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Jewish Rapture

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Joseph F. Dumond


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Readers Thoughts

James Relf

Once again Joseph Dumond has done it again. Not only has he found a topic that carries a great deal of confusion, no thanks to the false understanding given and passed down by the churches to thier flocks, but also brings some confusion to those who do not understand “Torah”. 

With that said, this book brings with it a much clearer image of the end times and the period that so many people falsely look forward to because they believe will be removed before any of God’s judgement is passed down upon this earth for our disobedience in not following his Word as it is outlined clearly in His Word.

You may want to read this small but thurough book on this very hot topic.

Stephen Spykerman

The Mystery Of the Jewish Rapture In 2033, by Joseph Dumond, unlocks a veritable treasure trove of biblical revelations. These priceless hidden treasures, once understood and accepted, will dramatically change the life chances of anyone reading this amazing work. I say life’s chances, as for sure we live today at the end of the age—a calamitous time when mankind is destined to perish in the billions. It sorely grieves the spirit of the author that most of those in the Church are totally unprepared for what is to come. This book is meant to be a lifeline for those who really want to learn the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be for them.

In this context, the concept of an escape such as presented by the Rapture theory, presents an easy way out. Joseph Dumond does not get involved in arguing in favour of a Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib, or Post-Trib Rapture. Instead, he simply presents us with unassailable and conclusive evidence directly from the Scriptures, leaving the reader to decide for him or herself. In the same breath, he reveals the subtle key embedded in the very words of Jesus/Yeshua, who, when speaking of His return, stated:


36 “No man can know the day or the hour, no, not the angels in heaven, but only My Father.” (Matthew 24:36)


The incredible irony is that Yeshua, our Messiah, has thus hidden the key to understanding in this very phrase, so that only those who obey His Commandments will know exactly on which day He will return.

Sally Cave

The Mystery of the Jewish Rapture in 2033


 I am sure I speak for the vast majority when I say that we were relieved to see the back of 2020, and even 2021.

Curiously enough, Joseph Dumond had earmarked the year 2020 as a defining moment in human history, both in his previous books and videos, for many years.

When the lockdown landed, many of us began to look to the hidden gems in Joseph’s work for further answers.


Like so many others, I stumbled upon Joseph Dumond when researching the lost ten tribes of Israel. After watching his extensive videos on the subject, I realised he was a man who is extremely thorough in his research and has a real zeal for the study of Scripture.

Shortly after, I bought his book entitled ‘2300 Days of Hell, the Two Witnesses, Joseph’s 7 Years of Plenty and 7 Years of Famine,’ to delve deeper into the topic of where the lost ten tribes had ended up.

Not only did this further my understanding of who the lost tribes are and where they are today, it also provided the key to understanding the Daniel 9:27 prophecy regarding the 70 weeks. The concept of the Father’s timing being divided up into Sabbatical Cycles and Jubilees is also laid out in previous works as well as the aforementioned book.


Joseph has a passion for history as well as Scripture and this is reflected very clearly in all of his work. It is this passion that provides the backbone for much of his work, and particularly for the hot topic of the ‘Rapture.’ In addition, the Sabbatical years and Jubilee Cycles provide the lense through which we can pinpoint the timing of the Rapture, or First Fruits.


It is with this in mind that I can say that The Mystery of the Jewish Rapture is probably his most significant work to date. Not only does it amalgamate previous works into one package, it is to be considered a must-read, due to its perfect timing.


I recommend reading through this book with as many Bible versions open as you can muster and a notebook and pen in hand. It will challenge any well-established belief and while you may not agree with everything contained in its pages, it will certainly have you studying the living Word all the more fervently.

I have been fortunate enough to record two of Joseph’s books: 2300 Days of Hell and It Was a Riddle, Not a Command. The first was an enjoyable challenge and journey of unpronounceable names and timelines. The second book I recommend if you are just beginning this journey. Finally, the Mystery of the Jewish Rapture has its audio version, so if you don’t enjoy reading, there is no excuse! I have thoroughly enjoyed narrating these books, and I hope that you will glean much from Joseph’s work as you undertake this exciting journey.


By Sally Cave

Writer, VO Artist and Eschatological Enthusiast

Santa Claus

I found this book most informative and helpful in understaning this confusing topic for so many people. I can only hope that many people will also benefit from this study.