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Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: Aug 8, 2009

Shalom Brethren, I have had many emails from those who are excited and overjoyed that we have begun to study the Essential Oils of the Bible and the Healing aspects of them. I too am thrilled that Holger Grimme has agreed to share his knowledge of this vital subject at this time as we are now entering into the third curse of the Sabbatical cycle which is the curse of pestilence.

This page is to share the joy that others have expressed in this knowledge. If you have been blessed by the oils please share with us all. Please keep your comments short.

August 4, 2009

Shalom Joseph,
Thankyou so much for your article. Where can I order the book from? Also where do we get the oil? We have the plague of dengi on here which took so many lives, we survived through prayer at our synagogue. We have been blessed by your studies. We have hear and understood . Visit us if you can. Think about it.
Sri Lanka

Yosef, have you heard of this web site for oils?

Shalom Joe,

Fantastic news, unbelievable joy!!!

Once again something I have long asked about and prayed for and about. The Great Toe and the Great Thumb, and the oils. Wow!! When one begins obeying Yahweh as much as one understands — things happen !!! All ministers I have asked, in wcg in times past, just gave me a condescending look, and mumbled something along the lines of “that was back then”….. as Solomon said “There is no new thing under the sun!”

Oh such joy in my heart as I write… praise, glory, laud and honor to the Almighty Yahweh.

Please I would like to order some of those oils from Holger, as soon a you get the link or whatever.

What an amazing day!! Thank you, thank you Joe, may Yahweh continue in blessing you in all things and in every way possible that we poor frail humans cannot even imagine.
In Christian love brother, Wendy and son Mitch.

Jason, I am not sure if this guy is a nutcase, or on target. He is writing from some Jewish material that is not mainstream. The only reason I have read some of it is because I have also prayed about pestilence.. The dark horse of the apocalypses.

Would love to learn more about the specific healing oils! Thanks for sharing.

The next step would be a good place to purchase the “Thieves” oil or the “King James” whatever you want to call it.

Have you heard of “Young Living” Essential Oils?


ok where can we get the oils? is there a pre mix?

Dear Joseph,

thank you for that newsletter as well as for all the other “visits” in the past to my desk.
When living in China and Mongolia, I heard now and then of such plagues. These happen usually in the remote places of Central Asia. When you travel there, and see another vehicle, rider of a horse or camel or horse. You stop and have a conversation. This happens not often that you meet people in those areas. It is very sparsely populated and only herdsmen and now and then some archeologists travel there in the arid and wide steppes and deserts /wilderness.

Here a brief description and world map of natural distribution of the places where the plague occurs these days.

Plague is a highly contagious bacterial vector-borne disease transmitted by rodent fleas (vectors). Yersinia pestis, the causative plague agent, infects human (target)s only under special conditions, resulting in severe forms of disease with high lethality. Plague cannot be eradicated, but it can be put under surveillance in the endemic loci of infection, which are distributed throughout the world.
Plague is supposed to be one of the most probable candidates for intentional release in bioterrorist attacks. Although it is impossible to exclude initial casualties, we can greatly decrease them by efficient early detection of the bacteriological agent and immediate response.

The problem with the plague infection is that people do not realize they have been infected as the early symptoms are flu like. The Yersinia pestis comes usually with rodents (rats, marmots, etc.) that are usually not affected and who carry the infected fleas.

When in Mongolia, we often heard of isolated cases where herdsmen who live far off from settlements in the grasslands got infected and then the whole family was infested – most did not make it to the nearest city to get the curing medicals that sell for little money in the markets.

In the 1980-s when I lived and worked in north China, a whole town was under quarantine and the army was outside with their equipment, letting no one in or out. Once the plague was over, they went in and burnt the whole place. At that time it was not reported how many survived and how many died. All was reported only by the fact that a few tourists from Hong Kong made it out of the place before the siege and went back immediately for treatment to their hometown.

Hygiene is important – read the Torah on this – washing, burying of cadavers and excrements will help to prevent breeding in the carcasses, where the pathogens can live for months. Then the carriers – fleas – jump onto rodents and spread around. With some antibiotics, treatment is possible at the early stage of contamination. Oils are preventive: Here some facts:

Essential oils can be 100 to 10000 times more concentrated than the herb / plant itself.
Used since 4700 years (recorded history), orderly applied since Moses (over 3500 years ago).
Some essential oils have the capability (proven) to destroy all tested viruses and bacteria rapidly.
Genuine essential oils have antiviral, antibacterial, anti infectious, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antifungal and anti parasitic properties.
We are talking here only about genuine oils – no fakes or dilutions and all the rest of the fraudulent “oils”.

Now, why have these oils been so long been suppressed? In the early age it was the church – they disliked the oils as they figured them to be part of witchcraft, yet behind that was the economical root – the love of money. All “witches” were persecuted and burnt – their properties confiscated. Where come all the riches of the church from? Donations? All the gold in all those churches of the world and the lavish projects in Rome? There was no place for healing in their ideology. There was no concept of educating the people, rather to intimidate the people with lies they created about the scriptures that were forbidden for the public to read in their own language by penalty of death.

In modern times, science of healing tried to do the healing with humanistic ideals, God was not consulted. There were definitely good achievements, yet the pharmaceutical industry became corrupt and their main goal is not healing but returning paying customers. At the same time, healing with natural means became obscured and the propaganda of the chemical industry made those voices against them look like fools when they protested against over fertilizing with chemicals, overuse of biocides and such, causing the earth to become robbed of their natural resources, reducing the nutritional value of the harvested crops and making people sick from their now poor and contaminated food. The nutritional lacking was substituted with artificial and partly poisonous additives that were declared to be safe by corrupt lawmakers. The essential oils became regulated, the training of several generations of doctors was heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. And here we are: we are completely ignorant of Torah and all the godly ways of doing things. The god of “science” has triumphed and millions have to pay the price for this abomination.

It is time to re-think, repent, and act accordingly. Or what would help us preventing the flu or plague is we are still intoxicated with Babylon with mind, soul and body otherwise? Scripture says we have to get out of the Babylon system. This starts in the mind and continues with learning the ways of Elohim in Yeshua. Revelation 21:8 and 22:15 talk about sorcerers. Look up the Greek word: pharmakeus / pharmakos – such a person is making magical drugs, thus that is the right word and quite different from those people also called sorcerers in the KJV: Barjesus & Elymas (Acts 13:6; 13:8) who were magicians. These sorcerers in Revelation are different: makers and sellers of pharmaceutical drugs that they give out with casting spells on them. Any more questions?

Well Joseph, people have to learn this lesson and not continue to pay homage to false gods in white garments and black souls. All they want is your money and that is best achieved by killing you slowly step by step with their overpriced and deadly potions that never will bring healing but addiction like dependency.

We have to break away from Babylon and step into Yah’s will. He will set us free and guard us if we are willing to be set free and recognize His ways, walk in them. There will be His protection from all our enemies – the whole Bible is full of His promises if we walk in Yeshua and make no compromises with sinful behavior. We know it. Do we embrace the promises by meeting His conditions? We need to take courage and overcome our indoctrination, completely get rid of them. We cannot do that on our own, yet, He will guard, guide and direct us.
These oils are just one miracle that He gave into our hands. We can learn to use them. Abba will give us what we need in case we proceed away from Babylon.



Shabbat Shalom Holger,
I have just a few minutes ago anointed my right big toe, and my right ear and my right thumb with the imune oil. I use my left index finger to place on each my other parts.

With in minutes I could feel tingling in my index finger as it had oil placed on it three times. I can also feel tingling in my right foot and my right hand. I do not feel any tingling in my right ear. This may be because I am such a hard head.

So am I nuts or does this happen all the time? Is this what is suppose to happen? I can actualy feel it going up my leg and up my arm. But not my head.

WOW!!! This is so different. I am also into my second day of fasting. I wonder if this has anything to do with it.

Thanks Again and Shabbat Shalom
Joseph F Dumond

Shabbat Shalom Joseph,

you sensed how scriptures come alive once applied. Isn’t it interesting and amazing what Abba has given to His children?
I have written a letter to you – please find it attached as pdf. Welcome!


Shalom Joseph,

I hope that book „Healing Oils of the Bible” helps you to gain a good basic understanding about the essential oils. The German version has some more chapters, and what I really love, the pictures of the plants mentioned in color pages. As the oils have been used in Germany since about 1870 in modern times, there is a lot of scientific information and very valuable books about the oils. Unfortunately, many of these books do not give credit to the creator of the plants.

Within the past three days I worked with brother Christian from Saxony to fill our latest new oils. That is quite a task and we enjoyed it very much – imagine, all the fragrances from so many different species of creation all day long – it is a real aroma therapy to do the filling of the 10ml bottles and bigger units – the whole house is full of pleasing fragrances from around the globe. Every year with the newly distilled oils, there are surprises about slightly different notes and the freshness of creation. It is a blessing – one feels so light and awake upon hours of exposure to these oils – almost indescribable to people who did not have this blessing.

Yes, surely will I agree to what you mentioned. I have gone through the text once and will do so again and then send you our correspondence in a day or so. Yes, we have a large website on oils, yet it is almost 100% in German. On another page we have another, smaller one in English. This is a portion on a messianic page. I will finish to update that one and send you the links.

Besides the two oils sent to you, we offer a variety of other oils – too many for the beginner. I will introduce some of the most important ones on the website. That is to my reckoning hyssop, myrrh, and a series of 7 laminacaes (all spices) that have versatile bodily properties and cure almost all back pains, a very common ailment, and one uplifting blend that strongly promotes courage. Yet, at this point, I think preventive oils against viral and bacterial infections should be focal to trigger and boost one’s resistance against swine flu and such.

At the same time, I believe strongly, that it is mandatory to teach Yahweh’s people at least basic understanding and principles of biblical healing with the oils and prayer. They should not only know about the oils, but develop an understanding how to apply them properly against most common ailments. It is time to do so, as the new codex alimentarius will outlaw many natural ways of curing disease by making distribution illegal. The US and EU have firm plans for this – starting with radiation of fresh crops that are sent to the consumer places, leaving virtually no more vital ingredient in grown produce. They want to regulate also vitamins, oils and such – get hold of their distribution. That will do a lot of harm – all will be substituted by chemicals – according to their plans. Research the internet and you will see this is for real.

The last point is commercial. There are few good oil brands on the market. Over 95% is for industrial use – not worth to consider for healing, as there are too many dilutions, low standards of production, etc. Now, almost all the rest of oils that have good quality are overpriced – there is a lot of greed in the business, and/or the Babylon system, as a lot of companies have only profit maximizing as their main intention, or they use names and / or practices of Babylon. So, one has to discern,. Yet, that is good for transporting long distances which is expensive usually. But as some are overpriced, there is enough margin to cover the shipping and still be well under the price of the competition as we have a cover cost principle.

One last point is different regulations of taxation and customs. Most countries have no duty on small amounts of perfume. And perfume is what our oils are, technically. Almost all perfumes like Dior and the rest of them are fragrances developed originally from plants by distillation. Some or all of them have been substituted by much cheaper synthesized odors from chemicals and crude oil derivates in the perfume industry. Yet, chemists know that they cannot replicate essential oil molecules. They always come with by-products that are useless or even toxic. Read the chemistry books on essential oils.

Well, I do not want to write longer here, just saw your incoming mails and will send this to you now.

All the best,


August 5, 2009

Shalom Bro Joe

Thank you so much for this article dealing with healing oils! I have long wanted to know more than I do about this and so I am following the links you gave.

Thanks again!!!

Shalom again,
I was just wanting to share with you that the oils are part of the factor to preventing these diseases. YHWH is calling His own to not only use what He created to heal, but also to eat healthier ( I’m still working on that one) and to live a kosher life. This along with Torah lead lives, is what will protect us. I am pleading the blood of Yeshua over my family daily.

Tomorrow we fly to America and I have prepared oil laden masks for us to use on the plane in case someone near by is sick/coughing or something. We have baby wipes covered in oils so we can wipe everything down. I use a combination called Thieves ( have you heard this story?) Anyway, it is homemade but very potent! It has cinnamon, lemon, rosemary, cloves, tea tree, goldenseal, and olive oil. Though we cannot carry liquids on the plane, I have covered//soaked everything in them!

blessings in Him,

August 8, 2009

Shalom Joe,
As far as oils go I have been using them for several years. Even before I was convicted of the Sabbath day. It did not occur to me this was new to some people. I even gave some scents of the bible as gifts to my daughter years ago. There is an carrier oil I use called Aura Glow it is unscented, and I add a mixture of oils to it, I did learn to mix the oils first then add a little at a time to the carrier. My first batch I added a teaspoon of each oil I was using and it was over powering. I put some in a spray bottle and spray the filter for the Air conditioner and heater in the winter. I also use it no my sheets, and spray the insides of my dresser drawers. I will have to try the cedarwood make a mixture my husband might use.
And thank Yahweh He is Faithful Amen, He has and is opening the eyes and hearts of the unbelieving loved ones.

Shalom Joseph,
This letter brings a great joy to me, in the sense of the anointing oils.
I am very happy and my heart leaps to hear that the Lord is blessing your wife! Yes, he is faithful and knows you cannot pull the cart by yourself. Anointing her feet as we did in Ir David prayer room is also a sign of a new beginning for that person. It is the Lord’s plan not ours.
Also, one of the last conversations I had with Sue was about the “orange fruit” relating to the Garden of Eden…the color orange and so on…the Lord was having her do some prophetic things with this. Before she went to Scotland I sent her some “orange” oil and she wrote to me telling me that she had used it along with the Lavendel one. And that they had been so blessed! (your address is also Orangeville? The color Orange is symbolized for the Zionists and new settlers in Eretz Israel.
Be humble and keep seeking the Lord, and patient 😉
Thank you, blessing and joy to you and your family,

Subject appreciation of your writings

Todays forwarding from you was timely as some of my newsgroup has been
asking about healing oils. They will go to the fwd and get a second
witness study on the two houses and other related teachings as a bonus
from you. It seems the Ruach Ha Kodesh, who teaches us all things, is
using many of us to spread truth in these last days. I love it.
Messianic Moreh James Talbott, Yeshua HaTikvah Yisrael Ministries.

Shabbat Shalom Joseph,

Thank you so much for these articles. I have heard about the essential oils, but your newsletter was very helpful. The other organization I know that sells essential oils and that are pure/good is Young Living. I believe their website is I have a couple of friends/family members who have been distributors in the past. They also sell the Thieves Oil, as well as other essential oils. Just another source for people who are in the USA and Canada.

My husband and I are former Worldwide Church of God members. We both grew up in WCG and have been attending Messianic groups since the mid 90’s.

Thanks so much again for your work. May Yah bless you and keep you…

Shalom and blessings,

Thank God for you and all these interessant information you make available for us

August 11, 2009

Dear Mr. Dumond,

I have recently seen your teaching on Prophecy Club. My uncle emailed me the site to review it, and I found it to be a very good teaching.

the main reason I’m writing you is the subject of essential oils. I have been studying essential oils now for about 5 years. What brought me into the study of these oils was a motorcycle accident I had in 2004. After the accident, a friend brought by my house some oils for me to check out from Young Living. He was trying to recruit me into the multilevel business. I was laid up and had nothing else to do, so I checked it out and decided to sign up. Over time I began to understand the benefits of essential oils, especially the ones in the Bible. Everything your friend Mr. Holger has written to you is true about essential oils.

With this time of plagues coming up in history and according to prophecy, I strongly believe that these oils may benefit Yeshua’s people and others.

Finally, I am extremely blessed by your and Mr Holger’s articles about the biblical anointing oils and I plan to get the “Healing Oils of the Bible” book from Amazon. It has occurred to me Joseph, that these oils have enormous potential, especially when we consider the effects of the plagues and pandemics that are just ahead of us. It seems to me that if we were able to form a small community of dedicated Torah observant believers in Israel, we could set up our own manufacturing, bottling and distribution unit in Israel to provide for the livelihood of all the participants, as well as finance the work of proclaiming the Tov News of the Kingdom, as per Matthew 24:14. It could be a small kibbutz for the healing of the nations. This work might then finance our publishing, broadcasting, and our worldwide ministry efforts. Hey, what do you think about that for an idea brother?

Shalom, Shalom,


August 15, 2009

Shalom Joe, Happy Sabbath!! Once again this information is amazing, am trying to share it …… thought I had met folk with closed minds before today …. now I am REALLY LEARNING what closed minds are like, unbelievable!! What amazing information in regard to the oils. I am even noticing that I am losing fluid [which I also noted to my chagrin of recent years my body has been retaining – I bought some oils locally – and I have never slept so well — once again… thank you, thank you …. God bless — in Christian love, Wendy

This email is to let you know how much I benefited from the excellent article by Holger Grimme on Essential Oils! I have begun to use essential oils for treating long-standing health problems and wish to learn more on this topic. Also, my compliments for the excellent music which accompanied the article–it was magnificent and inspiring! May I enquire who the singer was and if this music is for sale or can it be purchased in America (where I live)?


Shabbat Shalom Joseph,
Thank you so much for the info. I never knew all this about essential oils. But getting this info now comes along at the right time for me as the Holy One is showing me other natural ways for healing my nervous system of years of chronic anxiety and depression by using Yahweh Yoga and a Christian Anxiety Therapist from Developing a more holy life consecrated to the Holy One, and adding a healthy diet, exercise, and retraining our minds to think on the “these things” in Phil. 4:8, that’s how healing begins. I can’t wait to find out more about these oils. What is Holger’s website?

When Holger and I began to talk about the essential oils a few weeks ago I had no idea how popular a subject it would be.

I have rosatia which is a skin disease on the face I also have Eczema. The skin turns reddish and is scaly and rough. I have maintained it for many years by using hydrocortisone cream whenever I broke out. It would seem that I broke out after eating certain foods or when under a great deal of stress. I stopped eating those foods and it would come back after a few weeks.

I have prayed for healing on this just this past week. Then Holger explained Myrrh and Sandalwood without me telling him of my prayers.

I then applied both oils, as I had them here, that night and the itching went away immediately and the red blotches too and so did the scaly skin. It is now two days later and my skin is soft and smooth with no red blotches. It is not itchy or sore.

I also have a form of skin cancer on my noise and had some of it removed by nitrogen. It was rough and continued to be tender since then. I have also applied the oils to it. It is now smooth and soft and not tender to touch. The scale has fallen off. I well now apply the oils to other skin cancer spots and moles and age spots and we will see what happens. My Mom who has skin cancer will soon get a few bottles of these oils to use on herself.

As Holger has said each time you apply the oils it repairs the DNA and goes to every cell of your body. How do I know this? When I first applied the Immune Oil I could feel the sensation in my finger I used to apply it and I could feel it go up my leg after putting some on my Big toe and I could feel it go up my arm after putting some on my Thumb and ear lobe. And today again just as on each of the other occasions I can taste the oil on my tongue. The oils have traveled throughout my body, even to my tongue where I can taste them. Unbelievable.

Yes brethren Yahweh is at work and He is restoring all things. All things as we are told would happen in the last days. Knowing this I suggest you read again about the Ten Virgins in Mathew 25. Some went out with no oil. Hmmm.

September 9, 2009

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you news letters and articles/movie my husband and I have learned a lot.
I wanted to tell you my testimony on my experience with the essential oils, which Yahweh is teaching me how to use . I have 2 kids a 17yr old daughter with Down Syndrome and a 9yr old son with Aspergers (Autism) Syndrome. It has been over 5 months now that my family and I are using the essential oils.
After I bought them my daughter got sick. She had a fever and my husband and I had no idea why, since she had no other symptoms other than the fever. She also hyperthyroid and it has affected her heart and am unable to give her any medication without first checking with her Doctor.
But since the All Mighty has been leading me for a while now and depend on Him more, I prayed and asked for His guidance on how to handle this situation.

By this time my son also got sick with a fever and no other symptom. I used Frankinsence, Spikenard, Benzoin mixed in extra virgin olive oil. I rubed this in their chest, on their backs and the bottom of their feet. I also gave them one drop of Cinnamon Leaf oil with a table spoon of honey in warm water (like a tea) and gave this to them. In two days they were totally healed.

Also two month ago my son got an Asthma attack it, snuck up on us. I had no way of getting to a hospital at that moment and I had misplaced my sons inhaler (which later I found it on my night stand) so I remembered the oils. I prayed and quickly mixed Galbanum, Benzoin, and franckinsence with extra virgin olive oil and rubed it on my son’s chest in less than five minute he was breathing.

I could go on with my testimonies I am totally convinced that the All Mighty is showing us His plans on how to stay healthy in such a time as this Psalms 91. I have given the oils to other people and it has worked for them also.

I am so fortunate, blessed and privledged to be able to tell you these stories today. To help confirm the articles on the essential oils. May Yahweh bless and keep you and all that support the job that Yahweh has sent you to do.

A.G. Puerto Rico

YaHuWaH bless you and guard you;
YaHuWaH make His face shine upon you, and show favour to you;
YaHuWaH lift up his face upon you and give you peace.
(The Aharonic Blessing – ISR Bemidbar/Numbers 6:24-26)

May Yahweh bless your understanding and growth, Shalom.
Joseph F Dumond