Essential Oils – Orange Oil

Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: Aug 6, 2009

Essential Oils Introduction by Holger Grimme Host: Joseph Dumond

Lesson 1: Introduction / orange oil

Due to the response to Joe’s last mailing concerning essential oils, we will now present a series of structured information on the properties and usage of these tiny and powerful liquids created by Yahweh for the well being of His people. Please take a minute to reflect on these two verses before reading on:

Revelation 5:10 reads: And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.

And Proverbs 25:2 says: It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.

When Joseph asked me to send a weekly newsletter on essential oils, I prayed about it. As I currently translate the Aramaic Peshitta into German, I need to be wise and obedient concerning time management. The Peshitta is the Eastern New Testament that has never been revised and 22 of the 27 books contained in it have been received either by the apostles themselves or from familiar messengers or church leaders. It stems from the church of the East from where Peter wrote his letter – see 1 Peter 5:13. Rome never conquered that region which then was called Parthia and thus, the scriptures were kept in its original without editing and without translation mistakes or deliberate cutting or adding. In English you can find the Lamsa Bible. Yet, in his day, Lamsa had to compromise his texts to make them fit the views of his publisher… In our days, Andrew Gabriel Roth, a messianic Jew, came up with the Ruach Qadim book series, explaining the Aramaic origins of the New Testament. And last year he published the AENT – the Aramaic-English New Testament. Baruch manages this AENT and I am grateful about our cooperation. This is only possible by the Internet.

I called Baruch today to ask for a discount for you all for their AENT – an eye opener and my favorite scriptures with 1069 pages. It contains the English New Testament translated from the ORIGINAL – the Aramaic NT side by side, has about 1700 footnotes, many of them very insightful explanations from Torah, as well as over 300 pages of related articles. During our conversation, Baruch agreed to give all readers of Joseph’s newsletter a 15% discount on the book – „isn’t that something“, my Texan friend Leon always uses to say on such occasions. Just go to to have a look. If you order, there will pop up the ordering information window, it has a little box below that says Enter Special Request Here: just put in the word Coupon code: Holger then Baruch will know and allow for 15% discount for your purchase. The restitution of the Peshitta, the original NT into English is also part of Acts 3:21!
Before starting with the oils, I like to introduce myself. I am Holger, married and four of our children are still living with us here in the Franconian Forest of Bavaria. We started to keep Shabbat and the feasts some years ago. Having lived in cold Mongolia before, where there is no pork as the swine would die from the cold, that part was no problem. I was almost 20 years living and working in China and Mongolia. Upon finishing Mongolian language classes in north China in the early 1980-s, I took TESL (teaching English as a second language) courses in London, England in order to go back to north China and teach English literature at the university. At the same time I coordinated the bible translation into Mongolian vertical script. Parts of this work can be seen on the Internet at

Couple years later, back in Germany, my son Michael, then 17, had a car accident. His spine (C2) broke in the neck by the side impact, and only 2mm were left standing: After release from the hospital, the problems became more visible. Due to the pain in the spine and neck and his constant headache, Michael could not continue school. We went to famous professors in several university clinics of Bavaria. After two years, there was no cure in sight, except the solution, the doctors offered: to stiffen his neck partly so that he would only be able to turn his head 60% sideways. I prayed about it and felt it should not be done. Michael had the same opinion. A dear Cambodian brother who I knew through messianic friends in South Africa sent me an essential oils blend with the written recommendation to apply the oil to Michael’s neck prayerfully. I felt a bit curious but communicated this with Michael, and he agreed. So we applied the oil and prayed for healing. About 10 minutes later, Michael told me that his pain had eased and completely left. For good. What a surprise and what a joy came up! We thanked Abba and I wrote to Sideth, my Cambodian friend. Then, imagine what I did next! I was so curious about the oils that I almost ran to investigate them. Yet, here in old Europe, there were only courses on oils available that went into the occult direction. Also, I had no money for such a training course. We prayed. Within days both lackings were sufficiently fulfilled. First, a phone call from China encouraged me, as a dear Japanese American Christian brother told me he made an inheritance and wanted to send me a share. Second, I found a bible based training opportunity. (Third) My wife fully agreed with me to do the course. So I learned the basics and soon met with international leaders in aroma therapy. I devoted myself to further study and application of essential oils, their applications; I visited professionals in the field and learned more and more to appreciate the healing capabilities of Yahweh’s creation.

I met with Dr. David Stewart, author of the book Healing oils of the Bible, and I asked him what he would think of a German version of his great book. He agreed and I worked hard to translate, edit, and extend it. I spent a whole week in the library where I had ordered a very precious botanical book from the 1880-s about plants with very detailed and accurate color plates of the oil plants. I wanted to use the pictures for illustrations in the German version. The book had to be ordered and sent to our local library from Munich’s Bavarian State Library. Upon notice that the book had arrived, I went there; ready to take the book home to scan the relevant pages. Yet there was a big red sheet attached to the volumes, saying: No copying, not to be taken out of the library, etc. I talked to the head librarian and he explained that the book was too valuable and not replaceable. I agreed. I asked him to photograph the pages – he did not agree, as the flash may change the colors. I asked if it was possible to take a high resolution camera and shoot the pictures without flash. He looked at me and finally nodded his head. So the precious oils from the plants would show their lovely and attractive “faces“ to the readers. A lot of editing and resizing with Photoshop followed.
Respect and appreciation of Yahweh’s creation is a key point to enjoy life and joy, for itself is a gift of healing. Meanwhile we had a sizeable collection of essential oils in various bottle sizes. We purchased a collapsible massage table and used it for anointing of feet and back. We used to anoint the feet of ourselves and of our children before bedtime and learned to discern the fragrances. We also treat other people in need of healing. Even the children know the oils just by their fragrance. They love orange oil, lavender and more of the light and fruity oils. And there I like to begin with informing you about the oils. Yeshua said: Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

OILS RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN (remember your inner child)

To fully appreciate this text that comes to you over the Internet, I recommend you get some of the mentioned oils – it is like having never seen a strawberry, only descriptions of it and perhaps pictures. Would you be able to imagine what the taste and smell of a strawberry is like? Probably not. We will offer a set of oils recommended for children on our web page these days. When you are together with your children, grand children or the kids from your neighbors or relatives, sit down with them, tell them a story or read one from a book and let them sniff at your oil vial and ask them, how they like it, what memories come up.
Do the same for yourself or with your spouse, friend. Without knowing the scent of oil, there is no point that you will be able to fully appreciate what you read here. But when you get essential oils, do never compromise on quality. Yet, don’t be fooled: Good quality must not be over-priced. I will address this in a later lesson more detailed. Quality of an essential oil is all natural with no additives and never a synthetic product. It has to be gently water distilled (WD) with low temperature, or a CO2 product from a good source – these will also be covered later. The filling company and dealer is also a factor – if they are not trustworthy, there is no way for the beginner to discern if they cheat. The temptation to cheat is big, as synthetic oils cost only pennies, yet they have no healing quality at all. The best result with such is that nothing happens to your body. But it can cause headaches or worse.

A beginner’s rule for oils is: less is more. We will later learn more about this. For now, it should be sufficient that one drop of genuine essential oil will be capable due to its tiny molecular structure to cover all of your body’s cells. Imagine this!

Let’s just recap: There are three main things that essential oils do in your body:

Essential oils have a very small molecular structure and can therefore penetrate the human body over the skin – they just go into your body by permeation of the skin, then into the bloodstream and from here to all cells of the body. One can divide the major three groups of essential oils components of all the oils into these chemical entities: 1) phenylpropanoides, 2) monoterpenes, and 3) sesquiterpenes. These three groups do the following in the body. Group 1, compounds of carbon ring molecules clean the receptor sites of the cells. Without clean receptors, the cell cannot communicate and the body malfunctions – sickness is the result. Found in Clove, Cassia, Basil and Cinnamon, as well as in other essential oils.

Group 2 with a tiny molecular weight of 136 amu (atomic mass unit) offer a variety of healing properties. They can reprogram corrupted information in the DNA of the cell memory. There are 2000 varieties of monoterpenes. The oils with the highest count of monoterpenes are Galbanum (80%), Angelica (73%), and Hyssop (70%). Almost all oils have some monoterpenes.

Group 3 – the sesquiterpenes are compounds of three isoprene units. They deliver oxygen to the cells. They also correct misinformation in the cell memory. The highest count is found in Cedar wood (98%) – guess why Salomon’s palace was built by cedar wood?
With this information we can go to the first oil we will explain today:
ORANGE OIL Scientific name: Citrus sinensis Botanical Family: Rutaceae
EINECS No. 232-433-8 This is a European standard number for all the extracts of Citrus sinensis, sweet. The oil we use has KBA quality what translates in controlled biological growth.
Plant origin: China, Italy, USA, South Africa, Brazil.
Orange oil is extracted by cold pressing from the rind. You probably remember the fantastic game little one play with the rind of the orange or clementine that issues little lightning flashes when pressed into the burning light of a candle. Remember the smell and you remember the essential oil of the orange or related fruits.

The chemical constituents of orange oil are largely limonene (85-96%) and Myrcene (0.5-3%).
Medical properties: Relaxant, Antitumoral, anticoagulant, circulatory stimulant. The antitumorale capability of limonene has been studied in many clinical studies.
Usage: Hypertension, arteriosclerosis, fluid retention, insomnia, wrinkles – and as a relaxant. Colds, constipation, dull skin, flatulence, flatulence, flu, gums, mouth, slow digestion, stress.

Influence of fragrance: Uplifting and antidepressant, boosts immunity, relaxing.
Application: Diffuse with lamp or with special diffuser. In case you have none of these, put a few drops onto a cotton ball and put onto the vent of your air condition.

It is calming oil for calming before sleeping. Apply in your bedroom.
Dilute 50:50 with vegetable or olive oil to apply on your skin. But CAUTION! Avoid exposure to sunshine and UV of your skin where the oil has been applied. Orange oil is photo toxic. Once you have applied orange oil on your skin, avoid exposure to sun or UV for 24 hours. The pigments of your skin may react different to sunshine, resulting in uneven tanning. This does not apply with normal diffusion or ingestion.

The orange oil is cold pressed from the rind of the fruit. There are other oils that are pressed from the bitter orange Citrus aurantium with different properties. And also, one species may have different oils from the same plant. Let’s stay with bitter orange. This oil is pressed, and has a greenish orange color. Petitgrain essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the same tree and has a different color – yellowish to clear when distilled. Its properties are different and it also has a different smell. This is common with oils – different parts of the same plant produce different oils. Essential oil content in the sweet orange is 2% – to produce 1 pound of essential orange oil, 50 pounds of plant material are required. There are differences in price with essential orange oil, Italian is most expensive and has good quality. The best oil is of KBA grade (controlled biological grown plants). This quality has no chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Main consumer for this oil is the beverage industry. Sweet orange oil is added to most beverages with orange taste and also to some alcoholic products. The taste of these drinks is much better than that with artificial substances.
In Europe and America, the terpenes of the orange oil are also used for cleaning. As oil and water don’t mix, a solution agent is required to make the oil water

soluble. A tiny amount of this cleaning agent is added into a pail of water and cleans floors very good and it leaves a lovely orange scent in the room for a few days. Undiluted, the orange oil cleaner removes graffiti easily and is also a strong cleaner of grease, sticking chewing gum and heavily stained toilets, etc.
Is there an orange mentioned in the Bible? No. The orange came only in the 10th century from China via the Middle East to Europe and was then cultivated in the Mediterranean area. Little later it was grown in the royal Orangeries of Europe’s nobility. Like in Vienna, where today the Orangerie of Schoenbrunn Palace today is a building for classical music performances.

I deliberately chose to begin with the orange, as almost everyone is familiar with this fruit. Next week, I will continue with the oils of the bible.
In aroma therapy, the oils can be applied in four main ways: 1) Topical – undiluted onto the skin. This requires experience and caution. Some oils are suitable, others not. Careful application of a mixture containing 50% of the essential oils and 50% of olive oil is recommended (50:50). The soles of the feet are less sensitive. Here you can use almost all oils undiluted without creating a heat sensation on the skin. Most sensitive is the region around the eyes. The inner ear is strictly forbidden – no oils are allowed here.

2) Ingestion. You can dilute some drops of essential oil on a spoon and add the same amount of olive oil to swallow. When trying, test your taste buds with a very tiny amount first. Different people react in different ways, so always start with a very tiny amount to test your reaction. If direct ingestion is not desired, use a capsule and fill it with essential oil as recommended. You can either drip the oil into the capsule or use a syringe.

3) Diffusion. You may want to get a cold diffuser that will evaporate the oils into the air of your room for inhalation. Or you can use an aromatherapy oil burner with a candle underneath a small basin that you can fill with water and add some drops of essential oil. Once the candle heats the water, the oil will evaporate and diffuse into the room. Another method is this: Take a piece of cotton wool and pour some 6-10 drops of oil onto it, then stick the cotton wool into the vent of your air condition outlet. In order to get rid of a bad small from you vacuum cleaner, take some small pieces of paper and put them in the new bag into the cleaner. Here you may use orange, lavender or your favorite oil.

4) A quick „aroma shower“ is to drip some drops of an e.o. (essential oil) into your hands, rub both hands to evenly distribute the e.o. onto the palms of your hands and form a „cup“ with your hands, bring it in front of your nose and inhale as deep as comfortable. Caution! Be sure not to touch your eye region with your hands, as they contain e.o. that may result to irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes. In case that should happen, apply some fatty oil like Olive or cooking oil to the irritated region. Fatty oils stop the quick penetration of essential oils into your skin and quickly stop the irritation. Always remember concerning the application of essential oils: Less is more! Especially for beginners. Read: Psalm 133:2 It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; – here we see that Aarons anointing was with plenty of essential oils. Yet, the Israelite people knew exactly what and how they did to him.

Next week we have an overlook of essential oils in the bible. There are hundreds of mentions of the oils and the plants from which they were distilled.
It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter. There are still many open questions to explore about the oils that Abba made for our healing. Where are the kings that would have the honor to jointly search out this and related matters? May all our efforts result to the glory of our Elohim.

Your brother in Mashiyach Yeshua,

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