Philippines Report #1 Greg Cronkite

Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: Oct 10, 2015
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News Letter 5851-032
25th day of the 7th month 5851 years after the creation of Adam
The 7th Month in the Sixth year of the Third Sabbatical Cycle
The Third Sabbatical Cycle after the 119th Jubilee Cycle
The Sabbatical Cycle of Earthquakes, Famines and Pestilence
The Year of the Tithe for the Widows, Orphans & Levites

October 10, 2015


Shabbat Shalom Family,


Craig Cronkhite

Ok, let me try this again…..
We were traveling to Ilocos Norte for the second leg of our trip while I was writing a report of our events thus far on Joseph’s journey to the Philippines. It has been a few days since I’ve had time to finish it but now I can’t find that report so here I will attempt again to share a little of what we’ve been able to experience thus far.

It was 3:45am on September 20th and I was getting ready to travel to the airport. A sudden Oklahoma thunderstorm was pouring rain on the roof when a loud bolt of
lightning knocked the power out in my home. I spent the next few minutes packing by flashlight, loading luggage in the rain and finally leaving to a dark house. I was suddenly reminded of Yehovah’s power and sent Joseph a message: FORESHADOWING! I wondered what I was getting myself into but I knew this was going to be an exciting trip.

I met Joseph in Detroit and even got to be on the Outcry Radio Show while I was waiting on his plane to arrive. From there we flew up over Canada and Alaska, through Russian airspace, along the edge of China, around North Korea into Seoul and finally touched down in Manila just after midnight their time. Keep in mind however, since we had crossed the International date line, that it was the next day, the 21st. Don’t think about this too long or it may result in brain cramps. We have wondered aloud more than a few times where that missing day may have gone without any good answers so just trust me on this one.

We were greeted by Bro. Aike Aison who has been coordinating the events in the Manila area and his friend Darryl. I rode with Darryl to our living quarters and was
immediately introduce to Manila traffic! We arrived there after 1am, now wide awake but ready to rest. Whew! We had made it to the Philippines!!

Sept 22nd: After sleeping in a little, we began discussing the various plans and events for the week with Bro. Aike. We stopped by his congregation’s meeting place, MLTC (Messiah the Living Torah Center), where Joseph was quickly measured for a barong and black pants the popular dress of the Philippines. We then went to dinner at a nice quiet Italian restaurant with Jeremiah Belgica (pronounced Bellikah), a young lawyer who had been fighting the same legislation that we in the west have already experienced. The initials are different but it’s the same unsolicited advice from the same source, The United Nations: RH (Reproductive Health -right to abortion), SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity), BBL (Bangsamoro Basic Law which would allow ISIS to acquire land and funding in Mindinao).

This meeting set the tone for our whole trip. Jeremiah showed us his presentation for RH that he had shown to Congressmen and Joseph was amazed that they had both used similar information in each of their own presentations from different angles. I believe Joseph is even using a few of Jeremiah’s slides to bring a focused message to the Filipino people. We could already see Yehovah’s precise timing in what we were about to do. We weren’t just bringing a Sighted Moon teaching on the sabbatical years but were actually teaming up alongside two bold men of Yah who have been taking on a Goliath task in their home country and we were about to witness some great events!

We then stopped by a large Yom Kippur service event put on by IFP (Intercessors For the Philippines). As you can see, Filipinos like to abbreviate everything. This event had 800-1,000 people worshipping and repenting for their many sins. It was very evident that the Filipino people have a great desire to obey and are ready to learn the Way if they just have the leaders who will speak and teach the Torah and the true complete Word of Scripture.

Sept. 23rd: We met with 40-50 people at the House of Representatives who had organized a Yom Kippur service for the workers in the building .These were mostly staff and department leaders who have the ear of the Congressmen themselves and are able to influence their opinions and are on the front lines in fighting these laws I mentioned earlier. They were very excited to be having this event and Joseph challenged them with The Curses of Baalam and how it is affecting the Philippines. We heard later on in the week that they also observed their first Sukkot in the Congress as well. More on that in part two…

Sept. 24th: We went to the Manila Yacht Club where Joseph got to speak to about 40 of the Christian Bishops and Ministers of the Philippines (CBMOP) <– say that as fast as you can to sound Filipino. This was their monthly meeting so they felt very comfortable on their home field but Joseph was very bold in speaking out on some of their beliefs that are not based on the Torah and admonished them to keep the seventh day Sabbath. The president of this group is Butch Belgica, Jeremiah’s father. He is a very interesting man; learn more about his life by watching “The Butch Belgica Story” on YouTube

While Joseph spoke, I watched a crew replace the decking of a boardwalk behind me as we were right on the water of the Port of Manila and I hoped that many planks were removed from the eyes of the leaders and many paradigms shifted.

We then had 2 hours to get to the Central Military Base to speak with “the Generals” but it took us 3 hours to make it through the Manila traffic. We couldn’t even take time to stop for food. As the sun was setting on our last chance to eat before we started our Yom Kippur fast, Bro. Aike, Joseph, Corette and I ate every snack we could find in the car and drank all the water bottles dry. We eventually made it to the base where my driver’s license was held hostage while we were inside. 80 people attended the gathering including 2 retired generals, 2 active generals and servicemen and their wives. They also heard The Curse of Baalam with an emphasis of ISIS and China’s role in the fate of the Philippines.

Sept. 25th: We spent the day at MLTC for Yom Kippur. Joseph taught on Afflicting Our Souls and the meaning of The Day of Atonement. There was something very special about sharing the challenging task of fasting with 100 other like minded believers. We listened, learned and waited not so patiently at times for the sun to go down. Somewhere during this memorable time, this trip started to become life-changing for me. Finally, I was able to watch the sun set behind the clouded Manila skyline from their 44th floor window. We were soon eating a bountiful meal the ladies had prepared somehow. I tried goat curry for the first time and was surprised how good it was! Of course, everything tasted wonderful after fasting. I’m still trying to figure out where all that food came from though.

Sept. 26th: We came back to MLTC for Shabbat service. There was more wonderful singing, teaching and eating with 150 in the congregation. This was another moving experience! Joseph was able to teach more in depth on this day and covered many topics including the Tombstones that prove sabbatical years, The Curses, The Law of Niddah, and The Stock Market patterns of the last 230 years and how the relate to the Shemitah year. When it was break time, I saw more plates of food appearing from the other room. Everyone passed the plates from row to row until each person had something to eat. I thought it was a great picture of the family atmosphere at MLTC. After shabbat, many of the women and members of all ages were preparing and helping to get ready for the conference that was to start the next day. We went home after 10pm.

Sept. 27th: We moved our things from the Aspire high rise condo to the Richville Hotel for the conference organized by MLTC. It was a great success! They supplied the registration, security and it abounded with hospitality!. Throughout this week, Joseph has been called Reverend, Pastor, even Dr. at one place. But it was on this day he became Jose Dumond on the hotel board. Well, whatever his name or title, he was blessed to speak to 260+ people and presented the Philippines Under the Curse/ Curses of Baalam study. It was a very full and tiring day even though it was another exciting experience, but tomorrow was to be even busier!

Sept. 28th: By now we have gotten into the habit of getting up around 5am. It hasn’t been hard, their sunrise is around 5:45 anyway so I haven’t really used an alarm much. I just keep telling myself it’s really 4pm in Oklahoma. So that makes it easier. But it was good to get an early start on this day. We went to CBN Asia where Joseph spoke for their Monday devotion time. I think there were around 50 employees mostly the staff and workers for the 700 Club. This was held on set of the show and Joseph had an hour and a half and then after was interviewed for the actual 700 Club show! This will air sometime next week and should be available on line for those not living in the Philippines. After that, they served us lunch which we ate in haste and headed back to MLTC for the 2nd day of their conference. This was The Curses of Baalam presentation to another 100 people who hadn’t been at Richville the day before. Then we went back to the Richville Hotel for MLTC?s Sukkot Celebration!

Are you guys still keeping up? I told you this was a busy day. We were blessed with fairly good traffic conditions as we navigated through town. When we walked into the conference room we saw the largest Sukkah and amazing decorations we could imagine. Joseph spoke very briefly and we celebrated with dancing, wine, music and so much joy and blessing with my new “Phils family” as one of the ladies called it. !! I won’t even try to describe this experience it was so special. I hope you get to see some of the pictures from this night to get a small glimpse. I think Joseph was able to post a few of them last night. After this night I kept thinking to myself, ?I have seen Israel! I have seen Israel!” Not the Land, not the state of, but the people. And the people of Israel, at least some of them are Filipino.

That’s some of our highlights of the first week in the Manila area. I better stop there or I will take up the whole newsletter. We apologize for the lack of communication, if there was any foreshadowing, it was during our flight from Detroit to Seoul. We had no wifi. And that has been the theme of most of the trip. We have shared what we could when we could. The rest will have to wait until next time.

Stay tuned! Shalom


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