The Feast in Jerusalem 2009-Simply Awesome

Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: Oct 23, 2009

News Letter 5845-040
5th day of the Eighth month 5845 years after creation
The Eighth Month in the Sabbatical Year
The Second Sabbatical Year of the 119th Jubilee Cycle


October 24, 2009


Shabbat Shalom, Shabbat Shalom, Shabbat, Shabbat, Shabbat Shalom

This song has been on my mind for the most part of this week,

Shabbat Shalom Brethren,

I have offended many with my comments this past New Moon day. We will talk about this on another day, but for this Shabbat I want to share with you the JOY we had in Jerusalem for Sukkot this year. I was unbelievable and oh so memorable. There is no way any of this could have been planned. It all just sort of happened and it was done by Yahweh for all of us who have been rejected and not allowed to join other groups for this or that reason.

I tried to keep a daily diary so that you too could see what was happening as it happened.

Thursday October 1, 2009
I am writing this from the plane of El Al on my way to Jerusalem from Toronto Canada. It has been a rush trying to get to the plane on time. I had received many well wishes and safe travels blessing from many of you on the Day of Atonement.

It was at the end of the 40 days of Repentance and at the end of the 10 days of Awe, and I felt I had made it again this year. I had survived the trials that come just before the Feast each year.

My truck was in the shop and was not ready prior to the Day of Atonement. I was going to pick it up after the Holy Day and when I went it was still in the shop on the hoist. My heart sunk as my wife demanded she needed the car and was in no way going to drive me to the airport to catch my flight Thursday. The fight left at 1:30 PM.

When I called for the truck they said I could come and get it Thursday. Trouble was I had no wheels as the wife had taken the car for a Doctor’s appointment. She came home just as I was about to panic.

I raced to do all the things I had to do with the truck; move a backhoe and unload and load up my luggage, and go. I was an hour late and this makes me crazy when this happens. I am the type to usually be where I am supposed to be, 15 minutes early.

I enjoy traveling on El Al because the security is extremely strict. So when they say to be there 3-4 hours before departure, it is because that’s almost how long it takes to clear security.

I have been asked to present some of my teachings this year so I am bringing some extra gear and things to give away; which means I am not traveling in my usual light manner. I feel weighed down and I am fearful I have forgotten something, especially now that I am late and rushed.

I got on the plane with only a few minutes to spare.

People are happy and joyful as they are all heading home for the holiday for some and Holy Day for others. But for most it is the time to meet family and friends once again. I am happy to be with them and to share their joy, but it is once again going to be a lonely Feast with just a few people to share some time with.

Friday October 2, 2009

I arrive back here in Israel 7 AM and it is a thrill to meet Don Dolhover who was waiting for me at the Airport. We take the Nesher taxi back to Jerusalem. It is funny to see the new people come. They have all these ideals and expectations of just how this land of Israel is. I had them too when I first came.

We get to the Petra Hostel which is at the Jaffa gate in the Old City of Jerusalem, and check in. Soon we begin to meet the many people who had come to the Petra to keep the Feast. I had been told that there were quite a number of people who were coming, but had not fully realized just how many. As I said above I had expected to have a relatively lonely Feast. I am not welcome at some groups and my circle of friends is limited.

But at the Petra we have about 40-50 Messianic brethren from all around the world. Ireland, South Africa, Jordan, Canada, USA, England, Israel, and visitors from Philippians , Norway, Italy, Sweden and Belgium.

Saturday October 3, 2009

We attempted to go up on the Temple Mount but The temple Mount Faithfull group was at the beginning of the line and were once again trying to gain access or seize the Al Aqsa Mosque. It was these same people who had tried to seize the Al Aqsa Mosque the week before which triggered the riots and stone throwing incidents around Jerusalem. They closed the Temple Mount to everyone that day so we went to the City of David to pray at the real temple. I explained to the small group of people the importance of this site and after this we went to hell and back. I explained how easy it was to get into hell and just how hard it was to get out. This was in relation to sin. Sin is easy to do and hard to remove from your life. One person had to take a taxi in order to get out of Hell. We have teased her about this ever since. In all fairness the climb out of Gehena is a very tough walk up hill.

When we got back to the hostel Daniel a self proclaimed prophet (one of the two witnesses according to himself) who lives on the streets of Jerusalem was teaching those who wanted to listen about his teachings. He went on and on as long as people would listen. I strongly disagree with Daniel’s message and have told him this in years past. He will not listen to any one else unless they agree with him. Daniel too was welcome here at this Feast site. He was just like the rest of us; In need of some love and attention and to be able to talk with fellow believers.

Once he stopped I gave a short over view of the Sabbatical and Jubilee years and how to know when they are. Many were tired after listening to Daniels teaching for so long. But this is why this Feast was so special. Even Daniel who is homeless and lives on the streets of Jerusalem is welcome at our Feast. He too is a son of Yahweh and welcome. After all many of us were kicked out of groups and we were not going to do that here if we could help it.

Sunday October 4, 2009

This was the day I took a small group to Mikvah in the Gihon Spring. We got there before any of the crowds came and 5 of us mikvahed, submerging ourselves for a total of 8 times as Leviticus tells us how to cleanse. Each of the other 4 was very excited after doing it. In fact these other 4 traveled almost everywhere I did for the entire Feast and were always enthusiastic and fun to be with. They listened intently as I taught them the many things we saw around Jerusalem. It was an honour and a privilege to share this Feast with them.

After our Mikvah I showed them the seat that Huldah sat in and her tomb. This is very near the Tomb of King David. Although they all walked by it many times over the course of the Feast none of them ever saw King David’s tomb.

We then went up to the Mount of Offence in Ras El-Amud and walked right into a stone throwing fight between the IDF and the teens of Silwan who then began to come towards us and throw a volley our way. You can watch what the News Reports put out on TV at this link. (The video is no longer on this link so I have included some of the stories in the following links.)

You can watch the two videos at this link both under Palestinians clash in both cases we just happened to be right there when these things were happening. You must understand that the news media does embellish these stories and blows them out of proportion. Yes these events take place here in Jerusalem, just like many in other cities around the world, but for some reason the world just has to or wants to focus on this part of the world.

That evening Ephraim and Ramona Frank spoke. They had a great message and I felt they were going to steal my thunder. Much of their message enforced what I was going to present on the Prophecies of Abraham the next night. I did miss some of what they were teaching due to phone calls which I had to take away from the group. They were teaching on the sword that is to come and on how the Menorah shows us the attributes of Yahweh. Very informative.

Monday October 5, 2009

Tommy Waller arrived today with his group of about 75 people from all over the USA who came to Israel to harvest for the local Israelis and they do it for free. This had a huge benefit for the locals because the harvest was late and had Tommie’s group not been there to volunteer, then these farmers would not have gotten the grape crop in before Sukkot began and it could have been lost for the year.

But this is not all done with the blessings of the orthodox. You can read of the controversial positions this sort of activity brings at

Tommie’s group also put up a Sukka on the roof of the Petra, and this caused quite a stir throughout the Old City of Jerusalem. We had the sukka police come to inspect it and they were not allowed up to the roof. So we moved the sukka to the back of the roof where it could not be seen from the street below.

By now the entire old city was talking about the Petra having a sukka on it. The Petra is owned and controlled by Palestinians. Many of our group were asked if they were with the grape harvesters or if they were staying at the Petra. When they said yes, the person asking just said ohhhhh!

Many other people began to show up to see what was happening at the Petra. Who are these people? Why are there so many of them? What do they believe and why are they keeping Sukkot, isn’t that the Jewish Holy Day?

Yes we all had an impact just by keeping Sukkot this year at the Petra. It was truly amazing and Tommy Waller’s group were some of the nicest people you could ever meet going above and beyond to help anyone with a need. It was an honour to be with them.

In the mean time one of the reasons for me coming to Israel this year was to read the Torah during Sukkot on the first day of Sukkot in this the Sabbatical year. Joining me was John Levesque from New Hampshire, and Ray Collins also from New Hampshire, Don Dolhover of California and myself. We went to the Gihon to read the Torah-Exodus 19-20 Lev 23-25-26 and all of Duet. It took us about 4 hours with many tourist groups going by. All of them were wondering what the four of us were doing as we each took turns to read through the law as we stood there with me in my Tallit. We concluded with a prayer to Yahweh very near where His Holy of Holies once stood.

We wanted to read some of the law near where the red Heifer site was and we were again blocked as we attempted to go up the Mount of Offence. Again the roads were blocked and no one could go past because of the police and IDF and the Palestinians throwing rocks at the cars. It was during this event that the News man told me we could go through and it would be OK.

Meanwhile he is wearing a flack jacket and army issue helmet. I asked him if he would take his family through here. He said no! That was all I needed. We turned and went back to the Petra.

That evening I spoke on The Prophecies of Abraham- Ephraim Franks had a lot to contribute and got very excited as I explained the prophecy of the sword which is what he was talking about. He had some very insightful comments about those things I was saying and we put them right into the presentation as he said them. Then when I was explaining the Prophecy of Europe and the King of the North, two ladies from Ireland, Sharon and Norlean began to get excited and shared with us all about the Lisbon treaty which the EU was trying to ratify. It was very exciting to hear the audience get involved and tell us all what they knew.

This was in actual fact, them witnessing the very events that Abraham had prophesied to happen and we are seeing it happen before our very eyes right now. Many others contributed to the presentation and it seemed to me and all those who were there that I had hit a grand slam home run with this message. I was very excited about it. The book soon will be ready and after listening to the comments I must now make a few more additions. This is the first time I have presented this subject to an audience. What a great day. (The Book is now ready and I am actively seeking a publisher. Xulon Press is no longer able to publish it. So your prayers are welcome as we seek a publisher. The power point presentation is also ready and I am looking for any groups who want to hear this message presented to them.)

After I presented my message I went with the Irish Ladies to Rabbis Mordechai Machlis’s house where we all danced up a storm. He is an orthodox teacher who opens his home up to the public for Sukkot and it was very, very nice with all the people there sharing a festive meal and the women dancing on one side with the men on the other. Many of us from different beliefs but the rabbi knows we are what the Jews now call Joes or in other words the lost ten tribes are coming home. They know it and want to meet us. But we have so many wrong teachings from 2700 years of false teachings that they are not sure what to do with us.

We all need to be getting back to Torah more so now as the hour approaches. Here you can watch his videos at Be Happy Rejoice! And in the following one you can see our small group and me celebrating Sukkot with our brethren Judah. Listen to the words of Rabbi Machlis as he describes the dance. Machlis Presents… Simchat Torah 5770 © CoVisions Productions Click on the Holiday Video Link, then click on the See Links, Then click on the Youtube link Then look for us Joes enjoying the hospitality of Judah our brother at this festive season. Here is the you tube link

Tuesday October 6, 2009

Today we walked to the Shrine of the Book through the neighbourhood of Jerusalem. We got soaked in the down pour that came this morning. Considering that it had not rained for many months here this was a blessing.

We looked for a long time for the Name of Yahweh in Paleo Hebrew and could not find it. Then just before we left we found His name in Paleo in three places. Once we could see it then we were able to spot it in many other places easily.

After this we walked past the Knesset and over to the Jerusalem parade and watched the many nations assemble together to walk through the streets in support of Israel. It was a very nice relaxed afternoon of festivities. Don Dolhover and I had some good talks at this time. He had come to Israel with a western mindset, and did not realize it. He was bugged by a few things that were going on and when I explained the different mentality to him he said he would change his outlook and see what happens.

I tried to explain to Don about the Dance, The Jerusalem Dance. He was out of step. You lead with your hands and follow with your feet. It has a rhythm and flow all its own. When someone cuts in front of you, you zig, when the people next in front stop, you zag, sometimes you wait and other times you move forward, it is the rhythm of the land and the dance that helps you to cut through the crowd. It is dealing with whatever is in front of you and to keep moving with the flow of the dance.

It is this same rhythm that helps you to grow in Yahweh’s word. You lead with obedience and follow with faith. Sometimes you zig and later you zag, sometimes you wait and then later you move quickly, but in all cases you must remember who your partner is; Yahshua and let Him lead you. Let the spirit flow through you so that you get the right rhythm.

By now Don is thinking I am absolutely nuts. But by the end of the week he too was dancing to the Jerusalem Dance in sync with the rhythm of the land. I have really enjoyed getting to know Don this Feast. I think I have a lifelong friend. He is one of the first to prove beyond a doubt the Sabbatical and Jubilee teachings that I am putting forward.

This is the night that Andrew Roth spoke about the Aramaic New testament. It was very informative and we all learned a great deal. I struggled to keep my eyes open as I had not gotten any sleep since we had arrived. I was still on a flat out run.

But if you have not yet read Andrews new book I suggest you get it and tell them you heard about it from me. It really is an eye opener on many of the mistranslations of the Greek copies.

Here are two examples of what Andrew shows us in his teachings.

Word Pairs Spelled the Same but with Different Meanings
Camel/heavy rope

“It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.” Matthew 19:24 = Mark 10:254

Traditional scholars have been aware of the problematic nature of this verse for many years. They have suggested the “eye of the needle” may be a place name, or more specifically, a part of one of Jerusalem’s
gates that allows a man and a camel to pass, but only in single file. Since this gate has been called “Eye of the Needle”, they reason this is what Y’shua meant.

However, this is not the only explanation, and there is no evidence at all that a proper place name was intended either in Aramaic or in Greek. And so, if the “eye of the needle” is literal, then it means no rich
people can be saved; bad news for the wealthy followers listed in Luke 8:1-3, as well as two Sanhedrin members, Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus.

Fortunately, the Aramaic gives a much clearer image, for while gamla does mean “camel”, gamala means “heavy rope”, but both words in the actual text would appear exactly the same way as G-M-L-A (0lmg).5
Although, in order to understand why “heavy rope” is the right translation, we need to look at the situation that precipitated the comment in the first place: (Y’shua said) “If you want to be perfect, go sell your possessions and give them to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come; follow me.”

Matthew 19:21 = Mark 10:21

So now we have two images in juxtaposition, a heavy rope (the man’s riches) and the needle’s eye (the narrow door to salvation). Can a heavy rope pass through such a small opening? The answer is yes, but
only if it is undone one small strand at a time. The rope “unraveling” would then represent the rich man “unraveling his fortune”, so to speak. This is also a great example of Y’shua’s sense of humor, because if
the question is “Can a rich man enter the kingdom of God?” the answer is, “Yes, if he is not so rich by the time he dies”!

Leper/jar maker
“While Y’shua was in the home of a man known as Simon the Leper, a woman came to him with an alabaster jar of expensive perfume.” 6

Matthew 26:6-7

One detail should leap out at even the casual Bible student: WE HAVE A LEPER LIVING IN A SUBURB OF JERSUALEM ALONG WITH THE REGULAR POPULATION!

Such a situation is clearly impossible:
“The person who has such an infectious disease must wear torn clothes, let his hair be unkempt, cover the lower part of his face and cry out, ‘Unclean! Unclean!’ As long as he has the infection he remains unclean. He must live alone; he must live outside the camp.”

Leviticus 13:45-46
It also requires very little effort to point out that lepers cannot:
1) Own property.
2) Live in or near Jerusalem, except in a leper colony.
3) Employ servants.
4) Own expensive jars of perfume.
5) Have feasts that Jews will legally be able to attend.
Furthermore, it simply goes beyond credulity to suggest that a lifelong Aramaic speaker like Matthew could possibly make this mistake in Greek translation, especially since this goes against well known Torah

Now to be fair, the Greek School has seen the difficulty here and offered up a scenario in response. They say that perhaps the man was no longer a leper because Y’shua cured him and that, like Lazarus in John 12,
he was giving a feast in Y’shua’s honor to express gratitude for the miracle. “Simon the Leper” would then have been a name that just kind of stuck with him afterwards due to this occasion. However, there are at
least three serious problems with this suggestion.

First, the text does not tell us this is the case, and the only reason John 12 is compared to it is because such a distinction is made there. Second, lepers, as a matter of law, are never called that again once they are
healed. They are always pronounced “clean” by the priests and re-enter society upon recovery, (Leviticus 14:11). Third, consider the ramifications to this man’s personal life if he did as these scholars suggest. To
keep being referred to as Simon the Leper would no doubt drive away business from him and create confusion when other Israelites from outside of his town came to visit there. It would also be considered a
legal slander to refer to someone so cleansed as still possessing that impurity.

Finally, because garba and garaba have distinctive verbal inflections from each other that reveal their different meanings, the likelihood is extremely high that oral sources were not used. The scribe simply looked at the paper and made the wrong choice.

After, I walked back with the mysterious Angelique whom I had to have a heart to heart with.

In our talk I realized some very profound things. I was hurting to talk to someone about the many troubling things I was seeing and telling my readers about. I often felt alone and like I had no support for my efforts. What I really needed was just to have someone to listen to me and to talk about the weightier matters that were troubling me. I am seeing so much trouble coming in the very near future and people do not believe what I am saying. Some times I doubt the things I am saying too. It was very good to be able to have this talk and to share. But Angelique never let me excuse myself from the responsibility of doing what Yahweh has chosen me to do. That is to share this message of the Prophecies of Abraham. She told me not to get tired. Many people are soon going to die and I had to keep going.

This must have been what the Apostles did when they came home for the three Feasts. It was a time for them to recharge and encourage each other. This is what this Feast is for me; A time to recharge and to share with likeminded believers our concerns and thoughts. I have needed this for so long. What a blessing to be here and to have so many friends in the same place. This understanding of how much we need each other would become more and more confirmed by the events of the rest of the Feast here. But for now it was so nice to talk to someone and not be judged for the things I was saying. She understood me and that was important too.

Wednesday October 7, 2009

We rented two cars and drove down to Qumran, Engedie, Masada, Gomorrah and the Dead Sea. Mary Jane and Craig talked me into walking up Masada on the serpentine trail. I now know I am absolutely insane. I must have lost about 20lbs doing this climb in the heat of the day and it was hot. But when we did get to the top it was very gratifying. I am glad I did it and would suggest all of you when you get the chance to do the same. It has to do with the spirit of the land and the fight for freedom which is what Masada is all about. Live free or die.

Steven and Shirley Reese played the harp and told the stories of the bible. They have a web site at . We did not make it back in time to listen to them. Those who were there said it was excellent to listen to them. They were very excited about what they had heard.

I had a talk with Baruch Daniel about publishing the book The Prophecies of Abraham with his company. He and Andrew Roth came over to visit us this evening. I am looking into this now as we are now ready to print the book. Baruch is Andrews Publisher and was there to make a video of Andrews teachings.

Thursday October 8, 2009

We tried again to go to the Mount of Offence, and this time we were able to show those with us what was up there. They were amazed and awed once they realized how sanctified this place was. When we left Marie Jane told us of something we had to see at the top of the Mount of Olives, so we climbed those stairs. It almost killed me to climb this hill again. I am getting older that is for sure. Mary Jane was right there is an awesome view from behind the 7 Arches Hotel.

We then came to the Lions gate on our way back which was where the rioting took place the day before. Once we past the guards and got into the main street Marie Jane popped out her knee. We anointed it and prayed over it. Then a stranger walked up and asked if she could lay hands on her knee. Marie Jane allowed it because she was still in much pain.

The stranger told her that her knee would be healed if Marie Jane had the faith. I was mad at that. Marie Jane is very new to this way of life and has so much to learn. So she gets up and begins to walk as if nothing had happened. I began to think I was wrong.
It was not long after that her knee was even worst and she could no longer walk on it. I sent some of the group on to the Garden Tomb and Zechariahs cave while we took Marie Jane back in a wheel chair.

I then explained to her that just because her knee is not healed does not mean she does not have faith. This is why I was angry at the charlatan that laid hands on her. Never let someone you do not know pray over you. If they are of Satan and do not follow Yahweh then to whom are they praying on your behalf? I explained to her that sometimes Yahweh has these things happen so that others will have a chance to serve the person who is hurt. Marie Jane did not want to put the rest of us out.

We got her a wheel chair which Don paid for. Then John, Craig and I pushed her and carried her in the wheel chair through the thick crowds that would not move until I almost ran them over, all the way back to the Petra. There must have been a thousand stairs to lift her over. Then I ran the chair all the way back to the clinic where we got it from. I was whipped.

After this I then went out for lunch with Amanda Eric Steve and Carolyn. We had another great talk and this is where I again realized the Apostles came here to recharge each year then go back out to fight again.

Because this is a Sabbatical year Don Dolhover and I have decided we cannot eat any food that is harvested this year. This means we can only eat what we brought with us in dry goods. But we can eat meat. So I figured I could eat some chicken or a steak or something like that when we went out. I would not eat the vegetables. This is just what I have decided for myself. I had a large Salmon steak and Carolyn traded me her Tuna steak for my Swiss chard. It was a great lunch.

Many of brethren have a new respect for Don and I for being disciplined enough to not eat of the current growth off the land, even during the Feast far from home. It is not always easy, but we both are proving that it can be done. Don has his families support where as I have to do this on my own without any support. Together we are proving that is can be done.

Then Nehemiah Gordon came over for the teaching this evening. He taught on the Hebrew Yahshua and the Greek Jesus, and then later he taught on the Lord’s Prayer which is his newest book. It was a very good evening for everyone involved.

I do remember the look on his face as he looked at our humble facilities. He had never spoken to such a group as ours in such a setting as this. During his presentation on two occasions, he referred the audience to me as the Chronological authority and the Sabbatical and Jubilee authority. I was very honoured by his generous comments.

We finished about 9:30 and then Amanda and Angelique and I went over to the King David Tower to watch the light show that goes there each night. It was an awesome show and very beautiful. Once again I had tears in my eyes as I saw the history of Jerusalem played out. But for me I see it not as history but as the very near future. Prophecy is just History being repeated.

Friday October 9, 2009 Shabbat

As we planned this day, I was going to find a synagogue where we all could go and participate in the Semcha Torah celebrations. It is a wonderful and meaningful tradition that is performed each year at the end and the beginning of the reading of the Torah.

I had been teased about my unwillingness to dance from years past, and I performed my dance steps to the joy of those whom I was walking with along the streets of Jerusalem this year. So this evening of Semcha Torah rather than split the group up as I was about to do, I conceded to Amanda`s request that we all celebrate Sabbath together with a fellowship meal and it was awesome. We danced and sang and I was not shy about getting up and dancing with some of the men or by myself. I was not dancing long before others joined me. See for yourself how we were all joyful before our Father this evening.

You can’t tell by the pictures but I was doing the Newfy Jig which is about the only reel I know. I no longer am worried about what people think. I do this for Yahweh.

That evening I also asked the group of about 30-40 how many of them had been rejected, kicked out of other groups, and had no place to go. Almost all of them raised their hands. So this Shabbat was exceptional for all of us who were rejected by family and groups and friends. We were now becoming a family.

Shabbat October 10, 2009

For the past few days we had a young man by the name of YoTom visiting with us. He is a real life shepherd and has served in the IDF Paratroopers in the Lebanon war. He is one of the most remarkable people I have met on this trip. He recently began to recognize Yahshua and can speak Hebrew and has an excellent grasp of the Torah. He would blow away many of the false doctrines that are out there in just a few short sentences. I have found someone I greatly admire and hope he soon begins to teach. His respect for us and the way he respectfully treated us even when we were in error was humbling to behold. I greatly admire this young man and look forward to the time he begins to stand up and teach us all Torah.

We were privileged to watch YoTom and one of his army buddies go at it quoting scriptures and giving each other barbed shots as they argued the Torah in front of us all. It was so fast and with so many scriptural quotes to prove each of their points. All of us who witnessed this were amazed at how little we actually know in comparison. This exchange was exciting and humbling to behold.

My Friend Stephen Spykerman had arrived the day before. He wanted to meet me and have me show him around the city. But Amanda got him signed up to speak as soon as she met him and tonight was the night he spoke on the USA in Prophecy. The audience was not to keen on his presentation. They have been trained to think that the USA is Babylon, which is wrong. Stephen was not addressing this but was addressing the symbols of the USA and how they relate to Israel. This is going to be a subject I will take head on for the next while. There is so much confusion on this subject and it must be addressed. Stephen did a good job, but we must keep addressing this issue or our brethren will be misled by those who continue to teach that the USA is Babylon.

Sunday October 11, 2009

I took Stephen Spykerman and Bret down to the City of David and to the pool of Siloam. One of the Palestinians who works on the excavations of the pool area recognized me from years past and came up and said hello. He then took us on a private tour under the streets where they had just completed new excavations showing the stairs that lead away from the pool of Siloam up the hill and into a tunnel leading into the temple mount. It was an awesome view and it had only been shown on Television just last week. There was also evidence of the stairs being smashed as the Roman soldiers were looking for the Jews who were hiding under them. They died where they were found.

This evening it is sober as some get ready to head back to their respective countries; Some to Ireland and others to the USA, some to Jordan and others to England and Israel. These people were not allowed to join other groups for the Feast, and many have come to Jerusalem just like me to keep the Feast by ourselves. We have found that we have similar stories. Rejected and cast out by those we had considered family before.

We now have a new Family and we have treasured them beyond measure. I have kept the Feast three times this year in Jerusalem. The last two Sukkots in 2007 and 2008 as well as Passover and Shavuot this year in 2009 have been pretty much by myself or with just a couple of people. When I first arrived I learned my name was at the top of a list of people who were not to be allowed at certain places of meetings. It was very disappointing. Others in our new group were also on this list. It boggles my mind to know there is a group with a list of people that they will not even talk with and my name is on that list.

This year at Sukkot we had as many as 140 people here, and the core group is about 30-40 strong. Biblical debates and studies and some of them very loud studies would go into the wee hours of the morning every night. What a joy, what a blessing to be able to talk with likeminded brethren. We are all so starved for fellowship without condemnation. We do not have to agree on all things. We just have to love each other, even when we do not agree.

In the middle of the day I gave a teaching on the meaning of Gopher wood and how it related to Easter Eggs, the Day of Atonement and the awesome teaching of the Tallit. I had never given this teaching although I had told the readership to look at it a few times in the past.

I began the study explaining the meanings of the word for Gopher wood. Once I had done this I then turned the reading of the article Under the Cover of His wings by Stephen Krane over to Stephen Spykerman who is an excellent story teller. He had many of us in tears as he punctuated the words with crescendos’ and hand gestures. It was a most powerful moment.

Later this day Don Dolhover gave an exceptional teaching on the Covenant. He did a very good job with this subject. Everyone benefited from his laid back manor and teaching.

This evening Stephen wanted to take us for dinner. We went to this one restaurant and I was looking forward to a steak. When we got there, there was nothing I could eat. So I ordered a bowl of tuna. Each of the other people got a huge bowl full of some kind a salad which looked awesome. When they brought out my bowl of tuna, it was about two inches across and only one inch deep. It was so small. We all laughed hysterically because it was so small compared to the others and I am such a big guy, that it was absolutely funny. I ordered a second bowl and we all laughed even more when it came out. I had both bowls gone in two bites and sat there laughing at the whole situation.

Monday October 12, 2009

Today is Shemini Atzeret
The “8th day” of this 7 day Festival is a day of rest called in the Torah “Shemini Atzeret”. This holiday is widely known today by the Rabbinic misnomer “Simhat Torah” (“Celebration of the Torah”). The Rabbanites made up this name which refers to their annual reading of the Torah in weekly portions which ends on Shemini Atzeret. Neither the annual reading of the Torah nor the name Simhat Torah appear in the Bible and these are later Rabbinic corruptions of God’s law. Shemini Atzeret is not part of Sukkot and the laws of Sukkot do not extend to this day (i.e. Pilgrimage, dwelling in a booth). As a day of rest all work is forbidden on Shemini Atzeret.

For the most part this is the day after the 7th Day of the feast of Tabernacles and it has always been a sad day for me, as this is when I have to say goodbye to my friends. Some I will never see again except in my memory. Others I can hardly wait to meet again but I may never know when. It is on this day that my heart is broken with each good bye and with each hug, Tears well up with each person as they get into the shuttle to go to the airport. Most are gone by 10 AM.

About 5 of us are now left here and this place seems so empty as we begin to teach the water ceremony that was done going down to the pool of Siloam and back up to the Temple. We tied this in with the purpose of all the Feast Days pointing to the importance of this day when Yahweh our Yah Shua, our Salvation comes to dwell with us on this earth at the end of the 7th Millennium and the beginning of the 8th one. Soon we had others join our study which is what has happened here all week long. We were now at 12 people.

We break and send Don to the Gihon while I take three other men to the Mount of Offence so we can say our closing prayers to this year’s Feast and also to demonstrate by actually looking at each other, to proof the saying of Josephus who said that the High Priest could see the arms and legs of the other priest as he made the Red Heifer sacrifice but could not make out his face.
From the Mount of Offence we see Don on the other side and we do the wave and pretend to do the sacrifice and he does the same on his side. We can clearly see what he is doing.

Stephen Suggested I anoint the four corners of the building while they asked Yahweh if this was something He wanted us to buy. They prayed and I anointed. Now we wait.

Because we were wearing our tzit tzit at this catholic convent we upset the Leading Father who had a delegation there. As we walked through them all their eyes quickly fell down to look at our tzit tzits. We had been on site with permission for over 2 hours when he saw us and ushered us out of the property.

At the Petra tonight two people came up to me. One was John, who is from Canada and is the janitor of the Petra. He was seen many times sitting and listening to our lectures and teachings and watching us as we danced and blew the shofars and argued our midrashes many a night. Another was a man who lived directly above the main floor area and each time he had to go to his room he would have to walk right past the person that was teaching each night. Other times he sat and listened to the teachings. Well today he came up and introduced me to some of his friends. He was telling them about the things we were doing at the Petra. Eric and I were once again wondering just exactly what kind of a great effect this place and this site has had on so many that we may never know of. I just got the pictures which were posted above and have looked at them a dozen times with a tear in my eye at the Joy that we all shared that night.

1Pe 2:4 Coming to Him as to a living stone, rejected indeed by men, but chosen by God and precious,

We have come together here at this place. Many of us rejected by others, but we were chosen by Yahweh and are precious in His eyes, coming together as one living stone.

Tuesday October 13, 2009

I was to go to Jordon today and arrive in Aqabba but had to cancel due to my air flight travels. So Don and Ray and Steven left this morning by bus to go and will be back on Thursday. Eric took advantage of my demise and asked if I would give his Mother and two sisters a tour of the city of David and the Temple Mount. I do give an exceptional tour. When we are done they were stunned at how simple it is to know history and then they too can now know where the Temple once stood.

After we did this I then called the man who offered to take me into the caves of Silwan. Silwan is a dangerous Place at times and is not easily accessible by those from the west. This is where I was going to go. I met the brother of my contact person and told him where I wanted to go. He was not too enthusiastic but after a short negotiation we started off.

He took me to all the tombs which I had already searched in the middle of the night when most people were asleep. It was easier to see during the daytime though. I told him again where I wanted to go and he paused, … we then began wandering the streets looking for my ultimate goal. I could not explain to him what I was looking for but I did know where abouts to look. Walking the Streets of Silwan we did find a few places of sincere interest which were concreted up and had no access at all.

I left him there and went to check one other place. Again a dead end.

After this I began to search for a suitable meeting place for next year here in Jerusalem. A place to match up with what we had here at the Petra. I found a beautiful meeting hall but no rooms. I found a place with great rooms, but no hall. I found two other groups where we could share meetings with and again no rooms. I found a place with rooms and a meeting place and two meals a day in the jaffa gate area, but there would not be the same atmosphere as was found at the Petra.

Next year looks like it might be at the Petra. Will we see you there?

Wednesday, October 14,2009

Today is my last day here in Israel and I went with Eric and his sister and Mother Dolly to view the caverns under the Temple mount. It was an awesome tour and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend you all take it when you come to this awesome land of our Fathers.

Well this years Feast is now history. We have had an unbelievable Feast here in Jerusalem. It was not planned and it quickly came together under the watchful eye of the Ruach Kadosh. People just ended up staying there and others heard things and wanted to come over to visit and see what everyone is talking about.

Although we may find another venue to host our group, only the Petra will have the unique flavour of humbleness before our Creator. Who could have planned this, who could have organized this, certainly not I nor was it Amanda. It came about by His decree. And what about the speakers we had. How did it end up, that such a good quality and a variety of subject; how did this happen and how many times were we presented information to stretch each persons tent pegs. It was an unbelievable week, and all who were there said the exact same thing.

Brethren there are a couple of people I do have to thank and I have saved them until the end. Amanda has been thrust into the fore front of this Feast site. She found herself organizing rooms for a few people then a few more and then many more on short notice. When the whole town had no vacancies she was able to get us a reduced rate and to house up to 140 people all at the Petra.

When we needed a nurse she was the one whom we called on. When we needed anything she was the one we called on. She brought food for herself and Carolyn and ended up sharing it with all the other guest in the Hostel who thought it was part of the hostels continental breakfast. It was not and she allowed it anyway with no one giving her any thanks. Instead they all left the dishes which Carolyn and some other ladies who always did them up and again with no thanks from those who had a clean cup for their coffee and clean plates for their meat and cheese dishes which the Hostel did not supply. Many a time Amanda stayed at the Hostel to stay on top of things instead of going out. This is hard to do but she wanted to be a servant to others and she was.
As much as this site was organized by the Ruach Kadosh, it was maintained by Amanda. I was out running around each day with private little tours. But she stayed there and made everything work. None of it planned until the day of the event or the day before. I cannot say enough for what she has done. Had she not been there many other things would not have happened.
If I may on behalf of all of us who took advantage of Amada and Carolyn’s generosity, I want to thank them both from the bottom of my heart for all they did.

And to those others who helped with dishes or taking the luggage of brethren up or down the stairs, or went and fetched the water, or who cared for others and looked after the many other things that I have not mentioned, and for those who listened to those who needed an ear to talk and gave of themselves so generously, I also want to thank you all as well.

I am about to board El Al for my trip home and I do not know what to expect when I get there. But before I close out this awesome trip, I want to again let you know this is not and was not a sighted moon Feast site. It was not planned or organized by Sighted moon. I was just another pilgrim looking for a place to stay. It was something that came about by the Ruach kadosh and is not any one groups feast site. It really was miraculous just how it all came about. I was most fortunate to be in such a position to see it all happen.

Having now relayed all of this to you, I am wondering, what you are doing for Passover, or Shavuot or Sukkot next year. We do not yet know when these things well be, but we are wondering where you will be. You really should consider coming home to our Father’s house and visiting Him there.

I now realize that I have a job and or a mission to do. The Prophecies of Abraham is something I have to get out to the public. I ask you all to pray that the doors will be opened so I can take this message to all of the many groups. Please pray about this.

We also have to do a work over here in Israel. I have no idea how to do it but we must get going. Time is going by so fast. 2010 is now just six months away. The first year of the Sabbatical cycle of pestilence and famines and earth quakes. As I go through the airport I hear many people with a severe cough and many are on the plane. You can see the swine flue being spread. Are you ready for what is about to come?

Please pray about these things.

Joseph F Dumond
Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Israel

Here are some comments from those who kept the Feast this year in Jerusalem.
Dear Joe,

It was a pleasure to meet you in Israel, and we thank you for all of your efforts. We appreciate both the tours that you included us in and the teachings that you gave while we were there. We learned and experienced so much and are still digesting it all!

We still have not had time to download all the pictures but when we do we will be sending you some.

YHWH bless you.

In His love,
Lori & Jon

I am so glad you wrote such detailed notes. The pictures of our last Succote were wonderful. It was rejoicing to see the joy in everyone’s eyes.

I am having soooo much sorrow and pain from missing being with you all and being in the land. I cried all the way home and today is Friday and as I write I am still crying. How do you cope with this? I know you must have gone through the same feelings from some of your first visits to the Holy Land. My day to day activities seem like nonsense.

Thank you for everything you taught me and showed me and for carrying me such a long ways up stair after stair, it seemed like eternity

Let me know if you have any suggestions for homesickness,

Your friend,
Mary Jane

Shalom Joseph,

Greetings from England! I am so glad that all was well when you returned home and that you have several months of work in front of you. The feast was an unforgettable experience for me too, especially memorable was our visit to the true location of Solomon’s Temple, the Siloam Pool and Gihon Spring. Our visit to the Mount of Offence and our peaceful stay in the true Garden of Getsemany was without a doubt the highpoint which will remain with me forever. I am just sorry my wife and daughter were not with me to share the experience. Thank you so much for taking us to these precious places. The fellowship at the Petra Hostel was so
special that I simply could not stay away. I had planned all sorts of meetings for my stay in Jerusalem but, once I tasted the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit at the hostel, I cancelled all my plans and stuck to your party like glue. I cannot remember a feast when I made so many new likeminded friends and I thank Yahweh for the privilege of allowing me to be there amongst that wonderful crowd, which He had brought together in that anointed place.

You wanted to have some of our photo’s, well I have attached around 70 of the best ones from the several hundred pictures I took. Some of these were taken on our trip to Petra in Jordan, where I went with Don and
Ray, and this too was a wonderful experience.

I hope you like the pics and please feel free to use them as you will.

We, that is to say my wife Virginia, daughter Melissa and I will keep you uppermost in our prayers.

Shalom from your co-worker in Messiah,


Greetings brother Joe, shalom!

I am so glad to hear that things are OK with you back home. It really would have been a bummer to go from the 5 star comfort of the Petra, to the Toronto doghouse. Heh heh! See? Father Yah is blessing you already upon your return for your faithful obedience – just like He promised.

I would like to thank you also for your time, tours, and teachings. Thank you for your major contribution in making my Jerusalem Feast experience the best I’ve ever had. I have learned a lot and thanks to you, have dispelled many misconceptions I had held.

Please feel free to use my name in your newsletter, or in any other publications. Feel free also to use me as a reference. I will post a testimonial to, I will also upload some of the photos from the Feast and also some from Petra (no! not the Ritz Petra, Petra Jordan :)) Sorry you couldn’t make it Indiana – next time! 🙂 All the more reason to come back.

Next year in Yerushaliyim

May YHWH make his face to shine upon you brother.


Can’t believe it’s been a fast week since the trip home.

I think I just started to wake up, unreel, and get back in the flow.

Wanted to praise Yah and say “thanks again” for all you did to help make this past sukkot a “super sukkot”.

And also for Amanda for arranging the centrally located low budget rooms, and all she did “back at the home front”.

Thanks for taking the lead and taking us and others around to see the various places. We were blessed, and enjoyed being a part of the small group setting, both in the local walking Jerusalem setting and our 2 car trip to Masada and Sodom and Gomorrah, Qumran and the dead sea. A very enjoyable and memorable first sukkot trip to Israel for us, and we praise Yah for making it happen. We appreciate and thank you for your insights, and efforts to do some teachings, coordinate events and bring in some great speakers over sukkot. We look forward to seeing how Yah will work things out into the future and being a part of it.


Shalom Joe,

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to you for your major contribution in making my first Jerusalem Feast experience the best I have ever had. I would like to thank you also for your time, tours, and teachings. I have learned so much this Feast, and thanks to you, have dispelled many misconceptions I had held.

The calibre of the speakers at the feast was also first rate. It was a blessing to hear such highly regarded authors as Nehemiah Gordon, Andrew Gabriel Roth, and Steven Spykerman. I think you did an excellent job in putting together the speaking program.

I would highly recommend you to anybody that may be considering ‘coming up to’ Jerusalem to keep Sukkoth. As you know this was my first trip to Jerusalem, and I was not sure what to expect. I have no doubt that spending the feast with you and the other brethren that made the pilgrimage, was a divine appointment. The workings of the Ruach HaQodesh were evident throughout the entire Feast.

Indeed the Ruach led us to places that most people never see, physically and spiritually. I thank you Joe for the tours to the authentic sites and the wisdom to discern the truth regarding the clichéd tourist traps. Your knowledge, experience, and insight proved invaluable in determining the truth, and separating fact from fiction.

As I said, I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone as a tour guide, teacher, mentor, but most of all as a brother. Thank you also for the fellowship that made this feast the most memorable.

With the blessings of Father Yahweh, I’ll see you next year in Yerushaliyim.

May YHWH make His face to shine upon you.

Ray Collins.

I have many photos that people have sent me. Unfortunately the Gallery section of the web site is not letting me upload them. Hopefully this will be fixed shortly. So check back later to look for them.

“If you love Me, keep My commandments. Bottom Line. May Yahweh bless you and show you His truths as you begin to keep His commandments. All of them and not just the ones you think are important. All of them are important.

Joseph F Dumond
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Joseph F Dumond