Odin in the New World!

Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: Jan 13, 2010
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The Mysterious Odin


The present-day royal lines of Northwestern Europe and Great Britain are ALL related to DAN I OF DENMARK. WHO was this DAN of mythical proportions, otherwise known as ODIN?

Tradition and history records the existence of THREE FAMOUS MEN who bore the name “ODIN.” The first, according to author J. Garner, was known as WODAN and “is the same as the ODIN OF THE SCANDINAVIANS.” He goes on to say:

It would also appear that WODAN, or ODIN, who seems to be identified with those gods WHOM CUSH WAS THE HUMAN ORIGINAL, had a son “BALDER,” who was slain by LOKI, the spirit of evil, just as OSIRIS was slain by TYPHON, the spirit of evil. Just also as the deaths of Osiris, Bacchus, Thammuz, etc., are LAMENTED, so is BALDER lamented by his mother, FREYA or FRIGGA, who was told by Hela, the goddess of Hell, that he would be restored to life if everything on earth wept for him. Again, just as the war god MARS or Mergal was another manifestation of the younger BABYLONIAN god, so “THOR,” the war god of the Scandinavians, was another son of Odin…Odin, Freya and Thor, in short, are the SCANDINAVIAN TRINITY, CORRESPONDING TO THE EGYPTIAN TRINITY, OSIRIS, ISIS, AND HORUS, and other forms of the same Trinity, and like Horus, Apollo and Chrishna, Thor is represented as bruising the head of the serpent. — The Worship of the Dead.

Obviously, this ODIN was none other than the NIMROD of the Bible!

Notice, now, what Alexander Hislop says about the FIRST Odin:

1. NIMROD, or ADON, or Adonis, of Babylon, was the great war-god. ODIN, as is well known, was the SAME. 2. NIMROD, in the character of BACCHUS, was regarded as the god of wine: ODIN, as we read in the EDDA, “stands in no need of food; WINE is to him instead of every other ailment, according to what is said in these verses: The illustrious father of armies, with his own hand, fattens his two wolves; but the victorious ODIN takes no other nourishment of himself than what arises from the unintermitted quaffing of wine” (Mallet, 20th Fable, Vol. II, p. 106). 3. The name of one of ODIN’S SONS indicates the meaning of Odin’s own name. BALDER, for whose death such lamentations were made, seems evidently just that CHALDEE FORM OF BAAL-ZER, “The seed of Ball”; for the Hebrew Z as is well known, frequently in the later Chaldee, becomes D. Now Baal and Adon both alike signify “Lord,” and, therefore, if Balder be admitted to be the seed of Baal, that is as much as to say that he is the son of Adon; and consequently, ADON AND ODIN MUST BE THE SAME. This, of course, PUTS [THIS] ODIN A STEP BACK; makes his son to be the object of lamentation and not himself; but the same was the case also in Egypt; for there Horus the child was sometimes represented as torn in pieces, as Osiris had been. Clemens Alexandrinus says (Cohortatio, Vol. I, p. 30), “they lament an infant torn in pieces by the Titans.” The lamentations for Balder are very plainly the counterpart of the lamentation for ADONIS; and, of course, if BALDER was, as the lamentations prove him to have been, the favorite form of the Scandinavian Messiah, he was ADON, or “Lord,” as well as his father. 4. Then, lastly, the name of the other SON OF ODIN, the mighty and warlike THOR, strengthens all the foregoing conclusions. Ninyas, the son of Ninus or NIMROD, on his father’s death, when idolatry rose again, was, of course, from the nature of the mystic system, set up as Adon, “the Lord.” Now, as ODIN had a son called THOR, so the second Assyrian Adon had a son called THOURIS (Cedrenus, Vol. I, p. 29). The name Thouris seems just to be another form of Zoro, or Doro, “the seed”; for Photius tells us that among the Greeks Thoros signified “Seed”…The D is often pronounced as TH, — Adon…the pointed Hebrew, being pronounced “Athon.”– The Two Babylons. Loizeaux Brothers, Neptune, N.J. 1959. Appendix, note L. P. 312.

The SECOND ODIN — the one we are interested in — is mentioned in the Saxon Chronicle where his ancestry is given: “The Saxon Chronicle commences the LINE OF DAN I with the following two names: ‘Noah, Sem.’ Thereafter a long break occurs in the genealogy — similar to the Biblical statement : “Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham’ (Matthew 1:1).” Compendium of World History, Vol. II. P. 44).

The Icelandic Langfedgatal fills in these gaps in the SECOND Odin’s genealogy. Those who came after Shem (Sem) — on ODIN’S FATHER’S SIDE — are as follows:

6/. ILUS
10/. THOR
14/. MODA
15/. MAGI

A study of Danish literature reveals that SESKEF, sometimes spelled SCEAF, is a TITLE OF ODIN. What does this title mean? Seskef, or Sceaf, literally means a “sheaf” of grain. ODIN claimed to be a kind of lord, or savior, and laid claim to being THE SHEAF represented in Leviticus 23:9-14 as symbolically referring to the MESSIAH!

But why, might you ask, would DAN I — a king of Denmark — copy a ceremony perpetuated by the law of Moses? Is there a CONNECTION between ODIN and ISRAEL?

Notice the surprising answer!

The answer is found in who SATURNUS OF KRIT, ancestor of ODIN, really was. In modern English the name would be SATURN OF CRETE. There were MANY Saturns in antiquity, often confused with one another. Usually the name was applied to a man who FLEES or who HIDES himself.

Saturn is a Latin word derived from a root meaning TO FLEE INTO HIDING. The Greek term was KRONOS. This particular SATURN OF CRETE was so famous that the PHOENICIAN HISTORIAN SANCHONIATHON spoke of him. Fragments of his works have been preserved by Eusebius in Preparation of the Gospel, book i, ch. x. Here are his words: “For KRONOS or (SATURN), whom the Phoenicians call ISRAEL….” (Corey’s Ancient Fragments of the Phoenician, Carthaginian, Babylonian, Egyptian and other Authors, by E. Richmond Hodges, page 21.)

ISRAEL was the name of Jacob. That would make ODIN A SON OF SHEM and A SON OF JACOB. But why was Jacob called Saturn? Because Jacob became famous for FLEEING or HIDING from his enemies. Jacob’s mother warned him of his brother Esau’s wrath: “Now, therefore, my son, hearken to my voice; and arise, FLEE thou to Laban my brother in Haran” (Genesis 27:43). “And it was told Laban…that Jacob was FLED” — this time back to Palestine. (Gen. 31:22) — Compendium of World History, Vol. II. Pp. 45-46.

With this fascinating revelation in mind, we can now CLARIFY the Langfedgatal genealogy of ODIN OF DENMARK:

6/. ILUS

The eighth king in descent from PRIAM was SESKEF (“the Sheaf”), who was none other than DANUS I or ODIN (VOTAN). Danus I was the first king of Denmark and reigned from 1040-999. ODIN WAS THEREFORE A TROJAN OF THE LINE OF JUDAH!!

S. Gusten Olson recognizes this link in the line of ODIN: “It is commonly accepted that ALL the ruling families of the North [Northwestern Europe] definitely date BACK TO ODIN (however not the original Odin [Nimrod], but perhaps the PRIMARY, HISTORICAL ODIN). The historical Odin is DESCENDED FROM THE TROJAN LINE OF KINGS. (The Incredible Nordic Origins. Nordica S. F. Ltd., Kent, England. 1981. P. 87).

The December, 1981 issue of The Link discusses the royal lines of northern Europe and their LINK to the mysterious ODIN:
The varied collection of sagas, poetry and prose which comprises the early literature of the northern nations of Europe contains much interesting and valuable historical material, although it is often difficult to separate the fanciful from the factual. The REPEATED assertions and implications that the FAMILIES DESCENDED FROM ODIN (or WODEN) derive from THE ANCIENT TROJAN KINGS (often thought to belong to the fanciful category) may indeed prove to have FIRM FOUNDATION IN TRUTH. Several factors provide evidence which is HARMONIOUS with such a claim.

Ancient classical and extra-biblical sources indicate that the TROJAN KINGS were of the ROYAL LINE OF JUDAH and that they were closely related to other ROYAL FAMILIES IN IONIA, GREECE AND CRETE. The early British king-line is traditionally DESCENDED THROUGH THE TROJAN KINGS, and the kings of Ireland are stated to have sprung from the MILESIAN ROYAL FAMILY IN IONIA into which “Pharaoh’s daughter” married. Accepting these sources, the royal families of the northern nations of Europe — Irish-Scottish, Early British, Frankish, Norwegian — are all of the SCEPTRE TRIBE OF JUDAH and the many intermarriages of these royal lines would thus all be within the ONE GREAT ROYAL FAMILY of which so much is prophesied in Scripture. Queen Elizabeth II has stated that she is WODEN-BORN. — Christian Israel Foundation, Walsall, England. P. 117.

The written history of Denmark properly begins with the FIRST KING to reign over the people in the Danish peninsula — this was DANUS I! He is also known as DAN I in Danish history and was the SECOND ODIN or VOTAN.

HOW this ODIN arrived in the Northwest of Europe is noted by Herman L. Hoeh: “Denmark originally received its name from the TRIBE OF DANAAN. It passed to the king who took the name of the subjects over whom he ruled. KING DAN I commenced his reign IN 1040 [B.C.]. This was the year of the breakup of the German realm. The division of German territory between the three sons of Wolfheim — Kells, Gall and Hiller — left the seafarers of the far northwest of Europe without leadership. To fill the void the German and HEBREW inhabitants of DENMARK called upon a SCION OF THE TROJAN HOUSE to reign over them. That scion was DAN I. He lived at that time IN THRACE.” (Compendium of World History, Vol. II. Pp. 43-44).

Odin answered the call and led a large migration OUT OF THRACE into DENMARK and the neighboring regions. After organizing his new realm and setting up the institutions necessary to underpin a stable government, Odin set out on a trip ACROSS THE SEAS to establish a NEW COLONY in a faraway land!


Odin in the New World!

Where did ODIN go after establishing his people in Northwestern Europe? Where was this FARAWAY LAND across the seas?
To find the surprising answer we must go to the sacred writings of the ancient QUICHE MAYA people in Mexico! In the Popul Vuh, a rare codice that has been preserved down to this day, we find recorded the MIGRATIONS and wanderings of the ancestors of the MAYA. The Popul Vuh clearly shows that they TRAVELED WESTWARD ACROSS THE ATLANTIC OCEAN TO MEXICO!

Writings and traditions from other Indian tribes show SIMILAR ORIGINS of a people crossing A GREAT BODY OF WATER FROM THE NORTHEAST to reach their present land!

Notice what the writer of the Popul Vuh records: “They also multiplied there IN THE EAST….All lived together, they existed in GREAT NUMBERS and walked there IN THE EAST….There they were then, in great numbers, the black man and the WHITE MAN, many of many classes, men of many tongues….The speech of all was the same. They did not invoke wood nor stone, and they remembered the word of the Creator and the Maker…” (English version by Goetz and Morley, pp. 171-172).

The record of the MAYA continues: “…THEY CAME FROM THE EAST…they left there, from that great distance….THEY CROSSED THE SEA” (Ibid., pp. 181, 183). When the rulers of the ancient Maya sought to establish their kingdom “they decided to go TO THE EAST….It had been a long time since their fathers had died….And starting on their journey, they said: ‘We are going TO THE EAST, there WHENCE CAME OUR FATHERS.’ Certainly they CROSSED THE SEA when they came there to THE EAST, when they went to receive the investiture of the kingdom.” (Pp. 206-207).

Herman Hoeh asks the question: “To what line of great kings IN THE EAST were these Quiche Maya journeying? To the successors of the GREAT RULER who conducted them, ABOUT 1000 B.C., TO THE USUMACINTA RIVER IN MEXICO.”

And WHO was this “great ruler” that led the ancestors of the Quiche Maya across “the sea” to their new home in Mexico?
The MAYA claim that their kingdom was founded by a GREAT RULER named VOTAN or ODEN or DAN by various tribes. He was a WHITE MAN who CAME BY SEA FROM THE EAST and settled them in their new land. The TIME of their MIGRATION, according to [Spanish historian] Ordonez, was TEN CENTURIES BEFORE THE PRESENT ERA. This Votan — who was also worshipped as a god — was famous for having himself JOURNEYED TO A LAND WHERE A GREAT TEMPLE WAS BEING BUILT.

Do we have a king in Europe, living AT THE SAME TIME SOLOMON’S TEMPLE WAS BEING BUILT (around 1000 B.C.), who had dominion over the seas, who was worshipped as a god, and whose name sounded like VOTAN? Indeed — WODEN, or ODIN, KING OF DENMARK FROM 1040-999. He was worshipped later as a great god. Scandinavian literature is replete with accounts of his distant journeyings which took him away from his homeland for many months, sometimes years.

Just as KING ODIN or DANUS gave his name to DENMARK — DANMARK– so Odin gave his name to the “FOREST OF DAN” in the land of the QUICHE INDIANS. (See pages 549 and 163 of volume V, Native Races of the Pacific States, by Hubert H. Bancroft.) “DAN…founded a MONARCHY ON THE GUATEMALAN PLATEAU” (Bancroft, vol. I, p. 789). His CAPITAL, built for the Indians and their WHITE SUZERAINS, was named AMAG-DAN.
Here we have the records of DANISH KINGS, as early as 1000 YEARS BEFORE THE BIRTH OF CHRIST, sailing to the NEW WORLD and PLANTING COLONIES OF RED MEN FROM EUROPE IN THE YUCATAN AND GUATEMALAN HIGHLANDS. — Compendium of World History. Vol. II, pp. 90-91).
Where did these “RED MEN” Odin planted in the New World come from? Notice! “Julius Firmicus, an early writer, stated that ‘in Ethiopia all are born black; in Germany, white; and IN THRACE, RED.’ Thrace was NORTH OF GREECE and originally populated by the children of Tiras, son of Japheth (Gen. 10:2). IT WAS FROM THRACE THAT ODIN LED THE AGATHYRSI AND OTHER TRIBES TO NORTHWESTERN EUROPE when he founded the DANISH KINGDOM.
“Many of the WARRIORS employed by the early princes of western Europe were FIERCE, OF SWARTHY SKIN, NAKED AND OFTEN TATTOOED AND PAINTED. Strabo, the Roman geographer, wrote that AREAS OF IRELAND AND BRITAIN were inhabited ‘by MEN ENTIRELY WILD.’ Jerome, writing in one of his letters in the fifth century, characterizes some of them as CANNIBALS: ‘When they hunted the woods for prey, it is said they attacked the shepherd, rather than his flock; and that they curiously selected the most delicate and brawny parts, both of males and females, for their horrid repast.'” (Compendium of World History, Vol. II. P. 86.).

Where some of the Quiche Maya ORIGINALLY came from is even more surprising, and TOTALLY AT ODDS with most modern accounts of American Indian origins! Once again, the annals of the Indians in the New World REVEAL THE TRUTH about their ancestors:
The Annals of the Cakchiquels — Lords of Totonicapan — contains DIRECT REFERENCE to the RACIAL DESCENT of the NOBLES who led and governed the natives to the New World.

“These, then, were the THREE NATIONS OF THE QUICHES, and they came from WHERE THE SUN RISES, DESCENDANTS OF ISRAEL, of the same language and the same customs ….When they arrived at the edge of the sea, BALAM-QITZE (a native title for one in a religious office) touched it with his staff and at once A PATH OPENED, which then CLOSED UP AGAIN, for thus the great God wished it to be done, BECAUSE THEY WERE THE SONS OF ABRAHAM AND JACOB. So it was that those THREE NATIONS (the “mixed multitude” of Exodus 12:38) passed through, and with them THIRTEEN OTHERS CALLED VULKAMAG” — meaning the 13 tribes. ISRAEL had altogether 13 tribes including LEVI.

“We have written that which by tradition our ancestors told us, who came from the other part of the sea, WHO CAME FROM CIVAN-TULAN, BORDERING ON BABYLONIA” page 170. Page 169 says they “…came from the other part of the ocean, FROM WHERE THE SUN RISES.” (Translated by Delia Goetz; published by the University of Oklahoma Press, 1953.)

Was the mysterious CIVAN-TULAN — meaning in Indian dialects a PLACE OF CAVES OR RAVINES — THE REGION OF PETRA, where Moses led the children of Israel? Petra is famous for its caves. CANAANITE HIVITES, MIXED WITH EGYPTIAN STOCK, DWELT AT PETRA, OR MT. SEIR, AT THE TIME OF THE EXODUS. (Genesis 36:2, 20, 24). They lived at peace with the Hebrews.

This settlement of Hivites was A REGION DOMINATED BY MIDIAN. A high priest who visited the land of Midian and Moab in Moses’ day was named BALAAM — almost the exact spelling in the QUICHE-MAYA title BALAM used for priests!

The people LED BY ODIN OR VOTAN across the Atlantic to the New World were NOT exclusively the SONS OF TIRAS FROM THRACE; some tribes were called CHIVIM, reports Ordonez the early Spanish writer. It is the VERY HEBREW SPELLING used for the English word HIVITES, some of whom once LIVED IN MT. SEIR, the LAND OF CAVES, NEAR BABYLON! So the Mexican Indians were a mixed people. — Compendium of World History, pp. 92-94.
Archaeological evidence of the JEWISH PRESENCE IN MEXICO has been forthcoming over the years, showing the annals of Mexico to be accurate in all details. A stone has been unearthed in CAMPECHE, MEXICO, showing the side view of a scowling man wearing a large MAYAN earring. According to William F. Dankenbring: “The earring, archaeologists were astonished to learn, contains the STAR OF DAVID in its design. Also it contains a lantern-like object which illustrates an ancient PHOENICIAN ANCHOR. The combination of sailing ship and STAR OF DAVID is also found in a figure on a JEWISH TOMB at Beit-Shearim, ISRAEL, dating from the second or third century B.C.” (Beyond Star Wars. Triumph Publishing Co., Altadena, CA. 1978. P. 87).
In the ruins of ancient CHICHEN ITZA, in the tomb of a HIGH PRIEST, another amazing artifact was discovered:: “One after another, magnificent relics were exhumed from the debris littering the floor of the crypt. Scattered about were shells inlaid with mother-of-pearl, pottery vessels, and a CEREMONIAL FLINT BLADE that Thompson described as RESEMBLING “THE VOTIVE STONE SICKLES OF THE ANCIENT DRUIDS….” (Maya: The Riddle and Rediscovery of a Lost Civilization, by Charles Gallenkamp. Viking Penguin, Inc. N.Y. 1985. P. 176).

The Druids were the priests and lawmakers commonly believed to have been associated with the Celtic peoples of Gaul and Britain. The Encyclopedia Britannica states: “Of the officials themselves, it seems most likely that their order was purely Celtic, and that it originated in Gaul, perhaps as a result of CONTACT WITH THE DEVELOPED SOCIETY OF GREECE; but DRUIDISM, on the other hand, is probably in its simplest terms the PRE-CELTIC and ABORIGINAL faith of Gaul and the British Isles that was adopted with little modification by the MIGRATING Celts.” (1943. Vol. 7, p. 678).
The uncovering of the ceremonial flint blade at Chichen Itza shows that the Mayan people came from Northwestern Europe before settling in Mexico.


The Later Odin

We have seen so far that there were two Odins — Nimrod and Dan I. There is also a THIRD ODIN to be found in the sagas and traditions of the Scandinavian people who, like his namesake DAN I, was descended from the KINGS OF TROY! The details are to be found in Olson’s The Incredible Nordic Origins:
Odin [the third] was king of the Asgardians or the Aesir, located BETWEEN THE BLACK AND CASPIAN SEAS. The “Historian’s History of the World,” Volume XVI, tells us that he was a mortal man and was KING OF THE HELLESPONT. He had great possessions in Turkland, and his followers were called by the Gothic writers Asae, Asiani, and Asiotae. Their principal city was ASGARD.

“The ANGLO-SAXONS had their base in TROY, as the Asa-Sveas had theirs in Asagard” (Syd-Skandinavernas Forstfodsloratt, pp. 47, 48).
It is believed that ASGARD lay near today’s ASOV, which is situated on the Sea of Asov, north of the Black Sea, at the mouth of the DON RIVER. This is where ODIN and the Asar, according to a saga, originally lived (Sveriges kulturhistoria, p. 43)….

After committing his kingdom to his two brothers VE and VELIER, Odin made vast conquests as he and his hordes marched toward Northwestern Europe.
First he entered Riisland (Russia), and after having successfully taken over that nations inhabitants, appointed his son BO to reign over them.
From there he went by sea to Northern Germany, reducing Saxony and dividing it among his children. HORSA AND HENGIST — the chiefs of the SAXONS who conquered Britain in the fifth century– CONSIDERED ODIN AS ONE OF THEIR ANCESTORS.

Following the conquest of Saxony, he proceeded to JUTLAND [JEWSLAND] and Funen (now parts of Denmark) and subdued them. this he gave to his son SKIOD, from whom the kings of Denmark are descended. The city of ODENSE was built by him.

Thereafter he advanced to Suithoid (Sweden), where he was kindly received by Gylfus or Gylso, king of the country, with whom, according to Dalin, he was acquainted. He and his followers were allowed to settle there. He built the city of Sigtuna….

The desire of ODIN to spread his religion and to dominate caused him to undertake a conquest of Norway. His son SAEMING became ruler over this kingdom.
After these many feats, he finally returned to Sweden, where he perceived he was about to die from a lingering disease. Unwilling to suffer the ignominy of not dying in battle, he gave himself nine wounds and other cuts. When he died, his body was carried to Sigtuna where it was burnt with much pomp. — Pp. 70-72.
The reason ODIN left the Hellespont region in the first place was because of the vengeance of the Romans. At this time (first century B.C.) the Roman Commonwealth was at its strongest; and the then king of PONTUS attempted to arm all the people in his territory against the power of Rome. After some initial successes, this king and his ill-united people were forced to retreat from the advancing Romans.

As a result ODIN was also forced to flee from the Roman wrath. “Mallet says his [Odin’s] true name was SIGGE, the son of Fridulph. FRIDULPH CAN BE TRACED BACK TO PRIAM, KING OF TROY.”

After arriving in the Northwest of Europe Odin sought revenge against the Romans. “Dalin writes that the entire North became aroused by him against Rome. It is said that his resentment, as a result of being driven from his country by the Romans caused him to be all the more violent. This desire for revenge he left fermenting in the bosom of Northern Europe. When the time came, they all by common consent and after successive attacks toppled Rome!” (The Incredible Nordic Origins, p. 72).

M. Paul du Chaillu, quoting old Norse sagas, summarizes the life of ODIN: “At this time the Asia men came from the east. Their LEADER was called Odin, who was a mighty warrior. In every battle he gained victory. He owned a great deal of land in SWITHIOD THE GREAT (SCYTHIA), whose capital was ASGARD (KIEV)!”

Sharon Turner, who compiled a History of the Anglo-Saxons, wrote: “The human existence of ODIN appears to be satisfactorily proved. The FOUNDERS OF THE ANGLO-SAXON OCTARCHY [in Britain] deduced their descent FROM ODIN by genealogies, in which their ancestors are distinctly mentioned up to him!” (Quoted from Wake Up! August, 1980).

The line of the third Odin, from his ancestor DAN I, is as follows:

15/. HELGI
18/. BEAW
19/. GEAT
22/. FLYN

With Unerring Accuracy…

Instead of being unrelated and unconnected, the royal houses of Europe and Britain stem from a common origin in the Troy of Homer! These royal lines all SHARE the same blood that has come down through the ages from JUDAH the son of Israel. From captivity in Egypt the progenitors of the tribe of Judah spread out across the Mediterranean world, founding royal dynasties in Asia Minor, Greece and faraway Ireland.

Centuries before the main body of Israel — the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Danes and Normans — arrived in Britain by the “overland” route, an advance guard, following the sea route, arrived in Northwestern Europe and Britain. This “advance guard,” comprised of the royal line of Judah, was already established by the time the MASS of Israel moved into these areas.

The Scoto-Milesian royal line, under the leadership of Gathelus (son of CALCOL), moved into Ireland within some forty years of the Exodus, establishing a line of kings that ruled Ireland and Scotland for centuries.

Following in their footsteps, in approximately 1100 B.C., BRUTUS the Trojan arrived to establish a line that eventually mingled (through marriage) with the existing Scoto-Milesian line. In later years the Trojan line in Britain was strengthened by the Norse lines that arrived with the Anglo-Saxons and the Normans.
King DAVID of Israel — otherwise known by the name of Ollahm Fodhla — was next to arrive on the scene, governing Ireland for forty years.
The line from Troy through Priam also advanced into Europe, founding the great royal houses of France and Germany, as well as lesser kingdoms in the area.
We can clearly see that the royal lines of Britain and Europe are ALL interconnected and stem from the same source — JUDAH OF ISRAEL!! The prophecy found in Genesis 49 has come to pass with UNERRING ACCURACY: “The scepter [kingship] shall not depart from JUDAH, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh [the Messiah] comes….” (Verse 10).

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Joseph F Dumond
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