Jubilee Chart and the stock market, Men to remain pure, Calendars Why you need to Know

Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: Aug 24, 2007
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Sighted Moon News Letter 5843-024

27th day of the fifth month 5843 after creation

August 11, 2007

Shabbat Shalom Family and Brethren,

1) Request to chat
2) The Stock market and the Land Rest years. Is there a connection?
3) Meteor Shower August 13
4) A request for all men to listen to this.
5) Calendars.

1) I have received a few request from brethren wishing to be able to contact each other. At one time the forum area was open to this, but it became too much for me to monitor. I would like to open it up again for those who would like to talk to like minded believers and to be able to ask questions. Right now I am able to screen out those unwanted things by having all e-mails sent to me first.

Here is the request and offer of a brother.
I happened to visit your Sighted Moon Forum today and you posted an e-mail from a fellow who mentioned that it would be nice to have a link to a group where we could share insights, and fellowship. I’ve been putting such a yahoo group together — the group name is meek . This yahoo group cannot be found by doing a group search for yahoo groups as I’ve set the group settings to have a private group. And was intending it to be a by invitation only group. Presently only Jim Hollands and myself are members of the meek group and there are only a few postings thus far. You might be interested in reading over some of the brief postings as I’ve been following your lead in including the links you’ve sighted in your newletters and had posed some questions and comments regarding your news letter. You can visit the yahoo meek group by clicking the link below. http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/meek/ This group is not closely moderated and intented to be self policing. Members are encouraged to freely post their comments and concerns but also encouraged to reference at least one bible verse, or ask a question, so that we can have a dialogue. Of course the one thing that will not be tolerated is as Paul had said – preaching that which has not been preached. For example pontificating that the Law is Done Away will not be tolerated. To visit the meek group I believe you just need a yahoo ID and password – which are free. Then just click on Join this Group and you can immediately review some of the brief posting – there aren’t to many of them presently. You also have the option of after checking out the messages to remove yourself from the group if you like but — but say it is’nt so !! 🙂

My reply to my brother was as follows. If you have any recommendations or helpful suggestions I would welcome them.

Shalom Bill, I have not forgotten you and I am glad to hear from you, although I may not always have the time to respond. I also have not forgotten you request and your offer. And I have been thinking on it. Here are my concerns. In a Yahoo group we all would be inundated with many e-mails from many people talking about a thousand and one things. I have done this in a messianic group. A month later some one who was away begins to respond to things that were discussed last month rehashing all the same things again. It gets to be to much. Other groups I subscribe to are plagued by those who are selling sex and medications and a host of other garbage e-mails. They are a constant drain of my time on this site. This is one of the reasons I shut down the forum area for those wishing to chat. I had to police it constantly to keep it clean. Another problem that occurred was that some came there and began to preach their doctrines which again required constant time attention to address them and show them by scriptures where they erred. These then turned into arguments and no longer used scriptures for our guide. It became frustrating. I can understand the need to want to be with like minded brethren but I am at a loss as to how to accommodate such a thing. I do not have the time or man power to police such a thing. I will post this letter from you and by me in the next news letter to see if someone can help or solve the problem. Thank you for writing and your kind words.

Joseph F Dumond

2) U.S. stocks have had a couple of rough weeks. The S&P 500 lost 7.7% of its value from its peak in the middle of July through last Friday. That was its steepest three-week slide since 2003. Then again this Friday August 10 the markets took a severe dive.

Friday was an especially ominous day because the S&P 500 fell below its 200-day moving average. Many market watchers consider that a key technical level. Picture Wile E. Coyote running on thin air and you’ll get an idea of just what this break signifies!
This is why most of the smart market timers I know believe the market’s troubles are far from over, despite the bounce recently.
Whatever way you slice it, these are volatile times. So hopefully you have a solid strategy in place that gives you both peace of mind and protection against painful market drops.

Then again if you are not in the stock market it will still have an effect on your job and purchasing power. One of the things I have done is compared the stock market to the known Jubilee and Sabbath years. This comparison goes from the 1790s to 1985 on the chart.

I have highlighted the Sabbath years in Yellow. When two yellow high lights are together, that would indicate a year 49 followed by the Jubilee year.

Click on view then click on Text size and then click on large to help enlarge the chart. The Chart is taken from The Wall Street Waltz by Kenneth L. Fisher and covers 190 years of economic activity. The Red line shows wholesale prices. The shaded area show a subjective economic perception of good times versus bad. The area above the center line show economic prosperity while the shaded area below the line show depressions and recessions.

3) On August 13 in the pre-dawn hours make time to step outside and look to the heavens. The Perseid Meteor shower should be at its peak. At an average of 60 meteors per hour. As they enter our atmosphere at 145,000 mile per hour you may be able to see a smoke trail left behind as they burn up. So get up at 3 or 4 am and watch the show.

4) Focus on the Family this week had an important two part series on Men remaining pure. By my own personal experience, and by that of those e-mails I have receive, I know that many men struggle daily with remaining pure in this sexually exploited society. I would like to strongly recommend that you each listen to this broadcast at focus on the family http://listen.family.org/daily/A000000580.cfm

5) As in many of the previous News Letters, I have set out to prove to you certain things as if we were in a court of law. This is the logo you see when you first go to the home page of the Sighted Moon web site https://sightedmoon.com/ That is to prove all things. It is taken from 1 Thessalonians 5:16-22 16 Rejoice evermore. 17 Pray without ceasing. 18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 19 Quench not the Spirit. 20 Despise not prophesying. 21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. 22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

Last week in News Letter 5843-023 we talked about giving thanks.
We are now at the end of another month. We are just 4 weeks away from the next Holy Day and the beginning of the Fall Holy Day season. It seems like just yesterday we were talking about Passover. It has gone fast.

I know that this News Letter is going to be way a head of many of the readers on this list. I do hope that over the next year or so I will be able to get you all up to speed so that each and every one of you will be able to explain the things we covered. And that is the whole purpose of these weekly News Letters, to show you what the truth is and how to separate it from the lies that we have all believed. Many of you have expressed utter shock at those things we have shared. Things that you thought were so traditional to your beliefs, before your eyes were opened to know the truth. Such as the Easter Egg and the Dove. You now know from where they originated, if you have been reading these News Letters. You can find this information in the forum area under Sighted Moon News Letter 5843-017 concerning Noahs Ark.

It is with this court room mentality ‘to prove all things’, that we will now endeavor to show you why you need to know how to determine the calendar of Yahweh. Can you determine the months and the Holy Days if you were on a desert island if you knew the barley was aviv? Do you know how? Is it important to know?

With recent events taking place, it is of supreme necessity, that each of you be able to know what time of the month and year it is.
What events am I talking about? Here in Canada a law was passed called the Hate Crimes Law. It sounds good on the surface but it is being used more often to silence those who would dare to quote from the Bible those things that pertain to the Homosexual lifestyle. It is also being used to silence those who are speaking up on Muslim Extremism. As I have said to you before, Focus on the Family, which is run by Dr. James Dobson, is not allowed to sell certain products in Canada because he does tell it as it is. Certain products which quote the scriptures.

This same hate crimes law which is being pushed by the gay community was attempted to be slipped into law in the USA just a few months ago hidden amongst a law to give more money to the Iraqi war effort. If you voted it down you looked like you were unpatriotic. It did not pass.

Last week another law was trying to be passed and once again it was hidden amongst other laws to conceal it. It was called the fairness law. That is when one person speaks on a controversial subject someone else has the right to legally speak up on the same radio or Television show in opposition to give the audience both sides of an issue. Sounds good eh? But then all Religious radio and TV shows would have to, by law, allow the same time for an opposing view to be aired. Each Biblical show would be followed by a Homosexual show or a Muslim show or an Eastern Religion show or Atheist show.
In truth the Radio and TV stations would just not broadcast any thing that would require an opposing view to be aired. This in fact would shut down all Religious broadcast. Not possible you say? Have you forgotten Amos 8:11″Behold, the days are coming,” says the Lord God, “That I will send a famine on the land, Not a famine of bread, Nor a thirst for water, But of hearing the words of the Lord.
If then we are entering that time when there will be no more sound doctrine taught on TV and Radio, will you be able to keep the Holy Days at the proper times if you have no one to tell you? Do you know how to determine them?

With the Heat increasing each year and the Hydro not being able to keep up to the demand or if we are attacked by an EMP bomb. [That is an Electro-magnetic Pulse. This is a nuclear bomb detonated a couple of miles over the nation, which destroys all electronic equipment, even those wires buried in the ground.] Iran has practiced launching a missile from a container with the purpose of getting it to a certain altitude before detonating. If such a container were carried by ship up the Mississippi and launched over the Midwest or even if one was launched just outside the US 200 mile limit at sea, we are told that it would send the US back to the early 19th century.

Also note that only 5 percent of the cargo containers are checked at any of the ports in the USA. Also note that these ports are owned by which country? Was there not a big stink a few years ago when an Arab country tried to purchase them. That deal fell through. But the next deal did not. The ones who bought the port were not Arabs but the successful bidder although registered to an acceptable country was in fact owned by the same Arab country that did not succeed at first. They merely came in the back door.

We all remember what happened after Katrina hit, how anarchy took hold and so quickly. Imagine if an EMP bomb were to go off.
It is in light of these new laws that are trying to be passed, and in light of the possible attack of an EMP device, that we each need to know how to determine the time of year. You are still responsible to keep the Holy Days at the appointed time. It will be the only way of understanding what is going on during this time. You will be on your own with out the means to communicate with other groups.
The Head of Home Land Security and even Warren Buffet himself have said it is not a matter of will the USA be hit by a nuclear attack, but it IS JUST A MATTER OF WHEN. They know it is going to happen.

They do not know when.

I know, I am sounding like an madman. If I didn’t care I wouldn’t say a thing. But I do care.
Now I have presumed you all agree that we need to be keeping the Holy Days as found in Leviticus 23. I am also presuming that you all agree that the Sabbath is Saturday and not Sunday or Friday. Yahweh willing I will prove these things in a future News Letter. We will see then what was really nailed to the cross.

It is because of the time of year we now find ourselves that I would like to show you which calendar to use, as a major proof takes place at this time of year.
Once I have laid these things out you will then know how to keep track of the time and know the months as they come along. You will see then why I named this site Sighted Moon, and why with each News Letter I give the date as I did above. The 27th day of the fifth month 5843 after creation. You will then understand why the calendar on the home page has three calendars to view. The Gregorian and the Hebrew and the Sighted Moon. You will also understand why the moon phases on the home page are there.

There are some who have asked for one scripture to prove that the month begins with the New Sighted Moon. There is no commandment in the New testament to keep the Sabbath Holy on Saturday. I have in the past offered $10,000 dollars to any one who could quote the scripture that commands us to keep Holy Sunday. For the past four years I have not had one try to prove this to me scripturally.
There are scriptures that show the Sabbath is to be kept in the New testament. But no direct quote. There are scriptures to show the Holy Days are to be kept in the New testament. Again there are no direct commands to do so. As many of you are already in agreement with one or both of the preceding two statements, you should also be aware that there are scriptures to show the Sighted New Moon is to be kept as the beginning of the month. But also there are no thus says the lord scriptures to be found. You must add up all of Torah together. But I have two witnesses that concur when to begin the New Moon. We shall see this later.

Again I understand that we should first prove the Sabbath then the Holy Days, before we do the calendar. I am presuming that most of the readership already knows these things.
First of all I would like to ask each of you to go out and look for the New Sighted Moon in two days time. You can see it as it first appears after the sun has set in the Western sky. This year August 13 2007 it may not be possible to see the moon before it sets. The Moon, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury are all in the constellation of Cancer and all set with the sun on August 13 or shortly there after.
On August 14 2007 the moon should be visible on the horizon along with Saturn and Regulus just after sunset. Regulus is the bright star in the constellation of Leo. Jupiter should be visible on southern horizon. I hope to explain these constellation and the meaning of them at a later date also.

I will notify you when it is visible from Jerusalem. But for practice sake I ask you to try on both nights. There is a purpose to doing this.
I go to a small hill not far from my home, where I can see the whole horizon. I watch the sun set, once the sun has set, I then begin to watch for the first crescent of the new moon.
When I do see the New Moon I sound the Shofar as it says in Psalm 81:3 Blow the trumpet at the time of the New Moon, At the full moon, on our solemn feast day.
I Must admit the sound I make on the Shofar is the most pitiful pathetic sound ever heard. Thankfully only the angels can hear me as they laugh.

The word Trumpet is strongs word # 8231 and means Shofar or rams horn. And this is what I blow. In this Psalm we are told to blow the Shofar at the New Moon which has one Feast day which is determined by the New Moon, and we are told to blow the Shofar on the full moon, which we have two Feast days that occur at this time. These are three of our Solemn Feast Days. That is Trumpets on the New Moon, First Day of Unleavened bread on the full moon in the spring and Feast of Tabernacles in the fall which is also on a full moon. Or close to it. The Last day of Unleavened Bread, Pentecost, The Day of Atonement, and the Eighth Day Feast do not fall on a new moon or full moon. These are the other Holy Days we are commanded to keep according to Leviticus 23.

I am asking you to go out and look for the crescent moon on the 13th and 14th so that you can learn something. It is only by doing it that it will become apparent. Please do this so that when we discuss the new moon in following News Letters they will make sense, and you can readily understand. This also takes into account another understanding of the laws of Yahweh. That it is only when you do them that you are able to understand them. Those who do not do them may think they know, but in truth do not. Those who do them can understand. I can not explain it any better than that.
On the web site I have the following article by Nazarene Israel. I recommend you read it after this News Letter. It goes into great detail to help you to understand many things about the calendar.

About Calendars and Why you need to know

The task for us as believers, then, is to figure out which of these calendars is the one YHWH wants, and then to systematically ignore all of the others.
It is actually very easy to figure out which one of the many calendars in this world is from YHWH, and which are not. All we have to do is to look at the Torah, figure out how YHWH wants time reckoned, and then systematically ignore all of the other means of reckoning time. However, while this may be easy in theory, in practice the task can seem far more difficult.

Once a Christian is called out of the Church (and begins to re-awaken to his or her identity as an Ephraimite), first he is usually led to the truth of the Sabbath. Then he usually becomes aware of the pagan origins of the Christian calendar. Many then embrace the Orthodox rabbinic calendar, believing that it is YHWH’s true Torah calendar.
[Ephramite is a teaching of Nazarene Israel. We will discuss this teaching in the fall and winter of 2007-2008.]

Lunar-only Calendars

A prime example of the Lunar-only calendar is the Muslim (Islamic) calendar. In the Islamic calendar, the sacred days are determined by the phases of the moon alone. However, an interesting phenomenon happens in this lunar-only calendar. Since the rotations of the moon about the earth do not match up precisely with the rotations of the earth about the sun, the Islamic calendar ‘drifts’ backwards about eleven days each year (on average). This is why the Islamic feast of Ramadan can be in the fall one year, then be in winter some decades later, and then drift into the spring, and then finally into summer (and then back into fall), ‘migrating’ from decade to decade. In scientific terms, this happens because the Muslim calendar has no system of ‘intercalation’ (or self-adjustment). Because it does not intercalate (or self-adjust), the start date drifts from season to season.

Solar-only Calendars

On the other end of the spectrum, then, is the Solar-only calendar, of which the most infamous example is the Roman (Gregorian) calendar. This Gregorian calendar only pays attention to the movement of the earth around the sun. It pays no attention at all to the movement of the moon about the earth in setting its months, which is ironic considering the word “month” is derived from the word “moon.”

In setting the months, the Roman Solar does not pay attention to the moon at all. Rather, it pays attention only to the four phases of the sun (which correspond to the four seasons), and to the four annual punctuations of the solar cycle (including the Summer and Winter Solstices, and the Spring and Fall Equinoxes).

We might note that the solar-only system is not only the same calendar used by the Romans, but it is also the same calendar used in Satanism and witchcraft. Not only this, it is also the exact same calendar upon which the so-called “Christian” calendar is based (and in fact, the Christians inherited it from the Romans). This solar-only calendar intercalates (adjusts) based upon complex mathematical calculations that we will not attempt to explain here.

Lunar-Solar-Agricultural Calendars

The third calendar category, then, contains all those calendars which use more than just the sun or the moon alone to determine the start-date of their annual cycle. These include the rabbinic calendar, the so-called “Lunar Sabbath” calendar (and its variants), and the two major variants of the so-called “Karaite” calendar, (only) one of which is YHWH’s true original Torah calendar. We will speak more about all of these as this study progresses.

The Torah Calendar: Fundamentals

The primary principle that we are working with here is that any calendar which claims to be Scriptural must conform itself to Scripture: if not, then it is heretical, and should be discarded.
If a calendar does not conform exactly to Scripture (because it incorporates certain man-made [pagan] elements), then it cannot be a Scriptural calendar (but is heretical). As this article will show, this is the case with the rabbinic calendar, the Lunar-Sabbath calendar, the Lunar-Conjunction calendar, and even one of the two main “Karaite” calendars: They do not conform to Scripture; and therefore they must be discarded.

From the time YHWH asked Noach (Noah) to build the Ark, to the time YHWH asked Avraham to hear the Still Small Voice and leave his home and his fathe’s house, to the time He asked him to slay Isaac, YHWH has always asked His people to do certain things that seem difficult. The reason He does these things is precisely to test us, and to build our faith. Just as Israel was tested and tried in the wilderness, YHWH also tests and tries His people today, by asking them to wait on Him, no matter how difficult it might seem.

In an era where work plans, business deadlines and reservations are most conveniently scheduled weeks and months (if not years) in advance, it might seem very frustrating to the average man to have to use an intercalated calendar, in which the start date of the next year can never be known with certainty. Many find the pre-calculated calendars (such as the Gregorian Western “solar-only” calendar) offer them much more freedom, and for this reason they are reluctant to embrace an intercalated calendar, such as YHWH’s Torah calendar (because it is much less convenient).
One of the reasons YHWH asks us to do this is because it shows Him who is really willing to obey Him (or not). And then, another one of the advantages is that it improves and sharpens our abilities to plan, and to remain flexible.

As we shall see here, and as we shall also discuss in other studies, the Torah calendar intercalates (self-adjusts) its start date according to the interplay of the sun and the moon with the maturation of the barley in the Land of Israel. This interplay of the sun, the moon and agriculture makes the Torah calendar a lunar-solar-agricultural calendar.

As we have said, the start (or head) of the New Year is never predicted in this calendar, but can only be observed. Notice, then, what a profound difference in perspective it makes, that one does not predict the head of the New Year, but only observes it. Rather than thinking, one is looking, and watching. Rather than get caught up in one’s thoughts, one is careful to wait, and see. This is the kind of careful perspicacity YHWH seeks to develop in His people.

Let us note well: man’s role in the Torah calendar is only to observe (and then to declare) what YHWH has already caused to occur. This is an eastern mindset.
We will talk about sighting the barley in a moment, but first let us talk about the need to sight the new moon.

In the Lunar Sabbath, Lunar Conjunction and Full Moon models, there is no one set pinpoint time which can be declared as “the” Hodesh. This is because in the Lunar Sabbath, Lunar Conjunction and Full Moon models, the period of time that the moon is full (or obscured) is anywhere from 1.5 to 3.5 days long (and thus, there is no pinpoint time).
Since there is no one pinpoint time that the moon is full (or obscured), it is impossible to say, “Behold, the New Moon chodesh is tomorrow.” For this reason (and many others which we will explain), we know that King David did not keep a Lunar Sabbath (or a Lunar Conjunction, or a “Full-moon Sabbath”).

Proponents of the Lunar Conjunction model(s) will argue that ancient Israelites calculated the day of the New Moon, rather than sighting it. Not only will we see from the historical record in the Talmud that this assertion is false, but it was also the Babylonian (and not the Israelite) astronomers who later learned how to calculate the exact length of the Conjunction. Therefore, the Lunar Conjunction model also does not work. But rather, as we will see, the method of determining the New Month chodesh in Yeshua’s day was by direct sighting (observation), and not by prediction of any type.
The ancient method of observing the Hodesh was to go out in the evening about the 28th day of the Hebrew month, and look on successive nights, until the Hodesh was seen. When two reliable witnesses have sighted the first crescent sliver of the New Moon, and have informed the priests, the priesthood then verifies the reliability of the witnesses, and declares the New Month.

Once the month is declared, the month lasts until the next first crescent sliver is sighted. However, since the average length of time it takes for the moon to go around the earth and then get back into position to be seen is 29 days, if the next Hodesh is not sighted within thirty days, then the next Hodesh is declared by default.

[It should also be noted that the thirty-day count for the sighting of the Hodesh is completely independent of the weekly ‘count seven’ that determines the (weekly) Shabbat cycle. Lunar-Sabbath model proponents will make a different argument, but as we will see below, their arguments are fatally flawed.]

You can read the rest of this article at About Calendars and Why you need to know https://sightedmoon.com/sightedmoon_2015/?page_id=126
Other articles I strongly recommend are the following. We will be discussing some of them over the next few News Letters. As some of these things may seem foreign to you I suggest you read some during the week to try and understand what is being put forth.

Does it matter if the Sabbath is Sunday or Friday or Wednesday? Yahweh says yes it does. It is important to Yahweh which day is the Sabbath.
Does it matter to Yahweh whether we keep the Feast in the seventh or the eighth month, or Passover in the spring or summer or winter? Yes it does. Because He has planned for certain events to happen on that day and at that time just as He did for Passover and Pentecost.

If the apostles had gathered on Monday instead of Sunday would they have received the gift of the Holy Spirit in tongues of fire. Does it then matter which day we keep the Feast of Trumpets on or Tabernacles? Yes indeed!

This is why we are looking at the calendar. There is much to learn, and I hope you are willing to study to prove these things one way or the other.
There are now many groups who keep the Holy Days at different times. This year one group will keep the fall Feast one month later than most. Why is this? This year many groups may keep the fall feast on the same days as the Jews. Then again they all may keep them one or two days later. Why is this? You do need to know why, and to understand. You must do the home work and study. You will be saved by your own righteousness and not the righteousness of some one else. So study please. And write in your questions. I will post them and reply after the study is done.
There are also two movies I have on the site I hope you are able to take the time to view them.

Yes I have given you a fair amount of Home work this week. To go out and look for the new crescent moon on two nights.

To view the two movies.

To begin to read the article listed below. I would that you read them all before the next new moon, which will be the Feast of Trumpets, the first day of the seventh month. And next month the moon will be difficult to see on the 13th which could be the first day or it could be seen on the 14th of September. This is why doing these things now is in preparation for next month.

Joseph F Dumond