Bozrah-The Sheep Folds of Yahshua

Joseph F. Dumond

Isa 6:9-12 And He said, Go, and tell this people, You hear indeed, but do not understand; and seeing you see, but do not know. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back, and be healed. Then I said, Lord, how long? And He answered, Until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land laid waste, a desolation, and until Jehovah has moved men far away, and the desolation in the midst of the land is great.
Published: Jun 5, 2009
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News Letter 5845-014
12th day of the Third month 5845 years after creation
The Third Month in the Sabbatical Year
The Second Sabbatical Year of the 119th Jubilee Cycle


June 6, 2009


Shabbat Shalom Brethren,

I am now back home from Israel and I have so much to tell you this week.

I first went to Israel in 2005 for the Feast with Don Esposito’s group for Sukkot. We toured the whole State of Israel those two weeks, and Don got me very excited again about the scriptures and the land. I still recommend that if you want to tour and this is your first time; go with Don’s group, if you can get in.

I never expected to ever go back to Israel after that first year, but I have been back for each Sukkot since. The land continues to draw me back to it. It has this effect on all those who come.

I also have decided, that because this year of 2009 was a Sabbatical year, that I had to keep all three Feasts in Jerusalem, if it was at all possible. I have managed to keep both Passover and now Shavuot in Jerusalem.

With each trip something unique and unexplainable happens. I have shared those very personal experiences with my closest friends. Well, this year again something unexplainable has happened and it is the high point of all the past experiences to date. I am unable to say any more than that as it would put people in danger.

I tell you this to encourage you to go to Israel, so that our Father, can bless you in some unimaginable way that is special to you.
The Government of Israel held a special function in the Galilee area welcoming the Ephramites back to the Land. This is encouraging news, even though not all the different Messianic groups were able to attend.

At the same time there is other news of the Israel government about to tear down some twenty villages in the west bank where many messianic and Jewish brethren have occupied the land. This seems to be in response to the demands of President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s recent summit. This is rumored to potentially be the spark which may cause a civil war here in the land. If this does happen it seems to match the Prophecy of Abraham concerning the Invasion of Israel. This would give the United Nations (the army from the North) an excuse to come in. This is speculation on my part. We wait and watch.

Other news was shared with me that the Russian immigrants are leaving the Negev where they were settled after returning to Israel and they are now moving north. The Israeli Gov wants people down in this area. There is also a huge water aquifer down in this area. I have not confirmed any of this, but if true I would welcome the opportunity to move in here.

This year I had plans for only Shabbat and Shavuot. On Shabbat I was going to go down to where the Temple once stood and pray. I did this and after a while I decided to sit under the fruit trees in their shade and read the book of Ruth as I suggested you all do in last week’s News Letter. It got me choked up as I realized a few things. Ruth was a virtuous woman. That led me to read Proverbs 31. As I read this I first thought of the perfect wife, but then I realized this was what Israel the Bride of Yeshua was to be like. Awesome stuff, then I went further down into the Kidron to where King David’s Tomb is, near the two huge Olive trees, and close to Hulda’s tomb and I read the giving of the Law by Yahweh Himself from atop Mount Sinai. How very special and moving it was for me to read these scriptures at this place at this time.

After this I made my way back up to Christ to take part in the Messianic services that are there each Shabbat. As usual it is packed and I sat outside under the Wisteria vines that cover the outdoor cafe` and listened to the service as they were sung and spoke in Hebrew.

I met some friends as I sat there and after they left, I met a man who wanted to talk and this is what usually happens, and we discussed scriptures for about three hours. He was thrilled to learn about the Sabbatical and Jubilee years. He also claimed to be a friend of Sid Roth and suggested I share these things with him. We will see what happens down the road.

On Shavuot I went again down to the Kidron and then back up to the Mount of Olives and I sat where Yeshua was murdered and prayed for a long time about the recent teachings I have shared with you all. They still weigh very much on my mind. I then began to read the book of Acts chapter 1-5 and was very inspired to be in this exact spot when I read about the Apostles receiving of the Holy Spirit after they left the Mount of Olives. They came from this exact location on the Mount of Olives and traveled a Sabbath day’s journey to the upper room where the Holy Spirit was given. I walked the 30 yards or so back to the Tomb of Joseph of Arimathea and again pondered just how awesome a place it is that I am at and yet no one comes here. Those of you, whom I have shown these things too, know of what I am speaking of standing on Golgotha and the Mount of Olives and the Mount Moriah all at the same time.

I spent the rest of the morning wondering around in the groves of trees here and then I went back over to the Christ Church area. Another man came and we began to talk. Again another 4 hours went by in just a few minutes. We both had shared a great deal and we both were glad to have done so.

He gave me his web site at
I share it with you as he is hiking from south to north throughout all of Israel and the pictures he is taking are remarkable. What I can`t put in words are just how beautiful this land of ours is. This is the land our father has given us. We all think of it as a desert. But I was awed at Passover and just how green it was and I am still awed now at Shavuot at how colourful it still is. Please go to this link and watch the video Tom has shared with us all. Turn up your volume.

As we have just finished a prophetic study of Abraham it is appropriate to consider now what Yahweh told him in Genesis 13:17 Arise, walk in the land through its length and its width, for I give it to you.

After you have watched the videos, tell Tom, Joseph of Sighted Moon whom he spoke with at Christ church sent you. Please do write Tom.

As I drove into Jerusalem from Tel Aviv I could see they have already begun the Wheat harvest not being concerned with keeping Shavuot first. I say this as some people doubt when the Wheat would be harvested and they are now trying to pervert scriptures to their own teachings.

During my stay here I have met many different Messianic groups and some truly wonderful brethren and kindred spirits. Many of them know the time is almost over. They had not heard of the Sabbatical and Jubilee message or of Abraham’s prophecy. They have now. As I presented to each of these brethren many of them were on the edge of their seats and eagerly discussing the scriptures and you could see them as they registered just how some scriptures that used to be confusing were now plain. I hope each of you will help to share this message as many times as you can.

I also hope you will share this web site and help the email list to once again begin to grow. The greater the number on it, the more influential it will be when we place our petitions before the Israeli Government. Please help to make this email list grow with likeminded brethren.

Here are few letters I received this past week.
Greetings Joseph. Please do not be embarrassed to ask for help. As the Scriptures say, “Thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treadeth out the corn,” DEU. 25:4.

That’s not intended to be less than complimentary either. YHWH is working with you out in the field, and you should be rewarded for your efforts — as to opposed to being worked to exhaustion, like a slave in Egypt. It is a blessing for the rest of us to give in support of your ministry, even if we don’t always agree on every last point. I’ve also given to Stan Johnson, Joyce Meyers, Joel Osteen, and Perry Stone, each of whom I have many more disagreements.

I will send you a love offering following the feast. Are you planning to buy Maisson D’Abraham? If not, what do you have in mind? Is there anything else I can do to help? What are your Sukkoth plans?

Have a wonderful Shavuoth wherever you go.

Shalom Joe, Hope your trip to Israel went well, and that you had an uplifting and inspiring Shavuot. I really appreciate all your articles and newsletters and am still coming to grips with some of the amazing things you have written [revealed] to us. So much so I am trying to download all articles!

I have met Craig White, he’s a very genuine person and is one of the “watchers” of end time events I occasionally get emails sent on from others originating from Craig, which I greatly appreciate.

Been thinking about your humble way of saying that you are just a ditch digger. However, Joe, no building can begin its foundations unless or until “the ground has been broken first” and therefore I see it as your physical work in life matches your spiritual work in this life, and how appropriately so! You are “breaking ground” for us with these articles and studies in ways you cannot even imagine. I know I am years behind — but just wanted to say how inspiring these studies are. You are bringing to life Scriptures that have always been there, but I confess I have previously just read right over them, passed on, and didn’t realize what was there right under my own nose. I am learning so much, and am on a bit of a “shark feeding frenzy” at the moment.

Thank you, thank you, please don’t stop, please do not stop doing this for us all, Shalom brother, God bless, with Christian love and best wishes.

Just one letter like this will keep me going for a month or two. You do not realize how precious these letters are to me. I sometimes think no one is getting it. I wonder if anyone understands the seriousness of the times we are approaching. I know a few do. For this I am grateful.

As to properties, I have in mind a few right now, some of the most precious properties on earth. I cannot say any more for now. It is my intention to raise up $50 Million. It is the Jubilee Message after all. This is for lease of the some properties and purchase of others. It would also include the implements needed to start.

Brethren, some of you are very resourceful, and know of those who have the ability to aid us in our quest. Please do not over whelm me with referrals. Please do the work and ask them yourself if you are in the position to help. Like the Nike commercial says, “Just Do It”.

I have already had some ask for employment in this quest. What I need is the following if you can help in these areas; prayers, more prayers, that I am doing His will and not mine; Financial investment in the purchase and rental of key properties; people who are in contact with the needed authorities; For those things that Yahweh has in mind to present themselves as they have this past Shavuot.

Although this week I am showing you where to go, it is important to know that we do not go there right away. To do so could be very dangerous, but to go there late will be even worse. There will be needed a shelter during the years leading up to this time.

As it says in Proverb 31:10 Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies. 11 The heart of her husband safely trusts her; So he will have no lack of gain. 12 She does him good and not evil All the days of her life. 13 She seeks wool and flax, And willingly works with her hands. 14 She is like the merchant ships, She brings her food from afar. 15 She also rises while it is yet night, And provides food for her household, And a portion for her maidservants. 16 She considers a field and buys it; From her profits she plants a vineyard. 17 She girds herself with strength, And strengthens her arms. 18 She perceives that her merchandise is good, And her lamp does not go out by night. 19 She stretches out her hands to the distaff, And her hand holds the spindle. 20 She extends her hand to the poor, Yes, she reaches out her hands to the needy.

As I said earlier, this is speaking of Israel. That is us. I am trying to prepare to buy that land and to provide food for our brethren.
I have shown you before and I remind you now again. A famine is to come in 2010 as Abraham has shown us. Also in the third curse of Lev 26 we are told that pestilence would come. Throughout the bible Pestilence and Famine go together. In the fourth curse of Lev 26:26 we are told that 10 women would bake bread for you and you will not have enough. Again famine and why ten women, because the sword is going through the land and the men are killed off.

Then in Lev 26:29 we are told that the food will be in such short supply that people will resort to eating their own children. Think on this one verse. Then in Rev 11:6 the two witnesses shut up the heavens so no rain falls. In Rev 6:8 the pale horse causes a fourth of mankind is die by sword famine and the beast of the earth.

Brethren from the time of Abraham’s famine to the end of the tribulation, food will be in ever shorter supplies. As Proverbs says the women buys a field and provides for her family. It was the woman and not the husband who does this. This is my motivation, and I need your help.

We are also told in Ezekiel 5:1-4
1 “And you, son of man, take a sharp sword, take it as a barber’s razor, and pass it over your head and your beard; then take scales to weigh and divide the hair. 2 You shall burn with fire one-third in the midst of the city, when the days of the siege are finished; then you shall take one-third and strike around it with the sword, and one-third you shall scatter in the wind: I will draw out a sword after them. 3 You shall also take a small number of them and bind them in the edge of your garment. 4 Then take some of them again and throw them into the midst of the fire, and burn them in the fire. From there a fire will go out into all the house of Israel.

Notice a small number are bound up in the corner of His garment. This word garment is
Strong’s Number: 03671

Original Word Word Origin
@nk from (03670)

Transliterated Word TDNT Entry

Kanaph TWOT – 1003a
Phonetic Spelling Parts of Speech
Noun Feminine

1. wing, extremity, edge, winged, border, corner, shirt
a. wing
b. extremity
1. skirt, corner (of garment)

To grasp the great meaning here go to the article Under the Shadow of His Wings; The Tallit at When you understand this and the secret place which we shall share some information next week with you, then you will understand why we must act now while we can.

The corner of His garment is the place where the Tzit Tzit is fastened to the prayer shawl. The Tzit Tzit represents the Ten Commandments.

And again this is also explained in the Noah’s Ark series on Gopher wood at

Please brethren, consider giving as best you can and as often as you can until we either reach our goal or we stop. I need your help, in many ways, and now you know why. I am not trying to raise up some ministry and buy church buildings. I am seeking housing and farming for yours and my families. Again will you help with what you can.

In last week’s News Letter I encouraged you to consider the year we are in as compared to the same year that Abraham left Haran for Canaan. I met many people from many groups who are already doing this. Some live in east Jerusalem. When I visit them they close the curtains so not one can see in. They are very careful of their actions. They told me that if any Arab or Palestinian sold any land to the Jews, that according to the faquah that was ordered by the Imans, they word be killed on the spot.

On Tuesday June 2 the entire state of Israel had an emergency test. At 11 Am the air raid sirens went off for a couple of minutes. It made my hair stand on end and I knew this was just a test. We had to assemble in the kitchen of the establishment and then they would have taken us down to the bomb shelter if this would have been a real attack. In Sderot you have 12 seconds if my memory serves me correctly, from the time you hear the siren to get into the bomb shelter, until the bomb hits.

Please consider carefully all that we have shared with you these past few weeks. Today we are going to learn where we are to go. This article is long and in some sections repeats itself. But I find it a very worthy article and one that should be dedicated to memory. Because when the time is that we must do this, you will not be able to go and look it up in your notes. Please go to this week’s article at to learn where we are to go.

Shabbat Shalom
Joseph F Dumond