Sightedmoon 8th year Annual Report

Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: Mar 16, 2014
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News Letter 5849-058
13th day of the 13th month 5849 years after the creation of Adam
The 13th Month in the Fourth year of the Third Sabbatical Cycle
The Third Sabbatical Cycle of the 119th Jubilee Cycle
The Sabbatical Cycle of Earthquakes Famines, and Pestilences


March 16, 2014


Shalom Brethren,

I am taking this opportunity to update you on the things we here at have been working on and let you know what is happening.

We have six things to update you about:

* The book The 2300 Days of Hell

* The Vineyard- as we enter our 3rd year of this project, to test the Sabbatical Year in Israel with an active and viable vineyard

* The video series we just completed

* The book Remembering the Sabbatical Year of 2016

* The website

* Our goals and how we can achieve them


The 2300 Days of Hell

In January of 2014, we finally released the book The 2300 Days of Hell as an e-book and, surprisingly, the sales of this book have been disappointing. We have charged $15 for the e-Book and understand this to be a high price for an e-Book.

We believed that you would understand that you were helping us with our teachings and many other projects we are trying to accomplish- since most of you do not tithe or contribute to this ministry and our goal is to get this message out to the many others who need to hear it.

Our marketing agents are telling us that for the quality of information in this book and the amount of research that it contains, this book, even as an e-book, is very under-priced… and they are urging me to raise the price substantially. This creates value. In the past, when I have given things away, I have found that those who received them did not value them because it cost them nothing and never read or watched what was given to them.

We are trying to raise enough money now to pay for the printing of our latest book. At this time, we just do not have the money to do so. With the sale of my business this past fall, there have come some surprise taxes that I was unaware of. And I just received another tax bill this week. So my extra money has now all been eaten up by taxes and I am still paying for this with my full-time job I work. Again, let me assure you- I pay for all my own personal business from my work which I go out and do every day on the construction site. Your donations do not support or finance me personally.

I have subsidized as many of these projects myself as I could through my business, but unfortunately, I am no longer able to do so.


The Vineyard Project in Israel

In 2011 we began to raise funds to purchase land in Israel. However, we did not raise enough to begin it and, as I was about to return the funds to you, many of you wrote me to tell me to find something!  As the deadline approached in July of 2012, (the deadline I had established as to when I was going to stop looking and return the funds that had been donated) I was introduced to Boaz and Rinah in Israel who wanted help planting plants on their land to extract essential oils from. After talking with them, we came to an agreement that 10% of the plants would be keeping the Sabbatical Year as I have proven in the Prophecies of Abraham; the next one beginning on Aviv 1, 2016. The remainder would keep it according to the Jewish Calendar.

After further talks, they shared with me their hopes to build a vineyard and, amazingly, the amount needed was the exact amount we had raised. We invested in this and began working on it during my trip to Israel for Sukkot in 2012.

We have 10% of the vineyard until the Jubilee year in 2045 when it will all be returned to Boaz, Rinah and family per the Torah instruction. They will keep the Sabbatical year as defined by Judah starting this fall (2014) and our 10% will keep the Sabbatical Year as we have said- in just over 2 years from now beginning at Aviv 1, 2016.

Many of you were excited about this and many others have asked me about this project. It has been talked about in many circles. But we cannot reap a harvest until the 5th year. The vines are considered trees and the fruit is uncircumcised until the 4th year and then all the fruit belongs to Yehovah. We planted in 2012; at Aviv 1 of this year will be our third year, and Aviv 2015 will be our 4th year when all is to be given to Yehovah. The year we can begin to harvest for ourselves is 2016 but this is the Sabbatical Year when we cannot plant nor harvest. So we will have to wait until 2017 before our first crop when we can reap the rewards of our investment. Until this time, we have to pay for the hydro and water and fertilizer needed to maintain the vines, which are in the scorching desert right on the Israeli Egyptian border south of Gaza.

I would not have picked this place but it was the only one made available to us. And then last year, in the spring of 2013, as I wrestled with how to determine which parts of the vineyard we were going to claim as our portion, Yehovah sent one locust plague and then another and later, another one after that. And they all laid eggs and then these hatched and ate everything that the other three left. I was heartbroken. But Yehovah was showing us exactly which vines He was working with. Because, out of all the devastation to the vineyard, exactly 10% were left undamaged. Our 10%. My heart was, once again, very encouraged!

It had not rained in this part of Israel for over 7 years. The week we began, it rained for two days before the Feast began. That winter they had a flooding rain in which the rivers were formed which had not been seen in many years and Boaz was cut off from the vineyard from for over 2 weeks! And then, this year, it rained again and even snowed!

It is my belief that because we have kept the Sabbatical year in 2009 and are going to do so again in 2016, Yehovah is blessing the land with rain.

At the time of this writing, we have no funds to purchase the fertilizer needed to begin the year as the vines come back to life and begin to bud. The budding of the vines is one of the signs, along with the Barley stages, of when the New Year begins. Boaz and I both work full-time jobs along with our respected ministries to pay our own bills and to do these other projects.

The fact that Boaz and I are working together is a miracle in and of itself. Our beliefs are not the same and yet we have focused on what we do have in common and not on what we disagree about.

So we are looking for your help in this area as well on an ongoing basis.


The Video Series

Heart to Heart

With this report, I am sending you another video we did at Sukkot. It is a personal message from me right after we had finished speaking and everyone had left. I had just finished sweeping the floors and putting the chairs away and then helped our cameraman load up his car. Before he packed the camera we did this last video entitled A Personal Message From Me to You.

We have one more teaching to share with you after this. It is regarding The 8th day.

We have shown you the Sabbatical and Jubilee teachings and why you need to keep them as well as how to keep them. We have shown you the Cycles of Curses for not keeping them and then we also showed you the Ten Lost Tribes and where they are today. This teaching is the one that is receiving the most hits with over 17,000 views to date. However. part two has only been viewed just over 3000 times.

It strikes me that perhaps those watching it only want to have their ears tickled and are not interested in learning the truth.

The reason I shared this teaching on the Ten Lost Tribes was to show you who it is that the Curses are about to fall on. I have received many verbal attacks from those known as the Black Hebrews who have turned this teaching into a race issue and have no clue about the curses that are coming on those who are known as Israel, the 12 Tribes.

The Curses part 1 has been viewed just under 4000 times while part 2 is right at 1500 views. Assyria has also been viewed just under 4000 views while the 70 Shabua has only been seen 1600 times and the 2300 days only 2000.  The Great Enlightenment part 1- 830 and part 2- 337 views.

The 70 Shabua and the 2300 Days of Hell, along with the Great Enlightenment, are the climatic parts of all of this teaching showing exactly who is about to be destroyed and what the “Covenant made with Many” is. It also shows us when all of this is to begin. Yet only a few have viewed it.

Brethren, by the grace of a few people, we were able to raise the $20,000 needed to produce all of these videos and rent all the equipment needed to bring this message to you and we have given it to you for free.

I have had many, many write to me and say WOW!!! Many have said they thought they knew the Bible until they saw these teachings and now they know they have only been fed milk all this time and have no idea what to do with the meat that I am presenting. They are stupefied, amazed and excited just trying to take it all in.
Others have written in to say please keep doing more videos as these are fantastic and they are learning so much!

We also had some problems last year which cost us a great deal of both time and money.

We are to be speaking for Shavuot in Ohio. We are going to give 6 teachings there, 3 of which are new. And we had planned to have them recorded and edited and available to you all after that. The Blood Moons Revealed, as well as The Case for War. However, at this time, we cannot afford to hire the videographer as we have zero funds for this project. So I have cancelled the video recording until such time as the funds do come in. I cannot hire someone and then not have the money to pay him.


Remembering the Sabbatical Year of 2016 & The Prophecies of Abraham

In March of 2013 we launched our second book Remembering the Sabbatical Years of 2016 and, one year later, we have sales of about 500.

This book was written so that anyone could understand the Sabbatical Years. It was written in as simple a language as I could to help as many understand as was possible in preparing for the Sabbatical year of 2016.

So, I have to say, to see the sales at 500 is, to say the least, extremely disappointing. I have been told that if you can sell 1000 books then you are doing great. So by those standards, this is awesome for the first year. But we have just two years to educate the brethren about the Sabbatical year coming in 2016. Those who do not keep it will be subject to the curses of Lev 26 and the next curse is the curse of the sword. We want to have as many as we can protected from this next curse.

We have hired a consultant to help promote the sales of our book Remembering the Sabbatical year of 2016 and introduce it to more and more christian audiences.

This does two things: 1) It gets the message out there and 2) It helps to finance further ad campaigns- such as the one we now have on Lamb Radio and will be doing in other mediums soon.

You can help by telling others in your assemblies and social media groups to get the book and learn the subject. You can help by discussing this subject with everyone you can and help them to learn these truths. Yes, just by talking you can help create an interest in them keeping the Sabbatical Year and reaping the blessings for doing so and stopping the curses that are now upon us.

In February 2010 we launched the Prophecies of Abraham and, after 4 years of sales, The Prophecies of Abraham has now sold over 1000 books. Again, when you consider the fact that only 10% of the 12 tribes of Israel are going to be left from all the nations they are now in, this number is very low. We need to reach millions with the information in each of the three books we have been sharing with you. That can only happen by each of you telling others about them. Do not let the cares of this world stop you from warning the world of the coming sword that is about to sweep North America away.

Again, tell your assemblies, your home fellowships as well as your church groups about these teachings and share with them why they need to know. Do not grow weary in telling them there is sword about to arrive here. The hunters are coming!

The Website

This year we had to update the website to be able to handle the videos and to make it more user-friendly.

This past winter, we were also in a life and death struggle for the website and it was almost taken down and destroyed. We have improved it and made it available to all of you again for free with no subscription cost.

We also had to start over with our email list from zero- after having it up to 11,000 back in 2008. This has been a very severe trial on the website and our email list. I refuse to get into a bout of Lashan Hara over this but instead, have just learned a hard lesson and leave it in Yehovah’s hands.

We have also hired someone almost full time to maintain the web site and to conduct the advertising campaigns.

Since we began this web site in 2006 we have had over 3 million hits to the site. Three Million! That, brethren, is extremely encouraging! We would like to see our numbers grow and are working on this again.

Understanding that many come back to the site week after week, we still believe that this number should be more reflective in the number of books sold and the number of people talking about the Sabbatical and Jubilee Years in social groups. Again, you can help by recommending others go to the web site and sign up for the Newsletter. You can copy the links to the articles and share them with others as often as you can.

This is not just a my ministry, it is all of ours and all of us have to work at it. Keep in mind the parable of the 10 talents. How much have you grown yours? So please, consider helping not just now after reading this report, but each day and each week and each month until the Messiah has come.


Our Goals

This month we have begun an ad campaign on Lamb Radio advertising the website. We are also conducting another campaign on Google for Remembering the Sabbatical Year of 2016. We are hopeful that, with these sales, we can build up our cash in order to publish The 2300 Days of Hell book and promote the website and to subsidize the vineyard. We are also looking at other social media ad campaigns and will be conducting them as funds permit.

Once this ad campaign is underway, and we have worked out all those things we need to work out, then we will begin to advertise both The Prophecies of Abraham as well as The 2300 Days of Hell. We will also soon have the video series on DVD and will list them for sale on Amazon.

We also need to support the costs of the vineyard in order to have a crop that we can sell in 2017 and show the world the blessings Yehovah has given us for being obedient to the Sabbatical Year of 2016.

Our over-all goal is to have everyone keep the Sabbatical Year and understand the blessings for doing so and the curses for not keeping them. To do this we first need to educate them and the best way at present is by teaching them through the books, the website and the video teachings. But in order to get them to look at these things we need to advertise so they can see it and we need you to talk about it to them. Word of mouth is priceless for sharing a message.


So these are our projects and the things we have been working on in order to help get this message out to the brethren and those who are not yet walking this walk. We have just two years for people to learn about the Sabbatical Years and to keep the next one in 2016. Just two years.

We have 6 ¼ years until Shavuot 2020, which is the half-way point of this current Jubilee cycle. The half-way point is when Israel is to be cut off and destroyed according to Daniel 9:24-27 and also when the “Covenant made with Many” comes to a close.
Just 6 ¼ years until the 2300 days of Hell begins.

It frustrates me to see the time ticking by and the numbers that we need to be hitting so low. I have done my part. I have written the books and made them available. We have produced the videos to help highlight the books. The videos only teach part of what is in the books.

Many come for a while and then leave. Few have stayed the entire time. The vineyard is an on-going demonstration of Yehovah’s blessing and yet it needs to be maintained. Yet those who began with us are no longer with us nor helping.

I have tried, with everything I have to give, to tell all I can and continue to do so; but each of you also need to do so every day. Every day you need to tell others in each and every Messianic group why they need to read these three books. And you also need to read each of the books yourself. It may have been hard when you first read it, but now you need to read it again.

You are warned in Ezekiel that when you see the sword coming, you have to warn the brethren. All that I am showing you is that war is coming and coming fast. And what are you doing about it? Who are you telling? Have you gone back to watching your favourite TV shows? How about those football games and sit-coms? Brethren, it is not all up to me. I cannot be the only one warning the brethren. I need your help! So will you help? Will you pray and pray and pray for doors to open or are the TV shows more important?

I definitely need your financial help to pay for the ad campaigns, to help maintain the vineyard as well as to hire the cameraman to videotape and edit the coming messages so that they will be presentable to the public.

Who will stand with me and continue to help us do this work, not just today or when you read this report but from now on all the time? Will you?

I thank those who have given so much in the past that enabled us to do what we have been able to do to date. It is not the health and wealth message that many evangelicals preach and grow rich on. Our message is that war is coming and will be here very soon. It is a hard message to give and to understand, having been lied to for so long about peace and love. I need your help! This next Sabbatical Year in 2016 is the last chance for people to prove to Yehovah they will obey before the curse of war comes in the next Sabbatical cycle. Please help get this message out there to as many as possible before time runs out!