Review of News Letters in preparation of the Sword

Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: May 31, 2008
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Sighted Moon News Letter 5844-009
25th day of the Second month 5844 Years After Creation
35th day of the Counting of the Omer

May 31, 2008


Shabbat Shalom Brethren and Family,

These past few weeks have been very taxing. Working to get the planting done, then working to protect the plants from the frost at night. My wife has been confined to bed after her operation last week and is better now. And I have been working out of town. When I am home my job is such that I am up at 4 and on the road by 5 and then home by 7:30. I do what chores need to be done around the house when I get home and sit down to answer your questions and write the News Letter.

The Radio interview I wrote you about, was cancelled one hour before the show. Satan is still at work. During this time a number of other attacks happened and I had to consider why I am doing this. Why am I sending out this news letter.

This is why I am so late this week in sending it out. I had to consider my motives.
Samuel 8 came to mind. Yahweh said it was not you they are rejecting but they have rejected me. And Ezekiel’s warning about the watchman doing his duty, still rings in the back of my head.

Each time I receive these rebukes and insults, I do take them personally and I do check to see if it is me that is at fault or wrong.

Having done so I can and must send out these News Letters until I have explained the Jubilee message in detail so you all can understand. Once I have done this, I may decide to stop.

This week a brother from the Mormon congregations wrote to share with me what his church teaches about having a food storage supply ready in case of emergency. Here are the links to purchase a supply of storable food.,11677,1706-1,00.html

As well also teaches that we should have a supply of food on hand. Again on the news this weeks is the story of how food is increasing in cost and the poor of the world can not afford to buy it. When they only make a dollar a day, and the cost of food doubles they are forced out of the market.

As you are now aware, the interview on was cancelled just one hour before the show was to air. Dan Catlin was told about my teaching that the Messiah was stoned to death on a tree. I am not sure how he found this out. This has been one of the two issues that those who hate this message of the Jubilee use to object to it.

Brethren, evil flourishes when good people do nothing. I know from the e-mails I have received from you that many of you are moved by the things I am teaching. Things that you can prove right out of the bible. Things many of you have already proven.

Brethren I am not doing this for my own glory, or to create a name for myself. I do this in hopes that my Family and friends will hear this warning message about those things we have already discussed. The coming Famine and Pestilence and then the coming war which we are about to show you, and then the coming captivity which many in the Messianic community do not seem to understand.

Messiahs Branch called me. I did not call them. Many of you have talents that you are sitting on. All of you were given so many talents. Some were given ten and others five and many just one. Some of you are doing a work, and have doubled your talents that were given to you. Then there are others who are just going through the motions and sit in the pew at church each week, then go home. And that is all.

Time is fast slipping by. In two years time the seven year period for Pestilence will begin. In nine years time the period of the sword begins. What are you waiting for?

Radio stations like Messiahs Branch and others that you all know of, need to hear about the Jubilee message. So they can share it with their audiences. You can help. The question is will you? I do not need to tell you what to do. You know what talents you were given. Start to use them.

Another brother sent this article to me. I found it extraordinary. I had never realized the meaning of what was going on before the flood as this article indicates. And shows how we are now in the same type of world opinion. Same Sex Marriage & The End of the World:

Again this week on the news were the Tornadoes that went through the mid west. Half a town was destroyed in moments in Idaho. We are now over 1000 tornadoes and over 100 killed for 2008. A new record number of destructive storms. But many who were on the news said it was just normal at this time of year.

The frog in the water does not know they are being cooked. You are that frog. Get out of the water and start to obey Yahweh. If people were to start to do just that then all these tornadoes would be stopped. It is that simple.

To the many new readers welcome. You are about to begin to read biblical prophecy, that is going to cause you to think in a way that you have not done since you first learned the truth about the scriptures. Do you remember how excited you were then.

At this site of, I am not giving anything away for free with a donation of just 35 dollars. Not at all. Everything on this site is free to copy or download. The only copy right I have is that you copy it right.

There are no other strings. One brother said to me this week how much he admired me for taking this stand and not peddling Yahweh’s word, as some do. There are many who can not afford to buy these things that Yahweh has revealed to some. To then go and sell that information, just does not seem right. So it is all here and is free.

Because there has been so many new readers, (over 3200 and we are now getting almost 15,000 hits a month to the web site), we need to review some key points, and I hope that you all will go and review these News Letters. They may not have made complete sense at the time but we are about to bring them all together in this series.

This winter we studied many different subjects to show you exactly where the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel went after they went into captivity. We used many different sources so you could understand that there is a great deal of information available to you if you would only do some of the research.

The articles we shared with you are;

After we had looked at these subjects we moved on into the Beast and covered this subject from the time of Nimrod which led up to Daniel. They can be read a;

It is crucial that you know who these two players are in Prophecy in order to understand what Yahweh is showing you. You need to know and understand that England and her commonwealth of nations, and The USA are Ephraim and Manassah in Biblical prophecy. It is to them that these curses, we are now showing, apply.

The other piece of information that is crucial to understanding the prophecies is that the Beast power has been in existence since the time Nimrod came to power. And this power throughout history has been in opposition to Israel. It is as if Satan is using this group of people to exterminate the Israelite people. And it is Michael who stands for Israel. We will have more to say on this in a future study.

These are the people who will be used as the sword of Yahweh to attack Israel in these last days.

At the end of this series of News Letters I went on the Speaking tour. During this time I received an important letter from a Brother Carl in Germany. He found the things I was saying extremely interesting. He then went on to write a short article on the current Germany. I want to share that letter at this time.


The Occult Roots of National Socialism

The past 63 years after the death of Adolf Hitler didn’t diminish the actuality of dealing with “Nationalsozialismus” the Nazis. Remember the re-ignition of the Neo-Nazi’s during the past decade. This did not only happen in Germany alone, but in several countries, namely Russia. In 1992 the publication of Goebbel’s diaries had broad covering in the media, as well as the Spielberg movie “Schindler’s List”. There is wide public interest in these topics.

To write about Adolf Hitler means in Germany to carry water into the Rhine River. No figure of the 20th century has given so many interpretations as to him – while alive or after his death. That’s why it seems almost impossible to come to an objective view to understand the phenomena Hitler and the following rise of National Socialism.

One of the possible aspects is occultism. What is true about these speculative claims many authors have addressed in this field? What was the influence of occult people on Hitler?
Before we look into this question, it is necessary to address the name of the Nazi leader. His real family name used to be Schicklgruber. Hitler was the child of Alois Schicklgruber and his wife Klara Pölzl, his father’s 3rd marriage. Alois Schicklgruber himself was an illegit me child of his mother Anna Maria Schicklgruber. Alois Schicklgruber (Hitler’s father) had his name changed with official recognition in 1876, to Hitler. So far, this is all public on records and historical facts. Why did Adolf Hitler’s father then change his own family name? This was quite unusual then. The name Schicklgruber itself has no negative meaning and therefore, the reason must have been another.

To have or be an illegitimate child was indeed quite a hard social fate in those days of the first half of the 19th century in Vienna, Austria. So Adolf Hitler’s grandmother at the age of 42 received Alois Schicklgruber in 1837. She used to work as a maid in a very posh villa in Vienna. This was the Vienna residence of an affluent German Jewish family from Frankfurt. The house was occupied by the husband, while his wife stayed in Frankfurt. The reason was that her husband had a reputation of chasing women often and she would not want to live with him under the same roof. This had also happened according to various unofficial German reports to Adolf Hitler’s paternal grandmother. She then left Vienna and went to the area of Braunau. 30 years after his mother had passed away, Hitler’s father later had his name changed on occasion of a larger inheritance. He brought witnesses that confirmed to the local Catholic priest that his official “father” was Johann Georg Hiedler who had deceased years ago and his brother Johann Nepomuck Hiedler also testified this. So the priest changed on Alois™ birth record the illegitimate state into legitimate. From now on, his name was Hitler – little different from “Hiedler”.

Interesting is that there are no records found any more about the life of Hitler’s grandmother. The solution is easy. When in power, Hitler sent his secret service and police to Austria in order to clean this matter up completely in a bloody way. Any record was taken away and was destroyed or put into hidden archives, most of those who knew about it were then murdered. This was a top secret action, yet, some traces have survived and there are unpublished articles about it that circulate amongst Germans who have interest to know the truth about the past. Always remember, there was no truthful public information from 1933-1945, then from 1945- 1989 in the East, only the Soviet approved lines of publications were openly available, while in West Germany the western allies dominated the scene, yet to a lesser degree. In any event, there are many smokescreens over and about the Nazis, some of them self made, while some of these were made by those who have not yet been recognized as helpers or collaborators or conspirators. You have to keep this in mind when trying to solve any of the riddles where the occult or satanic scene is involved. They use many scapegoats and deliberately lead on false tracks, cover up some things at any cost. Judge for yourself, if a personal reason for Adolf Hitler to ignite the Holocaust, could have been the seduction of his paternal grandmother. A very strong support for this was his order to send secret service and police to Austria and clear up all the traces with bloodshed.


The German Occult Scene in the 19th and early 20th Century

Do you remember having seen pictures of historical figures like Karl Marx or Friedrich Engels and the like? These and a row of likeminded had one common feature: Their bushy long hair and beards. Unkempt is probably the right word to describe their outward appearance, even though they wore suits and ties. Many people may think that was the fashion of their age that people just had such long hair. Not true. Their contemporaries may have had moustaches and sometimes also a bit longer hair than today’s military officers. So what was the reason for their outward appearance?

Let’s look at Karl Marx. He was the child of an affluent Jewish family, born in the city of Trier in Germany, situated close to the border with France. We are all aware about his works that forced him to leave Germany as the authorities disliked his teachings, so he went to France and to England to proceed with his writings and agitations against the family, against the social order and calls for revolution.

It was not Germany, nor France or England that responded to his calls, but in the early 20th century Russia used Marx’s works to revolt and forcefully changed the Tsarist system into a communist place by force. Others followed: China, Eastern Europe, as well as some African and Latin American countries. The teachings of Marx and his close ally Engels had quite worldwide impact after their own deaths. So much for the political inspirations of these people. What happened to the people in those countries? Were they really better off? Today we can clearly doubt that and many reports from all these countries show that people there suffered persecution and material loss, loss even of their limited freedoms they had before the Marxist revolutions happened.

But they did not lose only these freedoms, but also their religious freedom. Due to the Marxist teaching there was and is no God or god, and that this concept has only been used by the ruling classes to suppress the people. True liberation was to get rid of the family structure and of any supreme being. The people had to be re-educated; this happened according to the new leaders’ Marxist inspired ideas and tens of millions lost their lives in Soviet Gulags or during the “Great Cultural Revolution” when Mao Zedong had all his young Red Guards mobilized to forcefully re-educate their own parents and their teachers. This happened after a series of failed great leaps forward in China – all turned out to be economic disasters, leading to starvation of millions.

“Now, what has this to do with the occult roots of National Socialism?” you may ask. A lot. I will show you the connections a bit later in this article. First, we have to complete our survey on Karl Marx in order to understand the connections and the choice of a whole nation in the 20th century that led to another disaster for most parts of the planet.

Young Karl Marx at age of 19 wrote this composition as his final exam for “Abitur”, the German maturity test at the end of grade 13 that allows study at college or university if completed satisfactory. He wrote: “Thus, the unification with Christ from the innermost and most lively fellowship with Him consists in this: that we are immersed by the love of Christ that we turn our heart at the same time to our brethren for whom He has also sacrificed Himself.” (Marx und Engels, Ges. Werke Teil I, Intern. Publishers, New York 1974). This excerpt from Marx’s essay clearly states that he had once been a believer in Christ. His writings clearly state this.

The turn came, soon. As a student at the university, long before Moses Hess convinced him to become a follower of socialism in 1841, he wrote completely different essays, here is an excerpts: „Ich möchte mich an dem Einen rächen, der dort oben herrscht.” (I want to take revenge against the One who rules up there.) He was convinced that there is God, yet he was on warring terms with Him. In his little known drama “Oulanem”, Marx wrote during his student years clear curses on humanity. His Christian essay and this outright satanic drama have never been published in former Soviet Union or in China, even though his works have been printed there in many editions with millions of copies for the “education of the masses”. This drama clearly identifies his greatest wish to cause damage to the “One above” by misleading multitudes into darkness. The title itself is actually not a German word but an anagram of the sort that is liked in satanic circles. These anagrams are either written backward or syllable by syllable backwards. His title is actually Emmanuel (or Immanuel). Such twisted names are being held effective in Satanist circles.

Who speaks from this drama of Marx? Who has for his dream of life the vision to lead humanity to towards the abyss of darkness (like the Biblical expression of utter darkness = hell) that he himself nurtures and laughs himself when he follows those that he leads to faithlessness? This ideal isn’t proclaimed anywhere in the world, except in the highest rites of the satanic community. I don’t want to go deeper into this. If you want to, look it up in (Dietz Verlag Berlin, 1975, Abteilung I, Band 1, Seiten 640 641, 651, 655, 660 661). For details you may also refer to Pastor Richard Wurmbrand’s book “War Karl Marx ein Satanist?” (Was Karl Marx a Satanist?). Karl Marx’s daughter Eleonor wrote a book titled “Der Mohr und der General, Erinnerungen an Marx und Engels” (Dietz, Berlin 1964). She reports in this account that Marx told her and her sister many stories when they were still young. A story with Hans Roeckle was her favorite. “This story went on for many months and had no end” Despite himself being a diviner, he was always having no money. So he constantly had to sell all his dearest belongings to the devil. Some of these adventures were so gruesome that we were frightened stiff.

Marx died March 14, 1883 in London and was buried on the Highgate cemetery. Up until the late 1980-ies, Soviet, East German, Chinese, Vietnamese, Czech and other country’s officials went there to pay him homage.

In his life, Marx had become a sworn enemy of all gods, a man who had sold his sword to the prince of darkness. It was his declared goal to draw all of humanity into the abyss and to follow them with a smile. – And anyone who knows history is aware that this demonic curse had millions of human victims in numerous nations, led by leaders with impaired sight.


The occult scene in pre Nazi Germany

There were other such unkempt men like Marx in Germany during and after his day. Some of the prominent and for the Nazi time influencing ones were Guido von List, Friedrich Wannieck, Friedrich Oskar Wanniek, Blasius von Schema, Philipp Stauff, Karl Maria Wiligut, and Berhard Koerner. These people often had a similar outward appearance. You can probably guess that this appearance was a sign for their like-mindedness. This was surely not political like-mindedness, but spiritual. They signaled their spiritual common likeness by their outward appearance.

One important source of spiritual influence for these men was Madame Blavatsky, born Helena von Hahn, a daughter of a German officer in the Russian army and a Russian mother of aristocratic background, did a lot of travels at young age with her family. Like a sponge, she sucked up the ideas of tartaric shamanism, Buddhism, Russian orthodox Christianity, and the old popular beliefs of werewolves in her youth and mixed this up into a new form of spirituality, enhanced by spiritistic experiences in Egypt and other places. From this, Blavatsky developed theosophy. Her thought had quite a lot of influence on the German occultists at the end of the 19th century.

By the time before and after WWI, German occultists engaged into neo-Germanic cults. One of their common studies and practices were the runes, namely the Armanen Futharkh. List put powerful emphasis on Wotanism (Odinism or Irminenschaft), utilized as a reconstructed heathenry. This is practiced in esoteric or occult circles until today in different countries in differing forms. Armanentum is closely related to Ariosophy. Armanentum consist of various ancient Germanic sources. However, this is doubtful and has been criticized, as some claim that these roots do not exist in the form presented. Yet it represents a magical esoteric system with various sources. The system of Armanentum does not promote any particular political system. Yet, the most infamous users of runes were the Nazi Schutzstaffel – the SS. Most of the SS officers did not use the Armanen Futharkh but preferred, under the approval of Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler the rune row developed by Karl Maria Wiligut. Himmler in turn, sent many of the Armanists into concentration camps. One of the most prominent was Siegfried Adolf Kummer.

The influence of the above named esoteric and occult people left more than traces on the Thule Gesellschaft (Thule Society) named after the mystic Nordic island Thule, an occult racist secret society, formed by Rudolf von Sebottendorf during the end of WWI by in Munich. It was a smokescreen organization around the older Germanenorden (German Order). Their outward appearance was instituted for the public under the cloak of “Study Group for Germanic Antiquity”. It never had more than several hundred members. Yet, most of them were affluent and influential people. Some historians attribute this society with being a racist, especially anti-Semitic organization.

Nevertheless, the Thule Gesellschaft had very significant influence; Guido von List’s Ariosophy largely shaped their thought and gist. Alfred Rosenberg built on the Thule Gesellschaft and later developed the Nazi ideology as the chef ideologist of Hitler’s NSDAP. Since the period from its foundation, the emblem of the Thule Gesellschaft was the swastika with an aura behind a dagger. The swastika was known worldwide, yet it had no affiliation to any specific religion and was therefore free for own interpretations.

Another figure was Karl Maria Wiligut. Since 1908, he had good relations with Ordo Novi Templi (New Templer Order), founded by Lanz von Liebenfels. He emigrated from Austria to Germany in 1932 and since was author of the periodical “Hagal”. He came into touch with Himmler at this time. He joined the SS in 1933 under the cover name “Weisthor”, Weis meaning illuminated and Thor referring to the Nordic god of thunder. In 1934, he had the rank of general lieutenant and was assigned head of the department of early history in the ministry of race and settlement. He was Himmler counselor in questions related to world view. Both had a deep interest in occult, esoteric and mythological topics. He designed the SS ring with the skull symbol, researched the runes and claimed to be a clairvoyant. He also counseled Himmler in astrological topics and soon had the nickname of “Himmler’s Rasputin”.

For reasons of deception as well as abuse of alcohol and narcotics he was forced in 1939 to leave the SS. At this time it became known that Wiligut had spent the time from 1924 to 1927 in a psychiatric warden from where he had escaped. This former officer of the Austrian-Hungarian army died in 1946 in Germany.

Today, his teachings have influence amongst esoteric circles of the Neo-Nazi scene, followers of Darkfolk, NSBM and Neopaganism. Since 1990 these writings have again increased circulation.
What came out from these occult roots related to the Nazi period became obvious to the world latest at the end of WWII. The period of the Nazis in power in Germany lasted only 12 years. Millions and millions died. The Holocaust happened.

The outcome of the curse, Karl Marx spelled upon the people was terrible as well. Millions and millions died under the regimes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Pol Pot, just to mention the most prominent. Many went into the abyss, spiritually.

Both these tragic developments relate to the same roots: the adversary. Both have been researched to some degree. Both had been kept completely secret from the people concerned by their respective rulers.
This is nothing new, as there is nothing new under the sun.

Deuteronomy 32:17 says: They sacrificed to devils, not to God; to gods whom they knew not, to new ones newly come up, whom your fathers did not fear. And in 2nd Chronicles 11:15 it says this: And he ordained priests for himself for the high places, and for the devils, and for the calves which he had made. The outcome and final consequences of the latter one is well known to those who love Abba and understand the scriptures.


How was dealt with these occult roots?

The people who shaped German national socialism in the 19th and early 20th centuries spiritually were straightforward satanic. This is not only obvious by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke’s book “The Occult Roots of Nazis”, but by many other sources. The few leaders from the church who actually saw this and did something about it during Nazi time mostly perished in some concentration camps or was right away sentenced to death or silenced by other sophisticated cruel means.

The process of “Entnazifizierung” (de-nazifying) after WWII in West Germany was like this: Get the big war criminals and bring them to court (Nuremberg tribunals), these were condemned mainly to death. Some others were hunted down in South America by the Israelis, tried and executed.
Yet the victors decided to use the minor offenders for their scheme to build up a working democratic state – there was a lack of qualified administrators for public offices. So, many of them slipped through the net. Only when crimes were known, some were tried and punished. On another level, the personal level, the best word to describe the process was silence. No specific questions and no personal accounts. Common place responses were: You know it was a terrible and hard time. This did not only happen in Germany but in all the countries that had their people involved in Holocaust and the like crimes against humanity, or by withholding help against better understanding due to fear of retaliations.

The result was a small group of Nazis who held up the ideology for decades and did not find followers of their course except for very few. The change came in 1989 with German reunification. The old Nazis found prey with the unemployed youth in East Germany, building up the new Neo-Nazi groups.

These groups are small but not totally insignificant as they won seats in some of the East German states’ governments. Someone has to support them financially. They exist and their spirit survived.

They cannot proclaim their real intents as that would be strictly against existing laws. So they keep their secrets for themselves and only orally relate the contents to others.

You probably know from Lenin and Hitler that it needs only about 4% of the population of a country to be able to change the whole political course of a nation with manipulation and deception.

The answer to a spiritual problem can only be a spiritual one. The situation that led Marx to what he did was not a political, but a spiritual decision of one highly gifted man. He made his choice and led millions and millions into the abyss – the outer darkness.

What about the Nazis? Also here, a very small group of people influenced by occult ideas and practices led millions and millions to perish.
Where is effective leadership in this world to prevent these developments to happen in the same form or another? Today the focus is on the Middle East and Israel. Who has eyes to see what happens there. Who will listen to the perfect instructions given to almost every nation by the precious Word of God Almighty and follow these life-giving instructions?

There are ample answers, yet the most important is prayer. Prayer that His will be done.
Brother Carl

Brethren, what I gleaned from this and a subsequent phone conversation with Carl is this. Nazi Germany is still there, under cover, working away, preparing.
Next week we will start to show the fourth curse of Lev 26. The Sword.

Joseph F Dumond



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