The Hammer of Thor which Breaks in Pieces-The Swastika

Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: Mar 8, 2008

Sighted Moon News Letter 5843-052
8th day of the Twelfth month 5843 After Creation

February 16, 2008

Shabbat Shalom Family,
Greetings to you all. With last weeks News Letter we have received over 100,000 hits to the web site, since we began in July of 2006. On the official count we are over 107,000. We broke our records for daily traffic of over 600 per day.
Each week and each day I am blown away at the response to this News Letter. My IT guy cant figure out why it is doing so phenomenally well. It has nothing to do with me. It has everything to do with Yahweh. His word. His truth.
Although this is one small step for it is not nearly enough. We have to reach over 144,000, plus the two witnesses and all those who will be martyred. An innumerable multitude. If you can help by telling others to sign up or to come read, or print it off and teach it to those around you, then you are helping.
And it is only by you telling others and or sending their e-mail address in that this web site grows. I want to thank each of you, for your help in doing this. I also want to thank those who write in and let me know how this web site has helped you. It is great to read them. I also want to thank those who continue to encourage me to keep on going. They are greatly appreciated.

In the Mail

Here are some of the recent letters I have received.
Dear Sir, First of all thank you for your Sight and sharing of you hard earned knowledge. My husband and I will be trying to keep the proper days for God’s Festivals. I have one question. If matzah is wheat does wheat have to be removed from the home or just actual leavening agents as yeast, baking soda and so forth? We have learned much from you and thank you very much! Oh! One more thing. Just in case you don’t know. I always download your material so I can read off line (we have only one line coming into the house). It will download and save properly on Explorer but not on FireFox. There it is just a big blank when I bring it out of documents. Just thought you might like to know for whatever reason. Thank you once again! Sincerely Mr. and Mrs. W.
A day or two later I received the following;
I am living in Sri Lanka, on the Southern tip off India. Edited.
We have a small synagogue type fellowship of about 30 people, who meet on the Shabbath, new moon ( from now) and on the feasts. We also meet for prayer once at least every week (not all of us). I found your site because I am on Yahspace and I got your letter inviting us to visit your site. I have downloaded the articles 1 and 2. Let me try to download 3 and let you know if I am successful. Currently I am putting together a study on the mark etc and your teaching are helping a lot. I have also learnt Hebrew and can manage to read and understand, however my vocab needs enhancing. Please pray for me and our group and families. Thank you T
The same day I got this next letter
Mr. Dumond,
Thank you for your reply. I am asking The Lord Yahweh to show me the truth. My family and I go to a home-church group on Sundays since we’ve left the traditional Baptist church we used to attend. I’ve been doing a lot of research online and especially reading my Bible looking for answers to things like tithing, the Sabbath and The Lord’s name. I’m 40 years old now and realize that even though I know the Bible fairly well there’s so much I don’t understand and I don’t want to just believe what pastors are preaching (especially on TV). My recent conversations/debates with Jehovah’s witnesses has really motivated me to research why I believe what I believe. I have shared your website with some of my co-workers, and I look forward to seeing what’s going to happen here in the U.S. regarding animal attacks, etc. in the years to come. As far as the 2nd curse of heat and drought, I can personally verify that last August here in Georgia there were 20 days when the high temperature was 100 degrees or more. That was a record! I cannot remember such a hot summer ever.
I work for an insulation company and am in attics almost daily so I remember it well. My heart grieves at my own sins and the sins of my nation and I no longer can honestly say that I’m proud to be an American. In fact, I am amazed that Yahweh hasn’t blown it off the planet already.
Anyway, your research about Israel being the anglo-saxon nations is fascinating/alarming. I will look more into this as I have time. In the meanwhile, I have asked The LORD to show me the truth regarding the
Sabbath so I’m planning on not working on Saturdays anymore and see what HE shows me. I will check out the websites you recommended and see what I can learn. thank you for your time and help,
Georgia USA
Another brother wrote in from Kenya,
Its with great joy to receive your wonderful news letter, this is my first time to receive it; I give praise to Yahweh for that. I do agree with you that we are suffering curses from not obeying the Torah as written in Lev 23-25 and we are in the middle of the curses of Lev 26. I will share this news letter with my family, friends, my orphans whom I am taking care of and my church group. Also this news letter will show me the Jubilee years and the Sabbath years. We kindly request you to assist us with more teachings so that we can have more understanding. I am very happy to hear that our safety is in jeopardy. Be praying for our church group and the orphans. For your information I am from Kenya , E. Africa . May Yahweh bless you abundantly as I hope to hear from you soon. Shalom N. S.
An hour later he again wrote and said
Shabbat Shalom and Happy New Moon Day, Family, We who are followers of Yahweh are to understand. We are not in the darkness as the rest of the world is. We were to be ready so as not to be surprised as if a thief had sneaked up on us. I do agree with you in many things I will keep studying and I hope through you assistance I, my family, the orphans whom we are taking care of, my church group and friends I will therefore reach them with this wonderful message, soon I will send to you the photos of the children, some of the staff and a place of worship, its our prayer that one time you will come to visit us May Yahweh bless you. Shalom N. S.
Brethren I do not know how each of these people ends up on the News Letter, but once they are there and see what is being offered they are very grateful to whom ever it was that added their name. Will you add your family and friends and church groups. Give them the chance to learn. Just forward me their e-mails and I will add them. If they do not like the message they just hit unsubscribe. It makes no difference to me. It is your family that are in danger.
Go to the web site and look at the map. Click on it and see how far this web site has reached. Better yet see where it has not reached. Ask your self why it has not reached these other places? Why is it being read in Arabia, Dubai, Iran, parts of Pakistan where Osama ben Laden is believed to be? Look at Greenland and Northern Canada. Africa and Asia. Look at those little dots in the middle of an ocean. Guam New Caledonia Islands, Seychelles and Maritius Islands. Look at Korea and Japan, Northern Europe. Look at how far and wide this message that is being proclaimed on this web site is going. All by word of mouth, and search engines.
I would love to be able to go these brethren all over the world and share this message of the Jubilee. But at this moment, it is not feasible.
When I asked one lady why she kept coming back to the web site, her answer was very succinct and to the point. Because you teach the truth. She said. The truth. Pilot once asked what that was. Many claim to do so. But only when you compare it to the scriptures will you be able to see if is actually the truth or not. So always be reading your bibles.
I have just received a letter from Hungary from a lady there who knows she wants to read what is on this site. She can not speak any English. Only Hungarian. But she keeps getting the News Letter. Who is going to help her to understand about the Jubilee message?
Brethren there is no copy right on any of my writings. You just got to copy it right. The things I say are from the scriptures. Thats why people like what I say. They can read it in the scriptures. Yahshua said, MY sheep will hear my voice and recognize it.
I am more than willing to set up the web site so that each language can be found there. I do not have anyone who is willing to translate those articles into another language, and post it on this web site. What gifts has Yahweh given you?
Another letter just arrived telling us about how some in the christian mainline churches are beginning to see what the bible actually does say. They are actually reading it. Remember in the last days Yahwehs spirit will be poured out on all flesh. ALL FLESH. As that happens, it is easier to share with them the truth. Help to share Yahwehs truth. Pass this message along to others. Sign them up.
With this weeks News Letter we are now drawing the conclusions together from all the information that has been put forth over the past month. It gives me Goosebumps each time I read this over. I hope it also shakes you up. It is only after knowing who the players are from the past that we can understand what prophecy is trying to tell us for the future. Sometimes I feel prophecy is just history being repeated.
This week we will explain the Hammer of Thor which breaks in pieces the whole earth.
May Yahweh bless your understanding in these things. And may he bless your gifts that He has given you to use for His names sake.
Joseph F Dumond
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The Hammer of Thor which Breaks in Pieces-The Swastika

Shabbat Shalom Brethren,
Recapping once again we have learned that the King of the South is Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia. They began with and came out of Nimrod’s government at that time. We next learned that the King of the North also started with and came out from Nimrod’s government.
We then followed the King of the North as he changed governments and ended up in Europe. This we did by reading Daniel and history as told to us by an Angel. We then looked at the woman that rides the beast, and learned she was a religious organization. At this time we also learned that the beast was in fact a wild bull which represented the government and again was traced back to Nimrod.
We then began to examine the fourth empire and or the fourth beast in detail through history. We also showed you the dominant group of people in this empire and showed you how this people, the German nation was indeed related to the Assyrian nation.
In our last couple of News letters we have showed you that the King of the North is going to be a revived Roman Empire. We showed you also that the dominant force in this King of the North since the beginning has been Assyria. And we showed you that the Assyria of old was and is today called Germany.
One of the most well known symbols of Germany in modern times is the swastika. Another is the iron cross and also the double headed eagle. If what I am saying is true, and I know it is, then it should not surprise you to learn that these symbols are not new, but have been part of German heritage right from the beginning. Right from Assyria when Nimrod was the King.
We shall cover these symbols in this News Letter. We shall also look at something that many do not. The Breaking in pieces. And at long last we shall look at the scripture that led to this long study. Daniel 11:38. This could only be done having come to an understanding of these past News Letters. The conclusions of this News Letter should be very exciting as we now look to the nightly news.

We begin with the Ancient Tribe of Chatti.

The name Chatti, or Hatti as it sometimes reads, in Hebrew means to break down by violence or confusion; to abolish, make afraid, scare or terrify. Chatti is a derivative of the Hebrew word for Hittite, Chittiy—mentioned numerous times in the Bible. The Canaanite Hittites—a fierce people who continually clashed with the Israelites in biblical accounts—were known by this name. They were descendants of Ham—those of a darker-colored skin.
Yet there was another people, with much lighter skin, who were also known by this name, Chatti or Hatti: the Assyrians! Historians recognize that there were two distinct peoples which went by the name of Chatti, or Hittite, as it reads in the Bible
Hatti means ‘men of War’ as does Car-men which became German. In Hebrew, the closest derivation is Chathath which is equal to terrorize, break down, as in war, hence a warrior or man of war.
Hittitte is Strongs # 2850 Original Word yttx from (02845) Transliterated Word Chittiy Phonetic Spelling khit-tee’ Definition Hittite = “descendant of Heth”
the nation descended from Heth, the 2nd son of Canaan; once inhabitants of central Anatolia (modern Turkey), later in north Lebanon
Now when we go to #2845 we get the following;
Strong’s Number: 02845 Original Word tx from (02865) Transliterated Word Cheth Phonetic Spelling khayth Definition Heth = “terror”
a son of Canaan and the progenitor of the Hittites
So a Hittite is a son of Heth. And Heth is equal to terror Or TX. But we have also learned that the Hittites were also of the lighter skin variety, and also dwelt in Turkey.
Lets now look at #2865
Strong’s Number: 02865 Original Word a primitive root ttx Transliterated Word Chathath Phonetic Spelling khaw-thath’ Definition
to be shattered, be dismayed, be broken, be abolished, be afraid
to be shattered, be broken
to be dismayed
(Niphal) to be broken, be dismayed
(Piel) to be shattered, be dismayed, be scared
to cause to be dismayed
to dismay, terrify
to shatter
</td King James Word Usage – Total: 54 dismayed 27, afraid 6, break in pieces 6, broken 3, break down 2, abolished 1, affrighted 1, amazed 1, chapt 1, confound 1, discouraged 1, go down 1, beaten down 1, scarest 1, terrify 1
Strong’s Number: 02846 Original Word a primitive root htx Transliterated Word Chathah Phonetic Spelling khaw-thaw’ Definition
(Qal) to take hold of, seize, take away, pile up, snatch up (coals)
Strong’s Number: 02847 Original Word from (02865) httx Transliterated Word Chittah Phonetic Spelling khit-taw’ Definition terror, fear
</td King James Word Usage – Total: 1 terror 1
Strong’s Number: 02849 Original Word from (02844) txtx Transliterated Word Chathchath Spelling Phonetic khath-khath’ Definition terror
</td King James Word Usage – Total: 1 fear 1
Strong’s Number: 02844 Original Word from (02865) tx Transliterated Word Chath Phonetic Spelling khath Definition fear, terror
shattered, dismayed
</td King James Word Usage – Total: 4 dread 1, broken 1, fear 1, dismayed 1
Strong’s Number: 02851 Original Word from (02865) tyttx Transliterated Word Chittiyth Phonetic Spelling khit-teeth’ Definition terror
</td King James Word Usage – Total: 8 terror 8
From the above words we have learned that Chatti or Hatti: are the Assyrians and that this name means Terror.
Leviticus 26:16 I also will do this unto you; I will even appoint over you terror, consumption, and the burning ague, that shall consume the eyes, and cause sorrow of heart: and ye shall sow your seed in vain, for your enemies shall eat it.
This word terror is from hlhb
Strong’s Number: 0928 Original Word from (0926) hlhb Transliterated Word Behalah Phonetic Spelling beh-haw-law’ Definition dismay, sudden terror or ruin, alarm
</td King James Word Usage – Total: 4 trouble 2, terror 2
Strong’s Number: 0926 Original Word a primitive root lhb Transliterated Word Bahal Phonetic Spelling baw-hal’ Definition
to disturb, alarm, terrify, hurry, be disturbed, be anxious, be afraid, be hurried, be nervous
to be disturbed, dismayed, terrified, anxious
to be in haste, be hasty
to make haste, act hastily, be hurried, be hastened
to dismay, terrify
to hasten
hastened, hastily gained (part.)
to hasten, hurry, make haste
to dismay, terrify
</td King James Word Usage – Total: 39 trouble 17, haste 4, afraid 3, vexed 3, amazed 2, hasty 2, affrighted 1, dismayed 1, hastily 1, thrust him out 1, rash 1, speedily 1, speedy 1, vex 1
The connection I was trying to make is that Yahweh is going to appoint over us sudden Terror. In other words Yahweh will appoint over us Assyria. I admit it is a stretch, but it not a very big one.
As we consider what is said of this fourth kingdom again from Daniel we get another clue.
Daniel 2:40 And the fourth kingdom shall be as strong as iron, inasmuch as iron breaks in pieces and shatters everything; and like iron that crushes, that kingdom will break in pieces and crush all the others.
Daniel 7:23 “Thus he said: ‘The fourth beast shall be A fourth kingdom on earth, Which shall be different from all other kingdoms, And shall devour the whole earth, Trample it and break it in pieces.
Break is the word reh-ah
Strong’s Number: 07490 corresponding to (07489) Original Word [[r Transliterated Word R@`a` (Aramaic) Phonetic Spelling reh-ah’ Definition
(P’al) to crush, break, shatter
</td King James Word Usage – Total: 2 bruise 1, break 1
Strong’s Number: 07489 Original Word a primitive root[[r Transliterated Word Ra`a` Phonetic Spelling raw-ah’ Definition to be bad, be evil
to be displeasing
to be sad
to be injurious, be evil
to be wicked, be evil (ethically)
to do an injury or hurt
to do evil or wickedly
mischief (participle)
to break, shatter
to break
broken (participle)
to be broken
(Hithpolel) to be broken, be broken in pieces, be broken asunder
</td King James Word Usage – Total: 83 evil 20, evildoer 10, hurt 7, wickedly 5, worse 5, afflict 5, wicked 4, break 3, doer 3, ill 3, harm 3, displease 2, miscellaneous 13
We have shown you in other News Letters [5843-047] that Kush was also called Mercury. To refresh what was said I repeat it here. From Hislops Two babylons;
Here there is a manifest enigma. How could Mercury or Hermes have any need to interpret the speeches of mankind when they “all spake one language”? To find out the meaning of this, we must go to the language of the Mysteries. Peresh, in Chaldee, signifies “to interpret”; but was pronounced by old Egyptians and by Greeks, and often by the Chaldees themselves, in the same way as “Peres,” to “divide.” Mercury, then, or Hermes, or Cush, “the son of Ham,” was the “DIVIDER of the speeches of men.” He, it would seem, had been the ringleader in the scheme for building the great city and tower of Babel; and, as the well known title of Hermes,–“the interpreter of the gods,” would indicate, had encouraged them, in the name of God, to proceed in their presumptuous enterprise, and so had caused the language of men to be divided, and themselves to be scattered abroad on the face of the earth. Now look at the name of Belus or Bel, given to the father of Ninus, or Nimrod, in connection with this. While the Greek name Belus represented both the Baal and Bel of the Chaldees, these were nevertheless two entirely distinct titles. These titles were both alike often given to the same god, but they had totally different meanings. Baal, as we have already seen, signified “The Lord”; but Bel signified “The Confounder.” When, then, we read that Belus, the father of Ninus, was he that built or founded Babylon, can there be a doubt, in what sense it was that the title of Belus was given to him? It must have been in the sense of Bel the “Confounder.” And to this meaning of the name of the Babylonian Bel, there is a very distinct allusion in Jeremiah 1:2, where it is said “Bel is confounded,” that is, “The Confounder is brought to confusion.” That Cush was known to Pagan antiquity under the very character of Bel, “The Confounder,” a statement of Ovid very clearly proves. The statement to which I refer is that in which Janus “the god of gods,” * from whom all the other gods had their origin, is made to say of himself: “The ancients…called me Chaos.”
* Janus was so called in the most ancient hymns of the Salii. (MACROB, Saturn.)
Now, first this decisively shows that Chaos was known not merely as a state of confusion, but as the “god of Confusion.” But, secondly, who that is at all acquainted with the laws of Chaldaic pronunciation, does not know that Chaos is just one of the established forms of the name of Chus or Cush? * Then, look at the symbol of Janus, ** whom “the ancients called Chaos,” and it will be seen how exactly it tallies with the doings of Cush, when he is identified with Bel, “The Confounder.” That symbol is a club; and the name of “a club” in Chaldee comes from the very word which signifies “to break in pieces, or scatter abroad.” ***
* The name of Cush is also Khus, for sh frequently passes in Chaldee into s; and Khus, in pronunciation, legitimately becomes Khawos, or, without the digamma, Khaos.
** From Sir WM. BETHAM’S Etruscan Literature and Antiquities Investigated, 1842. The Etruscan name on the reverse of a medal–Bel-athri, “Lord of spies,” is probably given to Janus, in allusion to his well known title “Janus Tuens,” which may be rendered “Janus the Seer,” or “All-seeing Janus.”
*** In Proverbs 25:18, a maul or club is “Mephaitz.” In Jeremiah 51:20, the same word, without the Jod, is evidently used for a club (though, in our version, it is rendered battle-axe); for the use of it is not to cut asunder, but to “break in pieces.” See the whole passage.
He who caused the confusion of tongues was he who “broke” the previously united earth (Gen 11:1) “in pieces,” and “scattered” the fragments abroad. How significant, then, as a symbol, is the club, as commemorating the work of Cush, as Bel, the “Confounder”? And that significance will be all the more apparent when the reader turns to the Hebrew of Genesis 11:9, and finds that the very word from which a club derives its name is that which is employed when it is said, that in consequence of the confusion of tongues, the children of men were “scattered abroad on the face of all the earth.” The word there used for scattering abroad is Hephaitz, which, in the Greek form becomes Hephaizt, * and hence the origin of the well known but little understood name of Hephaistos, as applied to Vulcan, “The father of the gods.” **
* There are many instances of a similar change. Thus Botzra becomes in Greek, Bostra; and Mitzraim, Mestraim.
** Vulcan, in the classical Pantheon, had not commonly so high a place, but in Egypt Hephaistos, or Vulcan, was called “Father of the gods.” (AMMIANUS MARCELLINUS)
Hephaistos is the name of the ringleader in the first rebellion, as “The Scatterer abroad,” as Bel is the name of the same individual as the “Confounder of tongues.” Here, then, the reader may see the real origin of Vulcan’s Hammer, which is just another name for the club of Janus or Chaos, “The god of Confusion”; and to this, as breaking the earth in pieces, there is a covert allusion in Jeremiah 23:29, where Babylon, as identified with its primeval god, is thus apostrophised: “How is the hammer of the whole earth cut asunder and broken”! Now, as the tower-building was the first act of open rebellion after the flood, and Cush, as Bel, was the ringleader in it, he was, of course, the first to whom the name Merodach, “The great Rebel,” * must have been given, and, therefore, according to the usual parallelism of the prophetic language, we find both names of the Babylonian god referred to together, when the judgment on Babylon is predicted: “Bel is confounded: Merodach is broken in pieces” (Jer 50:2).
* Merodach comes from Mered, to rebel; and Dakh, the demonstrative pronoun affixed, which makes it emphatic, signifying “That” or “The great.”
The judgment comes upon the Babylonian god according to what he had done. As Bel, he had “confounded” the whole earth, therefore he is “confounded.” As Merodach, by the rebellion he had stirred up, he had “broken” the united world in pieces; therefore he himself is “broken in pieces.”
So much for the historical character of Bel, as identified with Janus or Chaos, the god of confusion, with his symbolical club. *
* While the names Bel and Hephaistos had the origin above referred to, they were not inappropriate names also, though in a different sense, for the war-gods descending from Cush, from whom Babylon derived its glory among the nations. The warlike deified kings of the line of Cush gloried in their power to carry confusion among their enemies, to scatter their armies, and to “break the earth in pieces” by their resistless power. To this, no doubt, as well as to the acts of the primeval Bel, there is allusion in the inspired denunciations of Jeremiah on Babylon. The physical sense also of these names was embodied in the club given to the Grecian Hercules–the very club of Janus–when, in a character quite different from that of the original Hercules, he was set up as the great reformer of the world, by mere physical force. When two-headed Janus with the club is represented, the two-fold representation was probably intended to represent old Cush, and young Cush or Nimrod, as combined. But the two-fold representation with other attributes, had reference also to another “Father of the gods,” afterwards to be noticed, who had specially to do with water.
We now again refer to the book by C.M. White The Great German Nation, page 19-20.
Among Sargons titles were Sakh, Saka, Saki or Sakko and the Great Khati. His patron god was En-Lil or Sakhar. The name of Sakh or Sakka means the established lord or leader. He was addressed as a god and deified as was his successor, Naram-sin who was the god of Akkad.
Because Sargon called himself Sakh and he who rules the four Quarters, it indicates an assumption on his part of being a divinity as this title has been reserved for high gods… The Assyrian Emperors took the title King of the Universe. In fact, from the time of Sargon to Hammurabi, the names of the Babylonian kings were often written with the determinative dingir (god), used normally for gods and objects intended for worship. This foreshadowed the Caesar worship of the Roman Emperors and the coming Beast so graphically illustrated in the book of Revelation. Sargon even pronounced himself to be the very protégé of the goddess Ishtar.
In the inscriptions, Sargon repeatedly invokes the Sun god along with Sagg or Sakh (En-lil) and on one occasion the wife of Sagg. He had several sons of whom Man-ishushu (Puzur-Assur), likewise worshipped the sun god and dedicated a stone mace to the queen of the Sun-god at the Sun temple of Sippara. Sagg had a weapon-an emblem which Sargon appropriated and when claiming victory over Uruk vanquished his enemies and smote that city by the battle-mace of Sagaga. Another Chronicle states that Sargon won his battles with the weapon of Lord Sakhar Tar.
[ Have you made the connection? Did you see it? The same battle-axe or battle-mace that Mr. White is talking about is the same one that Janus, or Vulcan , or Chus used to break in pieces. Which we just talked about]
Professor Waddell wrote that he felt that Tar is a rendition of Thor. He continues – The Name of this weapon and pictorial sign are of significance. Its sign pictures what is regarded as a thunderbolt with an arrow-head; and it appears to be the same weapon which is carried by the Sumerian Hercules, the top of which is sometimes figured as a cross.
[Again we just read about Hercules and his club from Alexander Hislop. Again are you drawing the conclusion? It is the same club, the same battle-axe. Now learn how the club or battle-axe ( which is a symbol of the German people) is represented as a symbol ]
You can see similar symbols at the following site. The shaft with an arrow on the end. It becomes very interesting when you then click on the group from which this arrow is derived from. We can see at the swastika. And I could get lost in a lengthy discussion on how these symbols are all related.
In the following link we find the following line ‘Many of the first cross structures were those of the wheel cross, which was used in e.g. Assyria and ancient Egypt. In Assyria, at least, it clearly is a symbol for the sun.
Go to link to see pictures.
Take special notice that the circle with the cross in it is found in both ancient Assyria, king of the North, and Egypt, King of the South.
As well you should also look up the many other related symbols while you are there. It will make for a most interesting study.
In a foot note Mr. White adds that it has the same name as Bal, and is defined as spindle or axe. Was this the swastika?
Continuing on page 68 of The Great German Nation; Mr. White says the following quoting Ragozin 1885 page 5 ‘The supreme god of the Assyrians was Asshur who later became known in Europe as Tyr or Tir, derived from Atir or Athur, which is the Indo-Germanic from of the Hebrew Asshur. According to Ragozin, Assur’s original name may be spelled Asshur with central original district of Assyria, known as Aturia. (Foot note ‘of which Strabo also writes Ninus founded Ninus in Aturia’) Asshur may also be spelt Assyr( Perry 1923; page 217) The Medes named the land Assura, (Hannay 1916; page 52) The Persians Athursa (Hannay) and the Aramaeans AtCura ( Frye 1992; page 285). After Assyria fell, the region of Assyria became known as Arzin (Lempriere 1856; page 94) and as Athura when it was a satrapy in the Persian Empire. It is possible that this may be the origin of the name Arthur and the Germanic god Thor, who with his hammer, the swastika, crushed the enemies of his worshippers. It should also be noted that in front of the temple to Assur in the city of Assur we find displayed a swastika on a limestone slab.’
Mr. White footnotes this by saying ‘ A tribe that once dwelt within Assyria, the Paratarajas (now residing in the Sind/Balchistan region) produced dozens of coins that were replete with swastika symbols (Tandon 2006; page 29. See the entire paper for photgraphs of these coins.) To which I was able to find the following link
The footnote continues; A related symbol is the black sun-a symbol of the ancient pagan godhead’s inner light- which can be found in both Assyrian and Babylonian places of worship or in inscriptions. It is strikingly similar to the German Iron Cross. ( (swastika))
The following link is needed to be seen. Read near the bottom the following line and see the symbols used there to represent the Sun and or Nimrod. I can not copy them here.
Although the circle is found in practically every type of culture and in all periods of history, there are exceptions. In Babylon, for example, the sun was represented by the ideogram , a four pointed star with wavy radiation lines emanating from its center. In other regions the sun was represented by a disc with outstretched wings on both sides. { This symbol was used through out Nazi Germany in WW II. Is it a mere co-incident?} Count d’Alviella claimed, in his famous book on the migration of symbols throughout the world, that both signs from ancient India, such as the cross, and pre-Columbian American signs such as a circle again, the three-leg, and the swastika, were sun symbols .

Other sun symbols are pictured with that link which I can not reproduce here.

The Following is my unprofessional opinion.

The symbol of the sun was a circle. It represented Nimrod. When Nimrod was cut in pieces and sent to the four corners, this could be signified by the circle and the cross in the middle, both of which represented him, only now with the legs on the outside. The legs over time would come to look like the swastika. Which again is a symbol of the sun god. Nimrod. When this swastika was associated with Buddha, remember we showed you Buddha was first depicted as a black man, and was representing Nimrod.
It is also very interesting to note, [the black Chatti who went to the south, of whom I do not at present know where they eventually ended up, possible the very dangerous area of Pakistan], in India the swastika was a common symbol in the Veda as we have already shown. [India is where the some of the tribes of Chus went] Are these Chatti those in that region of Pakistan that not even the Pakistani army will go into. The same region to where Osama Bin Laden is hiding, and where the Taliban now operates out of.
Just my thoughts. No proof as yet.
The Following is excerpted from on various pages. A remarkable read.
Some foreign authors have called it ( the swastika ), Thor’s hammer, or Thor’s hammer-mark, but the correctness of this has been disputed.
Waring, in his work, “Ceramic Art in Remote Ages,” says:
The Swastika used to be vulgarly called in Scandinavia the hammer of Thor, and Thor’s hammer-mark, or the hammer-mark, but this name properly belongs to the mark.
Ludwig Müller gives it as his opinion that the Swastika has no connection with the Thor hammer. The best Scandinavian authors report the “Thor hammer” to be the same as the Greek Tau (fig.5), the same form as the Roman and English capital T. The Scandinavian name is Mjolnir, the crusher or mallet.
[Note: remember we have shown you from Hislop how the Tau stood for Tammuz which was another name for Nimrod. This Tau would later become the cross or what is now known as the crucifixion cross. When Nimrod was executed and cut into pieces, he was mourned for 40 days. Hence we now have the 40 days of lent when people do with out and the weeping for Tammuz. Also note the Scandinavian Mjonir, the crusher or Mallet is another symbol of the hammer or battle axe. What is commonly known as the crucifixion cross could also be another symbol of this hammer, that breaks in pieces.]
The Greek, Latin, and Tau crosses are represented in Egyptian hieroglyphics by a hammer or mallet, giving the idea of crushing, pounding, or striking, and so an instrument of justice, an avenger of wrong, hence standing for Horus and other gods. Similar symbolic meanings have been given to these crosses in ancient classic countries of the Orient.
Many theories have been presented concerning the symbolism of the Swastika, its relation to ancient deities and its representation of certain qualities. In the estimation of certain writers it has been respectively the emblem of Zeus, of Baal, of the sun, of the sun-god, of the sun-chariot of Agni the fire-god, of Indra the rain-god, of the sky, the sky-god, and finally the deity of all deities the great God, the Maker and Ruler of the Universe. It has also been held to symbolize light or the god of light, of the forked lightning, and of water. It is believed by some to have been the oldest Aryan symbol. In the estimation of others it represents Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva, Creator, Preserver, Destroyer. good page
The name Svastika, however, can be traced (in India) a little farther back. It occurs as the name of a particular sign in the old grammar of Panani, about a century earlier. Certain compounds are mentioned there in which the last word is karna “ear.: * * * One of the signs for marking cattle was the Svastika [fig. 41],
A remark of yours [Schliemann] (Troy, p.38) that the Svastika resembles a wheel in motion, the direction of the motion being indicated by the crampons, contains a useful hint, which has been confirmed by some important observations of Mr. Thomas, the distinguished Oriental numismatist, who has called attention to the fact that in the long list of the recognized devices of the twenty four Jaina Tirthankaras the sun is absent, but that while the eighth Tirhaukara has the sign of the half-moon, the seventh Tirthaukara is marked with the Svastika, i.e., the sun. Here, then, we have clear indications that the Svastika, with the hands pointing in the right direction, was originally a symbol of the sun, perhaps of the vernal sun as opposed to the autumnal sun, the Suarastika, and, therefore, a natural symbol of light, life, health, and wealth.
[Note the sun was representative of Nimrod. Also note the bull was representative of Nimrod’s Government and of Nimrod. Hence a swastika on a bull was a double indication of who was being represented Why are Bulls so revered in India today? Do they not represent Nimrod once again?]
But, while from these indications we are justified in supposing that among the Aryan nations the Svastika may have been an old emblem of the sun, there are other indications to show that in other parts of the world the same or a similar emblem was used to indicate the earth. Mr. Beal * * * has shown * * * that the simple cross occurs as a sign for earth in certain ideographic groups. It was probably intended to indicate the four quarters- north, south, east, west– or, it may be, more generally, extension in length and breadth.
Zmigrodzki, commenting on the frequency of the Swastika on the objects found by Dr. Schliemann at Hissarlik, gives it as his opinion that these representations of the Swastika have relation to a human cult indicating a supreme being filled with goodness toward man. the sun, stars, etc., indicate him as a god of light. this, in connection with the idol of Venus, with its triangular shield engraved with a Swastika, and the growing trees and palms, with their increasing and multiplying branches and leaves, represent to him the idea of fecundity, multiplication, increase, and hence the god of life as well as of light. The Swastika sign on funeral vases indicates to him a belief in a divine spirit in man which lives after death, and hence he concludes that the people of Hissarlik, in the “Burnt City” (the third of Schliemann), adored a supreme being, the god of light and of life, and believed in the immortality of the soul.
R.P. Greg says:
Originally it [the Swastika] would appear to have been an early Aryan atmospheric device or symbol indicative of both rain and lightning, phenomena appertaining to the god Indra, subsequently or collaterally developing, possibly, into the Suastika, or scared fire charm in India, and at a still later period in Greece, adopted rather as a solar symbol, or converted about B.C. 650 into the meander or key pattern.
Waring while he testifies to the extension of the Swastika both in time and area says: but neither in the hideous jumble of Pantheism– the wild speculative thought, mystic fables, and perverted philosophy of life among the Buddhists–nor in the equally wild and false theosophy of the Brahmins, to whom this symbol, as distinctive of the Vishnavas, sectarian devotees of Vishnu, is ascribed by Moor in his “Indian Pantheon,” nor yet in the tenets of the Jains, do we find any decisive explanation of the meaning attached to this symbol, although its allegorical intention is indubitable.
He mentions the Swastika of the Buddhists, the cross, the circle, their combination, the three foot and adds: “They exhibit forms of those olden and widely spread pagan symbols of Deity and sanctity, eternal life and blessing.”
The Rev. G. Cox, in his “Aryan Mythology,” says: We recognize the male and the female symbol in the trident of Poseidon, and in the fylfot (swastika) or hammer of Thor, which assumes the form of a cross-pattice in the various legends which turn on the rings of Freya, Holda, Venus, or Aphrodite.
The Aryans, he says, were a race not given to sun worship; and, while he may agree with Müller that the Swastika is an emblem of Zeus and Jupiter merely as the Supreme God, yet he believes that the origine of the Swastika had no reference to a movement of the sun through the heavens; and he prefers his own theory that it was a device suggested by the forked lightning as the chief weapon of the air god.
He considers it to have been, in the first instance, exclusively of early Aryan origine and use, and that down to about 600 B.C. it was the emblem or symbol of the supreme Aryan god;
He disputes the theory that the association of the Swastika sign with various others on the same object proves its relationship with that object or sign. That it appears on vases or similar objects associated with what is evidently a solar disk is no evidence to him that the Swastika belongs to the sun, or when associated with the zigzags of lightning that it represents the god of lightning, nor the same with the god of heaven. The fact of its appearing either above or below any one of these is, in his opinion, of no importance and has no signification, either general or special.
D’Alviella says that the only example known to him of a Swastika upon a monument consecrated to Zeus or Jupiter is on a Celto-Roman altar, erected, according to all appearances, by the Daci during the time they were garrisoned at Ambloganna, in Britain. The altar bears the letters I.O.M., which have been thought to stand of Jupiter Optimus Maximus. The Swastika thereon is flanked by two disks or ronelles, representative of the sun among the Gaulois.
My View is the following. It is my opinion based on all that I have learned. The Sun is represented as a circle. Some circles have rays of light coming from them. This circle represented Nimrod. Some of these circles I have seen in researching this subject have three legs on the outside. Calve and thigh bent.
Another symbol of Nimrod is the cross as has been said by many in the preceding. The Cross is at times laid inside the circle. Both represent Nimrod.
Once Nimrod is cut up by Shem and sent to the other parts of the world, this then could be the representation of the circle and the legs meaning Nimrod was cut up and set to the four corners of the world. His next in line after Nimrod was Asshur. Giving honour to Nimrod he used this symbol of Nimrod with the four legs now made into the swastika. By this symbol Asshur Thor conquered the world. This symbol was his lightening and shaft and hammer. The swastika.
The Club of Janus or the club of Chush.
Sig or sigis is the Gothic cognate for the mighty, overcoming or victorious. The German sieg also means victory and was written by the mysterious axe sign. Sieg und heil (victory and Salvation) was the cry of Germans long before the Nazis.
The raising of the arm straight out and upwards and saying sieg und heil was shown on base relief’s and pictures going right back to Assyria. I would strongly recommend the reader purchase the book The Great German Nation by C White from Origin of Nations. It is an awesome read.
We have gone on here at length. The many lessons learned here are obvious. One is found in Isaiah 10:5 Woe to Assyria the rod of my anger, and the staff in whose hand is my indignation. I will send him against an ungodly nation, and against the people of my wrath.
The ungodly people are Israel. Assyria, Germany is the rod by which Yahweh is going to punish Israel. That rod has been symbolized by the swastika as the thunderbolt of Thor which breaks in to pieces the nations around it.
Continuing in Isaiah 10:6 I will give him charge, to seize the spoil, to take the prey, and to tread them down like mire of the streets. Yet he does not mean so, Nor does his heart think so, but it is in his heart to destroy, and to cut off not a few nations.
Daniel 2:40 And the fourth kingdom shall be as strong as Iron, in as much as Iron breaks in pieces and shatters every thing; and like a lion that crushes, that kingdom will break in pieces and crush all the others.
Daniel 7:23 The Fourth Beast shall be a fourth Kingdom on earth…..and shall devour the whole earth, Trample it and break it in pieces.
That Fourth kingdom as we have shown you is the not so Holy Roman Empire. That empire has been dominated by Germany which from past News Letters, you now know were the ancient Assyrian people or Empire.
If this does not send chills up your spine then next weeks News letter should terrify you, as you realize what is about to happen, and as you learn about the twist and turns that prophesy is telling us.
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We have gone on a bit of a rabbit trail here. We shall get back on track next week as we show you more on this prophecy of Daniel.