Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: Oct 23, 2014

News Letter 5850-031
25th day of the 7th month 5850 years after the creation of Adam
The 7th Month in the Fifth year of the Third Sabbatical Cycle
The Third Sabbatical Cycle of the 119th Jubilee Cycle
The Sabbatical Cycle of Earthquakes, Famines and Pestilence

October 25, 2014

Shabbat Shalom Family and Brethren,

I hope this week’s News letter finds you all home from Sukkot safe and blessed, having been refreshed by Yehovah for keeping His Appointed time with Him.

This week I am moved by the events that have rocked Canada. First two soldiers walking across a parking lot were run down by an Islamic Terrorist on Tuesday killing 53 year old Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent. Then on Wednesday a soldier on sentry duty guarding the War Memorial in Ottawa was shot dead. He was guarding the War Memorial, just doing his duty and shot in cold blood by some coward radicalized by Islamic extremists. After this a third Canadian Hero emerged as Kevin Michael Vickers, Canada’s Sergeant-at-Arms, hailed the work of his security team after receiving a standing ovation on Thursday in the House of Commons for shooting a gunman at Parliament Hill in Ottawa.
Prime Minster Harper spoke out about these two events.

Yes Brethren I am proud of my country for standing with Israel. I also know we are not immune from the curses of Lev 26 and our sins as a nation and as individuals will lead to 90% of our population being destroyed in the years to come. I love my country and my heart aches as I see these events taking place in the opening salvos that will lead us into that 4th Sabbatical cycle of war, pestilence and famine and then captivity. Yehovah’s clock does not rest; time is winding down. The Sabbatical year of 2016 is less than 1 1/2 years from now.

As you may recall from last week’s News Letter that I ran myself into the ground at the ICEJ event and became sick for the last half of the Feast. I was so lethargic I could not even give you a report of all that had taken place. I am sorry for that. So let me now update you.
I had a booth at the ICEJ convention in Jerusalem. They had expected to have about 8,000 people come to this event. I was sharing with those interested about the true meaning of the blood moons and how they confirm what we have been teaching about the next Sabbatical cycle and the coming war. We were overwhelmed with the number of people interested in our presentation and stopping to learn more. I had two people helping me each time we were open and all of us were busy explaining these things and answering questions as well as selling DVD’s or our books.
I will now share our daily journal entries of each day’s events.

We arrived in Jerusalem Wednesday morning about 3 AM. I took a sharut directly to the Pais Arena where this event was to take place. I got there about 7 AM as the doors opened and had the booth set up before 9 AM. I then took a taxi back to my room where I had to wait until 2 PM before I could check in and get a shower.

Because Thursday is the Jewish first day of the Feast we had to go up to the Shuk to buy food to have during the coming Jewish High Days as well as the Biblical High Days we keep and the Sabbath. Each day this place is busy but just before the Sabbath or a High Day it is extraordinarily busy as you can see from the pictures below.

Over the years many of us have come to know that our brethren are staying at or meeting at the Jerusalem Hostel. So this is the place we go to, to see who has come and to meet other people of a similar faith. Mind you, not everyone there is of the same faith and this leads into many a lively midrash that go on into the wee hours.

I had to catch up on my sleep over the next few days because I was not able to sleep on the plane. I was talking to an Israeli Druz for part of the time and to a young Orthodox Rabbi the rest of the time. It was great conversation and exciting to see so many coming to Israel to keep the Feast. I try to fly El Al when I can.

As Shabbat approaches a loud siren is sounded just as the sun is setting. All the stores have closed already at about 3 PM and almost all traffic has stopped driving on the streets. The trains shut down as do the buses, and I have seen some friends of mine from Malaysia lie down in the middle of the road while another took their picture from the apartment building roof. Kids are riding their bikes in the road with little fear of being hit by a car.

In the Orthodox areas, of which we are on the edge of, families with parents and grandparents and infants and strollers wander up and down the streets on Sabbath. Many like us go to the park and just talk and relax with other families. The Sabbath here is a beautiful time to spend with your family.

So, as Shabbat began about 40 brethren from around the world gathered together to share a Shabbat meal. We had people show up from Germany, Italy, Holland, South Africa, Australia, Poland, Canada, USA and Israel. Each one brought something and we all shared and we all were filled and there always seemed to be much left over.

This evening I met a couple from Holland who were very excited to learn about the Sabbatical year which led into the 2300 Days of Hell. Schalk and Elsa Klee of Set Apart People were also involved in the conversation as they interpreted those things into Dutch which I could not express. It was a great evening. It also began to rain this evening. It is a blessing to receive rains and this is one of the reasons for the waving of the Lulav and Etrog. As it turned out we had light rain almost every day during the Feast.

One of the reasons for waving the Four Species in all directions alludes to the fact that all these species require much water to grow. The lulav (date palm) grows in watered valleys, hadass and aravah grow near water sources, and the etrog requires more water than other fruit trees. By taking these particular species and waving them in all directions, the Jew symbolically voices a prayer for abundant rainfall for all the vegetation of the earth in the coming year. Here is a picture of someone waving the Lulav with the Etrog in front of our Hotel on Jaffa Rd at Ben Yehuda Street.

This first evening we saw an extreme lightening storm and had our first rains. It has rained lightly almost every day we have been here this week.
Sabbath Morning was similar to Friday where we had divine appointments one after the other. On Friday I saw the phone number of someone I had not seen in many years. I wondered if I would be able to meet them on this trip. A few minutes later I actually and literally bumped into that very person as I went to cut between two cars on some obscure road. It was amazing. This same day on Friday again I was looking in my phone for a number and saw a name I had not seen in some time, and as I got up from the bench to begin my walk, a voice is shouting out my name and it is that very person. Yehovah is here and guiding our every step and blessing us each day.

Sabbath Morning I was trying to meet up with Yoel but I had missed him. When I could not get a hold of Joel, I asked Jason if he had seen him pass on Ben Yehuda. I had just missed him. Jason said he had not seen him and they were on their way to services for Shabbat. When they arrived at the service they were packed out and could not squeeze anyone else in.

As I sat there wondering what to do now on Shabbat, Jason called and asked if I would like to join them at his place for a study. I agreed. When I arrived they wanted me to explain to their two mothers and two friends about the Sabbatical years. We did this and had it translated into Spanish as we went along. It was another awesome day spent with lovely people hungry to know the truth and eager to learn and share with others. I have now gained a new group of friends.
Jason would later write on Face Book;

Had a wonderful morning here in Yerushalayim with Joseph Dumond and some other friends, sitting in our Sukkah and learning about Yah’s calendar and the upcoming Sabbatical year (2016) that every one of us should be observing. Chag sameach and Shabbat shalom to all who guard the Appointed Times of our Creator.

After this many of us gather at independence park to picnic in the afternoon and to relax together on the Sabbath. Again from many countries around the world we come and meet and talk and enjoy each others company. It is a very special time here just to be with like minded brethren.
Right after Sabbath ended I had to catch a cab to the ICEJ event and have our booth manned and ready to go. I am extremely nervous, not knowing what to expect. I also wondered if I will be able to match wits with those who will try to discredit our message and there are many other insecurity-type thoughts racing through my mind as we approach this appointed time.As Sabbath ended Elsa and Schalk Klee met Wendy Laakes, Sheila Lemieux and their friend Sylvia and myself as we were about to hail a taxi to head off to begin our first night at the ICEJ.
To show you just how big this event is and to help you understand my concerns about whether or not I am going to be able to do the job in front of me, let me now share with you some of the headline news this event has created. Watch and read each of the following reports. Very important and powerful people here.
Israeli PM Netanyahu Feast Greeting 2014
Please do watch the following presentation.
Ron Lauder Speech at Feast of Tabernacles 2014
Be Strong, Be Strong and be Courageous
Israeli President Reuven Rivlin’s Feast 2014 Greeting
Thousands of Christians voice support for Israel in Jerusalem
Feast of Tabernacles pilgrims gather at new arena; rescued Fijian UN peacekeepers, IDF paratroopers in attendance
At the top of each of these videos are links to the other events that took place during this time. Please watch them and learn just how large an event this was that I was sharing our teachings at. Again you can learn more and watch more at
You can easily see from this map exactly how Jerusalem is the center of the whole world. At our booth we met hundreds from Europe and hundreds from Africa and hundreds from Asia, and hundreds more from North and South America. This was and is a huge event to be a part of.

I tried to write my comments each night after I was done or during the day when I had a break. I also have had some of those who were in the booth write their thoughts so you can read what others also thought. Here are the comments for each day at the booth. It was not until the middle of the afternoon that I was able to write something down.

The crowds lined up to come in Opening night.

Shabbat Night the 1st Night and Sunday Morning

It is 5:30 PM, Sunday and I am sitting in the auditorium listening and watching the rehearsals for this evenings show. Lights and video too. Very nice. Been on my feet from 8 AM answering every question about the Blood moons and Shemita. Our booth is overrun with brethren who want to know more about this subject. The two ladies from Ontario who helped me bring much of the material here, Sheila Lemieux and Wendy Laakes, and I are busy explaining this over and over as people come and buy or talk. We were going non-stop. Non-stop for the whole morning.
There is such a hunger, such a hunger. We NEED MORE TEACHERS AND WE NEED THEM NOW!!!!!!
I AM SO TIRED (and this is just half way through the first day).
We finished our first day last night at midnight. Then arrived back on ben Yehuda to the celebrations with loud and vibrant Yiddish music and throngs of people dancing everywhere.
You are commanded to be Joyful at the feast. It is a commandment and Judah is extremely joyful at this time. Every restaurant is packed out and lined up out the door and the throngs kept coming. It is awesome. You have not feasted until you Feast in Jerusalem during Sukkot.
Today Sunday we began at 8 after getting to bed at 2AM, and answering emails at that time.
We stopped at 2 PM for lunch and will begin again at 8 PM which then goes until midnight. And then back to Ben Yehuda street where we are staying, by taxi for more joyfulness. Hallelujah.
I have explained above about those divine appointments I had with people after seeing their names in my phone. Here is another one of those divine appointments.
I was engaged with one of the last customers to come to my booth when the head of the Temple Mount Movement walks by me. I said hello but had to continue with the customer. We finished our talk and there was no one left in the building. So I wrapped up the booth for the afternoon and went to look for this man. After a few steps I changed my mind and said if Yehovah wants us to meet He will arrange it.
So I put my things away and went outside to go for lunch/supper by myself. I was thinking of many things and the many people who we had talked to and just how awesome this was and praying and thanking Yehovah for this time. I was not looking ahead. When I came to the light to cross the road, there on a park bench just 20 feet in front of me was this leading man for the Temple Mount and I started to laugh out loud. And thanked Yehovah for this divine appointment. I went and explained this to this very respected man who said that I must now sit and explain to him what Hashem would have me tell him.

So I began with the sabbatical year in 2016 and then moved on to the 2300 days of Hell. He opened up hIs Hebrew Bible and began to read it as I explained it. He was interested and after discussing many things of Daniel 9:24-27 and Daniel 8, the 2300 Days for over 1/2 an hour I left him. He will come to the booth tomorrow and I have just one copy of the 2300 days to give away to him. The other copy is for the Prime Minister when he comes.
I know some of you are praying for the success of this event that I am doing. There are other things happening. Potentially awesome things as well. Connections to other groups and countries around the world reaching people I could never otherwise reach: pastors, teachers, Orthodox and various leadership and messianic brethren also. Please, please continue to pray for divine appointments and that Yehovah provide those opportunities to share HIS truths with these people from over 90 countries around the world. It breaks my heart to know there are so many who want to hear this message and no one is teaching them these things. Just tickling the ear messages. They are tired of that. They are ready for the heavy duty meat. So please pray. There are more divine appointments to be met.
I just met the head of the ICEJ over India who is anxious for me to bring this message I have to the 29 states he is looking after with about 30 churches. I told him he needs to listen to just how heavy these messages are. He said also that the people of India want real meat messages and no more milk ones. Please pray Brethren, you are going to read over and over of the hunger that is out there and lack of people sharing this message.
He was beaten many times and almost burned to death for converting from Hindu to Christianity. This year during the Gaza war he and his many followers were all standing out in the streets of India holding the Israeli flag in support of Israel during the war this summer. He showed me the scars on his legs and the back of his neck from the tortures he has suffered. Brethren we have no idea what that is like and I warn you many of you need to study more to get yourself ready for what is coming.
Another man from South Africa was very interested in our presentation and wants me to come to his groups in South Africa and he will raise the money to get me there. Again I told him to watch the videos and then share them and we will talk.
The Fiji brethren are also here and are interested in what we are presenting. Asia and Philippines too are taking many of the bookmarks and DVD’s and wanting to learn this to teach the churches they manage. It is the same story for Germany and Austria who have come looking for truths of Yehovah. I am very surprised at just how many of these people are Messianic and already have a deeper understanding of the Torah. It has made our presentation much easier to do.
I could write a book about the many events that have happened in just last night and this morning. I am overwhelmed at them all. Thank you for your prayers and thank you Sheila Lemieux and Wendy Laakes for your awesome help, even though your sister-in-law died last night. You did as Aaron did and you did not mourn because you had a job to do. You got very little sleep because of this news and still wanted to come and do the job of reaching out to these thousands of people looking for the answers.  I am in your debt as well as those you reached out to and hugged and prayed with and directed to these truths are also in your debt. Yehovah bless you and keep you and comfort you. Thank you.

The crowds at En Ghedi where the Feast began for them.

The End of Sunday

It is now 12:46 AM and I have to get up in 4 hours to do this all over again. I can barely keep my eyes open. We had a rush on our booth from the moment they began to enter until we left at 11. We are now out of the limited supplies of Remembering the Sabbatical Year of 2016 and The Prophecies of Abraham are now all gone. We still have lots of Blood Moon DVD’s and Ten Tribes. but we no longer have any more complete sets. Wendy, Sheila and I have given out almost 3,000 bookmarks and business cards. We have talked one on one to hundreds of people; never argued once. LOL. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is excited to learn about the blood moons, and when I explain why John Hagee and Mark Biltz are not able to get the blood moons to match any significant dates, people then buy the DVD. There are so many people learning. Those you do not think are interested turn on that one word you said and they tune it. Others you have to tell them more and then they tune in and purchase a DVD. It is exactly like fishing. You call out and each time we call out to them they turn and come and are engaged. I cannot tell you how many times this scripture came to mind as we shouted out at those going by, how many times we engaged those who stopped to read the blood moon banner or the 2016 one. I thought of this verse over and over as I spoke out and because of this I was driven harder to engage as many as possible knowing the outcome of those who kept on going by not giving our message any heed.

Proverbs 1:20  Wisdom cries outside; she utters her voice in the streets; 21  she cries in the chief place of gathering, in the openings of the gates; in the city she utters her words, saying22  How long will you love simplicity, simple ones? And will scorners delight in their scorning? And will fools hate knowledge? 23  Turn at my warning; behold, I will pour out my Spirit to you; I will make my words known to you. 24  Because I called, and you refused; I stretched out my hand, and no one paid attention; 25  but you have despised all my advice, and would have none of my warning. 26  I also will laugh at your trouble; I will mock when your fear comes; 27  when your fear comes as a wasting away, and your ruin comes like a tempest when trouble and pain come upon you. 28  Then they shall call upon me, and I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me; 29  instead they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of Jehovah. 30  They would have none of my counsel; they despised all my correction, 31  and they shall eat the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own desires. 32  For the turning away of the simple kills them, and the ease of fools destroys them. 33  But whoever listens to me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.

We still have lots of Blood Moon DVD’s and Ten Tribe DVD’s. Praying we are able to move all of these so I do not have to lug any of them home.

Lost count of how many have signed up for the News Letter.
Have been told a few times today that if I had this in Portuguese or Spanish I would have sold thousands in one day here. There are many here who do not speak any English. We need translations done ASAP. Again, this cosst money and takes work to get it done. A number of translators said this same thing to me but they did not want to do the job.
I am asking each of you to reach into your pocket of excess Feast funds and consider sharing it with us so we can get the DVD’s and the books translated into these other languages. The demand is great and we have so little help and strength. Please pray about this and consider helping us in this area.

Still looking for the Prime Minister to walk by and take a book. We are using plastic bags to put the products in that say Thank you Canada with a large Canadian flag. Canada is one the few nations to stand with Israel shoulder to shoulder. I am so proud to be Canadian. And I am hoping this catches the PM’s eye.

Up and out the door again today, Monday. Two new assistants today. Sheila Lemieux and Wendy Laakes were phenomenal. They had a competition on how many they could get at a time and give a bookmark to. And they would come and talk to me and then I would see them running down the hall to get someone who walked by without them noticing. Hysterical. They would engage each person, from the young lady to those who spoke no English. They would walk up to the security personal who spoke only broken English with a strong Israeli accent and talk to them about the blood moons. These two women had not an ounce of fear about approaching someone to try and get them to come and at least talk to me about the blood moons or the Sabbatical years or the ten tribes.
I cannot thank them enough or praise them enough for what they have done. Somewhere around 3,000 book marks given away. Which means about 3,000 face to face explanations of what we are doing here. Thank you, ladies. I love you both very much for the help you have been and in being my mules dragging suitcases of book marks half way around the world and the work you did here in spite of your own personal circumstances. You both made this so much fun because you both had fun meeting everyone from around the world. Yehovah bless you both.
I think they might have been motivated to give as many away as possible in order not to have to drag them back home. LOL

Those who took an additional study lesson and those who came for the big event meetings. Each and every event was well attended.

Monday our second full day

Geri Milchalski and Marilyn Sapeta volunteered to come and help me in the booth this morning. We got there just in time to orient them to what I was doing before they were immersed completely in the rush and had to explain things on their own.  Here in their own words are their combined comments about what they saw and what we are trying to do.

Marilyn and I experienced an amazing morning at Joe’s ICEJ booth for despite being rear ended on our way to the conference! We were blessed to meet people hungry and searching for truth from nations around the globe. After interacting with numerous hungry people we encountered a talk show host from Israel who was more than anxious to meet with and interview Joe! He told Joe next time he would interview him in the studio! This is only a small example of what is happening at the booth. We spoke at length with people from Hong Kong and Switzerland who desire the truth so bad you can see it in their eyes. What a blessing it has been to share with them! Oh… And for those who are praying for the peace of Jerusalem and her government…… Bibi Netanyahu is going to be showing up at the conference tonight! Love that man!

This radio show host is Mottle Wolf of Voice of Israel Radio and he likes to host controversial subjects, and is heard all over Israel. He was really interested in hearing about the blood moons and waited about 15 minutes while I talked to another customer. We sat in the booth and they took pictures as we talked. We were told that he normally just does a few minutes with each person and moves on. But with me he was extremely interested and spent considerable time in our booth talking with me. Here is the link to the show which aired on Sunday, October 19, 2014. Keep in mind my voice is going raw and it was noisy, which is why I seem to be shouting.
He called me the world authority on the Blood Moons. LOL (There is a time to be silent and a time to speak. I chose to be silent at this moment, while I laughed inside)
What I do in the booth is to use the hype about the Blood Moons, which everyone is talking about. I am able to get people to come up to me in the booth to explain what this means. I have about 10 seconds. This then leads to either who the Ten Tribes are or to the Sabbatical year of 2016. I may have them for about 1 minute now. This then leads back to who the Ten Tribes are and why the blood moons are over the USA and the curses they are going to receive for not keeping the Torah, and then this leads into the curses of the 2300 Days of Hell which we only just mention and do not get into any depth with. All of this is done a matter of minutes before that person buys or moves on. And then it is repeated again with the next one to stop by.
Each topic is a minefield of controversial subjects and Mottle the Radio Host just loved it. He encouraged me to keep going and to explain it so they could understand it. So I said ‘damn the torpedoes’ and went full steam ahead. He kept leaning forward in excitement as I revealed each new point of understanding. How he reacts to this, I will only find out once I listen to his edited version so I am a bit nervous about it.

When we finally signed off he said he wanted me to come to the studio and talk in the studio and do a show with him. He seemed to be very excited about it.

I was over the top excited too because we had just spoken via the radio to many of the Orthodox Jews across Israel. Don’t let me fool you. I went outside and thanked Yehovah for the way He is orchestrating these things. We just need to be ready to give an answer.
One more evening and another full day tomorrow. Keep Praying.
On Monday evening we had Jason and Schalk Klee help me in the booth. I did not get to tell them very much except to say hello, before they too were talking to hundreds of people as they passed by.
Here is Jason’s report of the evening.

“During Sukkot this year in Yerushalayim, I had the privilege of working with Joseph at his ICEJ conference booth one evening. In attendance were thousands of Christians from all over the world who have a genuine and intense love for Israel, and we were blessed with an incredible opportunity to share the importance of our Creator’s Sabbaths with so many of them. Some wonderful conversations took place, and we passed out a large number of bookmarks and flyers to those in attendance.
Needless to say, opportunities like this don’t come along every day. It was such a blessing to participate, and I would encourage everyone to make it a top priority to be in Israel for the Feasts! Amazing things are happening here.”
Jason –

Schalk Klee of set Apart People also added these comments about what we were doing at this event. I have the utmost respect and admiration for Schalk and Elsa Klee and consult with them on many subject when ever I can.

Hi Joe,

Here is my summary.
It was the first time that I attended any of the ICEJ events, thus I had no idea what to expect.  All i knew is that it is primarily a Christian event. As part of my profession, I had worked on a number of trade fairs before, thus I also knew what the normal behavior is for people at events like these. To a certain extend, this was confirmed for me by a number of people trying to get away from us because they thought we were simply trying to sell them something.
We also had quite a large number of very positive interactions with people that were really seeking the truth.  A number of people that I met has a sincere hunger for the truth and what got most of them is the fact that what Joe was showing then starts off with their Bible.  I always told them “let us go and start our study with Scripture.” For me it was clear that these people honestly wanted to know what the Bible really says.
The second positive point that I noted, was how many people were already keeping the Sabbath and had a good knowledge of the Biblical feasts.  Even people from places as remote as Lesotho, a kingdom in Southern Africa, were talking about their positive experiences of keeping the commandments. They wanted more and was quite eager to help spread more of the message. These two facts showed me that we were busy planting in good soil.  Let us pray that the seed will produce good fruit.
I also saw a great demand for getting the message into multiple languages.  A lot of people are not proficient in English, and studying advanced topics in a foreign language is a huge challenge.  Thus we need to pray for guidance and provision to get the message to these people in their own language.
Have blessed Sabbath!

Tuesday our third full day and also our last day today.

This is the report Barb Hemphill shared about her experience helping me in the booth this Tuesday morning.

Wanda and I went to ICEJ this morning to help Joe at his booth. We arrived there with Joe just after 7 am and we left at noon. Joe stays there all day until after 11 pm. Someone else has usually showed up in the evenings to help him from 8 pm til 11 pm. My son in law is there tonight. Joe stays at the arena all this time but the crowds only come in the morning and evening. He stays there because it is too costly to go back and forth from his hostel. Can any of you imagine keeping a schedule like this? And spending your Sukkot this way?
He is dead tired but he came here to do the job he has been given to do. One incredibly faithful servant.
But anyhow….my first impression of the booth was WOW….the banners he had made are so professional and totally eye catching. They were not cheap to have made. I wish I had taken my iPad with me so I could post the pictures of Joe and the booth here for you all to see. Instead I took my camera and so will have to wait until I return home to Canada before I can post them.
We were kept very busy talking to people from all corners of the globe….it was amazing ….many of them really searching for truth. We put emphasis on the blood moons DVD as that is the big topic of the season and the banner behind the table features the blood moons and “the elephant in the room” that no one notices. A lot of people bought that DVD. What I did notice is that so many people are not aware of who they are and it was really rewarding to see eyes pop open with intrigue when talking to them about national identity.
Several people caught on that the blood moons, the sabbatical years, were all intertwined with who they are and that the Blessings and cursings of Lev 26 is addressed to them.
There is so much more I could write about this experience today and the honour it was to help Joseph plant what I think was hundreds of seeds in getting out our Father’s truth. Now we need to pray that YAH will nourish them as they return to their home countries.
This has been hugely successful and beyond what Joe expected.
Please pray for Joe too and bless him with financial support to help cover all his expenses for this booth here in Jerusalem.

Tuesday morning we had Barb Hemphill and Wanda Barr helping in the morning and then Rob Macgarva in the evening with me. Rob had barely arrived before he had to begin explaining things because I was already talking to others and we were one person short this evening and it was Israeli night. It just so happens that in all cases each of those who came to help were immersed into it before I had time to orient them to what was going on. They learned on the fly and for Rob is it was no different. LOL
Tonight was Israel night when all the local Orthodox Jewish people come out. Surprisingly many of them believe in Yehshua. But you also must be able to match them in their education and show them why they need to listen to what your presenting because they have heard so many thing before from so many different people and nothing ever comes of it.
After doing this for the 4th day today it was still challenging. I was going to go on the Jerusalem march today which was a huge success from all I have heard. Ephraim Franks organized those of us known as the house the Ephraim and he had a huge showing. I did not attend due to the fact that I still had a customer who was eager to learn all I had been sharing and we talked for about 3 hours. The more I explained the more they wanted to know. They assured me the info I was sharing was very much wanted by the orthodox as they were orthodox themselves. This greatly encouraged me.
Rob and I were very busy again once the crowds began to come in and we remained so until they left. I had prayed that the argumentative ones and those who waste your time with endless or circular debate, that Yehovah would not have them come to the booth and they did not.
I had Messianic teachers from Haifa who at first thought I was just another Christian teacher, but then after a few minutes wanted more and were awed by what they were learning.
We had some Jewish shop owners want us to put our product in their store in a very busy tourist area. We had many others taking pictures of all our displays. One fella was deaf so I then had to explain to him in a few minutes what I was saying without saying one word. I did, and when the light bulb went on it was amazing. You knew he got it and that probably was the highlight of the night for me, if not for the whole week, seeing this deaf man understand the Sabbatical and Jubilee message. He came back and wanted to take a picture of me with him in the booth. In fact, many people took pictures of the booth and the 2016 banner to look at when they got home.
We were out of books; The Prophecies of Abraham and Remembering the Sabbatical Year of 2016 and even The 2300 Days of Hell were all gone. We were also out of all of our bookmarks and most of our business cards. We did have some Ten Tribe videos and the Blood Moon video left over.
Then I was told we had to take the booth down that night. I was sleep deprived and extremely tired and had not arranged to get this stuff back to the room. So my mind was thinking on this as we approached the closing moments. Then, out of the blue walks up two people who said we are some of your biggest fans. I smiled and thanked them for coming. I was about to ask them how I could help them, when I thought this guy looked familiar. I said that I thought I knew him and then he said his name was Ralph Messer who has the messianic TV ministry in CO. and he wanted to understand what I was saying. He liked much of what I was writing in my weekly Newsletters as he had a number of people telling him about those things I write about. (Again this is another example of people doing what I said to do and to take this teaching to the leadership and make them understand it. Now look at the results).
So I then go into my teaching mode. I was able to present the whole thing in about 4 minutes. Yes, the whole thing. No details. 2 Kings 19:29 lines up with all known Sabbatical year coming down to 2016. 2014 & 2015 are the 4 blood moons which are a sign of the coming war. 2016 has the two dark moons which are a sign for famine and all of these together line up with the 4th curse of Lev 26 speaking about war famine and pestilence and then I show them the chart. And then boom, I am done.

Lev 26:23  And if you will not be reformed by Me by these things, but will still walk contrary to Me, 24  then I will walk contrary to you and will punish you seven times more for your sins. 25  And I will bring a sword on you that shall execute the vengeance of the covenant. And when you are gathered inside your cities, I will send the plague among you. And you shall be delivered into the hand of the enemy. 26  When I have broken the staff of your bread, ten women shall bake your bread in one oven, and they shall deliver you your bread again by weight. And you shall eat and not be satisfied. 27  And if you will not for all of this listen to Me, but will walk contrary to Me, 28  then I will walk contrary to you also in fury. And I, even I, will chastise you seven times for your sins. 29  And you shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters you shall eat.

They have to digest and think and then think again. I may have to repeat it for some but most if not all of them get it and are stunned into silence and see prophecy as something very real. They can see these things on the nightly news.
So we left it like that and I have contacted Mr Messer about furthering our discussion. Your prayers are again solicited on behalf of all those who he would be able to reach with this warning message. He is just returning from Israel as we go to post this, so I have not heard back from him as yet.
We then had the last two people who came to the booth who were the two we had prayed for Yehovah to keep from the booth for the day. They motivated us to take down the booth even faster, which we did in about half an hou, then we jammed into the taxi forcing poor Rob to sit on top of the display booth in the back seat. LOL
Rob then also helped me to carry all five bags up two flights of stairs to jam them into my room the size of a closet.
Although I was dead tired taking this apart after these long three days, this was a blessing also as it now allowed me to join all my friends and Avi on the Tour to the Valley of Elah where David slew Goliath.
It was in this same place exactly 9 years ago that our tour guide read the story and afterwards asked us all “Who will stand up for the Torah, who will guard the Sabbaths and Holy Days, Who is going to stand in the gap?” With tears in my eyes because this was our last day and our last stop, I remember to this day saying Here I am Yehovah, pick me. I will stand in the gap and defend the Sabbath.
Nine years later I am back here once again. As I spoke to Yehovah then, I said with tears in my eyes once again, I will continue to stand up and fight for and guard the Sabbath, the Holy Days and the Shemita Years. I will not let them be changed to the wrong day nor have things added to them. I will stand up and I will do this for the Glory of His name. For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet, till her righteousness shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch. – Isaiah 62:1
This is my most favourite place in the world because this Valley of Elah is where David Slew Goliath. It is where I made a covenant with Yehovah to stand up. And it is here that I picked up the five stones I am going to need to slay the UN, the Pope, The Beast, The Emperor and the Mahdi. Not by my power but by Yehovah’s and for the glory of His name and His kingdom. Each of the five stones represents the 5 books of the law. It is by that law that these agents are condemned to death.

The day after the tour, as I came down from the high of sharing with everyone at the convention, I became very sick as I mentioned in last weeks News Letter. I just ran myself into the ground. I am preparing to fly home today. I have a few meetings to do along the way.
I am hoping to hire some people to help with the web site. Again I am going to need your prayers and financial support to be able to boost the web site and reach still more people. I have learned at this convention that there is a huge need to get this information translated into Portuguese, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, German, Dutch, and even Hebrew. All of this is going to cost money to hire people to do this. I have had many volunteer in the past but nothing ever comes of it. The need is there and we must step up and fill that need. I am once again asking for your help. You have now read what we are trying to do and how we have set out to achieve those goals. This has been a costly operation and I feel it was well worth it. I am considering doing it again next year, but we need these teachings in these other languages. I was told this over and over by the translators leading their groups.
Will you now step up? Will you stand in the gap with me and help to get this job done? Will you help us to get this message of the Sabbatical year in 2016 out to as many as possible by all means possible so they too can keep Holy the Sabbatical year and not have to suffer the 4th curse of war that is coming? Will You Help? Any amount helps. You can make your cheques out to Joseph Dumond and mail them to
Joseph Dumond
P.O. Box # 21007 RPO
150 First St.
Orangeville Ontario
Canada L9W 3S0
Or you can buy our books and DVD’s to share with others yourself, or you can go to the donation page and post a donation through Paypal.
Brethren, you see what we are doing. We also have the vineyard in the Negev which we are still maintaining and I had no time to even go down there this trip. I do need your help. The question remains, “Will you help us to get this job done before it is too late?”
We invested a lot of money into the vineyard to get it up and running. We will not see any results for another 3 years. The first 3 years the fruit is considered uncircumcised and you cannot eat it. The 4th year all the fruit belongs to Yehovah. After that you can eat it. We planted in 2012. That means 2014 is our 3rd year. 2015 all the fruit belongs to Yehovah. Then 2016 is the Sabbatical year and our first harvest will be 2017 which we can then keep.
This event at ICEJ is like the vineyard. We have had to invest upfront considerable amount of money to plant seeds. It is going to take a few years before we can see any results and those results only come after our prayers and only then does Yehovah act. So please do pray.
After I got on the Sharut to take me back to the airport, two ladies also got in at the same place. They began to talk to me and very shortly afterwards we were talking about the blood moons and of course I found myself showing them about the Sabbatical years. The one ladies turns around and says this was a divine appointment, meeting me and learning this. They are going to tell their friends back in Ireland and Finland about this.
When I got home I had an email about the NRB conference in Nashville, Tennessee this coming February. You can see more about what they have planned in 2015 at this link. This is another huge event in which about 4,500 will be attending from TV and radio to the general public. It is an event I need to attend with our booth and books, but the cost is going to be around $10,000 in order to do this event. These are the people who make the bible belt “The Bible Belt” and it is great way to get the Sabbatical and Jubilee message and warning in front of so many of them at once. One speaker in particular is Mark Burnett.
So we need you prayers and your help in order to be able to step up for this event. We need your help to pay off the debts from the ICEJ event. We need to raise funding so we can translate our teachings into many other languages. And we need to continue to fund the vineyard project.
I pray you can see what we are doing and just how far reaching we have gone. This event in TN is similar in that we could reach some of the bigger movers and shakers in the religious broadcasting industry. I am doing all I can with all I have to share about the Sabbatical years and about the curses for not keeping them. We need your prayers and we need your help in order to be there, ready for whomever Yehovah brings to us to further this message. Help us get the job done now while we have time to do it.
Once again our financial costs are the following:
-2014 ICEJ event
-maintenance of the vineyard in Israel
-translating the DVD’s into many other languages
-getting set up for the NRB event in Nashville for Feb 2015
-returning to the ICEj event in 2015 for Sukkot.

Triennial Torah Reading

We continue this weekend with our regular Triennial Torah reading

Ex 12   1 Kings 20    Ps 119:75-131    John 1

A New Beginning!

God now gives specific instructions to the Israelites in preparation for the final plague to come upon Egypt. It was necessary to record God’s Word, as His instructions were to be repeated each year. This was to be a reminder of God’s powerful and miraculous intervention among His people. And it was to foreshadow the supreme sacrifice of the Lamb of God, Yeshua, who would eventually come to offer His unblemished life as the sacrifice for the sins of all mankind.

On the 10th day of what God declared to be the first month of the year (12:2, the Hebrew month Abib, see 13:4, which occurred in the spring), the Israelites were to select an unblemished yearling of the sheep or goats. They were to keep it up until the 14th of the month. In the “twilight” portion of the evening that began the 14th day (literally “between the two evenings,” which, though disputed, is commonly understood to mean between sundown and darkness), they were to kill the lamb or kid and prepare it according to the specific instructions God gave them. The Passover consisted of the events that took place during the course of the night and into the following morning. What exactly took place?

  • The lamb was killed.
  • Its blood was put on the entrances of the houses.
  • The lamb was roasted.
  • The Israelites ate it with solemnity and in a state of preparedness, knowing that the events of the next day would entail much organization and travel.
  • The children were to be specifically taught the meaning of these events.
  • None were to go out of their houses until the morning.
  • At midnight, the Lord would “pass over” the homes and, with the evidence of the blood on the entrances, He would spare the firstborn males of man and animals within from death (males implied from the command in 13:12-15).
  • What remained of the sacrifice was to be burned.

When morning came on the 14th, the Israelites, scattered all over the land of Goshen, faced the daunting challenge of gathering themselves and all their belongings and driving their livestock to the departure point of Rameses. For many this required a journey of more than 20 miles, which would have taken all day. We read that there were approximately 600,000 men, besides children, a mixed multitude (those who were not Israelite), and a great number of livestock. So we have possibly more than three million people besides animals that collectively organized and left from Rameses by night, under a full moon (being the beginning of the 15th day). It was certainly a night to be observed. And it began the Days of Unleavened Bread.

Incidentally, the Days of Unleavened Bread beginning “the fourteenth day of the month at evening” in 12:18 is shown by other verses such as Leviticus 23:6 to mean the end of 14th and thus the beginning of the 15th—as “evening” or sundown can apply to the beginning or end of a day, depending on the context (see Leviticus 23:32, where the “ninth day of the month at evening” clearly means the beginning of the 10th, verse 27). For the Feast of Unleavened Bread the Israelites were to dispose of any leavened bread or leavening agent (for them this meant yeast) and eat unleavened bread instead. The sobering events of the previous evening were embedded in their minds as so many people and animals died throughout the land. Of course, it was also a joyous time. For, finally, after their hopes had risen and fallen so many times, the promise that God had spoken to the Israelites through Moses was actually happening! Families that had only known oppression and slavery were now free!
In chapter 13, the details of the Days of Unleavened Bread are again recorded. The Bible reveals that not only was unleavened bread eaten for seven days, as a reminder of coming out of Egypt in haste, but leavening represents those things that are contrary to the way of God. Paul told the Corinthians to “keep the feast [of Unleavened Bread], not…with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth” (1 Corinthians 5:6-8). During these days, which Paul’s instructions show that God’s people are still to observe, all leavened bread and leavening agents that can be used to leaven bread—which now includes yeast, baking powder and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)—are to be removed from the home. (“Bread” is here used to refer to anything made primarily from one or more grains and cooked, including loaf bread, crackers, pancakes, cake, pie crust, cookies, muffins, pasta, etc.) This is a reminder for us to purge our lives of spiritual leavening, the sin that so easily spreads and “puffs up” (1 Corinthians 4:6, 18-19; 5:2, 6; 8:1; 13:4).

The Firstborn Are Sanctified

God instructed the Israelites to sanctify (“set apart”—for a specific religious or spiritual purpose) the male firstborn of both man and animals. Why? Exodus 13:15 explains that it was because the firstborn of both man and beast were slain in Egypt—and the ones God spared, those of Israel, then belonged to Him. The firstborn males of clean animals were to be sacrificed to God while the firstborn males of men and unclean animals were to be redeemed (i.e., “bought back” from God). An unclean animal was to be redeemed with the sacrifice of a lamb. For man, an offering was to be given in place of a literal sacrifice. Numbers 18:16 reveals the redemption value. Through this offering the Israelites would always be reminded of the miraculous way God delivered Israel from Egypt.

Ahab and the First Syrian Campaign

Ben-Hadad of Syria here is not the same as the Syrian ruler with the same title in 1 Kings 15. Commentators and historians refer to the one here in 1 Kings 20 as Ben-Hadad II. He besieges Samaria, capital of the kingdom of Israel, and offers Ahab conditions of surrender. Ahab agrees to meet those conditions to prevent further war. But whether the Syrian king is simply greedy, or perhaps more interested in war than spoils, he decides to increase the demands, which Ahab then says is too much.

As a demonstration to Ahab of His sovereignty and power, God sends a prophet to tell Ahab that He will grant him the victory. And, as always, God is true to His word. But the fighting is not yet over. After his success, Ahab is warned that Ben-Hadad will return in the spring.

Ahab’s Life for Ben-Hadad’s

As promised, the Syrians plan another attack. But they make the fatal error of concluding that God is a territorial deity, incapable of assisting the Israelites outside of a prescribed area. They arrange for this battle to take place in the area south and east of the Sea of Galilee, feeling God will be powerless there. Of course, they are profoundly mistaken. The great and omnipotent God delivers them into Ahab’s hands.

But following the Syrian defeat, the servants of Ben-Hadad II attempt to get off easy by appealing to Israel’s tendency to forgive and forget. While this is normally a positive and godly trait in interpersonal relationships, extending it to carnal nations reflects a naïve trust in man, and is sometimes done against God’s will and to Israel’s own hurt.

God sends yet another prophet to Ahab, this time with a theatrical tale reminiscent of some incidents in David’s life (compare 2 Samuel 12; 14). The Living Bible paraphrases the prophet’s words in 1 Kings 20:42 as: “The Lord says, ‘Because you have spared the man I said must die, now you must die in his place, and your people shall perish instead of his.'” Ahab, however, does not respond as David did—but rather sulks back to his capital in anger.

Psalm 119

In the Yod strophe (verses 73-80) the psalmist recognizes that God as man’s Maker is the One who best understands how man, His creation, is supposed to properly function-so he seeks God’s direction in how to live (verse 73).

The writer desires to encourage others who revere God by maintaining hope in God’s Word through his affliction and continuing in obedience (see verses 74, 79; compare verse 63). He knows that God has allowed his present affliction and that His judgments have been right (verse 75). Yet he now prays for relief and comfort, as God has promised (verse 76). This will be a powerful witness to God’s people-and so will the final outcome of all this.

The poet reiterates that his enemies are proud and continues the pattern of contrasting their wrongdoing with His faithfulness: “They treated me wrongfully…but I will meditate on Your precepts” (verse 78). “They have forged a lie against me, but I will keep your precepts” (verse 69). They “have bound me…but I have not forgotten Your law” (verse 61). They “have me in derision…yet I do not turn aside from Your law” (verse 51).
He chooses to let God deal with his enemies while he finds comfort in the law, striving to be blameless, praying that they will be put to shame rather than him (verses 78, 80)-again as part of an important witness to all of God’s people.

The Kaph stanza (verses 81-88), the last strophe of the first half of the psalm, is-like the ending stanza (verses 196-176)-dominated by prayer for God’s intervention. Wearying under his trial, the psalmist searches God’s Word and wonders, in the manner of a lament, “When will you comfort me?” (verses 81-82).

He feels “like a wineskin in smoke” (verse 83). “As a wineskin hanging in the smoke and heat above a fire becomes smudged and shriveled, so the psalmist bears the marks of his affliction” (Zondervan NIV Study Bible, note on verse 83).

The first question of verse 84, “How many are the days of Your servant?,” may mean, as the NIV renders it, “How long must your servant wait?” But it may also refer to how many days of life he has remaining in him under these circumstances. He would then be asking, “How long can I survive like this?”

“When,” he further pleads, “will You execute judgment on those who persecute me?” (same verse). Essentially, he is asking God, “When will You deal with these people? When will You put a stop to what they’re doing to me?”

Their digging of pits for him (verse 85) is probably figurative of setting situational traps for him-evidently to the point of plotting his death (compare verse 87). He cries out for help to avert this dire threat (verse 86), once more contrasting the behavior of his persecutors with his own: “They almost made an end of me on earth, but I did not forsake Your precepts” (verse 87). Through all this he hasn’t turned his back on God’s law, but he asks renewed strength to continue keeping it (verse 88). Again, we see that continuance in obedience to the law of God requires His caring attention and help. In this we also see that doing right doesn’t come automatically, even to those who love God. We cannot succeed on our own strength; we need to reach out to God and His Word continually.

“Great Peace Have Those Who Love Your Law, and Nothing Causes Them to Stumble”

In the Pe stanza (verses 129-136) the psalmist begins with the wonder of God’s Word and ends with anguish over people not obeying it.
Verse 130 in the NKJV says, “The entrance of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.” The word translated entrance” literally means “opening.” Some versions render it as “unfolding” (NIV, NASB, NRSV). The parallelism here shows “light” to signify understanding, as in verse 105. The idea in verse 130 might merely be that of unrolling a scroll of Scripture, or opening up a Bible today, so as to read it and gain understanding. Yet it could more figuratively signify God opening up the meaning of Scripture to a person’s mind. After Yeshua explained the Old Testament Scriptures to His companions on the road to Emmaus, they remarked, “Were not our hearts burning within us while He talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?” (Luke 24:32).

“Simple” in Psalm 119:130 may have the same sense as its occurrence in 16:6-meaning uncomplicated through guile, and thus straightforward and innocent. Yet it might also indicate those looked on as uneducated-here receiving a far superior education through God’s Word and inspiration (compare John 7:14-16; Luke 10:21; Acts 4:13; 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:16).

The poet likens his desire for God’s commandments to panting with thirst (Psalm 119:131), recalling imagery used in other psalms (42:1-2; 63:1). Yeshua said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled” (Matthew 5:6).

John 1

Yohanan (John) opens his letter to us with proclamations about our Messiah. He is eternal. He is Creator. He is life. He is light. It appears that he purposefully hearkens us back to the beginning, to Genesis and the Creation of all things. He then introduces us to another “sent one” namely Yohanan. This is another John, the son of Zekariah who was sent by Elohim to witness of Yeshua and make His path straight. He was to call people to repentance and immerse them in cleansing waters and to witness of the coming Messiah.

He came to His own but His own did not receive Him. But as many as received Him, to them He gave the authority to become children of Elohim. The Word in the beginning, became flesh, and dwelled among men. This Yeshua is the eternal One who appeared to men throughout history and He exists in the bosom of the Father.

This is Who Yohanan was proclaiming to the people. The government of the Jewish people (Yehudim) sent out priest to find out who this Yohanan was and what he was doing. He was causing attention, and they needed to know why. They asked him, “who are you?” In answering them, Yohanan quotes the prophet Isaiah: “I am a voice of one crying in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way of YHVH.” [Isaiah 40:3]
The next day Yohanan saw Yeshua and said, “See, the Lamb of Elohim who takes away the sin of the World!” “I have seen and I have witnessed, that this is the Son of Elohim.”

And he immersed Yeshua so that all prophecy and righteousness would be fulfilled. Two of Yohanan’s disciples heard and they followed Yeshua for they believed. One of them was Andrew, the brother of Peter and he took Yeshua directly to Peter and said, “We have found The Anointed One.”

The next day Yeshua found Philip and said, “follow me,” and he did. Philip found Nehane’l and told him to come with them, that they had found ‘Him whom Mosheh wrote of in the Torah, and the prophets: Yeshua of Natsareth – the son of Yoseph.”