Memories of Sukkot 2010 and Following the Oral Law

Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: Oct 8, 2010

News Letter 5846-035
29th day of the 7th month 5846 years after creation
The 7th Month in of the first year of the third Sabbatical Year
The Third Sabbatical Year of the 119th Jubilee Cycle


October 9, 2010


Shabbat Shalom Brethren, Shabbat Shalom Family,

Look for a New Moon either tonight or tomorrow night to begin the eighth month of Yahovah’s calendar.

I would also like to point out that Damascus was not nuked during Sukkot and how those who have been adhering to Daniel’s Timeline and 2017 as the end of this age really do need to read The Prophecies of Abraham. Do it now while you have time to prepare.

We are back from the feast in Jerusalem where up to 80 family members from around the world came together to listen to some great teachings and to learn how real Yahovah our Father is.

I had told the Brethren to expect Yahovah to do something special for each one of them during this week. It was very moving to hear how almost everyone was changed by the end of the Feast of Sukkot.

On the Hottest day during our time in Jerusalem we had gone to the Temple Mount, the Archaeological Gardens and the City of David and then lastly to Hezekiah’s Tunnel where many of us mikvahed. Those who did were ecstatic at all they had learned and seen and done on this one day.

What I affectionately called the Colorado Boys, (Beau, Marsh, Mike, Kile, Cory and Joe) went for supper with me at this restaurant overlooking the Kotel. The food was awesome and we had a great talk and really enjoying ourselves.

Mike got up and left early and went shopping by himself. I headed out to do some errands I had to get done. Beau and Marsh went back to the room with Cory, I think, while Kyle and Joe went shopping at the Underground stores along the Big Jewish square.

It was at this time that Kyle realized that his passport was missing. The last time he had seen it was just before he went into Hezekiah’s tunnel. So Kyle and Joe ran full out from the Cardo stores all the way back to the city of David and Hezekiah’s Tunnel looking for the Passport.

Unaware of all of this, Mike was shopping and had wandered into the Shimshon Store along the North side of the Cardo. A phone call came from the restaurant to the store owner asking if there were any Americans in there. It was the restaurant where we had just eaten and they were trying to track down the owner of the Passport that was left there. Mike went back to get it and then called the room where Beau and Marsh and Cory were looking in bags to see if it was there by chance.

The Colorado Boys are still wondering just how it was that the restaurant knew to call this one store where Mike just happened to be in. Mike never told anyone where he was going. They are so thrilled to see firsthand how Yahovah is watching over them all the time.

What a great story.

We have recorded for all you many of the teachings that were done at the Petra Hostel in Jerusalem for Sukkot 2010. Unfortunately we were not able to record them all. But the ones we did are posted at the site below as well as some power point presentations and some videos of things taught in the field or on tour.

This has been made possible by Beau Beamesderfer and his hard work at recording and uploading this for all of us. A very special thanks goes out to Beau for all he has done to make this Feast special to so many. Again more videos will be uploaded so you can check back later to view them.

Also during the Feast I had the privilege to be interviewed by Jono of Radio in Australia. You can listen to the one at the beginning of Sukkot and the other as I left Israel to return to Canada.

Joe Dumond – Sukkot Special live from Jerusalem

Joseph Dumond – Sukkot Reflections from Jerusalem

Here is a youtube video that one person did last year after I showed him those things I showed people on this tour.

In the News this past few weeks has been the huge Locust problem in Australia and how the Government is fighting it. You can read more at

Some of you have written me about the following, a number of times over the past few weeks. I regret I have felt compelled to share the following with you.

Just before Sukkot and then again during Sukkot a number of News letters were sent out attacking Nehemiah Gordon and the Karaites. I responded to one of those just before leaving for Sukkot. They responded to me in private so I have left that one alone.

During Sukkot Yair Davidiy also began to attack the Karaites and those Ephramites who are associated with them. I did not respond to that one but now again this week Yair has used his Brit-Am News letter to attack Nehemiah Gordon.

I consider Nehemiah a friend and one of the few Jews I know who is actually teaching Ephraimites the Torah in a pure and unadulterated fashion. We have had Nehemiah speak at Sukkot with us for the past two years and I have met with him to discuss the Sabbatical and Jubilee years on a couple of occasions.

At our first meeting I told Nehemiah that if he was going to attack me on a personal level then we had nothing to talk about. He responded by saying, if they have to attack you personally then that means they cannot attack what you’re saying from a scriptural point of view. This makes me want to read what you have to say all the more. I was there to show him the Sabbatical and Jubilee years. What a great insight and something to keep in mind as you read what others are saying about Nehemiah and those things he teaches.

Because Yair so blatantly misquotes those things Nehemiah has written and is obviously propagating a smear campaign in league with others, I wrote to Yair. Yair then takes those things I had said and takes certain passages out of context to smear me. Because of this I have responded by sharing exactly what I said with what Yair has said.

Let me say this up front. I am not a Christian. I was raised one but no longer am one. Nor am I a Jew. Nor do I seek to become Jewish. I am from one of the ten Tribes of Israel and not from Judah, as far as I know. I am what used to be called a Natzarene. One who keeps Torah as a way of life and follows Yahshua. I am not a Karaite although it would be an honour to be considered one. But because I believe in Yahshua I am not accepted in Karaite circles. Nor am I about to deny Yahshua in order to be accepted in Jewish circles. Nor do I missionize.

Because Yair has stated the following in his public News Letter, I have copied it here along with those things Yair did not quote from my initial email to him. So you can see exactly what I did and did not say. There is no threat to Brit-Am in my message although Yair claims there is.

Also the following quotes from the Talmud and Mishnah would seem to be contrary to the Written Law. These are from the Oral Torah that some would have us follow. I understand the argument being made here, but most would not. Again I quote this in response to Yair’s accusations below. The following Oral Torah quotes do not help those who endorse the whole hearted keeping of the Oral Torah and the following without questioning of the Rabbis.

I do not make off the cuff remarks as Yair accuses me of, without proof or cause. Nor do I stand by and watch a friend being attacked without standing up to defend him. I point out both the sins that Christianity does as well as those done by Judah. It is the Torah that I seek to stand for and not any one group or religion. I will not blindly follow any one for traditions sake.

In my email to Yair I make note of those things in the Oral Torah that are contrary to the written Torah, which you can read at

You can also read at the actual text that discusses pedophilia and how to get around the law directly from the Oral Law itself. Again I do not make this stuff up nor do delight in exposing this part of the Oral Law. But if anyone is insisting we must submit to the Oral Law, then you ought to know what it is that you are submitting too.

Do not add to Torah, Do not add to Torah, how many times are we told this in Torah. The Oral law is adding to Torah and as you yourself can read, it gets very far from the Torah in some places.

Those who insist on bashing those teachers who teach the scriptural meaning of Torah, like Nehemiah Gordon, in favour of replacing the Torah with an Oral Law that is based on obvious and devious opposites to the Law have much to repent of and are no better than those priests all dressed in black, that continue to spew out lies in Christian circles.

Here is the email from Yair Davidiy followed by the one I sent him.

2. New Article:
The Karaite Allies Threat to Brit-Am and the Brit-Am Answer
Joseph F. Dumond (New Moon Sightings) Issues a Warning and Threat!
Brit-Am Replies to New Moon Sightings Threatening.

Joseph F. Dumond (“Sighted Moon. Com”) is a leading Christian Karaite. He feels our recent article on “Karaites. In Defence of the Oral Tradition” is somehow a threat to his own enterprise. He has therefore sent a missive with barely veiled menace to our humble poor benighted selves. He has also had the effrontery to slander the Rabbinical Sages and the Talmud all in the same breath. He has not balked at making sexually immoral innuendos concerning people whose shadow he is not fit to pass by. In the article below we quote his e-mail message in full and then respond to his belligerence.

Joseph F. Dumond (New Moon Sightings) Issues a Warning and Threat!
….it concerns me that you would risk the future sales of your books …you have quoted rumors and half truths which lowers your credibility in our eyes.
….how to have sex with children under 5 without breaking the commandment of adultery. I have read this… …..So Yair please stop with the political
bashing that some are pressuring you to do and return the Teaching of the Ten Tribes before you lose all credibility.

Brit-Am Replies to New Moon Sightings Threatening.

Dear Joseph,
We had written against the Karaites from the very beginning. …
… Also we feel that the times are achanging and that Judah and Joseph need to draw closer together. This does not mean joining or becoming identical.
It does however imply some learning about and a more positive re-appraisal of each other.

re: Brit-Am Now no. 1581
1. New Article:
Karaites: In Defence of the Oral Tradition.
Shalom Yair,
I have now read two of your attacks against Nehemiah Gordon and the Karaites. I have also read Kol Hators attacks on the same. Am I seeing a pattern in this? For years I have recommended my readers and all I talk to about the Ten Lost Tribes, to go to your site and read your information. I have a news letter that reaches thousands each week. I have also recommended you to certain radio stations which you then became a regular on.

So it is with great sadness that I must warn you that your propaganda article is full of holes and does your valued research great harm. You are renowned for the great research you have done in tracing the lost ten tribes through history. Your input has been priceless in helping Ephraim come to know his identity. So it concerns me that you would risk the future sales of your books in order to take part in a smear campaign of dubious character assassinations. It is with your own lack of scholarly research that all who read this can see that you have quoted rumours and half truths which lowers your credibility in our eyes.

If you prophess to adhere to the Oral Torah then you also must submit to the Oral Torah that condones sex with minors and how to have sex with children under 5 without breaking the commandment of adultery. I have read this in the Oral Torah and it is approved by the sages that you say we must obey. If you like, I could list many other things the Oral Torah commands us to do which is in direct conflict with the commandments of God.

Many of us love to be taught by the Rabbis who respect us. But when they try to force us to break the written word in the Torah in favour of the oral torah, it gets our dander up. Having been lied to all our lives by pagan christian teachings we no longer will sit still and allow any others to lie to us about the Torah, christian or rabbi. There are valuable teachings in the Oral Torah which do help in some areas. But to say that it has replaced the Torah and that even God must answer to the Rabbis now, is not a good thing to teach those of us who diligently seek the truth.

So Yair please stop with the political bashing that some are pressuring you to do and return the Teaching of the Ten Tribes before you lose all credibility. You may not like the popularity of Nehemiah Gordon, but he like you is bringing many from the pagan christian teachings to the true Torah teachings. Get over it and get back to doing what you do best, researching the Ten Tribes. I too have a newsletter and I do not want to waste my time bashing others as you now seem to have begun to do.

Joseph F Dumond