Explanation of How Noah felt warning everyone and only eight listened.

Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: Jul 12, 2007

Sighted Moon News Letter 5843-018 473

21st day of the fourth month 5843 after creation

July 7, 2007

On Wednesday of this last week, we received a message for us to call the parents of our sons friend. My wife called and then came out to the garden where I was pulling weeds, to tell me our son was in a car accident. The car, he and his buddies were in, rolled over after hitting the gravel shoulder up at the cottage they were at.

My heart hit the ground. I had seen a car this very morning that had rolled over many times on the 401 in Toronto, and was no more than two feet tall. Three people had died in the one I saw. A fourth had his neck broke. They were out on the town and heading home. They were driving very fast, when suddenly they lost control and now three of them are dead.

My wife then said our son was having X-rays on his back, but he was OK. His three buddies were also OK. The car was a write off, but the boys were OK. After I picked up my heart I began to think of the two hundred ways I was going to kill my son when he got home.

I had told him on many occasions about boys goofing around and driving. They are all 16-17. I have told him about speeding and being a leader and getting out if the other guys were acting foolishly. I had told him about the gravel shoulder and how dangerous it can be. I had told him, I had told him,. I had told him so many times, so many things!!.I had told him!.
Later when one of the other parents called us we found out the car was not a write off. The boys were really OK. It was another boy who had hurt his back and not our son although that does not make us feel a whole lot better.

How do parents ever survive teenagers?

I have shared this little incident with you, as it occurred to me that Noah had warned the people before the flood for 120 years. One Hundred and Twenty Years! He had told them. He had warned them, but no one had listened. They thought he was nuts. They laughed at him. Then suddenly the flood happened. Even, out of those Eight who were on the Ark, only Noah was righteous. The other seven, I do not know.

Then we have Jeremiah who warned that Babylon was going to attack Judah for 40 years. He told them and he warned them to amend their ways. But they did not. They all laughed at him. Then suddenly one day Babylon attacked Judah and she fell and then began her 70 years of captivity. No one believed Jeremiah.

My Friends, I have been telling you about things that are currently happening, Terrorism and Drought, and about things that are about to happen, animal attacks and war. The War that is the beginning of the final and last war. The article is called Times Up and is the most downloaded article on this web site.

I am not a Noah nor a Jeremiah. I am not the Elijah to come. I am no more than just a ditch digger, but I can see the writing on the wall as well as the next guy.
In each of the News Letters I have presented on Noah’s Ark I have done so as if your were sitting on the jury and had to judge whether these things be true or not. The first three News Letters, 5843-014 through to News Letter 5843-016, dealt with the hard facts that prove the measurements and the location of the Ark. News Letter 5843-017 was more of a circumstantial evidence presentation. I can not prove it to be 100 % correct. Although all things seem to point to those things said being true. In this News Letter 5843-018 I am presenting what is pure speculation based on the many other things I have read and having now visited. None of this is to be taken as gospel. It is theoretical and should be weighed as such. Although some parts are true please take what is shared here for what it is. My opinion. You are welcome to have a different opinion.

The following are a number of left over details that I could not present until now. They seem to be bits of information that are unsubstantiated and of little or no importance. But, I will list them below and then draw the conclusions I have to bring out the lesson I wish to bring to your attention.

As was mentioned in last weeks News Letter, under the legend of Atrahasis Epic, found in Tablet III of the Atrahasis Epic. Noah was said to have been King of Shuruppak. When we look at Wikipedia we get the following


Shuruppak was an ancient Sumerian city, also called Curuppag (“the healing place”).
It is located at modern Tell Fa’rah, situated south of Nippur on the banks of the Euphrates in what is now Al-Qadisyyah, in south-central Iraq. It was first excavated in 1902 by the “Deutsche-Orient-Gesellschaft”.

Shuruppak was dedicated to Sud also called Ninlil, the goddess of grain and the air.

Shuruppak became a grain storage and distribution city and had more silos than any other Sumerian city. Shuruppak began near the beginning of the Jemdet Nasr period and was abandoned before the Old Babylonian period.

In the WB-62 version of the Sumerian king List two ante-diluvial kings of Shuruppak are mentioned. Ziusudra (Noah) reigned for 10 (shar) years in Shuruppak. . Ziusudra was preceded in this king list by his father SU.KUR.LAM who was also king of Shuruppak and ruled 8 (shar) years.

At the beginning of the Early Dynastic period there was an archaeologically attested river flood in Shuruppak that has been radio-carbon dated about 2900 BCE. Polychrome pottery from below the flood deposit has been dated to the Jemdet Nasr period that immediately preceded the Early Dynastic I period This river flood left deposits in Shuruppak, Uruk, and Kish.

The pre flood king list has a very interesting thing to take note of. There are many list but when we get to the nitty gritty, there are basically just two list before the flood. One has 10 kings of which Noah is the tenth one and then we have another list which has 8 kings.

One list represents Adam to Noah and the other represents Adam to one of Lamecks sons. Also note that Lameck has a daughter named Na’amah. This is all of the Cain line.
One question I ask is why does the bible only mention Na’amah. It does not mention any other woman after Eve until we get to Sara.
In the Koran there is this strange thing in 23:28 “and the members of your household, except those of them already doomed. Do not plead with me for those who have done wrong: they shall be drowned. And when you and all your followers have gone aboard”

The Koran mentions members of Noah’s family who would not board the Ark. ‘ Noah cried out to his son, who stood apart: “Embark with us, my child,” he said. “Do not stay with the unbeliever” He replied ” I shall seek refuge in a mountain, which will protect me from the flood”. And thereupon the billows rolled between them, and Noah’s son was drowned Sura Houd 40
We shall now read from the book of Jasher.

Jasher Chapter 5

[Book of Jasher Referred to in Joshua and Second Samuel, faithfully translated (1840) from the Original Hebrew into English. A Reprint of Photo Lithographic Reprint of Exact Edition Published by J.H. Parry & Co., Salt Lake City: 1887]

And it was in the eighty-fourth year of the life of Noah, that Enoch the son of Seth died, he was nine hundred and five years old at his death.
And in the one hundred and seventy ninth year of the life of Noah, Cainan the son of Enosh died, and all the days of Cainan were nine hundred and ten years, and he died.
And in the two hundred and thirty fourth year of the life of Noah, Mahlallel the son of Cainan died, and the days of Mahlallel were eight hundred and ninety-five years, and he died.
And Jared the son of Mahlallel died in those days, in the three hundred and thirty-sixth year of the life of Noah; and all the days of Jared were nine hundred and sixty-two years, and he died.
And all who followed the Lord died in those days, before they saw the evil which God declared to do upon earth.
And after the lapse of many years, in the four hundred and eightieth year of the life of Noah, when all those men, who followed the Lord had died away from amongst the sons of men, and only Methuselah was then left, God said unto Noah and Methuselah, saying,
Speak ye, and proclaim to the sons of men, saying, Thus saith the Lord, return from your evil ways and forsake your works, and the Lord will repent of the evil that he declared to do to you, so that it shall not come to pass.
For thus saith the Lord, Behold I give you a period of one hundred and twenty years; if you will turn to me and forsake your evil ways, then will I also turn away from the evil which I told you, and it shall not exist, saith the Lord.
And Noah and Methuselah spoke all the words of the Lord to the sons of men, day after day, constantly speaking to them.
But the sons of men would not hearken to them, nor incline their ears to their words, and they were stiff necked.
And the Lord granted them a period of one hundred and twenty years, saying, If they will return, then will God repent of the evil, so as not to destroy the earth.
Noah the son of Lamech refrained from taking a wife in those days, to beget children, for he said, Surely now God will destroy the earth, wherefore then shall I beget children?
And Noah was a just man, he was perfect in his generation, and the Lord chose him to raise up seed from his seed upon the face of the earth.
And the Lord said unto Noah, Take unto thee a wife, and beget children, for I have seen thee righteous before me in this generation.
And thou shalt raise up seed, and thy children with thee, in the midst of the earth; and Noah went and took a wife, and he chose Na’amah the daughter of Enoch, and she was five hundred and eighty years old.
And Noah was four hundred and ninety-eight years old, when he took Na’amah for a wife.
And Na’amah conceived and bare a son, and he called his name Japheth, saying, God has enlarged me in the earth; and she conceived again and bare a son, and he called his name Shem, saying, God has made me a remnant, to raise up seed in the midst of the earth.
And Noah was five hundred and two years old when Na’amah bare Shem, and the boys grew up and went in the ways of the Lord, in all that Methuselah and Noah their father taught them.
And Lamech the father of Noah, died in those days; yet verily he did not go with all his heart in the ways of his father, and he died in the hundred and ninety-fifth year of the life of Noah.
And all the days of Lamech were seven hundred and seventy years, and he died.
And all the sons of men who knew the Lord, died in that year before the Lord brought evil upon them; for the Lord willed them to die, so as not to behold the evil that God would bring upon their brothers and relatives, as he had so declared to do.
In that time, the Lord said to Noah and Methuselah, Stand forth and proclaim to the sons of men all the words that I spoke to you in those days, peradventure they may turn from their evil ways, and I will then repent of the evil and will not bring it.
And Noah and Methuselah stood forth, and said in the ears of the sons of men, all that God had spoken concerning them.
But the sons of men would not hearken, neither would they incline their ears to all their declarations.
And it was after this that the Lord said to Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me, on account of their evil deeds, and behold I will destroy the earth.
And do thou take unto thee gopher wood, and go to a certain place and make a large ark, and place it in that spot.
And thus shalt thou make it; three hundred cubits its length, fifty cubits broad and thirty cubits high.
And thou shalt make unto thee a door, open at its side, and to a cubit thou shalt finish above, and cover it within and without with pitch.
And behold I will bring the flood of waters upon the earth, and all flesh be destroyed, from under the heavens all that is upon earth shall perish.
And thou and thy household shall go and gather two couple of all living things, male and female, and shall bring them to the ark, to raise up seed from them upon earth.
And gather unto thee all food that is eaten by all the animals, that there may be food for thee and for them.
And thou shalt choose for thy sons three maidens, from the daughters of men, and they shall be wives to thy sons.
And Noah rose up, and he made the ark, in the place where God had commanded him, and Noah did as God had ordered him.
In his five hundred and ninety-fifth year Noah commenced to make the ark, and he made the ark in five years, as the Lord had commanded.
Then Noah took the three daughters of Eliakim, son of Methuselah, for wives for his sons, as the Lord had commanded Noah.
And it was at that time Methuselah the son of Enoch died, nine hundred and sixty years old was he, at his death.
Chapter 6
At that time, after the death of Methuselah, the Lord said to Noah, Go thou with thy household into the ark; behold I will gather to thee all the animals of the earth, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air, and they shall all come and surround the ark.
And thou shalt go and seat thyself by the doors of the ark, and all the beasts, the animals, and the fowls, shall assemble and place themselves before thee, and such of them as shall come and crouch before thee, shalt thou take and deliver into the hands of thy sons, who shall bring them to the ark, and all that will stand before thee thou shalt leave.
And the Lord brought this about on the next day, and animals, beasts and fowls came in great multitudes and surrounded the ark.
And Noah went and seated himself by the door of the ark, and of all flesh that crouched before him, he brought into the ark, and all that stood before him he left upon earth.
And a lioness came, with her two whelps, male and female, and the three crouched before Noah, and the two whelps rose up against the lioness and smote her, and made her flee from her place, and she went away, and they returned to their places, and crouched upon the earth before Noah.
And the lioness ran away, and stood in the place of the lions.
And Noah saw this, and wondered greatly, and he rose and took the two whelps, and brought them into the ark.
And Noah brought into the ark from all living creatures that were upon earth, so that there was none left but which Noah brought into the ark.
Two and two came to Noah into the ark, but from the clean animals, and clean fowls, he brought seven couples, as God had commanded him.
And all the animals, and beasts, and fowls, were still there, and they surrounded the ark at every place, and the rain had not descended till seven days after.
And on that day, the Lord caused the whole earth to shake, and the sun darkened, and the foundations of the world raged, and the whole earth was moved violently, and the lightning flashed, and the thunder roared, and all the fountains in the earth were broken up, such as was not known to the inhabitants before; and God did this mighty act, in order to terrify the sons of men, that there might be no more evil upon earth.
And still the sons of men would not return from their evil ways, and they increased the anger of the Lord at that time, and did not even direct their hearts to all this.
And at the end of seven days, in the six hundredth year of the life of Noah, the waters of the flood were upon the earth.
And all the fountains of the deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened, and the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights.
And Noah and his household, and all the living creatures that were with him, came into the ark on account of the waters of the flood, and the Lord shut him in.
And all the sons of men that were left upon the earth, became exhausted through evil on account of the rain, for the waters were coming more violently upon the earth, and the animals and beasts were still surrounding the ark.
And the sons of men assembled together, about seven hundred thousand men and women, and they came unto Noah to the ark.
And they called to Noah, saying, Open for us that we may come to thee in the ark–and wherefore shall we die?
And Noah, with a loud voice, answered them from the ark, saying, Have you not all rebelled against the Lord, and said that he does not exist? and therefore the Lord brought upon you this evil, to destroy and cut you off from the face of the earth.
Is not this the thing that I spoke to you of one hundred and twenty years back, and you would not hearken to the voice of the Lord, and now do you desire to live upon earth?
And they said to Noah, We are ready to return to the Lord; only open for us that we may live and not die.
And Noah answered them, saying, Behold now that you see the trouble of your souls, you wish to return to the Lord; why did you not return during these hundred and twenty years, which the Lord granted you as the determined period?
But now you come and tell me this on account of the troubles of your souls, now also the Lord will not listen to you, neither will he give ear to you on this day, so that you will not now succeed in your wishes.
And the sons of men approached in order to break into the ark, to come in on account of the rain, for they could not bear the rain upon them.
And the Lord sent all the beasts and animals that stood round the ark. And the beasts overpowered them and drove them from that place, and every man went his way and they again scattered themselves upon the face of the earth.
And the rain was still descending upon the earth, and it descended forty days and forty nights, and the waters prevailed greatly upon the earth; and all flesh that was upon the earth or in the waters died, whether men, animals, beasts, creeping things or birds of the air, and there only remained Noah and those that were with him in the ark.
And the waters prevailed and they greatly increased upon the earth, and they lifted up the ark and it was raised from the earth.
And the ark floated upon the face of the waters, and it was tossed upon the waters so that all the living creatures within were turned about like pottage in a cauldron.
And great anxiety seized all the living creatures that were in the ark, and the ark was like to be broken.
And all the living creatures that were in the ark were terrified, and the lions roared, and the oxen lowed, and the wolves howled, and every living creature in the ark spoke and lamented in its own language, so that their voices reached to a great distance, and Noah and his sons cried and wept in their troubles; they were greatly afraid that they had reached the gates of death.
And Noah prayed unto the Lord, and cried unto him on account of this, and he said, O Lord help us, for we have no strength to bear this evil that has encompassed us, for the waves of the waters have surrounded us, mischievous torrents have terrified us, the snares of death have come before us; answer us, O Lord, answer us, light up thy countenance toward us and be gracious to us, redeem us and deliver us.
And the Lord hearkened to the voice of Noah, and the Lord remembered him.
And a wind passed over the earth, and the waters were still and the ark rested.
And the fountains of the deep and the windows of heaven were stopped, and the rain from heaven was restrained.
And the waters decreased in those days, and the ark rested upon the mountains of Ararat.
And Noah then opened the windows of the ark, and Noah still called out to the Lord at that time and he said, O Lord, who didst form the earth and the heavens and all that are therein, bring forth our souls from this confinement, and from the prison wherein thou hast placed us, for I am much wearied with sighing.
And the Lord hearkened to the voice of Noah, and said to him, When though shalt have completed a full year thou shalt then go forth.
And at the revolution of the year, when a full year was completed to Noah’s dwelling in the ark, the waters were dried from off the earth, and Noah put off the covering of the ark.
At that time, on the twenty-seventh day of the second month, the earth was dry, but Noah and his sons, and those that were with him, did not go out from the ark until the Lord told them.
And the day came that the Lord told them to go out, and they all went out from the ark.
And they went and returned every one to his way and to his place, and Noah and his sons dwelt in the land that God had told them, and they served the Lord all their days, and the Lord blessed Noah and his sons on their going out from the ark.
And he said to them, Be fruitful and fill all the earth; become strong and increase abundantly in the earth and multiply therein.

So we can see from these references some very interesting things. These readings put a human face on Noah. The Book of Jasher does not mention the birth of Ham. Nor any other sons. The Koran mentions another son who dies in the flood. Did Noah have another wife? Did she too die in the flood?
Noah married a woman who was 580. Noah who was a king seems to be a reclusive type of guy. Most of his ancestors had their children when they were in their hundreds or before. But not Noah. He did not marry until late in life.
How did Noah have three children in his 500th year. The book of Jasher says Na’amah bore Japheth and Shem. Where was Ham. Was he born of another Na’amah mentioned as being the daughter of Lameck. Could she have brought the other king list descended down from Cain?
The book of Jubilees Chapter 4

27 out the generations of the world. And in the fourteenth jubilee [652 A.M.] Methuselah took unto himself a wife, Edna the daughter of Azrial, the daughter of his father’s brother, in the third week, in the
Methuselah Genesis 5:21-27 was the 8th generation
28 first year of this week, [701-7 A.M.] and he begat a son and called his name Lamech. And in the fifteenth jubilee in the third week Lamech took to himself a wife, and her name was Betenos the daughter of Baraki’il, the daughter of his father’s brother, and in this week she bare him a son and he called his name Noah, saying, ‘This one will comfort me for my trouble and all my work, and for the ground
29 which the Lord hath cursed.’ And at the close of the nineteenth jubilee, in the seventh week in the sixth year [930 A.M.] thereof, Adam died, and all his sons buried him in the land of his creation, and he
30 was the first to be buried in the earth. And he lacked seventy years of one thousand years; for one thousand years are as one day in the testimony of the heavens and therefore was it written concerning the tree of knowledge: ‘On the day that ye eat thereof ye shall die.’ For this reason he
31 did not complete the years of this day; for he died during it. At the close of this jubilee Cain was killed after him in the same year; for his house fell upon him and he died in the midst of his house, and he was killed by its stones; for with a stone he had killed Abel, and by a stone was he killed in
32 righteous judgment. For this reason it was ordained on the heavenly tablets: With the instrument with which a man kills his neighbour with the same shall he be killed; after the manner that
33 he wounded him, in like manner shall they deal with him.’ And in the twenty-fifth [1205 A.M.] jubilee Noah took to himself a wife, and her name was Emzara, the daughter of Rake’el, the daughter of his father’s brother, in the first year in the fifth week [1207 A.M.]: and in the third year thereof she bare him Shem, in the fifth year thereof [1209 A.M.] she bare him Ham, and in the first year in the sixth week [1212 A.M.] she bare him Japheth.
Luke 17:26 26 And as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man: 27 They ate, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. 28 Likewise as it was also in the days of Lot: They ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; 29 but on the day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. 30 Even so will it be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed. 31 In that day, he who is on the housetop, and his goods are in the house, let him not come down to take them away. And likewise the one who is in the field, let him not turn back. 32 Remember Lot’s wife. 33 Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it. 34 I tell you, in that night there will be two men in one bed: the one will be taken and the other will be left. 35 Two women will be grinding together: the one will be taken and the other left. 36 Two men will be in the field: the one will be taken and the other left.” 37 And they answered and said to Him, “Where, Lord?” So He said to them, “Wherever the body is, there the eagles will be gathered together.”
Matt 24: 37 But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. 38 For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, 39 and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.

My Family Friends and Brethren, the hand writing is on the wall. We can see the end time prophecies coming together, and if you can not see them, then over the next year I shall hopefully lay them out for you so that you can. Just as plainly as possible.

Just as it was in my sons accident, not appreciating how quick things can happen and just as it says about Noahs other son and or other family members, they did not believe those things Noah had been saying along with his father for 120 years. Rather than look foolish and just come on board and make the old man feel good, they rebelled and refused to come on board. Maybe the three other sons just came on with Noah out of respect for their aged Dad. Notice in none of the stories or the bible does it say that Shem preached and helped his dad.

Then the thing happened with the animals, which must have been very strange for every one to see and word must have spread to come and see all these strange things. But still none of them could believe any of the things Noah had said would happen. It was impossible. It had never happened before and all things, all life would go on normally as it had since the beginning.
Then the rain started. ‘Well, isnt this strange.’ They must have thought as it had never rained before. The earth was misted at night. But never rained.

Noah again pleads with his family to come onboard. They again refuse. Those already on are not to sure what to make of all these things. So they sit tight. In a couple of days it will be over and they can go back home.

The Ark is sealed and the rains are not relenting. As the book of Jasher says 700,000 people gathered and began to argue with Noah to open the door and let them in. What would you have done? Noah knew them and did not open the door.

The flood came and washed them all away, and then those on the Ark were tossed up and down and must have suffered violent sea sickness. They were also terrified for their lives. The ark was about to come apart. And they prayed. Then they prayed.

Imagine going through this and seeing your first wife and any children by her not coming with you on to the Ark. How would you feel? How would you feel about leaving all your friends behind? Don’t forget Noah also was a king and had a kingdom of people, which he left behind. One story I read says Noah gave his kingdom to one of the lead hands who helped build the ark. That fella knew Noah was nuts right? Noah had a reed boat and this guy got his whole kingdom. Talk about being king for a day.

Noah knew that when Methuselah died then the flood would come. Can you see Noah checking with Methuselah every day to see how his health was. How are you today Dad, do you feel good? Remember also that Noah had witnessed each of his 9 ancestors being buried. That is 8, as he was keeping a close eye on his Dad.

Now that the ark is afloat, can you imagine how they felt as the realization that every one else is dead, started to set in. Can you see the looks that Noahs wife and the boys are giving him and the three daughters in law. One day they all thought that he might be crazy. It must have crossed their minds at some point. After all the rest of the people were saying it. And now they are all alive because of that old mans eccentricity. Can you imagine the thoughts going through their minds? They were on the boat for a year. They must have had some great conversations and some awful crying as they all came realize, all they knew was now gone.

As I stood upon the bow of the remains of Noahs Ark and again later as I sat near the Old town of Naxuan where they disembarked, near the top of the mountain, I listened to the wind blow by me. I could hear the loneliness of this place. No traffic, no city noises, no animals in the distance. Even to this day this place where the Ark now rest is still very isolated. I could imagine seeing the Aras valley which is now between the ark and mount Ararat, being full of water and watching it go down each day. I could imagine hearing the noise of the distant volcanoes and watching the lava flow. I could imagine how alone they must have felt. How isolated.

For years to come there would be no one else to talk to, except those eight. This might be cause enough for Noah to want to get drunk. I jest.
Just imagine preaching for 120 years and warning every one. Then only eight survive. It does not say as far as I know that those other seven believed him. Now after the flood there is no one to preach to except these eight. It is during this time that Shem became mighty in the knowledge of Yahweh. Japheth also knew the teachings.
But Ham did not retain them. Nor pass them on to his children diligently. It was Ham who raised Cush who raised Nimrod who perverted all the teachings and confused the truth which is with us down to this very day.

It was Ham who stole the leopard skin that belonged to Adam. It was Cush who hid it for all those years, and then gave it to Nimrod who wore it, and tried to rule every one with it on him. This fourth month is even named after one of Nimrods names Tammuz. Why the Jews allowed it in their calendar, I do not know.

Shem would later put Nimrod on trial and execute him. Nimrods followers would morn for forty days. Just as some fast for forty days now for lent or ramadan. This forty days mourning was for Tammuz, Nimrod, because Shem had his body torn apart by horses and each part sent to those others who were continuing to follow Nimrods evil ways. It was also this T or the Tau that became the symbol of Nimrods followers. It is now know as the cross. That same cross that represented Nimrod and was placed on the anchor stones by his followers, is now worn by many and hung from mirrors in cars in the shape of a rosary. Who do you follow?

Those of you who find yourselves alone amongst family members, who have no other believers of like mind near by, take heart, you are not alone. Those of you who think you have lots of time to do what you want, then just before the last Trump you’ll come on board, consider those who stood outside the Ark and waited.

Those things said in the Times Up article I feel are very much on the mark. What if those things come sooner rather than later. Do you not think it is time to come on board now?
In light of this, are you watching the drought in the South west, and South East USA, Are you watching the floods in Texas and Oklahoma. Have you noticed that in England, that this June is the wettest on record. This week all across North America it will be in the 100 degree area. Are you watching. Does it mean anything or is this normal. Again, I say read the Times Up! No More Excuses.
Did you watch this winter in Australia where they suffered the worst drought in 1000 years? Are you watching?

As it was in the Days of Noah..we are near the 100 or 110 years of Preaching. Are you checking the health of Methuselah daily?
When I say come on board, I do not mean to join up with me. No, I have nothing for you to join. What I am saying is, isn’t it about time that you prayed like you never have before? Isnt it time you were baptized or re mikvahed? Things will soon happen suddenly and you will not have time to change then.

Next week we will leave Noah’s Ark and follow the Aras valley which I have mentioned, and show you some things that many of you have not known.

Joseph F Dumond
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