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Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: Mar 29, 2008

News Letter 5843-056
6th day of the 13th month 5843 years after creation

March 15, 2008

Shabbat Shalom Brethren,
With this New letter I am going to bring you up to date on the Barley not being Aviv, and the sighting of the moon and my recent speaking tour.
First here is the report from Nehemia Gordon on the Barley not being Aviv.
Karaite Korner Newsletter #323
Aviv Not Found, Thirteenth Month to Begin after Shabbat
On Tuesday March 4, Wednesday March 5, and Thursday March 6, 2008 an international team crisscrossed the Land of Israel searching for Aviv Barley. We examined barley from the Negev in the south all the way to
the border of Lebanon in the north and from the Jordan Valley in the east to the Coastal Plain in the west. Most of the barley we found, including the barley in the Northern Negev, was no further than the “cotton” stage also referred to as the “flowering” stage. In the Jordan Valley we found small amounts of barley in the “worm” stage, also referred to as the “soft dough” stage. We did not find any barley in the Aviv stage anywhere in Israel and therefore we must wait until after the Thirteenth Month before beginning the new Biblical Year. The Thirteenth Month will begin with the expected sighting of the New Moon from Israel on Saturday night March 8, 2008. The holiday of Chag HaMatzot will run from April 21 at sunset through April 28 at sunset. For the dates of the other biblical appointed times please see:
This year’s Aviv Search was truly an international effort with participants from Israel, the United States, England, and South Africa. The Karaite searchers were joined by adherents of several different faiths and persuasions including members of “Yahweh’s Philadelphia Truth Congregation” and “Hoshana Rabbah Messianic Discipleship Resources”.
Ruthanne Koch, a Certified Crop Advisor from Colorado participated along with her husband Bernie, her brother Erich Draht, and his wife Gloria. Other participants included Ferenc Illesy, Rivkah Michaeli,
Avi Ben Mordechai, Johan Schutte, Glen Cain, Tracey Cain, Frank King, Eileen King, Sharon King, Nathan Lawrence, Sandi Lawrence, Linda Lampkin, and Richard Bay. I want to thank American Karaites Yochanan
Labombarbe and Sean Reuland for making the trip over to Israel to do the Aviv Search and Devorah Gordon for helping make the Aviv Search a success. Finally, I want to thank everyone who supported the Aviv
Search both financially and in other ways.
I usually prefer to stick to the cold dry facts in the Aviv Report but I cannot help but relate an incident that happened to our group during the Search. As we were winding up our examination of the Northern
Negev we found ourselves on the road to Sederot, the Israeli town which has come under such cruel bombardment by Palestinian rockets over the past year. Recently the attacks have increased from a weekly
occurrence to a daily one. We decided we would stop in Sederot to show our support for the citizens of this embattled town. As we entered the city, Devorah noticed a sign pointing to the Sapir College where a
young man was killed last week by an Arab rocket while walking to his car. Moments later we were driving into the very parking lot where the man was killed when we saw several people running in one direction.
Then we heard a woman announce over a loud speaker in Hebrew “Code Red, Code Red” which is the warning that the rockets are on their way. Our caravan of cars quickly stopped and we ran after the locals who
were scurrying into a nearby bomb shelter. After a few minutes, the rocket attack was over and everyone started to leave the cramped bomb shelter. The young people continued about their usual activities
around the college as if nothing happened but we were still shaken from the experience. It is one thing to hear about a rocket attack on television but an entirely different matter to be in the midst of one.
When we finally left the shelter we walked about 50 feet to a small crater formed when the rocket killed the young man last week. We were all shocked to see a bloody glove in the crater dropped there the week
before by one of the paramedics. May Almighty Yehovah protect his people from their enemies who seek to dispossess us from the land which he created out of nothing and gave to our ancestors as part of
his eternal covenant!
(By the way, the last newsletter was supposed to be #322, not #321.)
Reporting from Jerusalem, Israel
Nehemia Gordon
The New Moon Report
Karaite Korner Newsletter #324
New Moon Report
March 2008
Thirteenth Biblical Month
On Saturday March 8, 2008 observers across Israel looked for the New Moon but it was not sighted due to heavy cloud coverage. Had there been no clouds the moon would have been visible and according to
potential visibility March 9 is New Moon Day.
Rosh Chodesh Sameach!
Happy New Moon!
Nehemia Gordon
Jerusalem, Israel
Shalom, Nazarenes.
Many thanks to those alert individuals who brought the miscount on the New Moon Day to my attention. My post should have read that the New Moon Day begins at sundown on 3/9/08 (s-nday) and lasts through sundown on 3/10/08 (m-nday).
The New Moon was last visibly sighted from the Land of Israel on the evening of 2/8/08. According to the practice used in Scripture (“raw observation”) the month can be either 29 or 30 days long (and in rare cases, 28 days, but not 31 days).
If the first crescent sliver is not seen at the start of the 30th day, the month ‘times out’ at the end of the 30th day, and the new month begins the next evening. A full thirty days from the last sighting (at the start of 2/8/08) brings us to the close of 3/8/08, and therefore the New Moon Day begins (or began) at sundown 3/9/08 (s-nday).
Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience the miscount may have caused. May YHWH please forgive me. This brings out the importance of verifying everything personally, rather than taking anyone’s word for it.
Please be sure to gather together with friends, blow the shofar, and enjoy a festive meal in honor of our Messiah.
Rosh Chodesh Sameach~
Norman Willis
This means that Sunday Evening March 9 and Monday day March 10, was the first day of the 13th month
As you know I have been on the road for the past two weeks doing the Prophecy Club Speaking tour. Some of you I had the pleasure to meet and was pleased you came out. But I am now going to let you know how the tour went.
Feb 21,2008 I signed the contract to do the tour and to share this message of the Jubilee and the explanation of why we have Terrorism and Global warming. Five minutes after I had signed the contract I received a phone call to return to work. I have been without work since December. I needed the work but I also needed to get this message out. I worked hard on preparing the message in a power point presentation. Something I had never done. I had over 250 slides and was told to cut it back to 75- 150. I did but then had many notes. When I got to Stan Johnson, in Dallas, he said to get rid of the notes and add back in the slides.
We did two radio interviews on Feb 20. I was very pumped up for this. Knocking on doors for the past three years and it was finally being recognized as something important. We did two more interviews on the 21. But I had my wind taken out of my sails before the interviews and I was now just going through the motions. This had now become a job. And I now looked at it as such.
I went to work each day the next week and worked on the power point each night. I was overwhelmed. It had to be right and it had to be good.
Friday Feb 29 I left for the airport at 5 AM. It was -29 Celsius and we had 4 feet of snow. I arrived in Dallas Texas at noon and the man who was to pick me up did not arrive. He was at the wrong terminal and his phone was off. Stan came for me about two hours later and we were off to his house. Hillary Clinton was attending the funeral of one of the police officers who had died and all highways were plugged and moving very slow.
Worked on the presentation for a while then we went to have a Friday evening Shabbat service. Stan asked me if I would conduct it. He suggested I talk about the Holy Days as they were now starting to learn about them. So I opened the bible to Lev. 23 and began to teach them about how much the Holy Days teach us and how they are for every one and not just the Jews. After an hour and a half I had only gotten to the Wave sheaf offering. Every one there had never heard the things I was saying. I thought it was common knowledge. I answered questions and just talked to them. It was very good. Stan then asked them what they liked about my talk or what they did not like. Talk about being in the hot seat. I did not know what was coming.
Stan’s daughter said that she really liked the fact that I said right up front that these Holy Days are not Jewish and that they were for all men. I was surprised at the comment and asked her to say it again. She told me how others have come through here and talked down to them or had their noses in the air as if they were better than them for keeping these Holy Days and they were not as good because they did not understand them or keep them. But I had removed that stumbling block right in the beginning. I made this my opening statement for each and every presentation. That was a huge comment she made. And huge lesson for all of us. To remember when we did not know or understand anything about these Holy Days. How many of us have turned others away from understanding because of our self righteousness. How sad.
Stan then asked them if they would like me to come back and teach them each of the Holy days in a way that they could understand. I was a bit shocked. I had only been there for one and half hours.
That night we tore the presentation apart and put it back together again until late, and worked on it all day Shabbat. I had not even had time to go over it once before I presented it to the Dallas crowd. I was nervous and after presenting the message, they offered some good suggestions, which we then added to the presentation. Stan had many good suggestions to help me present it more professionaly. As I left I met a man and his wife who during the meeting, were very interested in the things I said. When he introduced himself I was shocked. I had corresponded with him many times recently and would be honored to sit at his feet and learn from him. I wished I had more time to visit. But we had to rework the power point presentation again which went to 2:30 AM and I was up at 6 to catch a flight to Baltimore and then to Milwaukee.
By the time I arrived I had only enough time to shower and get set up. I had two people who were laughing at the things I was presenting. When I asked them what was up at the first break, they said that Jesus full filled the law so they did not have to. There for every thing I said was not relevant. I did not have an answer. That night I prayed about it
Finished at midnight, and up at 3:30 AM to catch a 6 AM flight to Philadelphia where I changed planes to go to Detroit. Good crowd of people all who worked with their hands, and identified with me. There were many Lunar Sabbath keepers in this crowd and although they liked the message they could not agree with me. One big man came up and gave me a huge bear hug. He thank me for having the guts to say things straight up. No flattering lies. Again I stayed until about midnight answering questions.
Up at 6 and being driven to Lansing Michigan. I had the answer to the Jesus full filled the law escape clause and I added it to the presentation. Each night we are having about 30-40 people come out. I was nervous in Lansing for some reason. People are telling me how much they like the message and how strong it is. I am very confident now in presenting it and wish I could give it again in Dallas.
Up at 5 AM. Snow storm over night and my driver could only go 20 -40 miles an hour. No snow plows. Missed my flight. Got one at 11 to Nashville and then to Cleveland and to my hotel at midnight.
Met the folks in Cleveland the next day, Thursday. I am now getting complaints from Lansing about the presentation. They did not appreciate what the scriptures said and thought it would be wise if my tour was canceled. I had effectively taken away the escape clause they wanted to use. It turned out that some of the folks in Cleveland felt the same thing.
I was beginning to realize that these people whom I was told would be very knowledgeable about the bible, actually were not. Many held to the position that they had nothing to do and that after a life time of doing nothing they would go to heaven. Then I come along and bust their bubble. On the other hand many did know the bible and appreciated my frankness and honesty, and told me not to stop, not to remove any thing from the presentation. That is why I sent out the e-mail I did last Friday. This tour was in danger of being canceled. Those who obey the law loved the message and those who do not wanted it stopped.
Friday flew to Laurel Maryland. They too loved the message and then they realized something. They were conducting business on the Sabbath. They then thought that this might be why so many of the Messianic followers did not come out. This was good. They were getting what I was saying and thinking about it as it applied to themselves.
Drove to Harrisburg PA for the Saturday evening presentation. I had looked forward to this meeting the most from the beginning. I expected a strong crowd of Messianic followers. And they did come out. Many sat there with their beards and a tough look on their face as if to dare me to convince them. I felt so comfortable there. All of them came up and thanked me for standing strong and not diluting the message. Many times I have been asked for my e-mail or web site. I agreed with Stan not to promote myself and only the Prophesy Club. But one brother would yell out my web site each time someone asked. I was amongst brethren. And did not get to bed until 2 AM. Harrisburg was very good.
Up at 5 to catch flight. On the plane and then told flight canceled. Rushing around to get another flight. Many canceled due to the storm in Ohio. Raced back to Phili Airport and flew to Washington, changed planes to fly out to Kansas. Did not get there till midnight. Meeting in Topeka canceled. Had a great talk with the taxi driver who is going to look up my web site.
Next day I was driven up to Des Moines Iowa. Met a lady where we were to spend the night, who was very excited to hear what I was talking about. At the meeting I was dead tired. But one fella began to ask me some questions which led me to begin to ask him to think. He did and the light bulbs began to go off. Before long we had about ten people thinking about the scriptures and lights going off. It was a lot of fun and got me energized before I presented.
Next morning I heard our host up early checking the scriptures about the many things I had said. She said I was right. She had never known these things or thought about them. She just assumed, like so many others.
Drove from Iowa to Topeka Kansas, to do the video tapping. Only 4 people came out. I am after all an unknown speaker and the meeting was canceled two days earlier due to the flight delays. I was to say the least disappointed. I like to talk to an audience. We did the tapping in record time. Every night it took me about 2 ½ hour to 2 hours and 45 minutes. For the tapping, I was done in 2 hours flat. This was lowest point on the tour for me.
Next morning I was driven back to Kansas City Missouri to catch a flight to Oakland California and then up to Portland Oregon. Next to Harrisburg I had looked forward to Portland as I had hoped many of my friends would come out. They did not, but I did have a large crowd this night. After the meeting many joined us at a restaurant to ask more questions. We did not leave there until 1:30 AM. I was also interviewed by the local radio station which aired live, promoting the meeting that night.
Left Portland at 6AM and flew to Newark where I changed planes and flew to Toronto. I got home at 9 PM and my wife was glad to see me. Thank you for your prayers. I have been all day digging out the large amount of snow that came while I was away and getting things ready for work on Monday.
In almost all of the places I spoke at there were many who wanted to keep the Sabbath and the Holy Days, and few who were able to teach them how to do this. There were many who think they are already saved and have no responsibility to do anything themselves. And there were a few who wanted to stop this message from going out.
There is still so much more to do. Many want to learn and there are few teachers. We need more to step up and teach the truth. One brother has sent me some money to help cover the cost of this trip. Prophecy Club has paid for everything, and I am not out of pocket anything. I did loose two weeks worth of work. Brethren it does cost money to fly to each town and for Hotels and food and the room in which we meet. I thank those of you who have supported this effort. Because of the generosity of one brother, I do plan on holding a meeting in Nashville for him, as he could not make it to any of the other cities. Please do keep the Prophecy Club in your prayers. I am very gratefull for the opportunity they gave me to present this message to you all.
As to the DVD, I am obliged to sell it at the same price as the prophecy club. All the information on the DVD is or well be on the web site in due course. It will be in written form over a period of weeks and as is all information on my web site it is free. Any money from the DVD will be used to take this message to other cities. I originally was not going to be involved in the sale of the DVD, but now see how it could help pay for travel and hotels in other cities where I could bring this message. One group continues to ask me to come to Kenya. We need funds to do so and as yet have none.
You are free to order your DVD from who ever you want. I am thank full to have met so many who do read this news letter and missed it when it was not sent out. I am also glad to have met so many others who want to learn the truth and have no one to teach them.
Next week I will get back to sharing those things I have learned with you all. Thank you for saying hello and your prayers these past few weeks.
Shabbat Shalom
Joseph F Dumond


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