Noahs Ark the Height Ziggurats and Volume

Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: Jun 21, 2007

Sighted Moon News Letter 5843-015

30th Day of the 3rd Month 5843 years After Creation

June 16, 2007

Shabbat Shalom Family,

It has been a busy week. Just today on the News Hamas has taken control of the Gaza strip. They are also continuing to struggle to take over the West Bank. Before this happened Prime Minister Olmert was talking about giving back the Golan Heights. And as if this was not enough news for this one week, tonight I read this one from Arutz Sheva “A Qatari newspaper, Al Watan, reported Friday that Syria is making concrete preparations for war with Israel, saying that the Syrian government has removed the Government and State Archives from the Damascus area. According to the paper, this move indicates preparations for war.

Syrian parliament member Muhammad Habash confirmed on Al-Jazeera Arabic world news satellite TV last week that Syria is indeed engaged in active preparations for a war with Israel. The conflict, said

the Syrian MP, is expected to break out during the summer months.”

This should cause you stop and think. I have posted in the forum area notes on Hamas from the Feast in Israel in 2006.  You can also listen to the sermon at and the title you want is “Hamas,Kadima,Al-Qeida And The Covenant Of Death”

On the 9 day of the fifth month is a date that Israel is always going to remember. The day the 12 spies refused to give a good report of the land. Numbers 13. It is the day the first and second temple were destroyed. A direct result of Numbers 13. I believe this day falls on July 24, 2007.

Before we begin this News Letter I want to make you all aware of the Drought that is going on in California. It is reported as the worst on record in history. A perfect storm of droughts. To read more go to the 2nd Curse at as this is one part of Yahweh’s multiple curses on Israel to get our attention. As well, here in the Toronto Canada area we are now beginning to have water restrictions. This is not normally done until the end of July and August. My own sump pump has now stopped pumping for the summer. It normally shuts down in August.

Again if you have not yet read the number one downloaded article at this site, ( tens of thousands have downloaded this one article), I strongly recommend the Times Up article dealing with the Jubilee as a shadow picture of future and present events. Whether you believe in them or not they are happening.

Correction to last weeks News Letter. In it I stated the “3.1416, 123.6 inches and the 10.3 feet in length all amounting to the same.” The 3.1416 is a 3.1416 meters. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

My News Letter of last week 5843-014 has caused a great deal of good reactions. I am very pleased at who is reading them. Pleasantly surprised really.
One such e-mail was sent from some one I have a great deal of respect for. He is deep into the numerical values of the Hebraic letters. I read some of his stuff and I am not able to comprehend it all. At least not at this time.

I am, with his permission, including his e-mail for you to read. I do this as it is another proof from some one not even looking at Noah’s Ark that those measurements I gave you last week are significant to the great design of the Ark and to the Universe and, as he is also learning, to Yahweh’s word. I may have lost some of you with all the math, but I want to point out from some one not involved, just how inspired those calculations are.

Here is his letter;

Dear Joe,
Just a note to say thanks for sharing this info on Noah’s Ark. Having read your latest newsletter, I believe you will be very edified by what now follows:
Last summer (on August 20, 2006), I was working on a new, cutting-edge Geometry book and the Spirit revealed some never-before-seen discoveries involving the golden ratio and the golden rectangle. The golden ratio is the ratio of the longer side of a golden rectangle divided by its shorter side; many refer to this ratio using the Greek letter phi.
Like pi = 3.14159 . , the golden ration, phi, is an irrational number: it does not contain a repeating decimal pattern. Phi = 1.618033989 . it is (1 + sqrt5)/2 [one plus the square root of 5 all divided by two].
The work morning began with an amazing peace and trust in YHWH as I began doing some writing on the book. The next thing I knew, one thing after another became so very clear in my mind: the Spirit came upon me just as if I were studying Scripture and just as if a revelation had been made which affected to connect the truth of His Word from Genesis to Revelation.
Only in this case, the revelation was mathematical, and I simply could NOT keep up with the many geometrical connections! First, one thing was revealed, and this led to yet another, which led to still another, and
another, and another. Not only did it take some two days to record and fixate all of the revelations and their implications, there were still more residual results which continued developing for many days afterwards. It
was like nothing I had ever experienced! It was an amazing day like nothing I could have ever imagined (Ephesians 3:20), and I shall never forget it.
Since that day, I have told just a very few close friends (who know me well enough to know I am not boasting) that the book reveals some of what I now call “the building blocks of creation.”
I anticipate the book just may become the craze of the mathematical world, and maybe even the scientific world as well. It’s hard to explain why without revealing the many amazing things waiting to be seen once the book is published, so I’ll have wait until it is copyrighted in the next few months.
Another thing I told a few people is that the book may well be a partial fulfillment of the prophecy in Daniel about knowledge being increased. Meaning: a true knowledge of YHWH which reveals His greatness before the End comes. After reading your newsletter, I am not surprised to see Noah knew these things, and now believe even more strongly that this increased knowledge will lead to the splendor of YHWH.
When you see the math in the book, you’ll be saying “Wow!” for a very long time! I still am nearly a year later! And I am absolutely elated to know Noach, a man of faith and a preacher of righteousness, knew these things far in advance of worldly scholars like Pythagoras and Euclid. It all fits so well when we contemplate Daniel and his friends: four men of faith who were granted wisdom which was far beyond the wise men of Babel/Babylon! Should it surprise us that the wisdom of Noah was far superior to Pythagoras and Euclid since he had direct contact with the Most High?
It would appear YHWH is telling us we are in the days of Noah as He is now working to reveal, not only the ark, but the deeply amazing math behind its actual construct.
Eternal praise be to YHWH, who reveals secrets to show forth His immense splendor and unspeakable greatness.
His Name is Exalted,

Past editions of this News Letter can be read at: Sightedmoon Archived Newsletters
As well if you wish to comment on those things stated here you can do so at

This News Letter is growing in leaps and bounds. So much so the web site is having growth problems keeping up. So please be patient as we grow.

As we grow, so are the number of people who are coming to the web site for the first time. I thank each of you who are sharing the information with every one you can. Irregardless of their religious knowledge. There are so many here now who have no real religious organization that they call home, who seek to learn the truth and don’t want to be hassled or hustled as they learn it. I am thrilled to be able to facilitate this.

How ever with this growth comes another challenge that I had not planned on. I am receiving more e-mails, and more often, those contain stories of hopelessness and cries for help. They also come by phone. My heart is ripped out with each one. People caught in drug or alcohol or sex abuse or sex addiction. Others with unconverted mates who are extremely abusive to the mate trying to live this way of life. Some so caught up in sin they do not know who to turn to or how to get out from under the sin. Most of them, more often than not feel absolutely alone.
I want to reach out to them and help them. It is as if they are drowning and I can’t quite get to the next one in time. I do not know what to do. So I am asking for your prayers in these situations. That Yahweh give me the wisdom to know what to do and to say what He wants me to say to these people, who so desperately need help. As well for more labors to be sent out to help. To stand up and offer the help and to volunteer for what ever that is needed. Not the shepherds who only corral and mussel the sheep, but those who know the scriptures and are not afraid to admit they might not know everything.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

Now we shall address the height. Pages 129-135 of David Fasold’s The Ark of Noah.

If the cuneiform texts had said the Ark was as high as it was wide, or 120 cubits (Sumerian) or 121 Feet, was this what they meant by six stories?
Josephus wrote in Antiquities of the Jews ( book 1, Chapter 3);

But Noah alone was saved; for God suggested to him the following contrivances and way of escape: that he should make an ark of four stories high.
The KJV says in Genesis 6:16 ….with lower, second, and third stories shalt thou make it.
This was going to be tough to, proving everyone right! The Scofield Study Bible (Oxfrod NIV) says on page 11 in the footnotes:
…. These dimensions are in marked contrast with descriptions of the ark found in ancient mythology. Compare the cuneiform representation of it as shaped like a six storied cube of 262 feet with a mast and pilot on top.

The first figure that struck me was 262 feet. If Scofield’s note was referring to the Babylonian texts, the revisionists have erred in the cubit. I decided to take the biblical scholar up on his suggestion to compare the cuneiform representation against the biblical description.

Now it has long been established that the Great Cubit of Babylon was 20.988458. I went to the text with the best translation available; Gilgamesh; SIN_LEQI_UNNINNI VERSION, tablet XI column ii.
Our purpose in studying this particular column of tablet eleven is to determine if the descriptions of Utnapishtim’s (Noah) Ark is in marked contrast to that described by Moses as suggested by the biblical scholar Dr. Scofield.

Line 56 On the fifth day I drew its plan
57 One IKU was its whole floor space; ten dozen cubits the height of each wall;
58 ten dozen cubits its deck, square on each side.
59 I laid out the contours, drew it all.
60 I gave it six decks
61 and divided it, thus into seven parts.
62 Its innards I divided into nine parts
63 I struck water plugs into it.
64 I checked the poles and laid in all that was necessary.
65 [For the Hull] I poured 24,000 gallons of bitumen into the kiln;
66 The same amount I laid on the inside.
67 The basket-bearers brought on three shars of oil
68 in addition to the shars of oil consumed in the seed-meal
69 and the two shars of oil stowed away by the boatman.

We should note that this is not a story being told by Gilgamesh but a first-person narrative being told to Gilgamesh by Utnapishtim (Noah) himself. In this tablet, where he states he drew its plan, it is in marked contrast to others that state “Ea” drew the plan upon the sand.

[ Ea is the oldest known rendering of the name of God “Yah” which is incorporated in Yahweh.]

Described by some writers as the “word god” (who brought the word of the coming destruction) and as the “source of all things,” Ea had a distinctive position and character during the early Sumerian times. Although retaining a high position in the great triad, during later Babylonian periods, Ea was described as the father of Merodach, and along with Anu and Bel shared the godhead. He became known by many names during these polytheistic times.

In these variant texts the ship itself was to be planned and built according to Ea’s instructions, and to have a deck space consisting of one acre (line 57).
Notes to this column of the text by the authors, in referring to its enormous size, equate the Ark, or “elippu” to the great ziggurats of Babylon. The text appears to be describing a cube, but these are not the dimensions of the actual Ark. The writer is only trying to convey the volume or capacity. First it would be agreed that a ziggurat in not a cube. It may have many levels of differing sizes, stacked one upon the other, but it is not a cube.

Professor Maspero recognized the ziggurats as representing the arrangement of the universe in 1901. Menon as well, in his work on early astronomy and cosmology, was of the same opinion. In fact , the Ziggurat of Nabu at Barsiki was known as the ” House of the Seven Bands of Heaven and Earth”, with each succeeding level painted in the planetary colors.

I feel the reason the ancients were so compelled to study the stars may have eluded many of these scholars and would appear to be seeking after a sign of some eschatological event. The Temple of Jupiter at the top was dedicated to that planetary deity not so much because it was the subject of their concern but because Jupitor’s movements seemed to bring about a cyclic event similar to what may have caused the Flood. It was certainly more serious than casting horoscopes for the masses. Berosus was still interpreting the omens in the second century B.C. during a period when the system seemed to have failed. He was quite emphatic that ” the whole issue brought about by the course of the planets, consigning the earth to the flame or to Flood when a gathering takes place in Capricorn and Cancer. ( Taken from The Great Year, Babyloniaca of Berosus, 281 BCE)

It is quite understandable that a connection with this structure might be made to the Ark and an understanding of its function is in order. The search is for the IKU of the ziggurat in the Ark. On the basis of a translation of a cuneiform text known as the Smith Tablet, some authors have mistakenly remarked that the third level represents one IKU. I perceive it as the fourth level, which was important to land surveying and can be explained briefly as follows:

The Ziggurat, aside from fulfilling other functions, was a projection of the northern hemisphere. The base was one Sarus, the same as the earlier Sumerian Sar of 3,600 meaning “universe”. The structure was used for finding the GP (Geographical Position) of stars under the rolling vault of heaven in sidereal time. Of course marks in the side could represent geographical points as well. We begin at the base ( the equator), which is 300 feet square (3,600 inches). With 40 inches representing a degree of latitude, the base rises to a height of 110 feet. This measurement of 1320 inches represents the latitude of Babylon at 33 degrees.

Due to the curvature of the earth, the next level that rises above the first terrace is set in 360 inches from each side of the base, representing both the degrees of a circle and the days of a year during that era. The second stage rises 60 feet ( 720 Inches) for 18 degrees. The second terrace roughly represents the latitude of Calgary, Canada, and Southampton, England, or 51 degrees.
Each side of this second level is 3,240 inches or 270 feet square. Again decreasing this square 360 inches on all four sides, the third level rises 240 inches for a twenty foot wall up the third terrace. This height represents 6 degrees of latitude and at the third terrace we are now standing at 57 degrees north just above Moscow.

It is the fourth level that is referred to in the cuneiform text, relating that the Ark’s main deck area consisted of one IKU. This level has again been decreased by 360 inches. On this fourth terrace, which has again moved up 20 feet, we are standing at a latitude of 63 degrees on a platform of 60 double cubits. Each side measures 2,520 inches, thus divided by the 120 cubits, we determine the Great Cubit of Babylon to be roughly 21 inches (20.988), slightly longer than the Ark’s cubit and the cubit of the Great Pyramid.
This area is exactly the English acre of today, consisting of 44,100 square feet.

The levels continue in the same manner in rise of 6 degrees until the sixth terrace, upon which sits the Temple of Belus. This structure was 1,440 inches (120 feet) square and 600 inches (50 feet) high, representing the last 15 degrees of latitude.

The entire structure of the ziggurat rose from ground level at 40 inches to a degree, a total of 3,600 inches, the same as the square of the base, to represent the 90 degree of the northern hemisphere.
[A picture of a ziggurat has been taken from one of the anchor stones found. We will speak on this in another News Letter.]

This IKU or acre we have found is comparable to other land measures in the ancient world as follows: The smaller Egyptian acre was the area a person could plow in a day. According to Herodotus, each face of the Pyramid consisted of eight Egyptian acres, which is a square of 100 cubits (20.6inches) or 29,469 square feet. This is an area larger than the Roman acre (Jugerum) of 27,168 square feet, but still under the 43,560 square feet of today’s American acre.

[Authors note – Please take special note that it is the English Acre that compares to the Arks 1 IKU. Acre and IKU are of similar sounding. As shall be shown in a future News Letter, the English are descended from Ephraim, a son of Joseph who was once ruler over all of Egypt. Should it surprise us that the units of measure are the same? ]

As we have seen the IKU is the English acre and still not as large as the deck space of the ark, for if we take the account of Moses, the Ark’s deck space was 44,187 square feet (515 X 85.8).
The bibles description is then slightly larger by the square of only 9.3 feet. This is almost insignificant to the whole and in my estimation cannot be in marked contrast to the ancient mythology as the authority Scofield implies!

Let me make the suggestion that line 57 is not stating that each wall is 120 cubits high but that collectively the height of all four walls equals the same 120- cubit measure.
It must be realized that the speaker is trying to convey the size of the vessel, not the configuration! There never was a ziggurat built in the form of a cube, and there were never any of the seven stages of a ziggurat that were cubed or contoured (line 59). The text is simply giving the “basi” cube of 432,000 cubits, the same as giving the volume for a water jug. Each wall was then only 30 cubits in height and the difference between describing the net cargo capacity in Mesopotamian terms versus those of Egyptian could be viewed as follows:

Babylonian (21.0″) 120 X 120 X 30 = 432,000 Cubic Cubits
210 X 210 X 52.5 = 2,315,250 cubic feet
Biblical (20.6″) 300 X 50 X 30 = 450,000 Cubic cubits
515 X 85.8 X 51.5 = 2,275,630 cubic feet

That we shouldn’t be searching for a rectangle any more than a cube “upon the mountains of Ararat” I think should be quite evident by line 59. I laid out the contours, drew it all!
[Noah laid out the contours, that is he drew the curves of the Ark]

That the Ark should be described as a cube is not surprising. Anything of volume was purposely described as such by the Sumerians, unless it was impossible to do so. In times when there was no recourse but to describe the volume outside of the square root number, they reverted to expressing two integers the same, then a third either increased or decreased by a unit. The Sumerians were so familiar with this they even supplied a term for it called “Basi”.

They were very adept at finding these solutions. When, for instance, a request for a jar for the stowage of grain or olives was given to the potter, it might be expressed in cubic volume such as 10. This would mean 10 X 10 X 10, a cube. The customer of course was not wanting a cube but a jar consisting of the same volume, or 1,000 cubic finger widths ( consider them as inches for our discussion ). The potter would then go to his wheel and, applying the 10 to 11 rule, turn out a clay vessel of slightly larger capacity.

The customer asked for a jar of 1000 cubic capacity.

The potter made a jar of 1045 cubic capacity.
[ r squared X pi X 11]
5.5 X 5.5 X 3.1416 X 11 = 1045.3674

The added capacity posed no problem, as it is difficult to pour from a completely filled jar. The potter simply incised a full mark inside, and the remaining space provided room for a stopper or plug.

Let us now wrap up these past two News Letters.

In the bible it states that the Ark was 300 cubits by 50 cubits wide by 30 cubits high Genesis 6:15 14
the Egyptian cubit was 52.5 centimetres. Therefor, 100 cubits equaled 52.5 meters. The ark at 300 cubits would then equal 157.5 meters or 516.73125 feet. ( A meter equals 39.37 inches)
Now that we know the cubit to be 20.66925 inches long we can do some proper calculations. The cubit is also 1.7224375 feet long, so multiplying it by 300 gives the length in feet of the Ark
We also learned that the width measurement was a ratio in the construction of the Ark. So 50 Cubits is 50 X 1.7224375 feet = 86.121875 feet and we now multiply this by 1.6180 and we get the width of 139.3451937 feet wide

The Height is again 30 cubits X 1.7224375 feet = 51.673125 feet.
Biblical (20.6″) 300 X 50 X 30 = 450,000 Cubic cubits
515 X 85.8 X 51.5 = 2,275,630 cubic feet
The numbers here are rounded off.
The exact measurements are as follows.
516.73125 X 86.121875 X 51.673125 = 2,299,550.387 cubic feet

We shall now compare this to the typical Ark view which says that Noah’s Ark could hold 569 railroad cars based on one car having a capacity of 2670 Cubic feet. This calculation is using the typical Hebrew cubit.

The cubic volume as expressed here using the proper cubit which is the one that matches the boat shaped object I was on, would be able to hold 861 railroad box cars. That is more than 33.9 percent bigger than the typical Protestant view.

Using an industrial figure to calculate how many sheep could be housed by the Ark. In railroads one box car holds 240 sheep. Each car has the volume of 2670 square feet. There for each sheep requires 11.125 Square feet of space. If we said the ark housed 200,000 sheep the calculations look like this.
200,000 X 11.125 /2,299,550,387 Cubit Feet of the Ark itself X’s 100 = 96.758 per cent. That is the Ark would be 96 .76 per cent full with 200,000 sheep on board. Yes I know he only had seven sheep on board. I just used this as an example.

Lastly I have read recently where these measurements, I have presented you have been given to a modern ship builder who gave the measurements to his computer and it came out with an ocean going vessel. Which looks very similar to the Ark we have been describing to you. But I can not remember where I read it. I am sorry. Old Age I guess. I will look for it.

Next week we will cover the location of the Ark as compared to all the legends.

Shalom Brethren,
Joseph F Dumond


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