The Eyes of Yehovah

Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: Dec 22, 2023
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News Letter 5859-041
The 7th Year of the 4th Sabbatical Cycle
The 28th year of the 120th Jubilee Cycle
The 9th day of the 11th month 5859 years after the creation of Adam
The 4th Sabbatical Cycle after the 119th Jubilee Cycle
The Sabbatical Cycle of Sword, Famines, and Pestilence

December 23, 2023


Shabbat Shalom to the Royal Family of Yehovah, 

Hos 4:1  Hear the Word of Jehovah, sons of Israel. For Jehovah has a quarrel with the people of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land.

Hos 4:2  There is lying, and swearing, and killing, and stealing, and the committing of adultery; and blood touches blood.

Hos 4:3  Therefore the land shall mourn, and everyone who dwells in it shall droop, with the beasts of the field and with the birds of the heavens. Yes, the fish of the sea shall also be taken away.

Hos 4:4  Yet let no man strive, nor reprove another. For your people are as those who strive with the priest.

Hos 4:5  And you shall stumble in the day, and the prophet also shall stumble with you in the night, and I will cut off your mother.

Hos 4:6  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you from being priest to Me. Since you have forgotten the Law of your God, I will also forget your sons, even I.

Hos 4:7  As they were increased, so they sinned against Me. I will change their glory into shame.

Hos 4:8  They eat up the sin of My people, and they set their heart on their iniquity.

Hos 4:9  And it has become, Like people, like priest; and I will punish them for their ways, and reward them for their doings.

Hos 4:10  For they shall eat and not have enough. They shall fornicate and not increase, because they have stopped taking heed to Jehovah.

I began last week’s newsletter with this Scripture.

I just returned from our video shoot with 6-time Emmy Award winner Steph Carse. He is not in the video but is producing it on my behalf. I flew down on Sunday and got settled. We met for over 8 hours on Monday, hammering out the message I wanted to give to explain why I was doing this. What drives me?

By the time we got done, the reason why I do this may have become lost in the message. We will see what he puts together. During our talk, Steph said we had to include this scripture from Hosea 4:6. I agreed so long as we include the whole verse.

On Tuesday, we went to this huge, mega huge Baptist Church in Orlando to record me standing in front of a green screen. I brought an assortment of shirts to wear, of which none were right. We managed to get the recording done within a half hour with a few mispokes that can be edited.

I hired FrontGate Media to help me communicate my message to a Christian audience. They cater to Christian advertisers and markets. In our first attempts, they quickly saw how we were blocked and denied from advertising on some significant sites.

Monday night, Yehovah woke me up at 1 AM, and I had to write this one section explaining the thief in the night, quoting all the scriptures it is referenced to in the New Testament. I inserted it into the middle of my presentation. When we discussed it Monday Steph and I were both tired and I saw him roll his eyes because he did not understand the significance of the thief in the night as being Yehovah.

I told Steph to edit it out if it did not fit and that I would have it recorded and could use it later in another video should we do one. Even though Steph and I hammered out this message all day Monday, saying it over and over out loud, the penny did not drop until I had made the recording. Both Steph and the cameraman are my target audience. They are the people who are deeply Christian and read their bibles and attend church each week and yet do not keep any of the Old Testament laws.

Once I had completed the recording, the cameraman said he would have to get the book It Was A Riddle Not A Command and read about these things. He had not heard them. He had heard bits and pieces but had not heard what I presented and wanted to know more. Then Steph, who had worked with me all day Monday and to whom I had sent a copy of the book two weeks before, said that he, too, had not heard these things and now had to go back and study this book deeper than the skim level he had originally given it.

I was thrilled. The first two people to hear my message, who represented my target audience, were now eager to learn more about what I was saying and wanted to get the book to do so. I pray everyone else who hears it reacts in the same way. And begins to learn these truths.

We are now one month into our advertising campaign. We have one front going on FaceBook, and I am not impressed thus far. We did another video about the scariest verse in the Bible, and it has had some success, but it was not the homerun I was looking for. I then made a few videos of my own and began to promote them on YouTube. We have increased our subscribe base by over 3000 people, but our conversions to those signing up for the Newsletter or buying the books remain low.

It remains my belief that if I can get people to start to read our newsletters or books or watch our videos, they will begin and continue to learn about the Jubilee Cycles and how they revealed the many truths we have gleaned from them. But the trick is to get them to start to learn by getting them to to begin this education.

By the time I finish this campaign around March, I expect to have spent close to $30,000 in advertising costs, and I will not come anywhere close to having this money recouped in book sales. If we did recover this cost,  in book sales, I would buy even more advertising to reach more people.

Whereas many people collect donations or sell books and spend it on bigger and grander buildings or themselves, I want you all to know I am not investing in material things like land or buildings. I did invest in a vineyard at one time and it has not turned out as I was promised it would. I am using my book sales and your donations to try and find more people who want to learn these truths. I am searching for those souls Yehovah is calling. I am trying; you can see my successes and failures as I learn what works and what does not.

I firmly believe that everything will be over by 2033, (actually by 2030) so why invest in land or buildings? It is time to invest in the Kingdom and the raising up of an innumerable multitude of those who will be in it. As the Book of Revelation says, an innumerable multitude will come out of the Great Tribulation. I want to be found planting those seeds now that will be ripe 10 years from now. They need to read it and then let it percolate in their brains over the next 10 years.

Each of you who prays for this work, donates to this work, likes, shares, and makes positive comments on those things we post on any social media, YouTube, or Amazon, all help us in this work. This is why I want you all to know what I am doing and how it is going.



We need new reviews on Amazon from all those who have read our books. uplifting and encouraging others to read that book and what inspired you. It will take a few minutes of your time, and your review could be the one thing that helps others begin to learn the many things you are learning here.

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It Was A Riddle Not A Command

With Feast of Trumpets Now here you should all have a copy of this book to understand and know the deeper things of this Amazing Feast.

It Was A Riddle Not A Command

Yehshua always spoke in parables publicly.

Matthew 13:34 Jesus spoke all these things to the crowds in parables, and He did not speak to them without a parable,¬†so that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, “I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.‚ÄĚ

He did this on purpose so they would not understand.

Matthew 13:10-17 And the disciples said to Him, Why do You speak to them in parables?

He answered and said to them, Because it is given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of Heaven, but it is not given to them.

For whoever has, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance. But whoever does not have, from him shall be taken away even that which he has.

Therefore I speak to them in parables, because seeing they see not, and hearing they hear not; nor do they understand. And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah which said, “By hearing you shall hear and shall not understand; and seeing you shall see and shall not perceive; for this people’s heart has become gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and they have closed their eyes, lest at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.”

But blessed are your eyes, for they see; and your ears, for they hear. For truly I say to you that many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which you see, and have not seen them; and to hear what you hear, and have not heard them.

Yehshua spoke about the 5 Foolish Virgins in a parable.

Matthew 25:11-13 Afterwards the other virgins came also, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us.

But he answered and said, Truly I say to you, I do not know you.

Therefore watch, for you do not know either the day or the hour in which the Son of Man comes.

The expression ‚ÄúNo Man Knows the Day or the Hour‚ÄĚ is what Yehshua was speaking about in the previous chapter, Matthew 24:36 and here He is using the same expression in this parable again.

This is what most Christians use to dismiss any and all end time prophecies as being false teachings. They do not realize it was a parable meant to say something and hide the truth from those who hearts have grown stupid which is what that word gross means when Isaiah says their hearts have become gross.

Yehshua was telling the foolish they would not and could not know the day or the hour and at the same time telling the wise the precise time He would return on.

The question is which one of the virgins are you?

Order the book and find out which one you are and learn how to change from being a foolish virgin to one of the 5 Wise Virgins.

If you want to understand the Feast of Trumpets…if you want to know about Yehshua birthday, if you want to get the basics understanding of the 10 days of Awe, which we are about publish then you need to read this book as your foundation.

Order the book so you never have to hear the words, I never knew you.

You can also buy the PDF direct from us and start reading it right now. Just click the button below.

Torah Portion

Torah Portions

We read through the entire Torah along with the Prophets and the New Testament, once over the course of 3 1/2 years. Or according to the Sabbatical Cycle which means we read it all twice over a 7-year period. This allows us to cover more in-depth rather than being rushed to cover as much as is covered on an annual basis. We allow all to comment and take part in the discussions.

Septennial Torah Portion

If you go to Torah Portion at our archived section, you can then go to the 7th year which is the 7th year of the Sabbatical Cycle, the one we are in now, as we state at the top of every News Letter. There you can scroll down to the proper date, and see that this Shabbat we could very well be midrashing about:

Deuteronomy 21

Zechariah 1-5

2 Timothy 1-2

If you missed last week’s exciting discoveries as we studied that section, you can go and watch past Shabbats on our media section.

Join Our Sabbath Meetings

Join Our Sabbath Meetings

There are many people in need of fellowship and who are sitting at home on the Sabbath with no one to talk to or debate with. I want to encourage all of you to join us on Shabbat, and to invite others to come and join us as well. If the time is not convenient then you can listen to the teaching and the midrash after on our YouTube channel.

What are we doing and why do we teach this way?

We are going to discuss both sides of an issue and then let you choose. It is the work of the Ruach (Spirit) to direct and to teach you.

The medieval commentator Rashi wrote that the Hebrew word for wrestle (avek) implies that Jacob was ‚Äútied‚ÄĚ, for the same word is used to describe knotted fringes in a Jewish prayer shawl, the tzitzityot. Rashi says, ‚Äúthus is the manner of two people who struggle to overthrow each other, that one embraces the other and knots him with his arms‚ÄĚ.

Our intellectual wrestling has been replaced by a different kind of struggle. We are Wrestling with Yehovah as we grapple with His Word. It is an intimate act, symbolizing a relationship in which Yehovah and I and you are bound together. My wrestling is a struggle to discover what Yehovah expects of us, and we are ‚Äútied‚ÄĚ to the One who assists us in that struggle.

Today, many say Israel means ‚ÄúChampion of God‚ÄĚ, or better ‚ÄĒ the ‚ÄúWrestler of God‚ÄĚ.

Our Torah sessions each Shabbat teaches you and encourages you to constantly challenge, question, argue against, as well as view alternative views and explanations of the Word. In other words, we are to ‚Äúwrestle with the Word‚ÄĚ to get to the truth. Jews worldwide believe that you need to wrestle with the Word and constantly challenge Dogma, Theology, and views or else you will never get to the Truth.

We are not like most churches where ‚ÄúThe preacher talks and everyone listens.‚ÄĚ We encourage everyone to participate, to question and to contribute what they know on the subject being discussed. We want you to be a champion wrestler of the Word of Yehovah. We want you to wear the title of Israel, knowing that you not only know but are capable of explaining why you know the Torah to be true with logic and facts.

We have a few rules though. Let others talk and listen. There is no discussion about UFO’s Nephilim, Vaccines or conspiracy-type subjects. We have people from around the world with different world views. Not everyone cares who is the President of any particular country. Treat each other with respect as Fellow wrestlers of the word. Some of our subjects are hard to understand and require you to be mature and if you do not know, then listen to gain knowledge and understanding and hopefully wisdom. The very things you are commanded to ask Yehovah for and He gives to those who ask.

Jas 1:5  But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and with no reproach, and it shall be given to him.

We hope you can invite those who want to keep Torah to come and join us by hitting the link below. It is almost like a Torah teaching fellowship talk show with people from around the world taking part and sharing their insights and understandings.

We start off with some music and then some prayers and it’s as though you were sitting around the kitchen back in Newfoundland having a cup of coffee and all of us enjoying each other’s company. I hope you will grace us with your company someday.

Sabbath services begin at 12:30 PM EDT where we will be doing prayers songs and teaching from this hour.

Shabbat Services will begin at about 1:15 pm Eastern.

On the Holy Day, Shavuot, we will be having two meetings. One at 10 AM Eastern and the afternoon will be 2 PM Eastern. Look forward to seeing you all there.

We look forward to you joining our family and getting to know us as we get to know you.

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The Eyes of Yehovah

The Eyes of Yehovah

Last week, I spent the whole day working on this article about the eyes in the wheels of the Shekinah, which Ezekiel saw, only to have it all disappear as I went to post it late Thursday night. All of it was gone. I did not have time to redo it, and I then had to get ready to leave for Florida, where we did the video as mentioned in the introduction.  I will now try and retrace my steps and share what I have learned.

Ezk 10:9  And I looked, and behold, the four wheels werebeside the cherubs, one wheel was by one cherub, and another wheel by one cherub; and the wheels looked like the color of a stone of Tarshish.

Ezk 10:10  And their appearance was as one, the four of them, as if the wheel were in the midst of the wheel.

Ezk 10:11  When they went, they went on their four sides. They did not turn as they went, for to the place where the head faces, after it they went. They did not turn as they went.

Ezk 10:12  And their whole body, and their backs, and their hands, and their wings, and the wheels were full of eyes all around, even their wheels that the four of them had.

Ezk 10:13  As for the wheels, it was cried to them in my hearing, Whirling wheel!

Ezk 10:14  And four faces were to each one. The first face was the face of a cherub, and the second face was the face of a man, and the third the face of a lion, and the fourth the face of an eagle.

I was seeking an answer to the question: what are the eyes or what do they represent? Why was it important for Ezekiel to mention it to us? I had posted to you about the meaning of Golgotha and how the Mountain upon which Yehshua was killed was Golgotha. Golgotha means round as in a wheel, and sure enough, from every direction, north, south, east, and west, Golgotha today has the appearance of a round mountain.

I was working on preparing a video explaining this when the war broke out in Israel with Hamas. Just four days before the war, I rented a taxi to take me to all the places in East Jerusalem showing this mountain, and I video-recorded Golgotha from Abu Dis, Silwan, Abu Tur, and Ras Al Amud. After October 7, all of these places erupted in gun battles with the IDF and my project was shelved and forgotten as I tried to make my way out of there and back home.

Here are some of the initial scriptures I found about the eyes of Yehovah.

Pro 15:3  The eyes of Jehovah are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.

2 Chron 16:9  For the eyes of Jehovah run to and fro in all the whole earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is perfect toward Him. You have done foolishly in this; therefore from now on you shall have wars.

Job 34:21  For His eyes are on the ways of man, and He sees all his steps. 22  There is no darkness, nor shadow of death to hide there the workers of iniquity.

Jer 16:17  For My eyes are on all their ways; they are not hidden from My face, nor is their iniquity hidden from My eyes.

Jer 23:24  Can anyone hide himself in secret places so that I shall not see him? says Jehovah. Do I not fill the heavens and earth? says Jehovah.

I also realized that Revelation has another description of four living creatures full of eyes.

Rev 4:6  And a sea of glass was in front of the throne, like crystal. And in the midst of the throne, and around the throne, were four living creatures, full of eyes in front and behind.

Rev 4:7  And the first living creature was like a lion, and the second living creature like a calf, and the third living creature had the face of a man, and the fourth living creature like a flying eagle.

Rev 4:8  And each one of the four living creatures had six wings about him, and within being full of eyes. And they had no rest day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God, the Almighty, who was and is and is to come.

When I read Zechariah, he has another version of what the eyes are.

Zec 4:1  And the angel that talked with me came again and awakened me, as a man that is awakened out of his sleep.

Zec 4:2  And he said to me, What do you see? And I said, I see, and behold, a lampstand, all of it gold, and a bowl on its top, and its seven lamps on it, and seven pipes to the seven lamps on its top;

Zec 4:3  and two olive trees beside it, one on the right of the bowl, and the other on the left of it.

Zec 4:4  And I answered and spoke to the angel who talked with me, saying, What are these, my lord?

Zec 4:5  Then the angel who talked with me answered and said to me, Do you know what these are? And I said, No, my lord.

Zec 4:6  Then he answered and spoke to me, saying, This is the Word of Jehovah to Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says Jehovah of Hosts.

Zec 4:7  Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain; and he shall bring forth the top stone with shoutings, Grace! Grace to it!

Zec 4:8  And the Word of Jehovah came to me, saying,

Zec 4:9  The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house. His hands shall also finish it; and you shall know that Jehovah of Hosts has sent me to you.

Zec 4:10  For who has despised the day of small things? For they shall rejoice, and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel. These seven are the eyes of Jehovah which run to and fro through the whole earth.

The seven lamps of the Menorah ARE the EYEs of Yehovah, which run to and fro through the whole earth. This is very similar to 2 Chron 16:9. Understanding what Zechariah is told about the power of His spirit was how things got done. We this same symbolism found when the Lamb is described in Revelation 5 and here it is telling us again the seven eyes are the seven spirits of Yehovah going to and fro in all the earth.

Rev 5:6  And I looked, and lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures, amidst the elders, a Lamb stood, as if it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.

Looking at the seven lamps we can see the seven spirits spoken of in Isaiah.

Isa 11:1  And a Shoot goes out from the stump of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots.

Isa 11:2  And the Spirit of Jehovah shall rest on Him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of Jehovah.

1) The Spirit of the LORD
2) The Spirit of wisdom
3) The Spirit of understanding
4) The Spirit of counsel
5) The Spirit of power
6) The Spirit of knowledge
7) The Spirit of the fear of the Lord

The ‚Äúseven spirits of Yehovah‚ÄĚ in the book of Revelation are thus a reference to the Holy Spirit in the perfection of His manifold ministry. Knowing that each of the lamps is also the eyes of Yehovah, then we can understand how the Menorah represents His light, His spiritual being. As we explained in our article on the Altar, the fire was never to go out, and it represented Yehovah as a consuming fire. The Menorah also was never to go out as it too represented Yehovah as an eternal light.

Rev 4:4  And around the throne I saw twenty-four thrones. And on the thrones I saw twenty-four elders sitting, clothed in white clothing. And they had crowns of gold on their heads.

Rev 4:5  And out of the throne came lightnings and thunderings and voices. And seven lamps of fire were burning in front of the throne, which are the seven spirits of God.

Rev 4:6  And a sea of glass was in front of the throne, like crystal. And in the midst of the throne, and around the throne, were four living creatures, full of eyes in front and behind.

Rev 4:7  And the first living creature was like a lion, and the second living creature like a calf, and the third living creature had the face of a man, and the fourth living creature like a flying eagle.

Rev 4:8  And each one of the four living creatures had six wings about him, and within being full of eyes. And they had no rest day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God, the Almighty, who was and is and is to come.

You can clearly see in the picture above that the main branch is said to be the Spirit of the Lord or the Spirit of Yehovah. It is the one that carries the other six branches. The Whole Menorah is representative of Yehovah’s being. Again His spirits and His Eyes.

Yehshua said on the 7 day of the Feast of Tabernacles. That Last Great Day, that He was the Light of the World. He is that central Branch of the menorah holding up al the rest.

John 8:12  Then Jesus spoke again to them, saying, I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

When we go to Zechariah 3, we learn more about these seven spirits which are the eyes and how they are equated to the seven lamps again.

Zech 3:9 For behold! I will bring forth My Servant the Branch. For behold the stone that I have set before Joshua: On one stone are seven eyes. Behold, I will engrave its engraving, says Jehovah of Hosts, and I will remove the iniquity of that land in one day.

The stone with all the eyes on it is the same as the lamb with all the eyes on it. It’s the same as the wheel with the eyes on it. Are you seeing the pattern?

Psa 118:22  The Stone which the builders refused has become the Head of the corner.

Isa 8:14  And He shall be a sanctuary for you, but for a stone of stumbling, and for a rock of falling to both the houses of Israel, for a trap and for a snare to the people of Jerusalem. 15  And many among them shall stumble and fall and be broken, and be snared, and be taken.

Mat 21:42¬†¬†Jesus said to them, Did you never read in the Scriptures, “The stone which the builders rejected, this One has become the head of the corner; this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes?” 43¬†¬†Therefore I say to you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you and given to a nation bringing out its fruits.

Act 4:11  This is the Stone which you builders have counted worthless, and He has become the Head of the Corner.

Rom 9:33¬†¬†as it is written, “Behold, I lay in Zion a Stumbling-stone and a Rock-of-offense, and everyone believing on Him shall not be put to shame.”

1Pe 2:4¬†¬†For having been drawn to Him, a living Stone, indeed rejected by men, but elect, precious with God; 5¬†¬†you also as living stones are built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. 6¬†¬†Therefore also it is contained in the Scripture: “Behold, I lay in Zion a chief corner Stone, elect, precious, and he who believes on Him shall never be ashamed.” 7¬†¬†Therefore to you who believe is the honor. But to those who are disobedient, He is the Stone which the builders rejected; this One came to be the Head of the corner, 8¬†¬†and a Stone-of-stumbling and a Rock-of-offense to those disobeying, who stumble at the Word, to which they also were appointed.

From this same scripture in Zechariah 3:9 about the stone, we also have mentioned the Branch.

Zec 6:12  And speak to him, saying, So speaks Jehovah of Hosts, saying, Behold the Man whose name is The BRANCH! And He shall spring up out of His place, and He shall build the temple of Jehovah.

Isa 4:2  In that day shall the Branch of Jehovah be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the earth excellent and comely for those who have escaped from Israel.

Isa 11:1  And a Shoot goes out from the stump of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots.

Isa 53:2  For He comes up before Him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground; He has no form nor majesty that we should see Him, nor an appearance that we should desire Him.

Jer 23:5  Behold, the days come, says Jehovah, that I will raise to David a righteous Branch, and a King shall reign and act wisely, and shall do judgment and justice in the earth.

Ezk 17:22  So says the Lord Jehovah: I, even I, will also take of the top of the highest cedar and will set it; I will crop off from the first of its young twigs a tender one, and will plant it on a high and lofty mountain. 23  In a mountain, in a high place of Israel, I will plant it. And it shall bear boughs, and bear fruit, and be a majestic cedar. And under it shall dwell every bird of every wing; in the shadow of its branches they shall dwell. 24  And all the trees of the field shall know that I Jehovah have brought down the high tree, have exalted the low tree, have dried up the green tree, and have made the dry tree to flourish. I Jehovah have spoken and acted.

Ezk 34:29  And I will raise up for them a noted planting place, and they shall never again be of those gathered by famine in the land, nor shall they bear the shame of the nations any more.

Luk 1:76  And you, child, will be called the prophet of theHighest, for you shall go before the face of the Lord to prepare His ways, 77  to give knowledge of salvation to His people by the remission of their sins, 78  through the tender mercy of our God; by which the Dayspring from on high has visited us, 79  to give light to those who sit in darkness and inthe shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.

This word Branch is the Hebrew word Tsemach:

H6780   (Ancient Hebrew)
H6780 = AHLB# 2666 (N)
2666) Hmy% (Hmy% TsMHh) ac: Sprout co: Sprout ab: ?: The springing up of a plant or bud.

V) Hmy% (Hmy% Ts-MHh) – Sprout: To grow out or spring forth. [freq. 33] (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Piel) |kjv: grow, spring, bring, bud, bear| {H6779}

Nm) Hmy% (Hmy% Ts-MHh) – Sprout: A plant that sprouts out of the ground or a bud that sprouts out of a tree. [freq. 12] |kjv: branch, bud, grew, spring| {H6780}

H6780   (Brown-Driver-Briggs)


BDB Definition:

1) sprout, growth, branch

1a) sprouting, growth, sprout

1b) growth (of process)

1c) sprout, shoot (of Messiah from Davidic tree)

Part of Speech: noun masculine

A Related Word by BDB/Strong’s Number: from H6779

H6780   (KJC)


Total KJV Occurrences: 9

branch, 5

Isa 4:2, Jer 23:5, Jer 33:15, Zec 3:8, Zec 6:12

grew, 2

Gen 19:25, Ezk 17:10

spring, 1

Ezk 17:9

springing, 1

Psa 65:9-10 (2)

H6780   (Strong)



From H6779; a sprout (usually concretely), literally or figuratively: – branch, bud, that which (where) grew (upon), spring (-ing).

The Menorah is also a picture of the seven churches.

Rev 1:4  John to the seven churches which are in Asia. Grace to you and peace from Him who is and who was and who is coming; and from the seven spirits which are before His throne;

Rev 1:5  even from Jesus Christ the faithful Witness, the First-born from the dead and the Ruler of the kings of the earth. To Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood,

Rev 1:6  and made us kings and priests to God and His Father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.

Rev 1:7  Behold, He comes with the clouds, and every eye will see Him, and those who pierced Him will see Him, and all the kindreds of the earth will wail because of Him. Even so, Amen.

Rev 1:8  I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, says the Lord, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.

Vision of the Son of Man

Rev 1:9  I, John, who also am your brother and companion in the affliction, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the island that is called Patmos, for the Word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.

Rev 1:10¬†¬†I came to be in the Spirit in the Lord’s day and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet,

Rev 1:11  saying, I am the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last. Also, What you see, write in a book and send it to the seven churches which are in Asia: to Ephesus, and to Smyrna, and to Pergamos, and to Thyatira, and to Sardis, and to Philadelphia, and to Laodicea.

Rev 1:12  And I turned to see the voice that spoke with me.

Rev 1:13  And having turned, I saw seven golden lampstands. And in the midst of the seven lampstands I saw One like the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the feet, and tied around the breast with a golden band.

Rev 1:14  His head and hair were white like wool, as white as snow. And His eyes were like a flame of fire.

Rev 1:15  And His feet were like burnished brass having been fired in a furnace. And His voice was like the sound of many waters.

Rev 1:16  And He had seven stars in His right hand, and out of His mouth went a sharp two-edged sword. And His face was like the sun shining in its strength.

Rev 1:17  And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead. And He laid His right hand upon me, saying to me, Do not fear, I am the First and the Last,

Rev 1:18  and the Living One, and I became dead, and behold, I am alive for ever and ever, Amen. And I have the keys of hell and of death.

Rev 1:19  Write the things which you have seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be after this,

Rev 1:20  the mystery of the seven stars which you saw in My right hand and the seven golden lampstands. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands which you saw are the seven churches.

Verses 19 and 20 tell you that the seven churches are the seven lampstands, and yet in verses 12-13, you are told the Yehovah is in the midst of the seven lampstands.

Rev 1:13  And having turned, I saw seven golden lampstands. And in the midst of the seven lampstands I saw One like the Son of man

Last week, we explained how the Ark was in Mount Golgotha. We have also explained how the fire on the altar represented that Ark and how Golgotha represented the Altar. Now, with the depiction of the Menorah as Yehovah and HIs seven spirits, you are seeing another aspect of Yehovah. The Eyes represent HIs spirit at the same time. Again, with the Menorah, you are now being shown how the spirit of Yehovah was with each of the seven churches. You can imagine them as over seven eras of time or seven various groups of people today in the last days. Either way, you are being shown Yehovah’s spirit in those churches right now.

This also explains why the Holy Land HAS TO BE HOLY, and the events of October 7 demonstrate that Yehovah will not allow them to be corrupted from now on. The Ark is Holy, The Mountain of Golgotha is Holy, The Land of Israel is Holy and His people must also be Holy, because His spirit, His eyes are upon us.

Rev 3:1  And to the angel of the church in Sardis write: He who has the seven Spirits of God and the seven stars says these things. I know your works, that you have a name that you live, and are dead.

Rev 4:4  And around the throne I saw twenty-four thrones. And on the thrones I saw twenty-four elders sitting, clothed in white clothing. And they had crowns of gold on their heads. 5  And out of the throne came lightnings and thunderings and voices. And seven lamps of fire wereburning in front of the throne, which are the seven spirits of God.

Rev 5:6  And I looked, and lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures, amidst the elders, a Lamb stood, as if it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.

Are you connecting the vision of Ezekiel with Zechariah and now Revelation? The Eyes all around the wheels, the lamb and cherubs, the seven Spirits and the seven horns all represent Yehovah.

Before I move on I want to return to Sardis for a moment and point some things out to you.

To the Church in Sardis

Rev 3:1  And to the angel of the church in Sardis write: He who has the seven Spirits of God and the seven stars says these things. I know your works, that you have a name that you live, and are dead.

Pay attention to the the words be watchful. Yehovah is talking to the watchmen. They are to be awake and watching.

Rev 3:2  Be watchful and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die. For I have not found your works being fulfilled before God.

Rev 3:3  Remember then how you have received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. Therefore if you will not watch, I will come upon you as a thief, and you will not know what hour I will come upon you.

Coming as a thief in the night is a direct reference to the Feast of Trumpets. the watchmen are to watch for the new crescent moon to begin the month and to be witnesses to that moment when it appears at a time and hour no one knows. This is speaking of the Day of the Lord. It begins at a day and hour no one knows.

Rev 3:4  You have a few names even in Sardis who have not defiled their garments. And they will walk with Me in white, for they are worthy.

Rev 3:5  The one who overcomes, this one will be clothed in white clothing. And I will not blot out his name out of the Book of Life, but I will confess his name before My Father and before His angels.

Rev 3:6  He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

The thief in the night is Yehovah, the High Priest, who comes in during the middle of the night to make sure the priest on duty to make sure the afternoon fires do not go out during the night has not fallen asleep. If he finds that watchman asleep, the High Priest or thief in the night takes some coals from the altar and places them on the priest’s robes so they catch on fire. The priest must rip off his clothes and run home naked, showing his shame‚ÄĒall these expressions found above being addressed to Sardis.

Now compare this to what is said to Laodicea.

To the Church in Laodicea

Rev 3:14  And to the angel of the church of the Laodicea write: The Amen, the faithful and true Witness, the Head of the creation of God, says these things:

Rev 3:15  I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I would that you were cold or hot.

Rev 3:16  So because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.

Rev 3:17  Because you say, I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing, and do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked,

Poor in spirit, blind as in not seeing the Torah, and naked because you fell asleep and your clothes had to be ripped off because you were negligent of the duties you were to perform. Again in verse 18 you are warned to be watchful so that your clothes will not have to be removed because they are on fire.

Rev 3:18  I counsel you to buy from Me gold purified by fire, so that you may be rich; and white clothing, so that you may be clothed, and so that the shame of your nakedness does not appear. And anoint your eyes with eye salve, so that you may see.

Rev 3:19  As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten; therefore be zealous and repent.

Rev 3:20  Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him and he with Me.

Rev 3:21  To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me in My throne, even as I also overcame and have sat down with My Father in His throne.

Rev 3:22  He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

The contrast here of being at the door and knocking is compared to the Philidelphia Church which is given an open door which no one can shut. Yehovah is that door through which we are to go.

To the Church in Philadelphia

Rev 3:7  And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: He who is holy, He who is true, He who has the key of David, He who opens and no one shuts; and shuts and no one opens, says these things:

Rev 3:8  I know your works. Behold, I have given before you an open door, and no one can shut it. For you have a little strength and have kept My Word and have not denied My name.

Rev 3:9  Behold, I give out of those of the synagogue of Satan, those saying themselves to be Jews and are not, but lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you.

Rev 3:10  Because you have kept the Word of My patience, I also will keep you from the hour of temptation which will come upon all the habitable world, to try those who dwell upon the earth.

Rev 3:11  Behold, I come quickly. Hold fast to that which you have, so that no one may take your crown.

Rev 3:12  Him who overcomes I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he will go out no more. And I will write upon him the name of My God, and the name of the city of My God, the New Jerusalem, which comes down out of Heaven from My God, and My new name.

Rev 3:13  He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

Returning back to Zechariah, we are told about the two olive trees that supply a constant supply of oil to the menorah, keeping the seven lamps lit. Golgotha is where they used to make the Holy Anointing oil for the High Preist. The two olive trees are likened to Yehovah’s two witnesses in the Book of Revelation.

Rev 11:3  And I will give power to My two witnesses, and they will prophesy a thousand, two hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.

Rev 11:4  These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands standing before the God of the earth.

Rev 11:5  And if anyone will hurt them, fire proceeds out of their mouth and devours their enemies. And if anyone will hurt them, so it is right for him to be killed.

Rev 11:6  These have authority to shut up the heaven, that it may not rain in the days of their prophecy. And they have authority over waters to turn them to blood, and to strike the earth with every plague, as often as they desire.

Rev 11:7  And when they complete their testimony, the beast coming up out of the abyss will make war against them and will overcome them and kill them.

Rev 11:8  And their bodies will lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

Rev 11:9  And many of the peoples and tribes and tongues and nations will see their dead bodies three days and a half, and they will not allow their dead bodies to be put in tombs.

Rev 11:10  And the ones who dwell on the earth will rejoice over them, and will make merry, and will send one another gifts, because these two prophets tormented those living on the earth.

Rev 11:11  And after three days and a half, a spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood on their feet. And great fear fell on those seeing them.

Rev 11:12  And they heard a great voice from Heaven saying to them, Come up here. And they went up to Heaven in a cloud, and their enemies watched them.

This picture given here is represented by another picture we have of a similar event.

Luk 9:28  And about eight days after these sayings, He took Peter and John and James and went up into a mountain to pray.

Luk 9:29  And as He prayed, the appearance of His countenance was altered, and His clothing wasdazzling white.

Luk 9:30  And behold, two men talked with Him, who were Moses and Elijah,

Luk 9:31  who appeared in glory and spoke of His exodus, which He was about to accomplish at Jerusalem.

Luk 9:32  But Peter and those with him were heavy with sleep. But fully awakening, they saw His glory, and the two men who stood with Him.

I have been doing a lot of preaching about the five foolish not knowing or being known by Yehshua.

Matthew 25 and 7 both speak of it.

Mat 25:1  Then shall the kingdom of Heaven be likened to ten virgins, who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom.

Mat 25:2  And five of them were wise, and five were foolish.

Mat 25:3  The foolish ones took their lamps, but took no oil with them.

Mat 25:4  But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps.

Mat 25:5  While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept.

Mat 25:6  And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom comes! Go out to meet him.

Mat 25:7  Then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps.

Mat 25:8  And the foolish said to the wise, Give us someof your oil, for our lamps have gone out.

Mat 25:9  But the wise answered, saying, No, lest there be not enough for us and you. But rather go to those who sell, and buy for yourselves.

Mat 25:10  And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came. And they who were ready went in with him to the marriage, and the door was shut.

Mat 25:11  Afterwards the other virgins came also, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us.

Mat 25:12  But he answered and said, Truly I say to you, I do not know you.

Mat 25:13  Therefore watch, for you do not know either the day or the hour in which the Son of Man comes.

In the example above all ten virgins expect to be going to the wedding. So this is talking about those who believe. If you want to call them all the Church, then I am good with that if it helps you understand. But five of them had no clue they did not have enough oil. Yehshua gives them a very stern rebuke. He said I do not know you.

To drive the point home even more, we look at Matthew 7 where He says again I never knew you but then goes on to call them workers of lawlessness. Verse 22 tells you they are doing works as though they were some sort of church group.

Mat 7:21  Not everyone who says to Me, Lord! Lord! shall enter the kingdom of Heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in Heaven.

Mat 7:22  Many will say to Me in that day, Lord! Lord! Did we not prophesy in Your name, and through Your name throw out demons, and through Your name do many wonderful works?

Mat 7:23  And then I will say to them I never knew you! Depart from Me, those working lawlessness!

In Matthew 25 we see them going out on the Feast of Trumpets to buy the oil. We know it is the Feast of Trumpets because that is the day and hour no one knows and it is the Feast when He comes to get His bride. Only those who keep His feasts would know this. Because these five do not keep these feasts, they did not know it was a sin to buy oil on the Holy Days. They were lawless. This now brings me to the other meaning of the Menorah. The Menorah with all the eyes on it. The Menorah with the seven spirits and the seven churches represented by each Branch.

A very special thanks to Johanan Maerschalck for drawing this for us the correct way with each of the proper Holy Days for each branch of the menorah. Most people leave off the 8th Day Feast and pencil in Passover as the first feast.

How do you get to know Yehovah? How do you know Him so you will not hear those words I never knew you?

1Jn 2:3  And by this we know that we have known Him, if we keep His commandments.

1Jn 2:4  He who says, I have known Him, and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.

1Jn 2:5  But whoever keeps His Word, truly in this one the love of God is perfected. By this we know that we are in Him.

1Jn 2:6  He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk even as He walked.

1 Jn 3:22  And whatever we ask, we receive from Him, because we keep His commandments and do those things that are pleasing in His sight.

1 Jn 3:23  And this is His commandment, that we should believe on the name of His Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as He gave us commandment.

1 John 5:3  For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments, and His commandments are not burdensome.

Notice now in Psalms how it mentiosn shame or being naked. As we have said you will be found asleep and have to run home naked.

Psalms 119:6  Then I shall not be ashamed, when I have respect to all Your Commandments

Many people today say Lord Lord and will not keep the commandments.

Luke 6:46  And why do you call Me Lord, Lord, and do not do what I say?

John 14:15  If you love Me, keep My commandments.

John 14:21  He who has My commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves Me. And he who loves Me shall be loved by My Father, and I will love him and will reveal Myself to him.

22  Judas (not Iscariot) said to Him, Lord, how is it that You will reveal Yourself to us and not to the world?

23  Jesus answered and said to him, If a man loves Me, he will keep My Word. And My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our abode with him.

24¬†¬†He who does not love Me does not keep My Words, and the Word which you hear is not Mine, but the Father’s who sent Me.

John 15:10¬†¬†If you keep My commandments, you shall abide in My love, even as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love.

14  You are My friends if you do whatever I command you.

Read carefully the next verse. Those who OBEYED Him. They kept the commandments.

Hebrews 5:9  And being perfected, He became the Author of eternal salvation to all those who obey Him,

The Commandments are not nailed to the cross as many teach. They are not done away as others teach. They are in effect and we must keep them even as we are told at the very last chapter in the Book of Revelation. We must keep them if we want to be a part of the Tree of Life.

Revelation 22:14  Blessed are they who do His commandments, that their authority will be over the Tree of Life, and they may enter in by the gates into the city.

It is the 4th commandment that most people will not keep. It this commandment which begins in Lev 23 by saying:

Lev 23:1  And Jehovah spoke to Moses, saying,

Lev 23:2  Speak to the sons of Israel and say to them, The feasts of Jehovah, which you shall proclaim, holy convocations, even these are My appointed feasts.

These seven Feasts are Yehovahs. They are not the Jewish Feasts although the Jews are the only ones to have kept through out the past three thousand years. They are Yehovahs Moedim, His appointments when He wants to meet with you, each Sabbath from Sunset Friday to Sunset Saturday. Each of the seven Holy Days spoken of in Lev 23 tell you when He will meet with you. The Creator of the entire universe wants to meet with you on these days. MAny people will not be late for teh airplane or the Doctor but for Yehovah they blow him off all the time.

If you want to get to know Yehovah and to be known by Him, then you need to know the Holy Days and keep them. The Holy days line up with the seven spirits and the seven Sabbatical Cycles in a Jubilee Cycle.  Each of the Holy Days reveals an aspect of Yehovah like the seven spirits do. It is the only way to KNOW HIM so you wont be told I never knew you.

I began this study seeking to understand the meaning of the eyes in the wheels and the eyes of the Menorah. I have one more thing to share with you about the eyes. We find this Hebrewism in Matthew 6, but let me also share Luke.

The light of the body is the eye. The light of the Menorah was covered with eyes. The Cherubim were covered with eyes. The wheels of Ezekiel Shekinah were covered with eyes.

Luk 11:33  No one, when he has lighted a lamp, puts it in a secret place, or under a grain-measure, but on a lampstand, so that they who come in may see the light.

Luk 11:34  The light of the body is the eye. Therefore when your eye is sound, your whole body also is full of light. But when your eye is evil, your body also is full of darkness.

Luk 11:35  Therefore take heed that the light in you is not darkness.

Luk 11:36  Therefore if your whole body is full of light, having no part dark, the whole shall be full of light, as when the shining of a lamp enlightens you.

Here it is in Matthew.

Mat 6:22  The light of the body is the eye. Therefore if your eye is sound, your whole body shall be full of light.

Mat 6:23  But if your eye is evil, your whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

This is a Hebrewism, and it’s used even until today.

This is a Franz Delitzsch Edition. Delitzsch is this wonderful Hebrew scholar in the 19th century. He translated the New Testament from Greek into a ‚ÄúMishneic‚ÄĚ biblical style of Hebrew. This is probably very close to what it would‚Äôve sounded like.

‚ÄúHu ha‚Äôayin, ve‚Äôim eincha hi tmima¬† o tova kol gufcha yeor, ve‚Äôim eincha ra‚Äôah az kol gufcha yichshach. vehi‚Äône im yischach haor asher bekirbecha ma rah hachoshech.‚ÄĚ

If you’ve got a good eye, your whole body is filled with light. And good eye has nothing to do with vision. But if you’ve got an evil eye your whole body is filled with choshech, darkness, and how great is that darkness.

What’s an evil eye?

An Evil eye means miserly or stingy, and a good eye means generous.

“I don’t want to give that.” And you’re looking at it like you’re not happy about giving it. That’s the bad eye.

And the good eye is like, “Here, I’m generously giving.” It‚Äôs used many, many times in the Mishnah. So you can’t really understand that phrase without understanding the Jewish context and the Hebrew context of that expression.

The eyes on the wheels and the eyes on the Menorah, the Good eye spoken of above are all found right there in Exodus as part of the commandments.

Exo 20:4  You shall not make to yourselves any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in the heavens above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

Exo 20:5  You shall not bow yourself down to them, nor serve them. For I Jehovah your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the sons to the third and fourth generation of those that hate me,

Exo 20:6  and showing mercy to thousands of those that love Me and keep My commandments.

When you look up the word mercy, with which Yehovah is going to show mercy to thousands who love Him and KEEP His COMMANDMENTS. The word Mercy is:

H2617   (Ancient Hebrew)

H2617 = AHLB# 2181 (N)

2181) Dxh% (Dxh% HhSD) ac: Bow co: ? ab: Kindness: The bowing of the neck as a sign of respect and kindness to an equal. [from: xh]

V) Dxh% (Dxh% Hh-SD) – Bow: To bow the head at the neck. [freq. 3] (vf: Hitpael, Piel) |kjv: mercy, shame| {H2616}

Nm) Dxh% (Dxh% Hh-SD) – Kindness: In the sense of bowing the neck to another as a sign of kindness. [freq. 248] |kjv: mercy, kindness, lovingkindness, goodness, kindly, merciful, favour, good, goodliness, pity, reproach, wicked| {H2617}

bm) Dixh% (Dixh% Hh-SYD) – Kind: A kind action, also one who is kind. [freq. 32] |kjv: saint, holy, merciful, godly, good| {H2623}

bf1) Edixh% (Edixh% Hh-SY-DH) – I. Stork: From its long and bowed neck. II. Plumage: The soft feathers of the storks neck. [freq. 6] |kjv: stork, feathers| {H2624}

H2617   (Strong)




From H2616; kindness; by implication (towards God) piety; rarely (by opprobrium) reproof, or (subjectively) beauty: – favour, good deed (-liness, -ness), kindly, (loving-) kindness, merciful (kindness), mercy, pity, reproach, wicked thing.

Yehovah’s eyes towards us is mercy, kindness, generosity and loving. The light of Yehovah is through His eyes, His spirit. We are to be like Yehovah.

Mat 5:13  You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt loses its savor, with what shall it be salted? It is no longer good for anything, but to be thrown out and to be trodden underfoot by men.


Mat 5:14  You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.


Mat 5:15  Nor do men light a lamp and put it under the grain-measure, but on a lampstand. And it gives light to all who are in the house.


Mat 5:16  Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven.

Let your generosity shine through especially now in these dark days as the Day of Lord draws nigh. It can only shine when you are obeying Him, loving Him by obeying HIs commandments. This is how you get to know Yehovah and you will never hear those words, I never knew you.



  1. Jerry Waldner

    Shabbat Shalom Josephus:
    I really appreciate all your doing. I do have a question though. Your commend that the foolish virgins should have known not to buy oil on a high day. Why did the wise virgins advise them to buy on a high day or was the advise give on a day other then a high day?

    Jerry Waldner

    • James Relf

      Good question.

    • Ploni Almoni

      The foolish did not know to wait until sundown to buy after the Sabbath (hence their foolishness).

      Also, not everything fits in a metaphor or allegory; it is not to be taken literally.

  2. Ella

    Good and truthful word

  3. Ploni Almoni

    The Two Witnesses (Elijah) are also likened unto John the Baptist (Elijah):

    Zechariah’s Prophecy
    Luk 1:67  And his father Zacharias was filled with the Holy Spirit, and prophesied, saying,
    Luk 1:68  Blessed is the Lord, the God of Israel, for He has visited and redeemed His people
    Luk 1:69  and has raised up a horn of salvation for us in the house of His servant David,
    Luk 1:70  as He spoke by the mouth of His holy prophets from eternity;
    Luk 1:71  that we should be saved from our enemies and from the hand of all who hate us,

    Gen 14:20  And blessed be the most high God, who has delivered your enemies into your hand. And he gave him tithes of all.

    Luk 1:72  to perform the mercy promised to our fathers, and to remember His holy covenant,
    Luk 1:73  the oath which He swore to our father Abraham,
    Luk 1:74  that He would grant to us, that we, being delivered out of the hand of our enemies, might serve Him without fear

    Rev 11:5  And if anyone will hurt them, fire proceeds out of their mouth and devours their enemies. And if anyone will hurt them, so it is right for him to be killed.

    Luk 1:75  in holiness and righteousness before Him all the days of our life.
    Luk 1:76  And you, child, will be called the prophet of the Highest, for you shall go before the face of the Lord to prepare His ways,

    Mal 3:1  Behold, I will send My messenger, and He will clear the way before Me. And Jehovah, whom you seek, shall suddenly come to His temple, even the Angel of the Covenant, in whom you delight. Behold, He comes, says Jehovah of Hosts.

    Luk 1:77  to give knowledge of salvation to His people by the remission of their sins,
    Luk 1:78  through the tender mercy of our God; by which the Dayspring from on high has visited us,
    Luk 1:79  to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.

    Isa 9:2  The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; they who dwell in the land of the shadow of death, on them the light has shined.

    Luk 1:80  And the child grew and became strong in spirit and was in the deserts until the day of his showing to Israel.

  4. Shannon Elliott

    I appreciate this newsletter, Joseph. Thank you! Prayers and Shalom!