Shalom, my name is Joseph Dumond of


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So, who am I and why should you listen to what I have to say?

Well, I have personally been to Noah’s Ark in 2007 and I have conducted 18 tours of Israel in the past 16 years. We were about to host a tour to Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea Crossing site in Egypt and another tour to Noah’s Ark in Eastern Turkey in March of 2020, when COVID 19 shut down all flights. So I have a lot of practical on-the-ground experience of the real places spoken of in your Bible.

Wailing Wall Jerusalem 2018

Joseph of Arimathea’s Tomb. Where Yehshua was buried for 3 days and 3 nights. 2014

Joshua’s Alter 2016

In 2005, I also began to understand and then warn people about events coming in 2020. I started to warn them way back in 2005. And we were right!

I had learned about and understood the Jubilee Cycles and how they reveal end-time prophecy. It is only when you understand the Jubilee Cycles that you can understand where we are on God’s clock and exactly how close we are to the end of this age. We now have 89 proofs from your bible and history to know when each and every Sabbatical year was and will be. I have written about all of this in 5 books.

Many say you cannot know when the Messiah is to come because He said, “No Man can Know the Day or the Hour.” True! But like most of the things Jesus taught, He did so with parables so that they could hear but not understand. This expression, “No Man can Know the Day or the Hour.”  is also a parable so that many will hear and think they understand when in fact they will not. But those who are obeying Jesus will understand and be part of the 5 wise virgins at the wedding supper. This parable tells you exactly when He is going to come back and we will soon be teaching about this subject once again.

We are told in Lev 26 that terrorism, extremely severe weather, droughts, plagues, famines, and swords would all come in this last Jubilee cycle before the coming of our Messiah. When I came to the Philippines in 2015 and spoke before the Bishops of Manila, the Generals and leading officers of the Philippine Army, and then the members of Parliament, I warned them of these very things and that the Philippines too, was about to go to war with ISIS which they did in 2016.

In 2018, I returned to the Philippines and travelled through the very places where you fought with ISIS, just as I said you would. On this tour, I told those who came out to hear me, exactly who the Filipino people are and where they are mentioned in the Bible and exactly what their role was for the end of this age.

And YES, we are most certainly at the end of this age. The Jubilee cycles prove this beyond all doubt.

In each of my talks, I walk the audience through the curses of Leviticus 26, showing them how the looting and lawlessness that was on the nightly news was one of the curses from Yehovah.

The wildfires in Australia and in the USA as well as other countries around the world, caused by the extreme droughts are again one of the curses from Yehovah. Whole cities are burned to the ground.

These extreme weather events cause flooding that goes on for weeks.

Typhoons, Cyclones, Hurricanes and Tornadoes are surpassing the F5 highest rating.

We have been warning about events beginning in 2020. The curse for this time is sword, plague and famine. We were expecting the sword and then got a worldwide plague that shut down countries around the world.



Massive Fires




Country Wide Shutdown


Other major events that have dominated the news since 9/11 and the war on terror can all be found in this same list of curses in Leviticus 26.


I knew these things because of what is written on the pages of your very own Bibles. Anyone can read them, but God the Creator of all things inspired me to see these things and connect the dots and to be able to explain them to you so that you could understand.

Our Messiah will be here very soon, and we can show you through the Jubilee cycles when He is expected to come. The Philippines has a very distinct and special role in these last days. And we want to help you to know what your role is and how you can be ready to join our Groom at the wedding. At the same time, many will die in the coming plagues and famines and wars. You get to choose which one is going to happen to you and your family. You get to choose if you’re going to be one of the wise virgins that goes to the wedding or one of the foolish ones who is turned away. It is your choice.


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Joseph F Dumond