Our Appeal for Contributions to help Ephraim Return

Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: Apr 12, 2010

As of May14, 2010 we are no longer receiving any offerings for Shavuot. Thank you all for your donations.


In previous Sighted Moon Newsletters we have discussed the proposal of making a Wave Offering representing Ephraim, to Yahweh for Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks. The Feast of Shavuot is the Feast of Proclamation, as on the day of this Festival the Ten Commandments were proclaimed and the Torah was given.

On this day the High Priest was to: wave “two wave loaves of two-tenths of an ephah,” which the congregation of Israel was to “bring from their dwellings. They shall be of fine flour; they shall be baked with leaven. They are the firstfruits to the LORD. The priest shall wave them with the bread of the firstfruits as a wave offering before the LORD”. Leviticus 23:17&20. One interpretation is that the two wave loaves represent the respective first-fruit harvest of the two Houses of Israel, e.g. Judah and Ephraim. For the last four months we have been following the example given us by the prayer of Daniel in Daniel 9, where, as he fasted for 21 days he interceded for the return of Judah from its captivity in Babylon. Many of us too have been fasting and praying with our hearts full of repentance on behalf of Ephraim since we discovered that the captivity of Ephraim comes to an end in 2010. We have come to recognize that Ephraim, much like the Prodigal Son needs to go back to His Father’s House (the Land) having come completely to an end of himself with a heart full of teshuva, willing even to be a mere servant in His Father’s House (ISRAEL).

Now is the time that we need to bring the fine flour (OUR OFFERING) from our dwellings so that the loaf representing Ephraim may be baked and waved before YHVH. We intend to present your offering to YHVH to benefit one or two worthy charitable foundations in Judah. We plan to do it on or near Shavuot, the Feast of Proclamation, which is intended as a PROCLAMATION by Ephraim, that he wishes in all humility to be reconciled to his brother Judah.

I hope many of you will join us in contributing to this offering, remembering the words of our Master Yeshua: “Give, and it shall be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.” Luke 6:38.
HOW TO GIVE YOUR OFFERING – You will find the details of a charitable foundation we have chosen to be the vehicle for collecting your offering at the foot of this message. Please follow the instructions given.

DO YOU WANT TO RETURN TO ZION? – ‘The message about the Return of Ephraim simply has to go to Judah! It resonates with the Word which states that, the WORD of the LORD shall go forth from ZION! DON’T YOU SEE THAT JUDAH TOO NEEDS TO HEAR THIS MESSAGE? I strongly feel that Judah, hard pressed as she is, by murderous enemies on all sides, needs to know who and where her long lost Israelite brothers are. IT WILL GIVE ENORMOUS COMFORT TO A NATION THAT HAS BEEN DESERTED IN THE HOUSE OF HER FRIENDS TO KNOW THAT THERE ARE COUNTLESS ISRAELITE BROTHERS AND SONS OF JACOB OUT THERE WHO ARE LONGING TO JOIN HER AND STAND SIDE BY SIDE WITH HER IN HER HOUR OF NEED. I believe that once the message of the prophesied return of Ephraim has broken in Judah it will only then really begin to flow from Zion into our lands. In short the message has to go to Judah first! In the wilderness whenever the Pillar of Cloud and the Pillar of Fire departed and the tribes had to break up camp to follow the Shekinah of Y.H.V.H, it was always Judah’s role to lead the tribes of Israel to their next encampment. This same pattern prevails today, as we see Judah back in the Land of Promise before the other tribes of Israel. So, I say again; don’t you see that Judah needs to be given the message about Ephraim’s impending Return. After all, it is only polite and a question of good manners to do so. In getting our message about the identity and whereabouts of Judah’s lost prodigal Israelite brothers to the leadership of Judah we may well be unlocking the Key of David, which will finally enable the call to the Tribes of Israel to go forth from Zion.

Just check the prophetic word of Isaiah 2:3; Micah 4:2 & Jeremiah 50:5, as the clear inference of these prophetic pronouncements is that, “THE WORD OF Y.H.V.H. SHALL GO FORTH FROM ZION!” Adam and Eve were created in Zion. Both Abraham and Isaac were closely associated with Zion, as Abraham was asked to sacrifice Isaac, his only begotten lawful son on Mount Moriah. We know that the Torah has gone forth into all the world from Zion, we also know that Y’shua our Messiah sent out His disciples from Zion to get His Tov News of the Kingdom message out to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel! We also have the prophesies that in the Messianic era to come all the nations shall flow unto Zion, for out of Zion shall go forth the Torah, and the Word of YHVH from Jerusalem! THUS, IT IS VERY CLEAR THAT A DIVINE PATTERN HAS BEEN SET! Y.H.V.H. says:”I CHANGE NOT!!!” Zion is the place where it is at!

This is why a number of us Torah observant Ephraimite believers are being drawn right now to return to Zion and why Yahweh has placed an urgency in our hearts to do so. It is almost as if some of us are compelled by an invisible Hand to go home to the Land of our Fathers. My belief is that: THE WORD OF HASHEM GOING FORTH FROM ZION, INCLUDES HIS WORD TO THOSE MISSING WAYWARD TRIBES OF ISRAEL! THE CALL FOR THEM TO RETURN TO ZION MUST THEREFORE ALSO GO FORTH FROM ZION!!!!! THIS IS WHY SOME OF US HAVE TO GO BACK AHEAD OF THE PACK SIMPLY TO DO THIS JOB! HOW ON EARTH CAN WE IN ALL CONSCIENCE CALL ON PEOPLE TO RETURN TO ZION IF WE OURSELVES ARE NOT PREPARED TO RETURN NO MATTER WHAT THE OBSTACLES ARE? If the reunion of the Two Houses of Israel is not ‘steered’ from Judah, it cannot be Scriptural, for, “The WORD of YHVH shall go forth from ZION!” i.e. His Plan, His Purpose, His Torah & His Kingdom! That call is for the Tribes to recognize their Israelite origins, renounce their pagan ways, return to the Torah and then return to the Land of their Fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

JUDAH HOLDS THE KEY OF DAVID – Judah is the key to the tribes coming back to Israel, as the Jewish State at the moment does not permit non Jews to settle in the land. At the moment Christians, who want to settle in Israel can do so only with a three month visa. Many thousands of dedicated believers have lived in the land for many years, whilst having to leave the country every three months, only to re-enter the land on a new three months permit. If the State of Israel could be made aware that these Christians are in fact Ephraimites, true descendants of Jacob from the Lost House of Israel, it may be willing to change the entry rules for those of us who want to return to the Land of our Fathers. In fact some of my rabbinical friends have already set up a small Orthodox pressure group to try to influence certain members of the Knesset in the Israeli government to make entry for the true friends of Israel a lot easier. They are attempting to persuade the Israeli government to relax the entry rules by granting Christian Ephraimites five year residential permits.

An end-time prophetic work currently spearheaded by an Orthodox Rabbi who is filled with a divine zeal and passion to convey the reality of, and to awaken the awareness of the now imminent return of the Lost House of Israel to his Rabbinical colleagues in the land. He has written a little work in Hebrew, which reminds them of the rich layers of proofs to be found on this subject in the words of the great Sages of Israel. He also sites the emergence of the Christian Zionist movement and the massive surge of the Hebrew Roots Restoration movement as evidence that Hashem is stirring the Christian/Israelite world to return to Zion. Through his work, formal presentations and personal discussions with Rabbis, he manages to quell their fears of being flooded by a proselytizing wave of Christians, by assuring them of the new and different spirit which is prevalent in this new ‘breed’ of Torah loving Ephraimites. Thus far some he has reached some 3,000 of his rabbinical colleagues, and through his efforts the subject has been officially included in the curriculum of several important Yeshiva with 100’s young rabbis in training. I can report that, as a direct result of his efforts several thousand rabbis are now on side about the return of Ephraim, and their numbers are growing each week. Amongst those Rabbis there are a number who are of major national importance, and his aim is to multiply this number by a factor of at least ten, as it is only when he achieve this goal that the process becomes an unstoppable force for change. Can you imagine how significant this is? It is the rabbinate of Judah that controls the the gates into the land – that is the gates through which Ephraim will have to enter the land. Thus through this ongoing work Y.H.V.H., the Holy One of Israel, is re-charging/re-activating the mindset of the rabbinical Gate Keepers of Israel, without anyone being aware of what He is doing behind the scenes. The rabbi’s name in question has been removed, who is a trustee and director deleted Institute in Jerusalem. Joseph Dumond in his previous newsletter report on our recent visit to Israel has already related his remarkable interaction with this man.

WHAT IS THE OBJECT OF THIS PROJECT? – The main objective is to bring awareness to both the Houses of Judah and Ephraim of the need to make peace with each other in this 3000 year old ‘family feud’ between them in order to hasten or to make possible the establishment of God’s Kingdom – which requires the Return of the Shekinah Presence (the direct and visible Presence) of God. For this to happen there needs to be a huge mental shift in the hearts and minds of both the Rabbinate of Israel, (who hold the keys to entry for Ephraim) and the returning House of Ephraim (who generally refuse to pay the Rabbinate the respect they deserve as the guardians of the Torah. Our Rabbi is courageously tackling head on the massive prejudice that exist in the ranks of Judaism against Christianity spawned by millennia of Christian persecution. Through the centuries Jews have thus obtained a terribly jaundiced view of Jesus, the Christian Messiah.

JESUS IS NOT THE ANTICHRIST! – For those religious Jews, who live by every precept of the Torah, the name of Jesus has become one of the vilest names under the sun. This is due mainly through the terrible things Christians have done to the Jews in that name, and then persisting in proselytizing them – even under the threat of the sword! They have come to look upon Jesus as an Anti-Christ, or Anti-Messiah. To try and change these ingrained attitudes is humanly virtually impossible, yet we know that with Our Heavenly Father, all things are possible. It is as a matter of correct perspective and awareness that Rabbi deleted manages to influence them positively.

CHANGING PERCEPTIONS AND ATTITUDES – The amazing thing is that Rabbi deletedhas virtually single handed taken up this monumental task of bringing a healing of attitudes between Judah and Ephraim. He gets very little support from his own and even less from Ephraim. He has been like a voice crying in the wilderness to Judah. He has started by changing the perceptions of his own Rabbinical colleagues about their Prophetic responsibility towards Ephraim, and shown them the reality of the Prophetic fulfillment regarding the Return of Ephraim taking shape at this very time. He does this by pointing out how the original Torah foundation of the New Testament has been suppressed and high-jacked by the Roman State religion in the days of Emperor Constantine, and contrasts this with the current phenomenon of a Return to Torah amongst re-awakening Ephraim.
JESUS WAS TORAH OBSERVANT – The Rabbi points out that the Gospels are not the raging anti-Semite sources they are made out to be in Judaism’s circles. Jesus, according to the NT record, being Torah observant himself, preached adherence to the Torah, and also that in many of his statements and so-called rebukes of the Jewish religious leaders, he actually upheld the Oral Law in a style similar to normal Rabbinic debate regarding differences of opinion or interpretation. The Rabbi points out that, according to NT writings, most of the time Jesus/Yeshua would support the School of Hillel, whereas on occasion he would support the School of Shammai. In his view it was the influence of Rome which turned this sect of Judaism into the Jew and Rabbi hating religion of Christianity.

CHANGING JEWISH HEARTS AND MINDS – I must add here that Rabbi deleted emphatically does not accept that Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel, and neither does he accept the veracity of the New Testament as being the Divinely inspired Word of Y.H.V.H. Nevertheless, this man is doing a wonderful work of pointing out to the Rabbis the Torah base of the NT, and he explains the background to the negative and contorting anti-Semitic onslaught of the Roman authorities against the Jewish influence in the NT. This immediately changes their conception of Christian Zionists and removes for them the threat of the Christian ‘sword’. What is more, he is doing a work only an Orthodox Rabbi can do amongst the Rabbis. This courageous man of God deserves our unqualified support, and we should support him all we can.

OUR MEETING IN JERUSALEM – In our discussions Rabbi deleted agreed to co-write my illustrated “WHO ARE YOU AMERICA?” booklet, after I promised to fund the cost of translation into Hebrew. To have his name on the front cover as the co-writer will greatly enhance its credibility to a Hebrew audience, so that it too can be printed in Israel. Our message with its dramatic full colour illustrations would then be taken down the same rabbinical channel, as further confirmation of the message he himself is putting out about the imminent return of Ephraim. For Rabbi deleted at the moment it is the one weapon he needs in his quest to persuade Judah, and the idea that with him co-writing the new Hebrew version with myself appeals greatly, as it will become a combined effort authored by Judah and Ephraim working hand in hand. As such the work will carry further prophetic significance.

THE DOOR INTO JUDAH IS NOW OPENING! – This is surely a momentous development – to me it is the fulfillment of a dream! Thousands of Rabbis are BEING WOKEN UP to the extraordinary news that Judah’s long lost brothers of the House of Israel are in the spiritual process of being re-identified to their ancient Hebraic ancestry. For the moment he is currently concentrating his message on the religious leaders of Israel, and Rabbi deleted acknowledges that there will come a time when we will be able to impart it to the secular leaders also. Even though Israel is currently cursed with an overwhelmingly secular anti-Israel & anti-G-d government, I personally believe we are on the threshold of making an impact even in this area. It is vital we get the message of Ephraim’s return out to the general public of Judah, as Judah at the moment has no idea about who and where the Lost house of Israel is, nor are they aware of the myriad prophecies in the Tanach that speak of Ephraim’s imminent return. According to Rabbi deleted, the “Who Are You America” booklet is perfectly suited for this purpose and it would greatly assist him if he had this tool available to him in Hebrew.
Can you imagine what a celebration there will be both in heaven and in all the earth when both the Houses of Judah and Israel become One again, having been separated for 3,000 long years? Can you imagine what a party that will be when finally Messiah Ben David rules over the REUNITED KINGDOM OF ISRAEL.


This Charitable Trust was the brainchild of Don Van Der Brandt, who was one of our party on our recent expedition to Israel. Whereas the trust was initially set up to back a Torah observant Messianic congregation in Holland, it soon developed into a major work caring for the needs of Holocaust survivors, and as such this Trust has a very good pedigree and international reputation. Even though Don Van Der Brandt was the originator of the Trust he is not involved in its management or administration, as this is done by an independent group of Trustees. Like any other charity operating in the Netherlands it is subject to the strict auditing and accountancy rules obligatory under Dutch Law.

BANK DETAILS: Rabo Bank, Soest, Baarn, Eemnes, Nederland.
Account no: IBAN:NL85RABO0315905409


Be sure to put your name and address on the back of your cheque in “CAPITAL LETTERS!”

When you donate money; suggestion is that you choose one of the following options:

EPHRAIM 1: This money is dedicated to Ephraim’s Wave Offering to Yahweh! (funds will be used to benefit one or two worthy charitable foundations in Judah. However, our priority is to support the work deleted in Jerusalem, as, thanks to the persuasive powers of Rabbi deleted, its Board of Trustees has exceptionally agreed to invest up to half of the donated funds to the promotion of Ephraim’s cause within Judah).

EPHRAIM 2: Means funds raised will be invested in establishing an Ephraimite International Education Centre in Israel.

EPHRAIM 3: These funds will be used to invest in business opportunities in Israel such as a Medical Health Centre, a Health &Healing Resort Spa, land purchase for development into an Ephraimite kibbutz, etc. (to provide help for those wishing to come home who lack the resources and or job possibilities).

EPHRAIM 4: Donations will be used at our own discretion in the areas of greatest need.

These Ephraim funds will be strictly segregated from the main funds of the STICHTING SCHAAPSKOOI foundation and for the time being the oversight and application of them will be handled by Joseph Dumond, Stephen Spykerman and Don Van Der Brant.

Please, please, make sure that you clearly earmark where you want your funds to go to, be it Ephraim 1; Ephraim 2; Ephraim 3; or Ephraim 4. This is most important – Please do not forget.


Did Yashua not ask his disciples to pray “THY KINGDOM COME?” Well, through all the contacts we have made on our recent trip and all the doors of opportunity that have opened to us, we can do a lot more than pray. By generously contributing to this vital ground breaking work, we can become doers of the word and not hearers only. At the moment the priority is THE Wave Offering to YHVH e.g. the EPHRAIM 1 project. We need the funds to publish our confirmatory message from Ephraim to Judah and send it down that same rabbinical trail, thus hugely reinforcing the work Rabbi delelted is doing already. Initially it will go to those rabbis who have already been mentally prepared to receive it. Beyond this we plan to reach the whole nation of Judah with the Tov News that we live in the Age of Messiah, and that Judah’s long lost brothers are coming home! Yet, despite all of this, none of us can accomplish anything if others do not jump in to help us. Now is the time to really get behind this work, not just with your prayers but also with your offerings and funds. Remember, the Scripture which says that Yahweh looks on the heart? This is the time and now is the moment you can show Him what is really in your heart! Please give generously and as you are able, do not stop giving!

Yours until the reunification of the whole house of Israel!

Stephen Spykerman

Mount Ephraim Publishing

P.S. Can you think of a better way to bless Israel than to let the Jewish people know who and where their Lost Israelite brothers are? Our work relies on His providence which is invariably expressed through His people. If you feel the Holy Spirit is leading you to support the work of the reunification of Israel, you can simply send a contribution to the above address, or contact us by Email at: admin@sitedmoon.com for further details.