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Supporters Library


Once subscribed and are supporting this ministry each month, you will be added to a list where you will be sent links to books every couple of weeks. Eventually over a couple of months you will have been given access to all of Joseph’s books including the latest Elijah’s Trilogy, once completed. We pray that this will not only assist in your studies but encourage you to tell others about Sightedmoon so that we may help spread this message around.

Thank you

Joseph F. Dumond

As supporters of Sightedmoon you have been granted access to all the products within Joseph's library for free including all website content for free. They will include the following:

  • Prophesies of Abraham
  • Sabbatical Years of 2016
  • 2300 Days of Hell
  • 2300 Days of Hell Audio Book
  • The Blood Moons
  • It was a Riddle Not a Command
  • It was a Riddle Not a Command Audio Book
  • The Mystery of the Jewish Rapture
  • The Mystery of the Jewish Rapture Audio Book
  • Scripture Lessons For the Kingdom
  • More Scripture Lessons for the Kingdom
  • I Do lesson Book
  • The Sabbatical & Jubilee Year Charts
  • The Biblical Foundations Lesson Book
  • The Validity of Torah ( Advanced study of the Mitzvot )
  • The Restoration of All Things
  • The Abomination That Causes Desolation
  • The 10 Days of Awe


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