this place! Genesis 19:13  For we will destroy this place, because the outcry against them has grown great before the face of the LORD, and the LORD has sent us to destroy it.”

Lot went to his daughters. He woke them up because they were already asleep. They took Lot their father as if he was joking to them. Are some of us thinking as these foolish Lot’s daughters and his sons in law, that what you are reading here is a joke? If you are thinking this is a joke, take heed because like these foolish daughters of lot you will perish in the same way. Remember Christ’s words as written in Luke 17:29  but on the day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all.

As you just read, both Noah and Lot had to take action steps to save themselves from Calamity.

I will leave you with a question.

Are you prudent enough to take the necessary steps to move out of the coming Calamity on the Twelve Tribes of Israel?

Proverbs 27:12  A prudent man foresees evil (Calamity) and hides himself.

George – – – – The SpitFire

So it would seem that Yehovah has heard my prayers and sent both a messenger (Angel) and a dream to me to let me know what has to be done. When the rains came in Noahs time the door was already shut. When Lots family laughed at him they all perished. What is going to be written about you and me in the rest of the book of Acts?

Puzzle Pieces


We have been studying where the Temple of Yehovah once stood and searching for the true location.

We began this series with the desire to explain those things I teach while on tour in Jerusalem but never get to share all the details behind what I am saying and to also show those of you who will never get to Jerusalem these things so that you might have a record should you ever do find yourself there.

Our first teaching was on Golgatha and we exposed the Chruch of the Holy Sepulchre and the Garden Tomb as fake sites and nothing more than Tourist traps.

Next in our series was The Church of the Holy Wisdom which was showing you what was built on The PAvement or the place where Pilot judged Yehshua which today has become known as the Dome of the Rock. We then went on to tell you the history of The Al Aqsa Mosque and The Great Nea Church which was built by Justinian in an effort to outdo Solomon. I was trying to wrap up my teachings about what is today known as the Temple Mount when I realized something I had not considered and began to explain about The Fortress of THE House. The Biyrah of The Bayith-The Rocks Are Crying Out, showing you in a rather confused way through exploration as I studied this subject, that the Temple Mount was first built by Solomon and was His Palace which was also known as the Fortress. This was not built by Herod as I have thought.

So having now completely exposed the Temple Mount for what it was and was not I then wanted to start at the beginning of the building of the Temple and we gave our first teaching about the City of Salem or Jeru Salem where Jeru means City. This article was titled The City of Salem History, as I wanted to explain the rich history of the Salem up until the time when David Captured it. But I also had to explain to you why it was no longer there today due to what the Hasmoneans did to it after regaining the Temple and the Akra which was what the City of Salem was also called. The Akra.

I asked you in one of the News Letters “Where was the first place the Temple is mentioned in the bible?”

Some of you suspected it was a trick question. It may have been, but I also wanted to see if you were thinking.

I think the answer is going to surprise many of you and I have wanted to share this with you for some time but found it hard to explain, so I have asked James to do so. I will interject when I need to along the way.

So before we continue with The Temple in the City of David we are now going to go right back to the very beginning so that we can gain the knowledge and understanding that is going to lead us to the wisdom needed in understanding the Temple.

This series is going to be interrupted for a time as we once again get ready for the Passover season and teach the many new people the reasons why we keep Passover. But I will come back to this series and complete it in time. So be patient.

The Temple is Found in the Aleph Tav

When looking at the Bible it is easy to get confused and mislead by those who do not really study the Bible or those who have thrown out half of it. For years now, the church has taught that the OT has been done away with so they start all believers in the middle of the Bible with no instructions as to how YHVH wants them to live. They teach blessings when none are there to give nor do they even truly understand what blessings are or where to find them.

In order for anyone to understand something completely, they need to start at the beginning, but even that can be a bit confusing if you do not know what you are looking for.

So, this teaching is for not only those who are starting out on this journey, but also for those coming out of a corrupt system called Christianity.

The purpose is to show you using one element of the Bible that expresses all elements of this journey that we are all on, and what YHVH expects of us along the way. Does such an example exist?

Of all the stories that we see in the Bible, one has always stood out to me as unique and that was the building of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness. This was also the first time that man was allowed to peak into the realm or dimension of Heaven. Moses was shown a tabernacle (Mishkan) which held many items and was told by YHVH to build one on earth, exactly the same. Why, what was and is so important about this structure that YHVH wants it built exactly like the one in the heavenly realm?

There must be more to this structure than just what its function is and the purpose of bringing in animals for slaughter on an altar?

So, let’s look into this structure and see if there is more to it.

Now I have studied this structure for more than 15 years now, everything about this is unique and reveals spiritual truths that can only be seen by a study. More than that, the:

  • building and elements in themselves
  • how they were built,
  • what they are made of,
  • the materials used,
  • colours chosen,
  • the layout of the tabernacle

All these things have great significance to us and show the complexity that only YHVH could have come up with.

One who studies this structure will also notice that there is a pattern of three within it. Three sections, three metals, three coverings, three colours and so on.

Everything was given for a purpose!

But that is for another study and we do not have enough time to go through the entire list of components.

What I am going to show you, is the plan of YHVH for your life using this Tabernacle, and what He expects you to do and how.

Then I am going to show you a pattern that is repeated throughout the scripture starting right at the beginning with the first verse and continue with many references to that pattern in other places.

Hopefully, you will understand what is expected of you, and how you must walk out your faith before YHVH and man, and how YHVH reveals the same plan through other elements in the Bible.

In order to do this, I will also have to go back in time to 6 B.C. and use the ancient script called Paleo Hebrew to reveal some of the elements. We are going to cover a great deal of information, so let’s get started.

Along with this journey, there has to be a change on our part, which is never easy. Like in the Tabernacle there are 4 main areas if we include outside the structure and they are noted below:


First, we fight change – (Outside the tabernacle) We fight change because the flesh is not dead. It demands its own way over the Spirit. Thus, the reason we are outside of His Kingdom.

Second, we begin to accept change – (Outer Court) When we realize change is necessary to come again into the image and likeness of Elohim, we arrive at the second step. We begin to accept change in our lives. We may not like the changes Elohim wants to make in our lives, but we have matured enough to know change is necessary and begin to accept it.

Third, we expect change – (Holy Place) As we become more proficient in the Words of Torah, we know Elohim must change us if we are to become acceptable in His sight. As we come to a deeper understanding of what we must become to enter into His presence, then we know Elohim must change us, so we expect change.

Lastly, we demand change – (Holy of Holies) We develop such a hunger and thirst to become as our example Yeshua, that we cry out to Elohim to remove all obstacles that separate us from His presence. The Apostle Paul wrote of this change to the church at Rome:

“For whom He did foreknow, He also did predestine to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.” ** Romans 8:29

Below is a graphical illustration of what the structure and elements would have looked like. We will have more on this in an upcoming article. What you will see in the image is several things:

  1. an illustration of what the tabernacle could have looked like but more evidence is proving that it was possibly round. That will be for another article.
  2. a version of the modern flame letters currently being used
  3. a version of paleo Hebrew, ( created by Eric Bissell,
  4. finally, where the items of the tabernacle would fall if overlain on the paleo letters in sequence.

I would like to mention something before we get started. For some people, this may seem much like garbage and to others, it will slam their eyes wide open to new things in YHVH’s Word. If you are interested in learning more about either the Paleo Hebrew or this pattern, which this small article cannot begin to cover all of it, then go and visit my friend’s website, You can download Eric Bissell’s book, “The Shield’s Project” to cover this more in detail. Eric showed this to me a few years back and I have been amazed at all the things that are coming to life since that day.

One thing is if someone wanted to do a study of the number 7, which represents YHVH’s perfect number, they would find it literally everywhere and in everything. It is this pattern that I am going to show you and speak of here.

So, let’s start at the beginning with the first verse in Genesis 1:1, to begin with, and then I will get started with the tabernacle and show you your instructions and road map to the Kingdom.


trah taw mymwh ta myhla arb tycarb
trah taw mymwh ta myhla arb tycarb
7 6 5 4 3 2 1


Now, remember that Hebrew reads from right to left.

Beresheet bara Elohim et ha’shamayim v’et ha’eretz
1          2       3     4          5              6       7


Actual “Genesis 1:1” “In Beginning created Elohim heaven earth”


You will notice that in Hebrew, there are 7 words, but in English, it only works out to 6 words until they add the filler and then I believe there are ten words. This is the whole point, that by adding to or taking away words this pattern is completely gone and the significance of it shown here would be lost.

Translation is tricky enough when going from one language to another, especially here in Hebrew where 2 of the words do not translate into English, the 4th and 6th words.

The 4th word in Hebrew is Aleph Tav (ta), which without going into a great study means: light, Torah, Y’shua, YHWH and much more. The first (ta), does not show up because like in history, no one recognized Y’shua either as the Messiah. The word is non-translatable into English.

The 2nd (ta), shows up with a Vav (w) which can mean a nail and then the (ta), which shows us the crucified Messiah, again untranslatable into English.

The MISHKAN Pattern has the exact same Thematic sequence found in the Seven Days of Creation Narrative in Genesis 1, the Seven MOEDIM Festivals of Leviticus 23, and The Beatitudes of Matthew 5.

This Pattern is the signature of its Creator,  hwhy. His fingerprints.

Eric Bissell (The Shield’s Project)

You should also note that in the Bible:

“But, beloved, be not ignorant — of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” (2 Peter 3:8)

Many people will argue that this is not actually a fact and in some places, I would have to agree. In other places, it does work which leads me to believe that in the end, it can mean “metaphorically” or “actually? I believe that here it is true.

Now we have 7 words in the first verse, so let’s say that each word is 1000 years, and by doing so where does the Messiah show up???

  1. He shows up around the year 4000 and as mentioned earlier He was not recognized.
  2. Then His return is once again spoken of at the end of the 6th word or 6000 years.

Any person who has been reading any of the articles on Sightedmoon should be aware of the timeline and how close we are to the end of the 6000 years, right before the 7th day / 7th millennium. This is the pattern that we see in the days of the week, yearly Biblical Feasts, and so forth.

Ok so remember this when we get into the tabernacle as well. I do also believe that there was a real physical Tabernacle and that there is also a “metaphorical or metaphysical” version as well. It is this metaphysical (Spiritual) one, that of course, YHVH uses to reveal more than just the physical objects. What is on earth is merely a reflection of what is in the realm of Heaven.

So with this “7” pattern that is shown right in the first words of the Bible, let’s proceed to look deeper into the Mishkan, (Tabernacle of Moses), and see what else is revealed within this structure. I would like to point out one thing and that is that I have found hundreds of similar patterns that fit not “literally” the objects in the Mishkan, but remember that Hebrew is a language to focuses on “function and purpose” not necessarily the objects or name. Using that as a guideline, let’s move on.

If you are also interested in learning about the Paleo Hebrew which would help to know some about it before proceeding, again go to to study more. We also have some articles online here in the library to learn more from.

The first seven letters of the Hebrew letters, (z w h d g b a). I want to focus on the Mishkan, but I will show you below what the basic meaning is for each letter leading up to the Mishkan.

All of this is outside the Mishkan and the way I am seeing this is that YHWH is calling us to the door of His house. the Door of the Mishkan and telling us to behold the man nailed with the weapon outside the Mishkan. This is telling us about Yeshua being crucified at the door of the Temple outside the camp. Right here in the first 7 letters of the Aleph Tav. We have explained to you about Golgatha. We also explained to you about the Threshold Covenant.

The Aleph, Yehovah,  (a) the owner of the beit, the house, (b) is inviting you to come through the Dalet, the door (d).  Hey (h)pay attention, The Door, the threshold where the man (w) was crucified (z ).

Ok so everyone starts outside of the tabernacle, no special cases, no exceptions!

  • The Letter (Aleph)- Is YHWH the Creator of all thing, before creation nothingness/plan of creation
  • The Letter b (Beit)- is the Tabernacle of YHWH, represents being, mind, consciousness, fleshly bodies, environment
  • The Letter g (Gimel) Walking towards YHWH or away from Him
  • The Letter d (dalet) The Door of the Tabernacle Y’shua the only way in. This is where faith enters into us and we trust and believe in the sacrifice of the Messiah so that we may proceed.
  • The Letter h(Hei) – is a declaration, calling to this particular matter “right here”! This is your choice to move forward and not turn around, but it is a choice none the less.
  • The Letter w (Vav)- the number six, a man, a nail, is “put to the weapon”
  • The letter z(Zayin) – means to be cut-off, separated, set-apart, sanctified from the world of darkness and enter into the covering of YHWH much like that of a king and His army.

Those are the first 7 letters of the Aleph Tav. They are all outside the Tabernacle. Yehshua was crucified outside the camp, outside Jerusalem on Golgatha. Now for the Aleph Tav letters that represent the Mishkan.

  • The letters y f j (chet, tet,yod) – represents the wall surrounding the tabernacle, but can also represent, the words, Torah, Salvation, and also Messiah Y’shua because Hebrew focuses on the function and purpose of words and all these words have the same function and purpose – to protect, secure, guide, provide until the Messiah returns again once more. NOTE: We all stand in this position and have to make a decision as to whether or not we wish to enter His Kingdom. If we do we leave the darkness and enter His domain. We must walk through the Door which is Y’shua, the Vav that was cut off, into the Tabernacle of YHWH The Beit of the Aleph.
  • The letters l k (kaf, lamed) – represents the alter of sacrifice. This is the first stop of someone when they come under YHWH’s domain. We must first study His laws and guidelines so that we can stay and make it in the Kingdom. The Kaf represents the words of Torah but also the grill on the alter. The Lamed the authority of YHWH over us. We offer up our flesh (that which belongs/desires) the things of the world, and the old nature is burnt off metaphorically, leaving that which focuses on the instructions of Torah.
  • The Letters n m (mem noon) – represents the Laver –  they basically describe what happens when we study the Torah, we study His Word which starts the process of transformation of our inner man, thus producing the kind of works that demonstrate who we are and that we belong in the Kingdom.

The seven letters (n m l k y f j ) look like how a person “self” develops an identity, the “internal” workings, based on the choices made earlier, before they entered the Mishkan.

SAMEK-AYIN-PEI p-u-s is how it plays out, in what becomes “history”, in that- it is the doing of each generation at large, world scale, internationally. “Why did that happen, where is YHWH ?”

“What goes around… comes around”. This is the gear- that works behind the scenery.

TzADI x stands as one simple voice. Period. The resurrection. Deal with it. Command order. “do or die”… (We are not given a lot of latitudes). “Ark of the Covenant… don’t mess with it”

The last four letters t c r q are a long reach over the horizon with just barely enough vision to steer appropriately.

I will be producing another teaching on the complete process of the Aleph Bet letters that show the plan of YHWH. Stay tuned for that.


Before we start, I want everyone to focus on the “THEME” of each station. Remember in Hebrew it is more about the “function & purpose” rather than the noun or object meaning. So the Theme is how we relate as we progress and relate each area through scripture.

**FIRST ITEM**: Fence (wall around the tabernacle, represents YHVH’s Kingdom, He is King we are his subjects by choice, no other way to get in. This is also the purpose and function of Torah and meaning of Salvation.

Theme of Item – “CHOICES


  • Tabernacle – Set apart from World / Life from Death / Darkness to Light
  • First Word in Genesis – Bresheet “First of beginning separate from nothingness”
  • Days of Creation #1 – Separate Light from Darkness
  • First LetterAleph (a) – before creation nothingness / plan of creation
  • Biblical FeastsPassover-1st Day of Unleavened Bread (Exodus 12:1) – separation slavery to freedom
  • BeatitudesMatthew 5 – “the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”
  • PrayerMatthew 6:9 – “Our Father who art in Heaven, let your Name be set apart”
  • GiftsRomans 12:6 – Perceiver (Spiritual) Keeps us centered on spiritual things and declares the will of YHVH
  • Spiritual – Physical world compared (outer development) vs Spiritual (Inner development) Flesh vs Soul


These are but a few of the examples that represent how this concept of “choices” that is throughout His Word and Plan for the world.


Let’s look at the Gate and the colours thereof:

  • Blue: is the colour of the Holy Spirit and the Spiritual realm
  • Purple (Violet): is the colour of that symbolizes the King of Kings and Lord of Lords’ sovereignty over His creation.
  • Scarlet: is the colour of the blood sacrifice
  • White Linen: is the symbol of righteousness, without this level of righteousness we cannot enter His divine order and perfection


PALEO LETTERS associated with fence: Yod, Tet, CXet (read from right to left) (jfy). Again look at the picture of the Tabernacle above and the Paleo Hebrew letters below. These three letters are coloured in blue, and are inside the white box area that represents the tabernacle. The Messiah Yehshua represented by the Vav Zayin z w are outside the camp as it were. Again look at the picture to understand what we are showing you through this understanding of the Hebrew letters.

  • CXet which means a fence or a walled off area, off-limits, protection
  • Tet is a full round basket, a sign of ownership, branded or marked
  • Yod is a working hand, everything you put in your hand is your possession
  • CXet Tet Yod – also means: “my sin”, my sin offering, to incur my guilt


NOTE: Basically, bxatf yfj   is what happens if you were to “Choose Life” by confessing your sin and asking for forgiveness… then receiving favour (grace) of hwhy YHWH as pardon, followed immediately by the next step



**SECOND ITEM**: Just inside the fence of the Mishkan, stands the ALTER – which was for offering personal sacrifices. Each of us… our personal sacrifice is our lives, to conform our lifestyles to the preference of our Master and Savior.

Theme of Item: “SEPARATION


  • Tabernacle – Separation old habits and characteristics / to Torah based ones
  • 2nd word of Genesis – Bara – Righteousness & Salvation / Darkness & evil
  • Days of Creation #2 – Separation water above from water below
  • 2nd LetterBeyt (b) house, being, mind, consciousness, fleshly bodies, environment
  • Biblical Feasts7th Day of Unleavened Bread – separating unleavened/leavened / Words of YHVH must be distinguished from traditions of man / holidays vs Moedim / learning about how things are done in Kingdom not a continuance of human culture or designing a religion, but obeying the “Culture of Heaven”
  • BeatitudesMatthew 5:4 – “Blessed are they who mourn” / comparing what we have missed with what we wasted our lives pursuing
  • PrayerMatthew 6:10 – “Let your reign be manifest”
  • GiftsRomans 12:6 – Server (Practical) keeps the work of the ministry moving by rendering practical services
  • Spiritual – dying to old ways, character, attitude / adopting new instructions, commandments, characteristics

Let’s consider the Alter of Sacrifice for a moment before we move on.

When you consider what happens when you BBQ something, there is a separation between any fat that falls through the grill, while the good meat stays and acquires flavor, while the aroma rises into the sky. Three separations.


PALEO LETTERS – associated with the Alter, Kaf, Lamed, (kl)

  • Kaf: When one views the Torah Instructions, our eyes and ears should be open enough to see the difference a wasted life vs a useful life. The Torah is represented by the letter Kaf (k)
  • Lamed: Learn and rehearse the lines of instruction (Lamed) the lines of Instruction (Kaf)

NOTE: k is an image of the open palm of the hand, or a plowed field in rows. lt looks like a hoe to garden with. “Go over these lines, the Way of Life… “Do and Don’t”.



**THIRD ITEM**:The LAVER sits on the inside of the Alter and is the next object that you will face, right in front of the Holy Place tent. The priests would use this to wash but also to reflect upon the polished surface just beneath the surface. One might even say that one reflected upon one’s inner self before entering the Holy Place.

Theme of this item: “BIRTHING


  • Tabernacle: Cleansing, incubation, gestation period, meditate upon the Word, let it grow within you
  • 3rd Word in Genesis: Elohim / rulers, judges, either as divine representatives at sacred places or as reflecting divine majesty and power
  • Days of Creation #3: dry land appears and grass and plants spring forth bearing seeds of its own You will produce according to what you have studied.
  • 3rd Letter: Gimmel (g) means camel and in this case, it is carrying you from study to actually doing, producing results, back and forth
  • Biblical Feasts: Shavuot (Pentecost) Wheat harvest, second and final gathering of the saints
  • Beatitudes: Matthew 5:5 “Blessed are the meek” / of tempered attitude, trust, hope, compassion, nurturing the word planted within which is seed developing the inner self, becoming the future
  • Prayer: Matthew 6:10 – “Let your desire be done on earth as it is in Heaven”
  • Gifts: Romans 12:6 – Teacher (Mental) – Keeps us studying and learning YHVH’s Word, Researches and teaches YHVH’s Word
  • Spiritual: At this point, you have been studying the Torah and ingesting the commands, now the results of that work and study, should give birth to actual changes and a manifestation in your natural and spiritual


PALEO LETTERS – Associated with Laver, Mem Noon (mn)

  • Mem: Promise of reproduction, Blessing and Curses, water, Numerical value 40 as in 40 weeks of gestation before birth. 40 Years wandering in the Wilderness before entering the Promised land in a Jubilee year.
  • Noon: fish jumping out of the water, doing, imparting, Numerical value 50, Jubilee

( I want to point out to you all that I was revealed the Sabbatical and Jubilee years in the year 2005 at Passover. 40 Years later will bring us to the Jubilee year. The one that leads into the 7th Millennium. Do you see the pattern that has developed and continues to do so?)

NOTE: We also see here the possibility for Blessings or Curses (Lev 26), if someone decides that they do not want to conform, which is not an option, they would receive the curses and be removed from YHVH’s presence so not to infect others who are trying. The blessings come into play when we produce that which we have worked towards, ie works of the Spirit made manifest towards our fellow man. (Love our neighbor and YHVH through obedience) If it is for real and not pretend then they will not be held back from you and those around you.

**FOURTH ITEM** This will be the first time within the Holy Place and on your right, will be the Menorah that gives off the only light within the tent. In the picture above, these are the items in the triangle. The p u s SAMEK-AYIN-PEI

Theme of item:SUPPORT


  • Tabernacle: Light in a covered place, light is Messiah, YHVH
  • 4th Word in Genesis: “at”  In Hebrew we can see that the “Aleph Taph” represents a light but also the Word, meaning “Torah”, and since we know that the Word is Y’shua, He is there to help us along the way. He becomes the only light we should be seeing by now, and “becomes a light unto my path”.
  • Day of Creation #4: Sun, Moon, stars ruling their appointed principalities, separating the day from the night
  • 4th Letter: Dalet (d) – Humbled, depleted of strength, impoverished, reduced
  • Biblical Feasts: Yom Teruah (Trumpets) – heralding the Sovereign,
  • Beatitudes: “Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness”
  • Prayer: Matthew 6:11 “Give us this day our daily bread” Receive from YHVH the needs of your daily walk in order to fulfill and correct that which He reveals to us through His word
  • Gifts: Romans 12:7 – Exhorter – (Psychological) keeps us applying spiritual truths and encourages personal growth
  • Spiritual: The inner light of YHVH continues to grow revealing more areas of our life we need to work on, by removing us and replacing with His truths


PALEO LETTER – Associated with Menorah (s)

  • Samecx: Connection, Support, Teamwork, Synergy, Responsibility, Work. All these concepts represent the connection we have with the Creator until now we may have relied too much on our own resources. Now we must depend on His in order to survive.


NOTE: When we start walking out this new life the seed within us starts to spread into other areas in our inner spiritual life and we discover other areas that will need work within us. This process continues throughout our lives as we progress through the tabernacle until we hopefully reach that point within ourselves that we have corrected ourselves to the point of being able to stand before YHVH in victory.


The further we walk the more we need YHVH to help and support us. The deeper we dig the more the pain we find within ourselves because of the sin, we need to have YHVH’s help or we would not make it past this point.

It should also be noted that at this point you have stepped out of the natural light and are totally relying now on the light of YHVH for direction. Inside the tent is utter darkness without the light of the Menorah we would be blind.

I made mention of the fact that at the beginning we see the Messiah as the fourth Word which can also be interpreted as in 4000 years which is when He came to earth the first time.

**FIFTH ITEM** Table of Shewbread, two rows of bread that would sit out for 6 days, never going stale or moldy, to be eaten by priests on the 7th Day. There were twelve in total, one for each of the 12 tribes of Israel.

Theme of Item: “BALANCE



  • Tabernacle: It’s about “faces”. The word ‘Shew’ is pan, like “panini, or panera”. Exodus 25: Pan means “face”. Like “masks” we wear, “coverings”
  • 5th Word in Genesis: “ha’shamayim”, heaven
  • Day of Creation #5: Fish in the sea, Birds in sky, realms of life above and life
  • 5th Letter: Hei (h) Revealing, revealed or disguised, revealing the way of the door (dalet) Messiah
  • Biblical Feasts: Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) Balancing or tipping the scales of
  • Beatitude: Matthew 5:7 “blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain ”
  • Prayer: Matthew 6:12 “And forgive us our debts and we forgive our debtors ”
  • Gifts: Romans 6:8 Giver – (Material) Keeps us sharing and provides for specific needs, through material assistance and
  • Spiritual: This is a perfect example of you get what you Reap and reap what you sow. It’s not a complicated item and from a spiritual perspective, if we have fed ourselves through the bread of life, Torah, then we should put out the same as inside. When we pretend to be something we are not, hypocritical, then we shall not escape judgment, because no excuses work on the one who looks only at the inside.


PALEO LETTER – Associated with Table of Shewbread (u) Ayin meaning “eyeball” or consider carefully, evaluate, comprehend, balance, depth. Repercussions are naturally imposed as we replant the seed of the fruit borne by the SAMEK s

NOTE: We need to be on our guard on this day and inspect our life with solemnity and humbleness, without masks! Masks are the same as the word in Hebrew as coverings, or excuses, like fig leaves in the garden of Eden story.



**SIXTH ITEM** The Alter of Incense was where the prayers were done each day before the wall that separated them from the Ark of the Covenant. This final separation between man and Creator would be the only thing to save our lives if we had not prepared ourselves according to Torah.

Theme of Item: “CONNECTION



  • Tabernacle: Prayers of the saints, honest, true expression of worship and fellowship in league with each other
  • 6th Word in Genesis: “v’et” – which shows the Messiah pierced. He is our connection to the Father through Him.
  • Day of Creation #6: creation of animals and mankind
  • 6th Letter: Vav (w) nail, man, connector or bonding agent
  • Biblical Feasts: Sukkot (Tabernacles) the festival of rejoicing at the ingathering harvest at autumn time, eating, drinking, speaking, praying, singing all works of the heart
  • Beatitude: Matthew 5:8 – “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see Elohim”
  • Prayer: Matthew 6:13 “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the wicked one”
  • Gifts: Romans 6:8 “Administrator” – Keeps us organized and increases our vision, gives leadership and direction
  • Spiritual: Since we know that YHVH knows all things about us, our lives, our situations at any given time, and the purpose of this journey is to become more like Him and less like us, when we pray, our prayers should not be all about us. They should be focused on Him, giving Him praise for loving us and teaching us. Our needs have already been met but if we are only focused on the physical, then we will never make it into the Kingdom because our eyes are focusing on the wrong goal.


PALEO LETTER – Associated with Alter of Incense Pey (p) the means, mouth, breath, wind, reasoning, prayer, communication.


NOTE: This was a feast of celebration and if you have made it to here then you have made it. The Feast of Tabernacles represents the marriage feast to us His bride. A joyous time of food and drink, without drunkenness, great fellowship with others.

What is also hidden is the position of the word which is once again not translatable into language, but which represents the Messiahs’ return as the pierced one. You should also make note of which number of words it is within the first verse which tells us when His return is to take place. Each word represents 1000 years, and as we are closing in on 6000 years, less than 28 years away, everyone should be taking notice.

(Lest there be any confusion. The position of is that THE Messiah is going to return just before the end of the 7th Millennial Day in the same way He came back from the grave at the end of the 7th Day. He was placed in the grave at the end of the 4th day. The 4th letter is Aleph Tav. The 8th Day is the day of the consummation of the wedding. The Messiah, or anointed one that is to come at the end of the 6th Millennial day which is part of the Shavuot teaching is King David, the anointed Prince in Daniel 9. It is King David that is to rule for the 7th Millennium.)



**SEVENTH ITEM** Arc of the Covenant, the third and final phase of our development. I believe that by this stage we shall already be walking in the heavenly realm, with new bodies and a new name, and our purpose will be revealed to us for those who make it.




  • Tabernacle: the scepter, the fish hook, a sprout or a flourishing looking like Arron’s rod that sprouted leaves and flowers.
  • 7th Word in Genesis: “eretz” With this being the final thing that is spoken and of course coming in on the last day, a day of rest, I have a tendency to think this is talking about after His return, the earth will be at rest. Finally.
  • Day of Creation #7: Day of Rest
  • 7th Letter: Zayin (z) Fully accomplished, successful, set apart, distinguished specified
  • Biblical Feasts: SHEMINI ATZERET, 8th Day, new beginnings
  • Beatitude: Matthew 5:9 – “Blessed are the Peace makers, because they shall be called the sons of Elohim” The word Shalom is in Hebrew Shin Lamid Mem,
  • Prayer: Matthew 6:13 – “For yours is the Kingdom, Power, Glory forever, Amen”
  • Gifts: Romans 6:8 “Compassion” – Keeps us in right attitudes and relationships, provides personal and emotional strength
  • Spiritual: I see this as our final destination and When we shall finally be released from this testing ground called earth, and finally be able to fellowship with the Father. To even begin to consider the true freedom this will bring compared to where we are now, many still in bondage to this world, struggling to see past the flesh and to try and get a glimpse of heaven, when in reality we have that image within each and every one of us. This is in my impression the true purpose of the Mishkan in the Wilderness, to take us home once and for all.


PALEO LETTER – Associated with Arc of the Covenant – Tzadi x – to resurrect, rekindle a flame


NOTE: This is the most serious time, in my impression, when we stand before YHVH and take account for how we used His Words, everything we say, do, think, we will have to account for.

Shemeni means “my oil”, a day to assemble for the gathering of oil, oil for lamps, The Five Virgins that were ready.




That is the MISHKAN Pattern. A synopsis real quick :

  1. Choose between Life or Death {do choose Life}
  2. Learn the Operating procedures of the Kingdom of hwhy, Light, expelling ways of darkness.
  3. Take His Instructions to heart, with attitude positive, purge away bitterness and Refine yourself.
  4.  Implement the instructions. Grow where you are planted. Do the business.
  5. Your own fruit will replant, eliminate defects. Correct error. Calibrate.
  6. The fruit is eaten Together, the whole team will benefit or suffer on account of you.
  7. Restoration of life. The Instructions’ effect, for better or worse, as promised. Life after Death.





It is also believed by these ancient sages that these Hebrew letters are not only the building blocks of life, but that we are supposed to study them, and speak them forth continuously, because if ever there is a time when Torah is not being vocalized, the ancient sages believed “the earth will melt away with a fervent heat.”

That saying should ring familiar to those who study the New Testament; Kefa (Peter) made a similar statement in his second letter, that there will be a time when the earth melts away with a fervent heat! From a scriptural point of view that simply means that “there will be no Instructions and no Torah on the earth, and that it is Torah (that is, the Word of YHVH) that is keeping all things together!” 

9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is long suffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

11 Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, 

12 Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?” (2 Peter 3:9-12)

This brings to mind, the book of Colossians, where in chapter one it says that Y’shua holds all things together and that by Him all things consist. We know from Yochanan (John) 1:1 and 1:14 that Y’shua is the WORD of YHVH, and that He holds the entire universe together with His physical and spiritual laws which in actuality – is Y’shua Himself!

While this study is in no way complete as of the day of writing this I have found hundreds of references to this pattern including the final Beatitudes mentioned in Revelations that start in Rev. 1 and go through Rev 22. When you look at this study it is also not an exact science in the sense that there are patterns and similarities which are subtle, none the less they are there all the same. The more that one becomes familiar with them the more that one will see the patterns and what they are referring back to. I hope you enjoyed this study.


  1. Yolanda Meier

    I understand wanting to leave. I used to feel that way. But any more I am saying to myself, “Why? Why would I want to save myself? Isn’t it good to die and be with Yahovah?”
    Sure, I don’t want a prolonged suffering of pain. Who would. But if chopping my head off puts me with YAHOVAH it sounds better than saving my flesh body on this earth and seeing my children suffer. I work in one of those schools like your reader did. My one son tells me not to talk to him about God. My daughter that used to follow Torah, then married a christian and for the last few years has celebrated Christmas. I tell myself it is selfish to want to die as I couldn’t praise Him from the grave as King David said, and I resolve to be here to do whatever work I have been assigned to do while I am here. But I can’t see why it is better to survive. Am I missing something?

    • Name Withheld

      Hello Yolando,
      I’m the reader above that worked in the schools and had the dream predicting problems beginning in my country beginning suddenly. One way I look at this is thinking what happened to the Empire of Japan in the Second World War – that empire ended suddenly:
      August 5, 1945 The Japanese were fighting bravely across the Pacific
      August 6, 1945 Hiroshima Bombing
      August 9, 1945 Nagasaki Bombing, Soviet Union land invasion.
      September 2, 1945 Japanese unconditional surrender aboard the USS Missouri
      So in one month’s time, the “Empire” of Japan was suddenly no more. However, the people of Japan was left behind in the aftermath. In the case of the Japanese, they had the West come in and help rebuild them. The “West”, primarily the United States in this case, are the descendants of Israel. When the West comes in, it usually is a good thing and not a conquering force (ie: this is why Americans are rather accepted in the Philippines still to this day).
      In the Scriptures, what Daniel is told of is a period of 2300 actual 24 hours days in the middle of this last 49 year cycle of history where the West suffers. To oversimplify this, I see this as a time like with Japan above where events cause the Western “Empire”, if you will, to fall in such a way that non-western countries (Europa/Germany/etc) are the ones that come in and forcefully restructure things. This is because, like in Japan, there is a large population of people remaining (don’t think everybody in the West suddenly perishes… the western “empire” who are the physical descendants of Israel is what is predicted to suddenly perish). However, the values of non-western countries (Germany/Assyria) and such are not Judeo-Christian at all. Over this time, 2300 days or a little over 6 years, the Western people are “trodden under foot” – afterwards, many predict that only about ten percent make it through it.
      This is where you and others like you are needed, Yolanda! This situation lasts several years… think about that… years. Your family may push against you and such now. But, during the time to come, they will need you. They will need direction from you, as learning the things you know right now will be like finding water in a desert or like a famine. Right now, there is not ten percent of western believers keeping Torah, but in times of trouble more will come to believe. That is what judgment does to people. It causes repentance.
      Another important thing to remember about families. Many people read the bible and skim over the big lists of names. These lists of names are families. Families are sooooo important to our Heavenly Father that in the one book we have called “The Bible”, He lists page after page of names. He could have spent those pages on other topics, but he lists family names! Wow. And, he will bless your family because of you. When I read about Rahab, a NON-Israelite/Hebrew, who lived in the pagan town of Jericho – I’m amazed that even she (who did not have the knowledge that we have been blessed with) not only was saved, but her WHOLE family as well!
      Right now, keep learning and preparing. I asked Joseph Dumond to withhold my name when recounting my dream and such above simply because I don’t want the distraction of being thought of as a dreamer. I’m a doer, not a dreamer. But, your comments struck me; so, I thought I would share how I’ve been able to contribute and why. I’ve used my talents in teaching to write scripture lesson books and such because this is part of how I am preparing. I do this for others, but also for the very selfish reasons of being able to teach my own family when the opportunity arises. Be glad that you have more time to prepare and become spiritually mature (like this lesson above teaches about going closer to holiness and not being outside of the tabernacle). Those you love most will be glad that you did.
      All the best to you and yours.

  2. Jesse Zirkle

    Thank you James
    Thank you Joseph
    Thank you Joseph for introducing me Eric Bissell years ago. This teaching of James has open more doors.
    I learn so much from your newsletters .
    I to will pray for, for what to do, and how to get ready and where to go.
    The Philippines keep calling my name.
    It is going to be hard, know one listen to my words. Sometimes i get ask questions, but when i answer, it is not what they wanted to here.
    I will keep planting seed, i just pray some would land on good soil.
    I will pray for you and please pray for me

  3. George - The SpitFire

    Thanks James for your input with Grandpa Joe
    Hello Grandpa Joe Dumond
    Thank You for sharing my article in your Weekly Newsletter of today 12th January 2019 titled: –
    AS In The Days Of Noah and The Days of Lot
    I like to emphasize a very important verse written for us by our Father in Heaven Himself, and I Quote my Father in Heaven, as a WARNING to all those who yearn to live by every Word of God as written in Luke 4:4 and Matthew 4:4 But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘MAN SHALL NOT LIVE BY BREAD ALONE, BUT BY EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDS FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD.’ ”
    Here is the very important verse, which my Father wrote in His Book of Revelation, which the Apostle John was told to make a copy for us at this end times.
    Revelation 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.
    The Word Plagues is Strong’s G4127, which means CALAMITY.
    Who of you reading this want to share God’s punishment which is to come in the next few months????
    My Friends, I could not prove Grandpa Joe Dumond wrong in his calculations.
    My Friends we all have blemishes and make mistakes. We are not good and perfect and I quote Jesus Christ who did not claim that He was Good and perfect either as written in Luk 18:19 So Jesus said to him, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good but One, that is, God.
    We are told not to make bad comments on others, which we judge them that they are in the wrong and we disagree with them. I get upset when I see condemning bad remarks on Grandpa Joe Dumond in his Weekly Newsletters. He spends time researching and writing his Weekly Newsletters.
    I know what it means researching and writing because 10 years ago I published a book and I wrote all I knew at that time about the coming Kingdom of God by the return of the Living Jesus Christ. Ten years ago I was able to mail my 1kg book to 54 heads of states. My book was sent to kings, queens, princes, presidents, and prime ministers all around the world. I did not want my book to enter the Vatican, therefore I did not sent a copy there, but my Father in Heaven wanted a copy of my book to get there as a witness to the Pope of that time, because I received acknowledgement of it being read at the Vatican.
    These heads of state represents their nations and they are responsible to pass on the message written in my book. They are left without an excuse.
    Our Father in Heaven is very angry against those who suppress the Truth, and a lot of God’s truth was written in my book because every paragraph I backed it up and written the Holy Scripture to go with it. It meant that they were reading the Word of God, which is The Truth. Romans 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness,
    Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse.
    The Scripture I quoted from Luke in the message I sent to Grandpa Joe Dumond, Jesus Christ predicted how the behavior of mankind will be like before He returns to this earth and destroy all those perverted human beings of our time who are destroying His creation – – – Planet Earth as written in Revelation 11:18 The nations were angry, and Your wrath has come, And the time of the dead, that they should be judged, And that You should reward Your servants the prophets and the saints, And those who fear Your name, small and great, And should destroy those who destroy the earth.”
    Look around you and you see that in every corner of the world humanity is living the lifestyle of Sodom. Jesus Christ predicted the lifestyle of our living generation as recorded by Luke 17:26 And as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man: Luke 17:27 They ate, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all.
    Luke 17:28 Likewise as it was also in the days of Lot: They ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built;
    Luke 17:29 but on the day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all.
    Besides predicting the present lifestyle, Jesus Christ is telling us that if we stay living among the nations of Israel we will be destroyed with them when His Father will employ Germany to punish Israel as written by Isaiah 10:5 “Woe to Assyria, the rod of My anger And the staff in whose hand is My indignation.
    The word Staff – – – – can mean From Strong’s – – – – – Dart.
    Indignation – – – – can mean From Strong’s H2194; strictly froth at the mouth, that is, (figuratively) fury (especially of God?s displeasure with sin): – angry, indignation, rage.
    What is this dart type of weapon which is going to be used on the Tribes of Israel and not leaving radiation behind to be able for Germany to rape all the wealth Israel possesses? Yes Germany will enter into the lands of Israel and take the spoil without fear or resistance. Isaiah 10:6 I will send him against an ungodly nation, And against the people of My wrath I will give him charge, To seize the spoil, to take the prey, And to tread them down like the mire of the streets.
    This type of dart in Germany’s hand may be a type of Low Frequency Wave Weapon. Two months ago over 140 Whales washed up dead on one of New Zealand’s beaches. More than 140 whales wash ashore on New Zealand beach, all died Nov 26 – 2018
    Some experts believe someone tested their low frequency wave weapon from one of the orbiting Satellites – – – – –
    – – – – – These types of weapons can penetrate the strongest rock or concrete, and destroy all life in their target and leaving no trace of radiation.
    These type of weapons can penetrate the deepest oceans as written in Amos 9:3 And though they hide themselves on top of Carmel, From there I will search and take them; Though they hide from My sight at the bottom of the sea, From there I will command the serpent, and it shall bite them;
    It is Satan the Serpent who will be leading Germany as written in 2Thessalonians 2:9 The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders,
    Satan knows where everyone will be hiding in Israel and Satan is the prince of the power of such invisible in the air orbiting Satellites weaponry. Eph 2:2 in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience,
    Ezekiel 33:27 “Say thus to them, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD: “As I live, surely those who are in the ruins shall fall by the sword, and the one who is in the open field I will give to the beasts to be devoured, and those who are in the strongholds and caves shall die of the pestilence.
    Those caves are the underground bunkers.
    The Germans are known to carry their prey with bare buttocks to shame their prisoners. Read about it that it happened during the Second World War, and God says that it is going to happen again, as written in Isaiah 20:4 so shall the king of Assyria lead away the Egyptians as prisoners and the Ethiopians as captives, young and old, naked and barefoot, with their buttocks uncovered, to the shame of Egypt.
    Do you righteous people want to stay behind living comfortably amongst the nations of Israel, and if God will have mercy on you and keep you alive, you will be part of that prey carried as a prisoners with your bare buttocks? Lot’s daughters and their husbands too were sleeping comfortable in their beds when Lot their father went to them at night, woke them up from their sleep, and begged them to flee Sodom with him and his wife. What happened to them for not fleeing Sodom with their father Lot? They perished with the rest of the city, and that’s going to happen to those who do not believe God’s written Word. Lot’s daughters and their husbands did not have faith in their father Lot, and they did not believe him.
    If Noah did not build the ark (Boat) you and I would not be here to honor our Father in Heaven!
    I believe what God has written for us, that very soon God is going to punish all the twelve ungodly Tribes of Israel in their choice lands that God had prepared for them from before this earth existed as written in the song of Moses, and Grandpa Joe Dumond was inspired with Pentecost 2020. Deuteronomy 32:8 When the Most High divided their inheritance to the nations, When He separated the sons of Adam, He set the boundaries of the peoples According to the number of the children of Israel.
    I believe God and His Word is the Truth, and from this past week I have applied for a reverse mortgage on my house. I am a 75 year old and living on a Government pension. Two thirds of my monthly pension goes into paying the mortgage principle and interest on my house. From the other one third of the pension I pay house insurance, Local Council rates, Electricity bill, Telephone bill, Car registration, Car insurance, House and Car maintenance, and these payments are not cheap. I am left with very little for my daily food and my daily medicine.
    A friend of mine asked me how I cope with all these payments. I said to him that I do not know myself, but my God to whom I talk daily, is looking after me.
    I need the reverse mortgage because I need to have some cash money to tidy up my house and put it up for sale. When I sell the house I will move out of Australia, out and away from the tribe of Ephraim.
    My Friends ake heed and take action. Believe your Father in Heaven because He loves His children and left us with a warning to flee out of Israel’s Lands.
    George – – – – – The SpitFire

    • Jesse Zirkle

      I would like to read the book you sent out
      If you would share a link

  4. Johanan Maerschalck

    Wauw, I’m just mindblown by the depth of this subject and how all this connects to the plan of salvation which Yehovah has set out to do. Praise Yehovah and I thank Him so you could share this message. I truly enjoyed reading this newsletter and I’m sure I’ll read it again… 🙂 May Yehovah be with you and bless you in all that you do.

  5. Steven Smith

    What a powerful teaching. There so much meaning to take from the picture graphs. I see I have to find some more time to watch more of Eric’s videos. Guess it boils down to priorities now that our time is so short
    I live just 60 minutes north west of Halifax. I have been told the city is changing quickly being a world class sea port. I assume Vancover and the west coast of Canada is the same. Toronto has been known for multicultuism for decades. Migrants are flooding in and changing the demographics quickly. Canada only has 37 million people. I’ve read that by 2020 there be 200 million migrants from places like Africa and the middle east looking to migrate from their areas of the world. Not hard to see how our nations will be swarmed with people entering in. Even now those numbers could over welm the population already here but how much more so after a population crash of some kind or after an act of war or plague/calamidy.
    If there was one person I wish I could prove wrong it would be Joseph Dumond with all due respect to him. The problem being no one can so far and I doubt anyone will be able to prove him wrong. I not had any dreams per say but I do see the last 120th Jubilee chart in my sleep. Once you learn the patterns of blessings and curses down through the 120 Jubilee Cycles there is no unlearning them. Once you see these patterns working in through your own life most all doubt melts away and is replaced with fear of Yehovah.
    My thanks to James for his part of this weeks teaching. One thing I know I can count on seeing the world is in such chaos and turmol is that come the end of the week there will be an escape for a time. A time to learn and to grow closer to Yehovah.
    Thank you Mr. Dumond. Another spirit filled teaching to file away.
    Love out to all the brethren from NS, Canada
    Shabbat Shalom everyone

  6. Glenn Caron

    I believe as the TIME and events UNFold that new revelation and more restoration of the TRUTH will reveal his WILL for his saints. He WILL make it KNOWN to those he LOVES , there will be NO question as to what he wants IF we are truly walking in his ways . All will manifest in its due time .The only thing keeping anyone from the will of GOD is when we DON’T seek after his will.
    I have NOT been convicted to LEAVE , in fact I don’t see ANY possible way that I and my family could leave immediately as we don’t even have passports etc. It will also require some things to be done that will be forced on us by MANS rules , such as vaccinations for leaving this country . Yah will speak to those he loves and cherishes with pure CLARITY and conviction that will not be confusing , for it will be as plain as the nose on your face when the time comes. He will also enable us with all provision to do his will . In the meantime We can continue to move in the direction that he has shown us . In my case he has COMPELLED me to prepare a place here for NOW until the final WORD to leave if that’s his will for me and my family . He may want to have some of us stay and be witnesses for the remaining remnants to gather and be nourished until the final move to the Place of protection or to Israel / Jerusalem .
    HAve faith that he will reveal it to YOU Joseph and to all his saints and prophets . I KNOW he will not let YOU or any of his people AGONIZE on what his plans are , it will be very obvious and Yah’s spirit will rest on us and convict us to act on his will without any ambiguity! Yah is not a God of confusion !
    “Amo_3:7 For the Lord Jehovah will do nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. ” It didn’t say HINT it said REVEAL!
    P.S. Joseph , this work at sightedmoon may also PROVIDE a NEED for AFTER the movement of THOSE days . It may be the one place of truth and direction that the saints of the world or even those just starting to learn AT THAT TIME will need to finally get it and move in spirit . WHen the clock runs out does not necessarily mean a sudden END , for the deadline may actually only be a start to the 7 years of the cycle of WAR or tribulation, just like the PAST cycle of curses did not manifest suddenly either.. It has to progress into a crescendo and not an END all at once. There may be a no turning back moment but the end is not until YAH says so. Don’t shut anything down even after the time clock runs out . Maybe when that happens you can have the clock go negative time, in other words to show us how long we have been in the full cycle of calamity and war and show us all when the true cycles of captivity and then rescue actually develop . We will need that to keep us Uplifted for the rescue ! Remember there are still 2 more periods left to this last Jubilee cycle after the war cycle. We will ALL need to see that timeline, then especially . Please consider that .
    Btw, at this time of year the light levels are creating chemical imbalances within our bodies that cause us to get depressed . Heck, after all the worlds ways are and then add in the depressions of winter and you have a very melancholy spirit, who wouldn’t?. I know , I am an outside worker too and get much of my mood and energy from the SUN. Consider that that may be part of your current demeanor coupled with the times. HAng in there . I am not giving up until I am DEAD! Thank you ALL of you at S
    Sightedmoon for the TRUTH and your Persistence through some miserable news and times. Keep the FAITH !

    • George - The SpitFire

      Hi Glenn Caron
      You have given us your point of view.
      Let me give my point of view.
      When I studied Isaiah 10:6 I will send him against an ungodly nation, And against the people of My wrath I will give him charge, To seize the spoil, to take the prey, And to tread them down like the mire of the streets.
      I always wondered that if Germany uses Nukes on Israel, Germany will not be able to take Israel’s spoil, or carry away those Israelites who survived their attack.
      Sodom did not expect or was waiting to be burned up at sunrise. It happened full blast and nobody escaped. From my understanding all Israel is going to be trapped and all twelve tribes Trapped at the same time that they will not be able to fight back. Luke 21:34 “But take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that Day come on you unexpectedly. Luke 21:35 For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth.
      A snare here can also be a trap.
      I bring out the example of David and Goliath.
      Goliath was the champion of the Philistines – – – The USA is the champion of Israel.
      1Samuel 17:4 And a champion went out from the camp of the Philistines, named Goliath, from Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span.
      David went against Goliath in the name of the God of Israel. It is the God of Israel who is sending Germany against the twelve tribes, therefore like David, Germany will be charging on the Twelve Tribes in the name of the God of Israel.
      Goliath was hit with a stone, and became helpless, and could not fight back. Goliath was well armed and never expected the young boy David without amour to flatten him down. Neither will the Twelve tribes of Israel will expect Germany to destroy them.
      Maybe Goliath had never saw a stone sling before in his life. Maybe Germany have a secret weapon that we have never seen before and with it may be able to disable all the twelve tribes of Israel the same as David disabled Goliath with one sling shot.
      Just something to think about Glenn

      • Glenn Caron

        Then we will wait for the p
        provision to leave. That has not come yet, I also suffer from my own physical illnesses that make my mobility an issue. I am a great supporter of Sightedmoon and have studied these newsletters out weekly since before 2009. My family kept the 2013 feast in Tennesee that year with Joesph Dumond, it was the most thrilling sukkot ever for us! We traveled by camper trailer from NH to see him speak.
        I kept the sabbatical cycle that came in 2016, and I am a farmer. We live fully by the Torah and faith in Yahusha. My grown 2 boys have large families that all follow the Torah and keep Yahusha testimony. You are right that those of the WWII died due to their lack of faith and their disobedience certainly of Gods calendar timing and other errors. Those who were killed mercilessly were not following Yahs way anywhere nearly as Sightemoon promotes. Some may have been very much in love with the Way.
        Some of us Torah obedient people may still have to provide for some of the others who do not leave either, and some of us may have to perish for the Glory of Yah. I will wait and see what He tells me to do in my being. In the meantime, we will continue to keep on the information that develops. Things may change but not the time to leave just yet as for us. But we know where we are now and how much we have grown in the WORD and know with all my heart that we will KNOW when to leave. How do I know that? He has guided our paths now ever since HE found me and i moved in The Way we have had PEACE and provision all in his good timing every time! I am certainly not saying for anyone to stay if they feel Gods will, they should leave but as I have stated we do not yet had that warning to up and leave at this moment, and as I said, even if it were possible at this time. Thank you for your incite, shalom.

  7. Elaine

    Doing my best to learn as much as I can in this late age, many blessings to you James and family.

  8. FJ

    Shalom Joseph
    I will say I have had confirmations to prayer requests about sending out sighted moon information out recently( this week) to inform others of the Land Rests and the Jubilee years as being part of the Bible Calendar Covenant. I do think about moving but am not convicted in the Spirit as to it being now but do think about Phillipines and Burundi and what you had written. Recently I have been saying a light hand on all I own as to home, work and staying rooted here but it is not as in a’ run away the end is near’ but other things needing to be done that will mean change and movement for building the Kingdom.
    I have also been encouraged in my spirit to send out information from sighted moon to others and considering I don’t grasp it all I wondered if that was a true thing.
    I asked for 2 unmistakable signs (fleeces) that related to the moon and the next morning my spouse came in after walking and said I just saw the New Moon (actually it was the waning crescent in the morning sky) and when I opened my computer the windows log in page picture was a scene of a seaside village looking out to sea with a full moon superimposed over it that took up over 4/5ths of the screen.
    A woman I had corresponded with said when she was a child she came to Christ who showed her the moon and after that my MP3 player that had had your album art for the Sighted Moon podcasts that I had deleted to make more room ended up to “migrate” to another series of files in another folder that I had been listening to.
    I am getting the confirmation about the Jubilee and the Land Sabbaths but not right on top of the date of the final things yet.
    Are you meant to shut up shop? I don’t know. If you are leaving, better gather those who you have been feeding as shepherd.
    I am sorry you can’t understand the confusion the IDL has brought into the conversation about when Sabbath day is or isn’t and how a day is determined for God without pagan interference . I hope you would consider a revisit to the physical facts without bringing in what you have learnt before and bring a fresh mindset to the reality so that you will receive …..
    That is what you ask folk who read your books to do; so that they can see the tree of Life that is from Abba (and not the forest).
    On another subject:
    I am not understanding how it is you predict all the days and times for the feasts & Holy Days in the’ what is your oil level’ page without waiting for the sighted moon? What am I missing?
    Shalom Grandpa Joseph
    Blessings of Strength and Joy in your spirit from God’s Spirit

    • Joseph F. Dumond

      I am using for the dates in the future. Are they 100% right. No. They could be off by a day or even 30 days. The timing is not that important. The fact is and the thing I am showing you is that time is running out. If in fact, I am right about Shavuot 2020 and Trumpets 2020 then all those other things are also going to be very close to being correct.
      If on the other hand, I am not correct, then I will close the site down. The Sabbath and the Holy Days and the Sabbatical years are correct and the clock for 2045 is also correct, but my understanding of Daniel 9 would be proven not correct. And my purpose here would no longer be needed or wanted.

      • George - The SpitFire

        Hello Grandpa Joe
        I have replied to Glenn Caron comment. I brought out the example of David of Goliath.
        Since then I did some more study on these pair.
        Goliath only saw and only commented on David’s shepherd’s staff. Goliath did not see David’s FIVE stones hidden in his shepherd’s bag as written in 1Samuel 17:40 Then he took his staff in his hand; and he chose for himself five smooth stones from the brook, and put them in a shepherd’s bag, in a pouch which he had, and his sling was in his hand. And he drew near to the Philistine.
        Joe I also want to share with you my experience regarding the timing of Shavuot 2020.
        The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob entered into a marriage contract with the Twelve Tribes of Israel on the Holy day of Shavuot at Mount Sinai. All the Twelve Tribes of Israel have committed fornication by following other gods as recorded in the Scripture.
        The question in my mind is, Is God going to booth out all Israel on the same Holy day of Shavuot?
        I like to share my experience. I happened to booth out my wife on the exact same day of my 25th Marriage anniversary because of fornication that was going on for some time, and I happened to discover fornication taking place on that same day of our 25th wedding anniversary.
        Here I am talking from experience, and Joe, I am sharing this with you to encourage you to believe that you have Shavuot 2020 a correct target day.

  9. Mike

    Here’s my speculations on what to expect based on the Shavuot 2020 timeline and beyond…
    We are in the cycle of war. However,open world World War like those of the last century has been avoided because of the continuing agreement(s) with many nations done in the United Nations. Joseph Dumond has written about the timeline of this cycle of war and this particular agreement in 1972 extensively, so I will not go into details here (it started as the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment first formed in Stockholm in 1972, but has had many names — most recent renewal till 2020 was in Paris). New readers, study and show yourself approved — seriously, Joseph Dumond is giving his books away for free (folks must stop expecting a one or two sentence answer to huge questions… read a few hundred pages, and it will make better sense). I understand how Joseph Dumond feels — after years of giving my books away, I then removed the copyright off my books years ago and made it just about as completely available as I could think of doing; when you get a bit of knowledge on the scriptures even the little bit that I had… there is this “burden” to share it with others. I figure that burden is why George “The Spitfire” wrote and sent out his books as well.
    As for the topic at hand… This current peace agreement via the United Nations is similar to “tribute” that one country pays to another to keep peace. In this agreement reverence is paid to Mother Earth, LGBT and other sexual deviants are protected/embraced, and – among various other things – loads and loads of MONEY is paid to various nations. Basically, this has been “tribute” in the name of peace at the expense of Western nations (physical descendants of Israel — study up on this as well; when you see the big picture more clearly, then you will also share in that “burden” to tell others, and just be trying to figure it out for yourself). The current events in the world show that the Western nations are no longer willing to submit to the demands of the United Nations and/or the European Community led by Germany. The West sees than non-western nations like Germany, Russia, China, and others are just taking advantage of the gullibility of the West. No more money/tribute!
    My speculation is that by Shavuot next year, the current events talk at that time will be the complete exit of these agreements. The United States president, Trump, is leading the charge, but other nations are doing similar things (ie: Brexit). Sightedmoon has explained this in excruciating detail. What leaving these agreements means, traditionally, is War. Legally, the consequence for leaving an international agreement is also war (as money and sanction agreements are being taken off the table as tools to avoid war).
    What cycle are we in? War. What is 2020? The middle of the cycle of War. This is what I expect: War.
    Flee? Well, … it would have made sense for Jews in Germany to have left the country before World War 2 had broken out; however, their homes were there and many obviously stayed much too long after War broke out. Current day… I think the war will be clear enough that one should take action long before the Sabbath [year] of 2023, or one may likely starve during that Sabbath [year] and/or find themselves in the captivity of the next seven year cycle. So, yeah, better to be away from the center of any disaster (for instance, there’s a popular youtuber named “serpentza” from South Africa that has lived in China for several years now — he comments from time to time why he feels much safer in China than he ever did as a white person in South Africa. That’s why he moved there. Is being in China the place to be? I’ve considered it actually… even taken college classes in Chinese, but I don’t think China is for me. But, I’d rather be there or better yet in a tropical place like the Philippines than be a white farmer in South Africa right now).
    So, is THIS the “fleeing” that is spoken about in Matthew 24:20? Am I 100% convinced that Shavuot 2020 is this Sabbath spoken of in Matthew 24:20? Honestly, no. Not 100% at all, although I’m 100% convinced that there will be war. And, I don’t think the day after Shavuot 202 will be an escape from Sodom and Gomorrah by morning event, either — I think that type of fleeing event will be a decade later in 2030 (Revelation 11:8 refers to Jerusalem as Sodom and Gomorrah, actually) and has to do with a time that the bride flees and hides for the last three and a half awful years after the time of witnessing for the past three and one half years has past. Please don’t misunderstand: I predict post Shavuot 2020 to be a really bad time of war; however, I don’t think it will be a one day event — rather a 2300 day event with war, a sabbatical year in the middle, and captivity afterwards.
    So, again, what to expect? War. Why? Because the West will no longer have the blessing of being consider as actually being the physical descendants of Israel because of their sin. Individuals will be delivered because of a blessing, but not nations. See Ezekiel chapter 14 for further study on this – it makes this concept very clear.
    So, please, don’t turn Shavuot 2020 into a “day of disappointment” because the world does not end that day or the next. Know what is beginning then: The 2300 Days of Hell (hey… just had an idea… That would be a great name for a book…)

  10. anonymous

    Another excellent newsletter and James did a great job with the Patterns of Seven. Very well put together.
    I LOVE the count down clock. The entire presentation of this is VERY Ingenious!
    Now my turn for an opinion about fleeing.
    I have a very difficult time thing we just all decide on our own when to flee, even if we have this 2020 potential time laid out. What does that mean? Shavuot 2020 is the beginning of the war or the end of the war? Maybe the opportunity to flee actually expires in Nov 2019 or maybe Shavuot 2019? I simply do not believe that He gathers us up and keeps us in the palm of HIs hand and doesn’t lose any of us…..YET…..we decide on our own when to flee…..then ops….I’m captured because I was suppose to flee prior to Sukkot 2019 when shoulder fired missiles shut down airports or maybe economic collapse shut them down.
    First of all….Noah. Noah was TOLD to build the Ark. He was TOLD when to go gather the animals and then his own family to board and shut the door. THEY were the believers. Those locked outside were the NON believers. Noah didn’t do any of this on his own.
    Second of all….Lot. Lot too was TOLD to flee. He was given time to talk with his family of NON believers and they poo pooed him. HE and His wife and daughters were dragged out of the city. I doubt that will happen again, but the point is Lot TOO was TOLD to flee because they were going to destroy the city with fire NOW.
    Neither of them guessed when to flee.
    Third….Abraham and Isaac. Abraham was told to leave. Isaac was told to stay, but where to move to. Jacob had to flee immediate situation, but was told by his Mom where to go. The dream with the stone seemed to solidify he was on the right track. He was further told when to flee Laban.
    The 12 tribes were told by Jacob to go to Egypt for food. Joseph revealed himself. They also had that prophecy to Abraham they would go there. So this wasn’t decisions on their own either.
    I see NO WHERE in Scripture that God’s people …. if they were believing His Word…. had to flee. Israel was destroyed yes, but they were not following HIs Word. I suspect there was always a remnant of believers….prophets mostly and their followers….who were not caught up in destruction. In fact, they were told to prophesy of the destruction and I “think” they were in the land doing so at times, but weren’t there when the destruction came. Yah always removed His people. He is a GREAT Elohim and we are told to let HIM LEAD and we FOLLOW AFTER HIM.
    I don’t see God’s people getting caught in destruction UNLESS they were either non believers or they refused to leave.
    They were TOLD to flee and when to flee. The disciples and Paul went where they were told to go.
    Now, consider people who are very sick and yes, righteous people. I don’t want to hear arguments from those who say if you’re sick, you’re a sinner. If you believe that, then you need to repent of your pride. People are sick due to being in these western sinful nations and eyes opened to truth too late. We weren’t all born with “natural type” healing from day we were born.
    I know people who need a CPAP and therefore electricity to breath. And NO, it has nothing to do with needing to lose weight.
    I know people in the midst of cancer and many other horrific diseases. Yes. everyone is doing ALL they can do to get healed and yes they / we’ve prayed till were blue in the face standing on faith more then you can imagine…..and yet, healing doesn’t come.
    Reminds me of the woman with issue of blood. She had GREAT FAITH and yet wasn’t healed until Yeshua said the time was right.
    Many other great stories of healing, but many just weren’t healed until the time was right.
    SO….do we flee and then say “okay God, we had faith to move to the Philippines now you need to heal us,
    I don’t think so. DO NOT TEST THE LORD THY GOD!
    What happens when I (and other women) suddenly out of the blue tell my husband I’m divorcing him to go live in the wilderness of Philippines or anywhere for that matter after 45 years of marriage? What happens if I’m early and He chooses not to heal me and He instead says “Did I tell you to come now? NO! You let fear and people lead you.” There is no turning back!
    Do I determine when to leave? Do I let fear tell me when to leave? I don’t see this in Scripture.
    For 15 years Yah has spoken to me in clear words “Be still and Know that I am God”.
    Last night I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep out of worrying over this. I got up and took a quick peek at FB and RIGHT THERE was a post from a friend about BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD!
    Joseph has great ability at understanding Scripture, but he too is taking on this heavy burden of thinking he alone has to determine when to tell all of us to flee. YET, Joe says he has had NO answer, no dreams, no nothing for an answer and YET he has this burden of thinking he is a prophet to tell us when to flee. I DO TEND to think Yah WILL TELL JOE when the time to flee is AND I further believe we will all have a KNOWING that the time is here. I even think we’ll be given a 3 day time to get out.
    BE STILL and know that I AM GOD.
    I spent TEN YEARS….NO LIE…..TEN YEARS praying about where to move to. We, I, almost jumped into buying TWO other homes in my area and each time they fell through. Praise YAH they fell through because I soon realized by mistake with those homes. I THEN learned to BE STILL and just kept on praying. NEVER heard a thing. So my husband retires and we HAVE to move SOON due to my illness. But where? I search and search thousands of homes over FOUR STATES to move to. I sense NOTHING.
    Then after 14 months our home finally sells so we have to look. Two days prior I suddenly started looking in an area I had never looked before. When our home sold, I got with a realtor to go look at 4 homes. The night before the two most liked homes were taken off the market for NO reason. The realtor said they just suddenly cancelled our contract. Three weeks later I found 6 more homes in an area 50 miles south of there so we go there to look. We bought the one home on the spot! We BOTH loved hit and that NEVER happens. My husband hates everything. We never ever agree and he takes weeks to decide on a home….NOT two hours. I still never felt anything from Yah though. Afterwards our home sell fell through and now we had TWO homes. I panicked for 4 months before selling and moving into that new home. Within 1 month I had full confirmation that THIS was the home for us. Even if I only live here 2 years before fleeing. It was a home near the ONE and only therapist in the country that could help me. She had JUST moved here to THIS town from across the country. She and her speciality is unique to that clinic and she trained in it and moved to ME. Yah answered by 10 year prayer by me being STILL and letting Him lead.
    He has us in the palm of His hands and will NOT lose us. Therefore, us deciding when to flee just doesn’t align with that. YES, He told us the time frame, but I firmly believe He will tell Joe WHEN THAT TIME comes or is near and He will ALSO put a KNOWING in our heart that THIS is it. He will not tell me to leave my husband at a whim or a fear.
    TOO MANY people I know who follow Joe fully and are 100% into fleeing, simply are unable to leave at this time. It will take a miracle to leave and I suspect VERY strongly, that miracle will come after He puts the knowing in our heart the time is now and we STAND UP to GO out of obedience and belief in HIS WORD!

  11. Joseph F. Dumond

    I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and views on this subject.
    One lady just wrote me to say ” Noah couldn’t see the rain, but He knew it was coming. ” He kept building the Ark for 98 years. Up until the flood did come it had never rained on the earth.
    In Gen 6:13 we are told that Yehovah did speak to Noah. And God said to Noah,
    And again in 7:1 Then the Lord said to Noah, “Go into the ark, you and all your household, for I have seen that you are righteous before me in this generation.
    And also in 8:13 Then God said to Noah, “Go out from the ark, you and your wife, and your sons and your sons’ wives with you. Bring out with you every living thing that is with you of all flesh—birds and animals and every creeping thing that creeps on the earth—that they may swarm on the earth, and be fruitful and multiply on the earth.”
    And a few more times in Chapter 9
    Here is evidence of how Noah knew the time was near.
    The names must be read in Hebrew in order to get the message!
    Reading them in English is useless.
    Adam comes from the word Man. (Strongs #120 Ruddy, a human being, man)
    Seth comes from the word Appointed ( Strongs # 8352 Substituted from #7896 apply appoint, array, bring, consider)
    Eve said, “For God hath appointed me another
    seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.”
    Enos comes from the word mortal, frail, or miserable (Strongs # 583 from #605 frail, feeble, melancholy; desperately wicked, incurable, sick, woeful.)
    It is from the root anash, to be incurable, used of a wound,
    grief, woe, sickness, or wickedness
    Cainan comes from the word sorrow (Strongs #7018 fixed 7064 chamber or dwelling 7077 a nest)
    Mahalaleel comes from 2 words Mahalal which means blessed (Strongs #4111 praise of God )
    or praise and El, which is the word that is translated as God.
    Thus, Mahalalel means the Blessed El or the Blessed God.
    Jared comes from the word shall come down or shall descent (Strongs #3382 to descend, to bring down, cast down,)
    Enoch comes from the word teaching (Strongs #2585 initiated 2596, discipline, train up, dedicate)
    Methuselah comes from 2 words muth which means death ( Strongs # 4968 man of a dart 4962 an adult, of full length 7971 to send away, 7973 missile of attack, spear)
    Shalach means to bring or to send forth. Methuselah
    means his death shall bring
    Lamech means despairing (Strongs #3929 Unknown root)
    Noah means comfort or rest (Strongs # 5146 quiet, rest)
    Therefore we now have
    Hebrew English
    Adam Man
    Seth Appointed
    Enos Mortal
    Cainan Sorrow
    Mahalaleel Blessed El or the Blessed God
    Jared Shall come down or shall descent
    Enoch Teaching
    Methuselah his death shall bring
    Lamech despairing
    Noah comfort or rest
    Here is the message is hidden in the old but revealed in the new.
    Man is appointed mortal sorrow but the blessed el
    shall come down teaching that his death shall bring
    the despairing comfort or rest.

  12. Donald McGrew

    Interesting article, more so, letters. Responses. I remember people associated with this ministry, fleeing a few years ago. Many made fun of them. It was a mistake. It seemed the timing has to be as important as location, apparently. I did seen in the scriptures there was always an angel telling them to go. Also in the last days the young men will see visions and the old will dream dreams. I will most likely wait for something along those lines.