The Disney Influence & Equality is Not Equal

Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: Jun 13, 2019

News Letter 5855-015
The 3rd Year of the 4th Sabbatical Cycle
The 24th year of the 120th Jubilee Cycle
The 10th day of the 4th month 5855 years after the creation of Adam
The 4th Month in the Third year of the Fourth Sabbatical Cycle
The 4th Sabbatical Cycle after the 119th Jubilee Cycle
The Third Year Tithe for the Widows and Orphans and Levites
The Sabbatical Cycle of Sword, Famines, and Pestilence

June 15, 2019

Shabbat Shalom to the Royal Family of Yehovah,

The Death of a King

Over the past few years, I had a privilege to speak with the King over all the Kings in Zambia. He was the King of Kings. HIs Royal Highness King Ngabwe. He was given my books which were autographed by myself and was reading them. I was then invited to converse with him and many of the other royal members in a special WhatsApp group. It was one of the few times I was speechless.
I did try to get an audience with the court to present our teachings, but it never came about. We did have some pleasant exchanges in that group and in private. King Ngabwe kept the Sabbath and Holy Days as do a number of the royalty in Zambia.
I was informed this week that His Royal Highness King Ngabwe died in his sleep.

9 June, 2019
By Benny Munyama
Chief Ngabwe dies.
The Lenje traditional rural died last evening around 22:30hrs.
The Lenje Royal Establishment’s National Secretary, Bishop Luputa has confirmed the demise of Chief Ngabwe to KNC news, via telephone.
The death of Chief Ngabwe brings the number of deaths of traditional rulers in Central Province to two, within the same week, after Chief Kaundula of the Lala speaking people of Luano district died, last Monday.

MMD President Dr Nevers S Mumba has visited the home of late Chief Ngabwe – Dr Ignatius Kashoka, in the Waterfalls area of Lusaka to mourn the Esteemed Traditional Ruler.

Dr Mumba arrived at the funeral house in the company of some MMD party official, church Leaders and friends. He met the Widow Mrs Priscilla Kashoka and other mourners and commiserated with them. In his message of condolences, the MMD leader extolled the late Traditional Ruler as an outstanding man of rare qualities. He revealed that, he remembers His Royal Highness from his days as Permanent Secretary – Public Service Management Division (PSMD) at Cabinet office while he served as Republican Vice President.

The late Chief Ngabwe served the country in several capacities. Some of the places he worked in included, the Mines on the copperbelt as superintendent before joining The Bank of Zambia as Director Human Resource. He was then invited by The late Republican President Levy P Mwanawasa, to join the public service at the level of Permanent Secretary, which he gladly did.

Upon retirement from public service and following the death of chief Ngabwe of the Lamba people, Dr Kashoka succeeded him and was installed as the next Chief Ngabwe. He is the immediate past chairman of the House of Chiefs of Zambia.

The late chief Ngabwe having turned to Christ, also took up theological training and upon graduation, he was ordained to the ministry of sacraments and the Word.

Dr kashoka was instrumental in shining a spot light on the potential of The Ngabwe chiefdom. During his reign as chief, Ngabwe was made into a district. His main focus was to bring development to His area. He wanted his area connected to the Main Power grid in order to unlock the vast green fields of wealth that it has. He wanted amenities such as hospitals, schools and other investments to speedily happen for Ngabwe. He was also working hard to transform the culture of his subjects into that of a hard working agricultural people. He sought to instill in his subjects Christ like values and a sense of ownership of their land.

The Chief died peacefully, on Saturday evening after collapsing at his home in Lusaka.
Dr Nevers Mumba Prayed for the family and all the mouners for God’s Grace and Peace during this difficult time.
Dr Cephas Mukuka
MMD Spokes Person.


One Jubilee Cycle of LGBT

1996 was the last Jubilee. It was the beginning of the 120th Jubilee Cycle. It is amazing and stunning what has taken place in this final Jubilee cycle of this the 6th millennial day of Mankind.

Gen 6:3And Jehovah said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, in his erring; he is flesh. Yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years.

We are now halfway through that final Jubilee cycle and in the exact same way, just before Israel was to enter into the promised land they fell victim to Baal Peor and received the curse of Yehovah.

Num 25:1And Israel lived in Shittim, and the people began to fornicate with the daughters of Moab and they called the people to the sacrifices of their gods. And the people ate and bowed down to their gods and Israel joined himself to Baal-peor and the anger of Jehovah was kindled against Israel and Jehovah said to Moses, Take all the heads of the people and hang them up before Jehovah against the sun, so that the fierce anger of Jehovah may be turned away from Israel and Moses said to the judges of Israel, Every one of you kill his men who were joined to Baal-peor and behold! One of the sons of Israel came and brought to his brothers a woman of Midian, before the eyes of Moses, and before all the congregation of the sons of Israel, who were weeping before the door of the tabernacle of the congregation. And when Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, saw it, he rose up from among the congregation and took a spear in his hand. And he went after the man of Israel into the tent, and pierced both of them through, the man of Israel, and the woman, through her belly. So the plague was stayed from the sons of Israel and those that died in the plague were twenty-four thousand. And Jehovah spoke to Moses saying, Phinehas the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, has turned My wrath away from the sons of Israel while he was zealous for My sake among them, so that I did not destroy the sons of Israel in My jealousy. Therefore say, Behold! I give him My covenant of peace. And he shall have it, and his seed after him, the covenant of an everlasting priesthood, because he was zealous for his God, and made an atonement for the sons of Israel.

Num 25:14And the name of the Israelite who was killed, he who was struck with the woman of Midian, was Zimri, the son of Salu, ruler of a chief house of the Simeonites.

You will have noticed that Israel is said to be like a man at the start of this scripture when is says Israel joined himself to Baal Peor.
The word joined himself is

H6775¬† tsa?mad¬† tsaw-mad’

A primitive root; to link, that is, gird; figuratively to serve, (mentally) contrive: – fasten, frame, join (self).

Today in this 120th Jubilee Cycle Israel has joined ourselves to the UN and the EU. They are the Great Whore of Revelation.

Num 25:15 And the Midianite woman’s name who was killed was Cosbi, the daughter of Zur. He was head over a people, and of a chief house in Midian.

When we look at the name of the Princess of Midian her name reveals who she is. A liar.

H3579¬† kozb??y¬† koz-bee’

From H3576; false; Cozbi, a Midianitess: – Cozbi.

H3576¬† ka?zab¬† kaw-zab’

A primitive root; to lie (that is, deceive), literally or figuratively: – fail, (be found a, make a) liar, lie, lying, be in vain.

Israel (Zimri) has in these last days joined the EU and the UN (Cozbi) in this lie and accepted Baal Peor and its whole ideology.
According to Revelation(Revelation 2:14), Balaam told King Balak how to get the Israelites to commit sin by enticing them with sexual immorality and food sacrificed to idols. The Israelites fell into transgression due to these traps and God sent a deadly plague to them as a result (Numbers 31:16).

Rev 2:14  But I have a few things against you, because you have there those who hold the teachings of Balaam, who taught Balak to cast a stumbling-block before the sons of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols and to commit fornication.
Num 31:16  Behold, these caused the sons of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to commit sin against Jehovah in the matter of Peor, and the plague was on the congregation of Jehovah.

Balaam said to them: ‘You will not be able to prevail against these people, unless they have sinned before their Creator.’

God Taken out of the Classroom

The U. S. Supreme Court issued two bans. One in 1962 and the second in 1963. Both bans were the result of lawsuits against the teaching of religion and religious practices in public schools. Basically stating that organized prayer in schools was a violation of the separation of church and state.
Did this have an effect on the USA society? Watch the video and you decide.

LGBT rights at the United Nations

Discussions of LGBT rights at the United Nations have included resolutions and joint statements in the United Nations General Assembly and the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), attention to the expert-led human rights mechanisms (such as the United Nations Treaty Bodies and Special Procedures), as well as by the UN Agencies.

Since its founding in 1945, the¬†United Nations¬†political bodies had not discussed¬†LGBT rights¬†(regarding equality regardless of¬†sexual orientation¬†or¬†gender identity) until September 1995, when sexual orientation became a topic of debate in the negotiations on the Draft of the 1995¬†Beijing Platform for Action[1][2]¬†at the 4th¬†World Conference on Women. While the proposed language on “sexual orientation” was eventually dropped from the text, it was the first time governments took a public and explicit stance for or against the inclusion and recognition of sexual orientation as part of women’s right to control their sexuality. Furthermore, at that conference¬†Beverley Palesa Ditsie¬†became the first openly lesbian person to address the United Nations regarding LGBT issues, calling for States to adopt resolutions that recognized sexual diversity.
In April 2003, Brazil presented a resolution prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. However, in the ensuing debates the Commission voted to postpone discussions on the resolution until 2004.[3]

In December 2006, the discussions expanded to include gender identity, when Norway presented a joint statement on human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity at the Commission on Human Rights on behalf of 54 states. This was followed by a joint statement presented at the General Assembly by Argentina on behalf of 66 states in December 2008. The 2008 statement in support of LGBT rights in the General Assembly prompted a statement backed by the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in opposition to LGBT rights. Both statements remain open for signature, and neither has been officially adopted by the General Assembly.

On June 17, 2011,¬†South Africa¬†led a resolution at the UNHRC requesting that the¬†United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights¬†(OHCHR) draft a report “documenting discriminatory laws and practices and acts of violence against individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity” to follow up and implementation of the¬†Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action.[4]¬†The resolution passed with 23 votes in favour to 19 against, with 3 abstentions. It was the first such resolution and was hailed as “historic”.[5]

The report, which came out in December 2011, documented human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity, including hate crimes, criminalization of homosexuality, and discrimination. High Commissioner Navi Pillay called for equitable ages of consent; comprehensive laws against discrimination based on sexual orientation; prompt investigation and recording of hate crime incidents; the repeal of laws criminalizing homosexuality; and other measures to ensure the protection of the rights of LGBT persons.[6] The text of the report from the UNHRC is dated on 17 November 2011.[7]
In July 2014, the United Nations (as an employer) announced it would extend equal benefits to employees in same-sex unions entered into in jurisdictions where they are legal.

The Disney Influence

Growing up as a child in the 1960s my family used to watch The Wonderful World of Disney which was a 60-minute family series that aired on all three broadcast networks and on the Disney Channel during its multi-decade run. It had several different formats over the years including the airing of Disney theatrical movies, Disney cartoons, wildlife stories, and original programming. Walt Disney was the host each week as all of us gathered faithfully around the black and white TV box which was new to our family and we all listened and became emotionally involved with all the characters as they came to life on our TV in our home.

Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966. There’s no question that Walt Disney’s life changed the world. As the mastermind behind Mickey Mouse and the entire Disney enterprise, his life’s work has inspired children and adults alike for decades.

Since then our family has been to Disney World in Orlando Florida many times. I was even there on opening day but could not get in. It opened on October 1, 1971. The Magic Kingdom¬†was the first theme park to open in the complex, in 1971, followed by¬†Epcot¬†(1982),¬†Disney’s Hollywood Studios¬†(1989), and¬†Disney’s Animal Kingdom¬†(1998).

Today, Walt Disney World is the most visited vacation resort in the world, with an average annual attendance of more than 52 million. The resort is the flagship destination of Disney’s worldwide corporate enterprise and has become a popular staple in American culture. And this is just one of the now six Disney resorts around the world.

Disneyland Resort was the first complex which opened on July 17, 1955  in Anaheim, California
Walt Disney World Resort opened on October 1, 1971, in Orlando Florida.
Tokyo Disney Resort resort opened on April 15, 1983
Disneyland Paris originally Euro Disney Resort opened on April 12 1992
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort opened on September 12 2005,
Shanghai Disney Resort opened to the public on June 16, 2016
To say Disney has an influence on our society is a colossal understatement. It is HUGE.  In the fiscal year 2018, the Walt Disney Company generated total revenue of 59.43 billion U.S. dollars, up from 55.14 billion in 2017. Those are BILLIONS of dollars not Millions.
In 2014 Disney began to openly display the LGBT lifestyle in some of their characters. The following two links talk about this in 2017.
They also came out with the Gay Princess in same shows as we have now mentioned.
It is not just the fact that Disney is now incorporating the LGBT lifestyle into some of their productions but they are also actively marketing Disney products promoting it or normalizing it.

Closing the Door After the Horse is out of the Barn

Below is a petition that was sent to me trying to stop Disney from continuing to promote the LGBT lifestyle in all of their productions.


In less than a week, we gathered more than 375,000 signatures around the world asking Disney to protect children and stop LGBT indoctrination at their amusement park.

Disney, the well-known children’s entertainment company, has bowed down at the feet of the homosexual lobby. Now, I can’t take my family to Disney’s amusement parks.

On Friday, we delivered your signatures at Walt Disney’s corporate headquarters¬†in Madrid, Paris, and London. Trust me when I say that¬†they knew there was an outcry.¬†They know that well over 300,000 people signed a petition opposing their decision to have a Gay Pride Parade at their park. We want¬†a safe space where our children can play… free from gender ideology!

We delivered your signatures in Madrid…

and in London…

In London, the character of Mickey Mouse proved extremely popular with passers-by,¬†with many children wanting to stop and say hello or to have their pictures taken, even after we explained that this was not the official or “real” Mickey, but someone who had dressed up as part of a protest.

It was a tangible demonstration of the power of the Disney brand, which continues to  captivate people of all ages. One could see exactly how devastating Disney’s alliance with the LGBT lobby group could prove for impressionable young minds.

While the Disney employees proved to be particularly hostile, refusing to accept the signatures and threatening to call the police, even though the petition delivery was entirely peaceful, members of the general public were nonetheless extremely sympathetic, sharing our concern about the sexualized nature of these parades and in particular, objecting to the way in which children are uncritically taught to accept gender ideology.

I won’t put my children at risk. Will you?

Disney should understand that they made a wrong decision. For years, our families and children could be part of the Disney ‚Äúfamily,‚ÄĚ but now they are at risk of being indoctrinated. I hope you will stick to the decision to¬†not consume Disney’s products or go to their parks.

Gender Ideology is intended to indoctrinate children everywhere. As you know, the gender lobby has exerted its¬†influence¬†in international organizations, schools, the mass media, and now in¬†children’s¬†entertainment.

We are going to continue this battle. There is still much to be done. We hope that Disney will one day apologize for this decision.

Thank you very much for defending children alongside us.


Caroline Craddock and the entire CitizenGO team

P.S. Disney has disappointed us. This campaign is just the first step. We will continue fighting to protect our children from LGBT indoctrination.

If you want to help us continue the fight, you can donate by clicking here:

Disney is Not the Only One To Abandon All Morals

In the popular children’s cartoon series called Arthur featured on PBS of all places, on May 13 2019, 3rd grade teacher Mr. Ratburn tied the knot with his partner Patrick.
And as I write this News Letter My Little Pony in the upcoming episode ‚ÄúThe Last Crusade‚ÄĚ written by¬†Nicole Dubuc, set to debut this Saturday on Discovery Family but has already aired overseas, the long absent parents of the young pegasus Scootaloo (Madeleine Peters) are at last introduced. They are Holiday and Lofty who are not siblings or even in-laws but in fact a romantic lesbian couple.

They are indoctrinating systematically our kids and normalizing sin.

This coming October Netflix is coming out with a new series introducing children to Drag Queens. Here is the trailer for the series. It will teach those who watch it that this lifestyle is normal and fun.

Equality is not Equal

If it weren’t so insidious – if it weren’t so devilish – it’d be completely laughable. I mean, this is absolutely crazy! What other minority group commands this type of homage and fanfare? And all this for a group defined not by race or ancestry or creed, but by aberrant sexual practices and “alternative” lifestyles?! Has our country gone mad?

Reject Trudeau’s Politicized 2019 Loonie

17,103 people have signed. Help us reach 20,000 signatures.
On April 23rd, 2019, at the direction of the government of Mr. Justin Trudeau, the Royal Canadian Mint released a new design for our 2019 one dollar coin.
While it has been officially dubbed the “Equality Dollar”, many are calling it the “Gay Loonie”.

This coin was specifically issued to commemorate the decriminalization of formerly illegal homosexual sex acts back in 1969.
Mr. Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau, was the one whose liberal government decriminalized private homosexual acts, famously saying,¬†“there’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.”
The word “equality” is emblazoned on the new dollar coin, along with the date “1969”. However, the government of Pierre Trudeau did¬†not, in fact, advocate the equality of homosexual practices in 1969. It merely decided to¬†no longer police our bedrooms.
The new dollar coin also bears an image of what appears to be¬†two men with their lips locked in a romantic kiss, with a rainbow surrounding them.¬†According to the Mint,¬†“The image of two intertwined faces reflects gender fluidity and the spectrum of genders and is left open to interpretation: they may belong to two individuals or they may represent different aspects of one’s identity.”
In all the history of Canada, there has never been a government-issued coin or bank note that bears the theme of sex or sexuality. To do so is highly offensive and inappropriate. It pushes an agenda upon every single Canadian, which many find objectionable.
With 3 million of these coins scheduled for release, we believe they represent a not-so-subtle attempt to win votes among LGBT people and their political allies during the upcoming federal election in October. This is the blatant politicization of our national currency for personal and party gain.
This is absolutely deplorable and completely un-Canadian.
Regardless of our differing views on LGBT issues, whether we are “left, right, or centre”, religious or non-religious, Canadians do not believe our money should be used to take sides or pit one group against another. Our national currency and national symbols should serve as a unifying force.¬†This coin does just the opposite. It divides us.
Our previous petition, which was launched prior to the release of the new dollar coin, proves just how divisive this coin is Рwith well over 60,000 people having signed to indicate their disagreement.
Now that the new dollar coin has been officially issued, we are inviting Canadians to sign this new petition to express their commitment to reject this loonie.
Every time this petition is signed, an e-mail is sent directly to Mr. Trudeau, so he knows exactly what Canadians think.
Thank you.

Our campaign against the new loonie has met with considerable opposition. CitizenGO has received hate mail and threats.¬†We have even been banned by Facebook.¬†To find out more about the opposition we face, or to order our “NOT ON MY $” sticker, please read our blog:¬†

You can read the Royal Canadian Mint’s press release concerning the “Gay Loonie” here:¬†

Our first petition has received both national and international press coverage:
LifeSite News:
CBC News:
NBC News:

No 'Gay' Loonie!


By signing, you accept CitizenGO’s¬†Terms of Use¬†and¬†Privacy Policy¬†and you agree to receive occasional emails about our campaigns. You can unsubscribe at any time.
We Reject the Politicized 2019 Loonie
Dear Mr. Justin Trudeau,
I am writing about your government’s new design for the 2019 one dollar coin.
The word “equality” is emblazoned on the coin, along with the date “1969”. However, the Canadian government never advocated the equality of homosexual practices in 1969. It merely stopped policing people’s bedrooms.
I believe you are misrepresenting the actions of the Canadian government for the purpose of political gain.
The new dollar coin also bears an image of what appears to be two men with their lips locked in a romantic kiss, with a rainbow surrounding them.
In all the history of Canada, there has never been a government-issued coin or bank note that bears the theme of sex or sexuality. To do so is highly offensive and inappropriate.
I believe you are misusing our Canadian currency to push your own private political agenda. Our national currency, with its various symbols, should serve as a unifying force that transcends political differences. But you are using our currency to divide Canadians and win votes.
I want to let you know that I reject this new coin.
[Your Name]


The Equality Act

Recently I heard the following podcast by James Dobson and I have the transcripts below with highlighted sections marked out. The assault on our society is all out and it aims to silence you who are following the Bible. It is done silently and accomplished with little resistance because the majority have no clue what is going on and just how high up in the Government it goes.
Here are two podcasts by James Dobson explaining the Equality Act put forward by the USA Democrats.  Know for sure it is being pushed by all liberal in all countries. You can listen to the show or read the transcripts below.
Part 1
Part 2

This is a rush transcript and may contain minor errors and/or discrepancies from the audio. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.
Download a PDF of this transcript
Dr. Clinton: Hi, I’m Dr. Tim Clinton for the James Dobson Family Institute. Who inspires you on matters of faith, family, and culture? If you don’t already get it, sign up for Dr. Dobson’s monthly newsletter at Each month, you’re going to receive insight and news that impacts your family, and solid advice that you can trust, whether it’s wisdom for parents, tips for building a lasting marriage, or discernment on issues your family may be facing. You’re going to find direction, encouragement, and more every month. Visit and sign up for that monthly newsletter today. And again, that’s You’ll be glad you did.
Announcer: Today, on family talk:
Dr. Dobson: Well, hello everyone. I’m Dr. James Dobson and this is Family Talk, which is a division of the James Dobson Family Institute. Today, we’re going to talk about an extremely dangerous piece of legislation that was passed recently by the Democrats in the House of Representatives. It’s called the Equality Act. You’ve probably been hearing about it. Christians and conservatives are alarmed, those who are informed, and we’re here today to help you know what this legislation is all about. To alert you, I have written an op-ed statement, and if you didn’t hear it, I hope you will listen very carefully today because this provides kind of a summary of where we are:

“In the history of our nation, there have been times when evil was so apparent and so heinous that they stand in infamy decades later. They include the Dred Scott Decision on slavery in 1857 and the Roe v. Wade ruling that legalized abortion in 1973. Now we’re faced with another such tragic moment in American history. A few days ago, May 17th, Democrats in the House of Representatives passed what they call the “Equality Act of 2019”, which is a breathtaking piece of legislation in its scope. It passed the house by a vote of 236 to 173, there were 228 Democrats and eight Republicans. If a version of this bill survives a vote in the Senate and is signed by the president, this legislation will impose one of the most egregious assaults on religious liberty ever foisted on the people of this great nation.
It imposes a thinly veiled death sentence to the first amendment of the constitution, and takes away the protections against the tyranny that were handed down to us by our founding fathers. It was this unyielding commitment to religious liberty that led to the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and eventually to the American Revolutionary War. Tens of thousands of pastors and patriots of that day died to free themselves from British imperialism. Thank God for the men who stood courageously against the most powerful military in the world at that time, because freedom meant more to them than their own lives. I sort of feel like we’re there today. Let me speak candidly and passionately to people of faith throughout these United States. I don’t remember making a statement quite this strong before. We must not remain silent as our fundamental liberties are gutted by the far left and the LGBTQ movement. They will enslave us if the Equality Act and subsequent invasive legislation prevails.
And remember, even if the Senate strikes down this legislation, conservatives might lose the majority in the next election, which will put the matter to a vote again. We must let our voices be heard in the United States Senate at this time and frankly, then to the world. Viva liberty, viva the first amendment to the constitution, viva biblical values and beliefs, and woe to them who would take them from us.”

Now that’s passionate language, but it’s evoked by those freedom loving citizens who fully understand what the Congress has tried to do to us in this Equality Act. With that, I want to introduce my great friend and colleague, Kelly Shackelford, he’s been here before. I love this man and I appreciate so much what he’s doing. He’s the founder and CEO of the First Liberty Institute, the nation’s largest legal organization focused on protecting religious freedom. Kelly and his team are on the front lines of the defense of righteousness and defending constitutional rights.
He’s out there while some of us were thinking about other things. Kelly is a frequent guest on national news programs and his op-ed pieces have appeared in the New York Times, The Washington Times and others. With that, let me say, welcome back Kelly.
Kelly Shackelford: It’s great to be here.
Dr. Dobson: It’s so good to have you here. You have been here, you’ve been ahead of the game. You’ve been talking here about things that we would read about in the newspaper after it was too late. Do you, having just heard what I said and what I read, tell me if you think I’ve overstated the case in regard to the Equality Act of 2019.

Kelly Shackelford: I don’t even have to speak for myself. I’m holding in my hands here a headline that says “A Liberal Law Professor Explains Why the Equality Act Would,” quote, “‘Crush’ Religious Dissenters.”

Dr. Dobson: This is a liberal, now.
Kelly Shackelford: Liberal.
Dr. Dobson: He was saying what the intent is here, is to crush religious liberty.

Kelly Shackelford: Let me read a quote from him. “This,” talking about the Equality Act, “is not a good faith attempt to reconcile competing interests. It is an attempt by one side to grab all the disputed territory and to crush the other side,” talking about those who believe in religious freedom. So, the Equality Act, essentially, the best summary I can give people is, it says that in every case that sexual orientation, gender identity, transgenderism, trumps religious freedom. In every case. I don’t care whether it’s in your employment, whether it’s in your schools, whether it’s in your Christian schools. You think it’s just public. It’s not.

Whether it’s with women and girls in the privacy they would expect in their showers.
Dr. Dobson: What about parenting?

Kelly Shackelford: Whether it is you as a parent. I mean, again, this is what the act does, but we don’t even have to theorize what will happen. It’s already happening. I mean, for instance, you talk about parents, there are already been parents who have lost in court. They’ve had the authority over their children taken away because they would not support transitioning from one sex to another. This is an attempt to solidify what’s called sexual orientation, gender identity type laws as a national law in every area. I mean, it’s pervasive. It’s in every area of life, whether you’re a medical professional, whether it’s in your employment, whether it’s you as a parent, whether it’s your nonprofit organization, it’s all across the board, which is why even a liberal law professor would say this would just crush religious freedom completely on this issue, and so that’s why…

Dr. Dobson: It sounds to me like it will touch almost every area of society.
Kelly Shackelford: It will.

Dr. Dobson: It’s a power grab of the first order and it’s primarily to appease, or to cooperate with, LGBTQ. They’re going to grab control of this culture and they start with this piece of legislation.

Kelly Shackelford: Yeah. This is sort of the dream of getting everything they want all in one bill, and that pushes religious freedom aside. So, that’s the whole purpose.
Dr. Dobson: What is going on with the American people? Do they know about this or are they aware they’re about to lose constitutionally granted rights and privileges in the bill of rights, do they understand all that’s on the line?

Kelly Shackelford: I don’t think most people know that this is moving through, which is why shows like yours are so important, to tell people what’s actually going on out there. The Equality Act sounds really nice, right? “The Equality Act,” but of course this is always the way congressmen and legislators do things now. They put these nice covers to these bills that if they become law would be incredibly damaging to other people’s freedoms. And so, there’s been a lot written on this, but you have to be aware. Most people probably don’t know this has passed the house, and now it’s on its way to the Senate, that if it passed it would apply in all states. And there are people who have had these battles in their states about whether we’re going to put this type of thing in the curriculum for all the public schools in their states.

Dr. Dobson: This happened in Colorado.
Kelly Shackelford: Absolutely.
Dr. Dobson: And it’s taking place right now.

Kelly Shackelford: It is, California. We could go through a number of states where they’ve had this battle in their state, but this is taking that and making it national. And not just in education but in every area of life. And again, it’s kind of like, I know you remember we talked about in the past, there was a head of the EEOC, Chai Feldblum, and they had asked, “What do you do when religious freedoms conflict with LGBT issues?” And her response was, “Christians lose, LGBT wins in all cases.”

Dr. Dobson: And if this becomes law, that’ll be even more so.
Kelly Shackelford: that’ll be exactly what happens in this country. And again, people think, “Well this is just the public schools in my state.” No, no, it specifically says if you’re a place of accommodation, meaning people can come to your school, then you now have to follow these new quote “non-discrimination rules.”
Dr. Dobson: There’s no exemption for people of faith, Christians.

Kelly Shackelford: No exemption on the basis of religion.

Dr. Dobson: No exemption. Get that everybody. That means that what you believe and what you stand for and what you would give your life for does not matter in the law.
Kelly Shackelford: That’s right.
Dr. Dobson: That’s pretty strong.
Kelly Shackelford: It is. It is. You know, what you said, I think, is what people need to catch, which is: there is no exemption for religious freedom or religious organizations.
Dr. Dobson: With your own children, mind you.

Kelly Shackelford: And the reason for that is, the whole purpose of this, is to demolish anybody who has different beliefs, who has religious beliefs. And so, they don’t want there to be religious freedom or freedom of conscience for people who disagree with their goals. So, that’s why, unlike almost any other legislation where you would see, “well we’re going to allow – we’re not going to tell religious groups that they have to follow things that are against their faith, or we’re not going to…” Those exemptions are not in this. There are no exemptions for you. Doesn’t matter where you go to church, what religious school you’re a part of, what your beliefs are with regard to your own children.

Dr. Dobson: Are there criminal penalties involved here?

Kelly Shackelford: Well, not criminal penalties, but there are penalties where you can be sued. And you can be sued and, and you know, subjected to not only the lawsuit, but the penalties from the lawsuit if you engage in this type of discrimination.

Dr. Dobson: Here’s another statement. “What will this bill mean for medical people,” you’ve already mentioned that, “who will be required to violate their own consciences in regard to all aspects of sexuality, including transgender surgery and hormone treatment, especially for women.” They’re going to be forced to do this.
Kelly Shackelford: They will. There’ll be no defense for them. No religious freedom defense. And again, not only did they not provide an exemption, but this law goes into the federal law for religious freedom, and specifically takes out the religious freedoms protection that are in those federal laws. It says that protection does not apply under the Equality Act. So, they not only didn’t provide an exemption, they went into the current federal law that provides religious freedom protection, and they wiped it out. They said, you can’t use it as a defense, as a protection, that you’re following your religious freedom.
Dr. Dobson: Yeah, I called it breathtaking. It really is. And the way the reach goes to just about every dimension of the culture. It’s aimed at Christianity.
Kelly Shackelford: You can think about this. Let’s say you have a Christian school. And now you have to allow people, whether they’re physically male or female, to be on the track team with whether they identify with.
Dr. Dobson: What’s that going to do to women’s sports?

Kelly Shackelford: It’s going to destroy women’s sports, right? And the privacy, you have to allow them into the showers, into the different locker rooms. And you know, we’ve seen the results of this already. I mean, there’s been sexual assaults in different states because of this, because we don’t have that natural protection. But this would go not just to public schools, which would be massive, when you think of all the public schools in the country, it would go to private schools as well. There’s no exemption because you’re a religious school, or religious organization.

Dr. Dobson: And this is not just the policy of the school. This is a federal law that will affect, for example, Christian schools and what they do with their locker rooms and bathrooms.
Kelly Shackelford: Exactly. It will tell them what their beliefs may be.
Dr. Dobson: Kelly, this makes me angry. I mean, I don’t want to be un-Christian about it, but it’s such an assault on what I believe and what I’ve stood for for all these years. That it creates a great opposition to it. And I do hope that our listeners are feeling the same thing, especially those who share our values.

Kelly Shackelford: Well, and that’s why I started out with the quote from this liberal law professor, because what we’d always thought in this country is, people can have different beliefs and we can all coexist. This is not an attempt to coexist. This is an attempt to use the power of federal law to crush anyone who has different beliefs on all these issues. And it’s the most extreme thing I’ve ever seen. And it would totally change our country. And really, it’s going to result in massive numbers of lawsuits if they do this, because that’s gonna be the only protection left, is to try to see if the constitution will protect people when the Congress wants to eviscerate their religious freedoms protections.

Without religious freedom, there’s incredible evil that occurs by the government, an abuse of its people. And it’s called our first freedom for a reason. The founders realized, you lose your religious freedom, you’ll lose all your freedom, your political freedom, your free speech, everything. And we can certainly see that in the type of legislation that’s trying to pass.
Dr. Dobson: It’s going to affect adoption and foster care.
Kelly Shackelford: Absolutely. Yeah. The lawsuits have already started before the federal law. If they pass this, it’ll just nationalize it. Where the major groups who are placing these children who need to be placed, like Catholic charities and a number of these major national groups, are being told they can’t place the children with just a mother and a father. That if they won’t place them with two men or two women or other arrangements, then the state will not allow them to participate, and they would rather these children go not being placed anywhere.
That’s how extreme this is of what they’re doing. That not only is bad in religious freedom, but it’s harming these children. So, if you’re a Christian organization and you want to place children with a mother and a father, the idea that you would be excluded from doing so when you’re providing most of the placements, because of some politically correct belief now about LGBT, shows that this is not about what’s best for the children, what’s best for the country. This is about trying to force people to agree with you.
Look, if you want to provide placements for other things, you go do that. But don’t tell the Baptist group that they have to violate their faith in where they place children. You need plenty of children placed with mothers and fathers. That should be something we should all be for. But the lawsuits have already started. There’s major lawsuits in Michigan, there’ve been legislation passed in a number of the states on this, but this would solve the issue completely in one direction. It would say nationally, “we’re going to exclude all you foster care and child placement groups, all you Christian groups across the country, you now can only operate in this industry if you’ll sign something violating your faith.” I mean, they’re going to have to shut down or they’re going to have to change their faith.

Dr. Dobson: You know Kelly, of all aspects of this that concern me, the attempt to control our children, the next generation, is at the top of the list. Here in Colorado it has recently been decided, and the legislature has voted and the governor has signed it, that children as young as nine are going to be taught transgender concepts. And where you talk to them about how transgender occurs, about surgery and hormones and things of that nature, and put into their mind. Their attempt is to control, absolutely control the next generation. You control that in the classroom, that is the nation in just a few years and parents are powerless to stop this. I just cannot understand why there isn’t an uprising in a state like Colorado and California and Massachusetts and other places, where this effort is made to take away from parents the authority to raise their own kids and to indoctrinate them with things that are contrary to their belief system.

Kelly Shackelford: Well, this Equality Act takes that, which is being done in a number of states, and makes it national. Every public school, every state. And so that’s why, the bad news is this equality act has passed the house. The good news is, it has not passed the Senate. And as you’re calling people to be responsible, to not be silent, they can do something. I mean, everybody has two senators in every state of this country, and this is now before the Senate. Majority leader McConnell has said he’s not planning to bring this up for a vote. But that doesn’t mean somebody can’t attach it to another bill. And so it’s very possible that your senators will be addressing this issue. And even long term you need to educate them and say, “here’s what I want you to do on this,” because this is going to be an issue that’s going to keep coming. And so, everybody can speak to their representative, their two US senators, and they can let their heart be known, and really their concern for religious freedom and what this would mean for the country, so, it’s not done yet.
It got through the house, but it still has to go through the Senate and even be signed by the president. And so, certainly in the short term, I think there’s a lot of hope to stop this, but it is definitely coming like a freight train and unless people speak up and speak common sense… Again, I started out reading you what a liberal law professor said about this. This is not something that is in the middle. This is an incredibly extreme piece of legislation that would strip away the religious freedoms, really of all Americans, and would create a lot of horrible situations where people were asked to violate their conscience or be punished by the federal government.
Dr. Dobson: Hey, let me speak personally, Kelly. There are a lot of people listening to us right now. I’m thankful for that audience, but there was a time when if I would come before the Focus on the Family audience, back then, with this kind of message, it would melt down the switchboard in the Congress or wherever the offense was occurring. Because we were heard on 7,000 stations. We’re heard on 1300 today. But I’m begging the people who are hearing this, there may be a half million of them, there may be more, to call your senator and let them know how you feel about this and how strongly you feel, and what you will do if they are not mindful of religious liberty and the constitutional rights that we have held down from the time of our founding fathers. We can’t let that go. We can’t walk away from it. We can’t close our eyes to it.

Our children are at stake, our marriages are at stake. Our country is at stake.

Kelly Shackelford: And it’s within our hands to do something. I mean, people, this is not a law. This is a bill that they’re trying to make a law, and it’s only through one third of the process, so it’s something people can speak out about. Look, I spend my entire career fighting for religious freedom. God forbid, if this passes, we’re going to be in court using the constitution, which protects religious freedom against these attempts to strip it away from Americans, but I’d rather not be there. I’ve got plenty of work already with cases all over the country.
This is something that Americans can stop before it starts, and so, I know that there’s information, if they don’t feel like they have enough information, hopefully they have just by what we’ve talked about. But I know Family Talk, First Liberty, we will provide information on our website so they can see that, but it’s really easy to call your two US senators and tell them on the Equality Act, where you stand.
Dr. Dobson: How do they reach you, Kelly?
Kelly Shackelford: Easiest way for us is just you spell out the words, and we’ll have right on the website a pop up that’ll provide the information on the Equality Act and how they can reach us if they have any questions.
Dr. Dobson: Kelly, you’re my brother. I appreciate you. Thank you for what you for and what you’re doing and I pray that we will get this message out to enough people to make a difference. You are a national treasure. Thank you for coming. I want you here tomorrow. Let’s hear the good side because there are some good things that are happening. God bless you friend.
Kelly Shackelford: You too.
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The Equality Act Transcript Part 2

Preserving Religious Freedoms: The Dangers of the Equality Act Part 2
Guest: Kelly Shackelford
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Announcer: Today, on Family Talk:
Roger Marsh: Well hello, everyone, and welcome to another edition of Family Talk. All of these daily broadcasts are a production of the James Dobson Family Institute. I’m Roger Marsh, with your host, best-selling author and well known child psychologist, Dr. James Dobson. Now, in just a moment, you’re going to hear the conclusion of Dr. Dobson’s conversation with Kelly Shackelford from First Liberty Institute. On our last broadcast, they looked at the devastating consequences of the proposed House bill called the Equality Act. Believe me, it is anything but about equality. This legislation would provide “fairness” to the LGBTQ community, but in doing so will violate our religious liberties. Be sure to visit today’s broadcast page at if you missed the first part of this conversation that we aired yesterday, and if you want more information about the bill, you’ll find it there as well. That’s, and then click onto the broadcast tab. Well, there’s a lot of content to get to today, so, let’s rejoin this conversation now. Here now is Dr. James Dobson on this special edition of Family Talk.
Dr. Dobson: Well thanks, Kelly, for being with us again today. You know, I think the program we did together yesterday was one of the most significant broadcasts of the year for us. It concerned the Equality Act of 2019, which has great implications, negative implications, for every dimension of culture. Why don’t we start with you just explaining quickly what that legislation will mean if it passes. We don’t have time to go over the whole thing again, but let’s at least let people know what it was that we spoke of with great passion yesterday.

Kelly Shackelford: The best summary I can give you is, it would eradicate religious freedom when it comes to sexual orientation, gender identity, transgenderism issues. Religious freedom could not be a defense, and it’s in all areas of life. This is a federal law that would cover every state and every area of state, from your employment, your being a medical professional, your being a parent, your parental rights, your privacy rights as a young girl. Even your Christian school or nonprofit: not exempt. There’s no exemption for religious freedom, no exemption for religious organizations. It would, again, as I quoted yesterday from a liberal law professor, said, it would crush religious freedom, which is exactly what it would do. So, it’s a very bad law. It has passed the House. It now will go to the Senate, and it’s something that really people need to speak up about because everybody in America should believe in religious freedom and the ability to disagree. This would take that away, and use the power of the federal government to do it.
Dr. Dobson: If the Equality Act passes, and by the way, that title is a misnomer, that’s not about equality, but if it passes in the Senate and is signed by the president, churches will be sued or lose their tax exempt status if they don’t accept LGBTQ behaviors. Just think of that. Churches will have this imposed on them. School children will be forced to learn how to engage in destructive transgender behavior. In California, it currently begins in kindergarten. Parents who oppose this bill will be charged with discrimination. Can you imagine having that happen to your family? Private colleges will lose their funding grants and scholarship. Public accommodations and small businesses will be forced to allow men in women’s bathrooms, and vice versa. Business owners will be forced to violate their freedoms of conscious, and on and on it goes. This outrageous bill passed in the House of Representatives by a vote of 236 to 173, with eight republicans voting with the democrats, and now it’ll go to the Senate. If the president does sign it, I wouldn’t expect him to, but if he does, it becomes the law of the land. This is outrageous stuff. Kelly, tell people who oppose this, how they can express their views.

Kelly Shackelford: People still have a chance to speak out. They can go to and get the information on it. They can go to Family Talk, get the information on it. Just communicate where you stand on this, that you’re for religious freedom. That this is a really horrible idea. Speak your mind. That’s the way our country is supposed to work. Now, I will say this though, Dr. Dobson, even if, God forbid, this thing passed, we still have the United States Constitution in this country and we can go into court and demand religious freedom under the constitution even if Congress decides to try to wipe it out through their own-
Dr. Dobson: But that’ll take years. [crosstalk]
Kelly Shackelford: … It will.
Dr. Dobson: By then, it’s established law. I mean, it may be overturned, but the damage to the culture is done.
Kelly Shackelford: We don’t want that to happen. But, I will say this. At the same time this horrible piece of legislation is moving, incredibly positive things are beginning to happen in the courts on religious freedom, including-
Dr. Dobson: That’s this program.
Kelly Shackelford: … Yes.
Dr. Dobson: Today I want to have you describe the other side, because there are some good things that are happening, too, and I want to hear about them.
Kelly Shackelford: Well, I’ll tell you, as a guy who’s been fighting for religious freedom for 30 years, I feel like I’m seeing things happening I never thought I would see in my lifetime. Advances for religious freedom. I’m going to say something. You’re going to think maybe it’s a little too bold, but I really do not believe it is. I think that everybody in this country is about to have more religious freedom than they’ve ever had in their lifetime.
Dr. Dobson: Despite the bill that just passed.
Kelly Shackelford: Because of the constitutional decisions that we are starting to effectuate. You might say why is that occurring? Part of which is because we’re putting all these great judges on the court. As we put these judges on the court who feel like it’s not their job to be a politician, it’s their job to follow the words of the constitution and what the founders wrote and what the founders did. Well, the founders believed in religious freedom. So, we’re now beginning to go back to the very foundation of this country and the religious freedom. I can give you a few examples, one of which is, we had coach Kennedy on this show, talking about the coach who got fired for saying a prayer all by himself after the football game, silent prayer, and the 9th Circuit, which is a very hostile circuit to religious freedom, ruled that prayers by coaches were not allowed in public if anyone could see them. That was their ruling. So, if a spectator can see them, they can’t pray. Well, we went to the Supreme Court. What happens at the Supreme Court, they get about 8,000 requests a year and they only take 80 cases, so 7,920 times they just say cert denied. Case over. We were sitting there and we got a cert denied and we went, “oh no, this is horrible.”
And then, somebody said, “Wait a second. Four of the justices have written a statement attached to the cert denial,” which is very unusual. In that, they said, “This is not over yet. You go back down to the trial court. We want a factual thing shorn up by the trial court.” They said, “But, we want to point something out. We found the 9th Circuit opinion below ‘very troubling’.” Very troubling, so they sent a very strong signal that when we come back up, that they’re planning to do something different. But then they did something that really sent shock waves throughout all the legal community. The last portion of this statement, they said, “By the way,” they were thinking about the free exercise clause. There is an opinion that’s 32 years old called the Smith case, which has decimated the ability to bring a free exercise claim. Almost everybody now, they’ll bring a free speech claim and they’ll argue it’s religious speech, because you can’t use the free exercise clause. They, in the last portion of this statement, out of nowhere, they said, “We noticed in this case that the free speech claim made it to us before the free exercise claim.” They said, “Maybe that’s because of this Smith decision that has cost so much damage to religious freedom.” They said, “But we haven’t been asked to review that decision yet.” A not too subtle invitation.
Dr. Dobson: That was authored by-
Kelly Shackelford: Supreme Court.
Dr. Dobson: … Supreme Court.
Kelly Shackelford: It was Kavanaugh, Alito, Clarence Thomas, and Gorsuch. And it only takes four to take a case. They were saying the 9th Circuit decision is troubling to us. We want you to go down, come back, and when you do we’re ready to restore free exercise of religion in this country. Really a shocking and very encouraging statement.
Dr. Dobson: Is that a harbinger of things to come? Is the court moving that much?
Kelly Shackelford: Obviously they are. They sent a strong signal. Everybody recognized it on the left, on the right. It became the talk. Because this is rare, what they did. They sent a signal. That was really an encouragement that I think we can look to and go the court’s changing because we have changed the members of the courts, and we’re putting a different kind of judge on the courts. Not a politician who wants to do what they think is right, but a judge who feels like it’s their job to submit themselves to the law, including the constitution, and what those words really say and mean.
Dr. Dobson: That is the most encouraging thing I’ve heard in years and I want you to put some more meat on those bones. Tell me what is happening with the court. How many new judges have been appointed during the Trump era?
Kelly Shackelford: Well, we’re already over 110. These are appointed for life. Lifetime appointments. There’s already another 130 seats in the process of being filled. What had happened in the first two years is, again, we’ve never seen a candidate run on this. Trump, as a candidate, ran on appointing the proper types of judges. He even had a list of who he’d pick his Supreme Court justices from. Nobody’s ever done that before. Because of that, he’s really followed through on this. Not that he’s picking all the judges, but he has put people in place to analyze and help him pick solid, proper, judicial philosophy judges who aren’t politicians. Who’re going to follow the law, follow the constitution, and do the right thing. But, all the lower court judges that they’re not seeing are the same. These are really solid, wonderful judges.
What had been happening in the first two years is they had been slowing everything down, the opposition to Trump and the republicans in the Senate, by requiring what’s called 20 hours of debate on every nominee, even if they didn’t have anything to say. They’re just clogging it up. Well, that rule, about a month or so ago, was changed. It’s now two hours, unless it’s a Supreme Court or high level. All these lower court are now two hours of debate. So the system is totally being unclogged and we’re moving through now five judges a week. Now, you think about that, because there’s only 130 slots. I mean, that doesn’t take very many weeks to completely turn all these courts and put all these great judges in that had been delayed. If we do that, just what’s in front of us right now, that’s almost a third of all the courts. These are lifetime appointments, and this is the youngest group ever appointed. Their average age appointed is 49 years old, and they’re appointed for life.
Dr. Dobson: There’s been no wavering by the president in the quality that’s‚Ķ [crosstalk]
Kelly Shackelford: No, they have been excellent. Now, we’ve had to fight here and there about a few that we thought were not good and that, but overall these are the best judges I’ve ever seen, because it’s not, “Hey, I helped you get elected president. My brother’s a lawyer, why don’t you appoint him?” You know, the old political system. It’s now no, no, no. We made a commitment when we were running for president to appoint these types of judges, so we’re going to get proper judicial philosophy, proper judges who are going to go with what the constitutions, what the statutes say and what they meant. It’s really incredible what we’re seeing. We were just at the Supreme Court, just in February, on the biggest religious liberty case of the term.
Dr. Dobson: You were included in that.
Kelly Shackelford: Yes, and I looked to my right and saw Justice Kavanaugh at one end, and to my left and saw Justice Gorsuch at the other and I couldn’t have been more thrilled because they were incredible during the oral argument. I mean, it’s clear they are supporters of religious freedom in the fullest and greatest way. This is the case, the Bladensburg Cross case, the veteran’s memorial that was put up. What happened is, it’s right outside of DC, so they eventually built roads there and the government took over the land because of the roads. And then comes along, years later, the American Humanist Association saying, “Hey wait, this memorial is a cross and it’s on government land. You can’t allow this. You have to tear it down.” We went up to the Federal Court of Appeals and I kid you not, Dr. Dobson, one of the judges said the following. Why don’t we just cut the arms off the cross, because that’ll take care of any offense and we won’t have to destroy the memorial.
Dr. Dobson: Unbelievable.
Kelly Shackelford: Needless to say, this was not a sympathetic court and they ruled two to one that after almost 100 years, this veteran’s memorial was now unconstitutional because it was a cross. It had the names of the 49 young men who died in that county, but it would literally have to be torn down. Well, we went to the Supreme Court, not only because of this memorial, but two miles away from this is Arlington National Cemetery. If they tear this down, they’ve got to go into Arlington and tear down the large free-standing crosses there. We knew this is so outrageous that we feel like the Supreme Court does not want to tear down these memorials and they would not want a decision doing that. So, instead of going for just the win for just this memorial, we said you know what? It’s time to stop all this.
We’ve got judges who want to follow the constitution and what the founders said, so we went for what you’d say is the grand slam. We said look, the only reason we’re here is not the constitution. The constitution doesn’t say anything like this. It’s because of this Lemon case from 50 years ago. The Lemon case is the one that ‚Ķ the establishment clause says government shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion. In other words, we don’t want the government establishing a national church and trying to coerce us to support some national church. But, in Lemon, they reinterpreted that and they said no, no. It means all these other things. Separation of church and state and whether people are offended and all these other things that it doesn’t say, but that’s led to attacks on nativity scenes and 10 commandments and veteran’s memorials and menorahs and all these things that the founders would’ve been appalled by.
Dr. Dobson: It all comes from that one case.
Kelly Shackelford: That one case. So, we said it’s time for Lemon to go. You’ve got to get rid of this. This is causing chaos, hostility to religion, and it’s not what the constitution says. This decision could come down any day. It’ll probably come down within the next 10 days from the time people hear this. It’s going to come down soon. Be praying. Watch, because it’s going to come down. We could be turning 50 years of hostile case law and turning a totally different direction into maybe 40 or 50 years of positive case law for religious freedom. It would literally change our culture in really positive ways, all because we would be going back to the constitution. What it says, what our founders did in this country. And that would really be all because we’re putting good judges in place that are wanting to follow the laws and the constitution. That’s why I say I really do believe we’re about to have more religious freedom than we’ve ever had in this country [crosstalk]
Dr. Dobson: You’ve been here many times, Kelly. You’ve never said that.
Kelly Shackelford: I never expected the opportunities that I’m seeing now. With the judges going into the court for long term, with coach Kennedy’s case and the free exercise statement from those four justices at the Supreme Court, and now with this case, we’ll have to wait and see what they do, but be watching for the Bladensburg Cross because this is not only about our veterans, which it is, it would be disgraceful to tear down our veteran’s memorials and to go into Arlington, but it’s about much bigger than that because if they get rid of this horrible Lemon case that has caused these problems, then it will begin to turn our government from being hostile to religion to where religious freedom will be appreciated and supported.
Dr. Dobson: Was that addressed in oral arguments?
Kelly Shackelford: It was. In fact, Justice Gorsuch referred to Lemon in the oral argument as “a dog’s breakfast”. He wasn’t too fond of it. Justice Kavanaugh said something very similar. Said that it’s been useless for, I don’t know, I think he said 25 years. The person probably considered the fifth vote on this, the chief justice, said, “If I was a district court judge, I would just throw up my hands. I’d have no idea what to do, this is such a mess.” So, it appeared in the oral argument that there were five votes.
Dr. Dobson: That’s no guarantee, though.
Kelly Shackelford: No, that can change. The more liberal members of the court were already began to petition the others, saying hey, we might be able to agree with you about this cross as long as you don’t do anything to Lemon. So, they’re already negotiating. My feeling is, I don’t want a 7-2 win. I want a 5-4 win, because I want them to stop what’s been happening for years that should not be these attacks on religion in public. The founders would be shocked by this.
Dr. Dobson: You and I are talking today about something that’s going to be news shortly.
Kelly Shackelford: That’s right.
Dr. Dobson: That people are not talking about, for the most part.
Kelly Shackelford: No. Everybody’s going to be talking about this probably very soon, but it’s something that most people don’t even realize is about to happen. That’s one of the benefits to listening to your show.
Dr. Dobson: Well, we need to be praying about that.
Kelly Shackelford: Absolutely. I encourage all of your listeners to be praying. This is big. This is about the future for our children and our grandchildren and the freedoms that they’re going to have in this country. I really am very encouraged. I don’t know whether we’re going to get 100% to where we want to go with this decision. I would suspect no. But I have no doubt I think we’re going at least 10%, 20%, 30%, 50%. I know we’re turning the ship and we’re going in a different direction that’s a pro religious freedom direction. That’s the encouraging news. Especially when you see these attacks, like the Equality Act. The constitution trumps the Equality Act. If we’re able to get strong religious freedom protections, we’ll at least have something to fight back with and somewhat of a bulwark, but it really is encouraging to see opportunities we’ve never seen and movement we’ve never seen in the right direction.
Dr. Dobson: Kelly, we’ve already said that there are no guarantees when it comes to the court, or certainly the Supreme Court, and we’re pretty excited about this. What happens if we lose?
Kelly Shackelford: Well, if in this Bladensburg Cross case they were to rule “Yes, this is now unconstitutional, you’ve got to tear down this cross, this memorial that’s been up for almost 100 years,” it would be horrific, the results from that. They would almost assuredly go into Arlington Cemetery next. They would go after the large free-standing crosses there. But really, it would begin a religious cleansing across the country that I don’t even think we could imagine. Every community of every state in this country has religious symbols. They have these cemeteries, they have these displays, and they would now all have targets on them. So, pray that that doesn’t happen. I feel confident that it won’t because of the way the argument went, but you never know. It’s out of our control. It’s in the hand of the justices. If they were to strike down this veteran’s memorial that’s been up 100 years, it would start something really dark. On the other side, if they uphold it and they say we’re not allowing these types of attacks and they begin to move the other direction of Lemon, it’s the difference between darkness and light and moving in the right direction for the future of our country.
Dr. Dobson: Well, Kelly, we’re almost out of time, but I must ask you the question for the hour. What are the implications of 2020? And you can’t get too political about that because we’re a 501(c)(3) and we have to stay within those boundaries, but all that you’ve been talking about kind of depends on the direction the country’s going doesn’t it?
Kelly Shackelford: Yeah, I think it creates some pretty stark choices for people in a lot of issues, but when we’re talking about religious freedom, and especially the judges, there’s a real difference. You know exactly what the current president is doing with regard to judges and whether you want those types of justices on the Supreme Court, whether you want hundreds of more of those federal judges at the lower courts. And then also in religious freedom. There have been numerous activities with the current president with regard to religious freedom. Again, do you like that or do you like the approach under Obama or under another candidate? I think it provides some pretty clear choices when it comes to judges and religious freedom as to what approach the candidate or the current president would have.
Dr. Dobson: Our time’s gone, Kelly. I’ve been talking to Kelly Shackelford, the president of First Liberty Institute. Thank you for all the good things that you do. I said last time that you’re my brother. I appreciate you more than you know. Thanks so much for being with us.
Kelly Shackelford: Thank you, Dr. Dobson.
Roger Marsh: I’m Roger Marsh, and I hope you’ve enjoyed these enlightening broadcasts the past couple of days here on Family Talk. The Equality Act is a dangerous piece of legislation that we must vehemently oppose. However, it is good to hear the significant victories that we have been seeing on the religious front recently, so I urge you to get informed and get involved in policies that could directly impact your family. Visit today’s broadcast page for a link to yesterday’s program as well as more information about this bill. There, you will also find out about First Liberty and their call to defend religious freedoms across the nation. Discover that and much more when you visit and then click onto the broadcast tab. We also urge you to call our offices and request a copy of this timely broadcast. Our number is 877-732-6825. By the way, when you call us, you can also leave a comment or a broadcast suggestion on our listener feedback line when you select option number three. Now, we love hearing from you, so remember that number. 877-732-6825. As we close, I strongly urge you to listen to Family Talk over the next three days. We’re going to be memorializing the 75th anniversary of D-Day and honor those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. You will not want to miss these powerful programs airing the rest of this week, right here on Family Talk. I’m Roger Marsh. Have a blessed day.
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The Equality Act Transcript Part 1

Just before Israel crossed over the Jordan they were plagued by the Baal Peor incident. Now at the close of this 6th Millennial Day in this final Jubilee CYcle, Israel once again is clogged and caught up in the worship of sex in any hole they can find and it does not matter the age. Many died as a result of that curse. Many are now about to die only the magnitude of the numbers will be increased.

No nation could touch Israel because no sin could be found in them. Balaam could not curse them due to their righteousness. Sin has now been found in the leading nation of Israel and just as Balaam said now Yehovah Himself will act and destroy Israel, the USA and UK along with the State of Israel.



  1. Henry G Mate

    Very informative indeed.

    • Henry G Mate

      Its shocking to get a glimpse of what is to befall Israelite nations .
      Still saddened by the clamour by human rights movement LGBT in my country.
      It has been illegal people of the same gender to cohabite in Kenya since 1897.
      LGBT Kenyans’ Patience Has Gone Unrewarded
      The Kenyan High Court has delayed deciding on decriminalizing homosexuality.
      Kenyan LGBT activists attend a court hearing in Nairobi on Feb. 20. (Simon Maina/AFP/Getty Images)
      Kenyan LGBT activists attend a court hearing in Nairobi on Feb. 20.
      Kenya’s High Court on Friday postponed a much-awaited decision on a colonial-era law that has long deprived one group of Kenyans of uhuru, or freedom, promising to revisit the issue in May. Criminalization of gay sex remains on the books.
      Disappointment reigned among Kenya’s LGBT communities and the human rights advocates who have supported their crusade for equality. The petition challenging the constitutionality of Kenya’s anti-homosexuality laws was filed in 2016, but activists have been planning for this moment for a decade. They built up to it by documenting human rights violations against LGBT Kenyans; galvanizing public debate; conducting targeted outreach to groups including the police, the media, and religious leaders; and filing other constitutional challenges on LGBT-related issues to develop precedent.
      Their work may yet pay off. But the moment of relief has yet to come. Kenya‚Äôs High Court was asked to find sections 162 and 165 of the penal code, which punish ‚Äúcarnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúindecent practices between males‚ÄĚ with 14 years and five years in prison, respectively, to violate constitutional rights to equality, nondiscrimination, human dignity, security, privacy, and health.
      The judges said they had been unable to finish working through the many pages of submissions from both sides, with one judge, Chacha Mwita, telling the packed-to-the-brim courtroom, ‚ÄúThe files are above my height. ‚Ķ We are still working.‚ÄĚ
      Joe,I fully now understand why you told Nehemiah Gordon in the interview things are going to be so bad for the Israelite nations soon.

  2. Anonymous

    The Equality Act that was passed by the House of Congress is typical of the left trying to silence the conservative right. In the run-up to the 2012 election, the IRS was caught targeting Conservative groups.
    The IRS began targeting organizations with such words as ‚ÄúTea Party‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúpatriots‚ÄĚ when they applied to the agency for tax-exempt status starting in 2010.
    Republicans claimed the targeting of conservative groups showed political bias in the IRS under former Democratic President Barack Obama. House Republican investigators found no connection to the Obama administration, according to a 2014 report.
    But the report did blame IRS officials for mistreating conservative organizations who sought tax-exempt status and that IRS officials covered up the misconduct and misled Congress.
    What we are seeing with the Equality Act and the Hate Crime Laws being passed that the conservative or those who are grounded on biblical foundations are the ones having their freedom of speech eliminated and their ability to speak out against such abominations, stymied at every opportunity.
    You are only free to speak if you agree with the LGBT voice. You are only free to voice your views if you agree with women’s rights or Pro-Choice.
    You see it on FaceBook and Youtube and Google and the severe bias they apply to Christian groups and to historical events which are now denied under the guise of hate crime prevention.
    In our introduction to our News Letter The Silencing of the Lambs I said this
    “There is a huge polarization taking place in USA politics. It has been going on since Donald Trump won the election for Presidency in 2016. It actually began during President Obama‚Äôs tenure but was so subtle it was not really noticed just how much things had changed until President Trump took office.
    Former President Barack Obama positioned himself as a champion of secularism. His administration tried to silence Christian Army chaplains and force Christian employers to pay for their employees’ abortions. I had failed to see the pattern being set up as it was taking place. I can see it clearly now.
    During the 2018 U.S. midterm election, 75 per cent of white evangelical voters cast a ballot for the Republican Party. An analysis of exit poll data indicates that 70 per cent of Republican voters are evangelical Protestants or conservative Catholics. You are going to see in this newsletter how this is going to play out below.
    It was easier to keep religion and politics separate when America was predominantly a Protestant nation concerned about protecting individual rights. But now that the Republican Party is seen as representing ‚ÄúChristian America‚ÄĚ and the Democratic Party is seen as representing ‚Äúsecular America,‚ÄĚ battles over religious freedom and other cultural issues are becoming heated. ‚ÄúSecular America‚ÄĚ is representative of women‚Äôs rights, LGBTQ rights, Athiest Rights and Islamic rights.
    Also, note that the margin of difference between the winner and loser in the last election was extremely tight. It could have gone either way. The next election which has already begun and will be finalized by November 2020, could just as easily be won by those who are not Christian. And it is the Democratic party today promoting the Islamic rights and appeasing Islam in order to gain their vote.:

  3. Rick

    Informative article. First off, you seem to be obsessed with calendars and dates. God’s way of life is not about that which has nothing to do with salvation.
    Second, Disney has been part of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines for many years.
    We are fast approaching the end of man’s rule on this earth. National and world conditions are going to get much worse. Why do you think Jesus stated that the whole world will hate His true followers and disciples who follow His example and not that of Churchianity? It is only a matter of time before Almighty God begins to powerfully intervene into the affairs of man with the severe punishments for our world’s mountain of sins.

    • Joseph F. Dumond

      Shabbat Shalom Rick, we do not allow nor teach conspiratorial teachings to which you are referring to in your second comment. So I have removed it.
      We may seem to be obsessed about calendars because they show us the days we are to meet with Yehovah. They show us the days He acted in the past and the days He will act in the future. Why would anyone want to miss any of those days by being ignorant of them? I would encourage you to drop your conspiracy teachings and begin to learn about Yehovah and His plan of Salvation which is only revealed through those Days which He said He wanted to meet with us on.

  4. Steven Smith

    Greetings family,
    I been studying the charts a lot this last week so I found it interesting what was shared this week in the article.
    I have a younger cousin who is presantly taking hormones to change from a woman into a man. Amanda now asks us to call her Adam and is presently involved with another woman.. Most my counsins are traditional christain’s for most part but know the difference from what I follow and what they do because I have tried for years to warn them all what is coming and why. You know how it goes though. Family not always want hear something from another family member. Especially if it correction so I think they see me as how society would have us all look like; ” A biggot ” I always try to hate the sin and not the sinner and I’ve none the less made an attemt to sit with them at family get togethers when I am invited.Which is not often seeing the uncomfortable feeling I seem to cause when I am invited.
    I am very scared for my country. We already over run with migrants and at least in my town pride rainbow colors painted at every crossing in the main drags of the shopping area and other places people gather like library and other such places. Makes me very sad to know how such a beautiful country can fall so far into a pit of darkness. I do love it here in Canada. Especially the eastern coast provinces so I am particullly sad because I always hoped to die in Nova Scotia which certainly still could happen but I prefer to live a little longer than a few more years. Anything longer than a few years is going to be very unpleasent here in C anada. I have no doubt there been curses a plenty put into play that nothing can stop other than repentance of our countries leadership and a national fast of repentance. Which is unlikely to happen. I suspect the Consersatives will use some of this to get into power next election. Guess we will see soon.
    I also remember sitting around the tv watching the Wonderful World of Disney every sunday night around 7pm. There wasn’t much more on seeing I lived in rural Nova Scotia. Two or 3 channels at best but we were content to have them. These days
    the 500 different channels not enough for most people. We living in a time of never being thankful for all the greatr blessings we have been given. To bad we also seeing it all being taken away slowly. It so hard to think about all the death that is really just around the corner.
    I be praying for all the brethren in whatever they need to find they’re way through all these things and for you all to be given what ever you need to get this message out where ever you may all be in your calling or understanding. May Yehovah bless everyone of you with understanding and protection for you and your whole famiies. Love to you all from NS., Canada. Have a blessed week!!!
    Shabbat Shalom brethren

  5. Wilson

    Shabbat Shalom brother Joseph, great informative newsletter, as usual, thanks. I was able to watch and talk about the issues in the video with my family. it was helpful in putting some of what has happened with the ‘covenant of death’ into perspective of today’s current political situation and showing how it all ties back to pagan rituals that our forefathers got messed up with.
    On another note, I have been trying to watch your videos on your website, especially those that will help fill in holes in my understanding of your overall teachings. Today I was trying to watch ‘the prophecies of Abraham’. I got the message ‘video not available’. Is there somewhere else I can see it? My most sincere thanks to you!

    • Joseph F. Dumond

      The PRophecies of Abraham video was done after I was up for most of the night. After I reviewed it before publishing it I saw just how many errors I spoke even though my notes said otherwise. It would cause many to be confused and so we never released it nor have we redone it.