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Mystery of the Jewish Rapture


Jews, Christian’s and Muslims – Must have for any person who studies the Bible. Must !
Reviewed in Canada on November 14, 2021
Mr Dumond continues his incredible journey as a simple man from rural Canada who is able to link together scripture like no person has ever done in 2,000 years. It is almost a hard to believe story.

I have read all Dumond’s books and this one about the Rapture and the tie ins to his Sabbatical and Jubilee years, 2033. ; is his most impressive. I have read sites and theories from all over the world and Dumond puts it all together better than any other source I can find. A humble and simple man from Canada. Truly God is working with Dumond.

This book is Easy to read. Easy to follow. And most importantly – easy to prove !!

His thesis is hard push aside as just another theory about the End Times and the return of Jesus – as he analyzes these events from a Jewish, Christian and Muslim perspective.

If you follow any these three religions; and consider yourself a student of the Bible and a child of God —- then you owe it to yourself to read this book. It will open your ears and eyes as God allows or wants; and just maybe the one small thing that helps you to find the narrow path …. or not.

Hondy; I am already looking forward to Dumond’s next book .. That he refers to in this must have Book for any educated person ; The Mystery of the Jewish Rapture 2033 !!

You will not be disappointed!!! But awestruck by how simple Dumond lays it all out.

Well done Mr Dumond and may God continue to bless you as one of his workers to get to the truth that not all of us are will be able to understand. The Parables and other Biblical verses all explained here in this book – Rapture 2033

Gregory Nolan

This book not only explains the upcoming resurrection clearly, but explains how the holy days commanded in the scriptures outline the plan. In addition, it does this in a very well written manner. Also, this book does not go overboard in using the Hebrew words — yes, they are used here and there, but so are the more familiar western terms which give this book that “giftability” factor (meaning, that I am going to purchase a few more copies to give as a gift to friends and family).
Michael J.

Scripture Spells It Out

Reviewed in Canada on November 12, 2021


I read the previous book the “2300 Days of Hell” and was incredibly impressed by the high amount of research and insight that this author had into the history of God’s people and the jubilee cycles. This book is sadly the complete opposite. It creates a straw man argument from the start and never really proves the date for the Rapture. It also cuts off short at the end and promises that the rest will come in the next book. At around only 200 pages and for £16 I feel swindled both financially and spiritually. From my perspective this really needs to be rewritten and blended into the next book to restore the integrity of the author. Hugely disappointing. The only reason it gets 2 rather than 1 stars is because I can still vouch for the central message of the jubilee cycles.

S. Wall

Joseph, I just finished what I believe is your latest book, “The Mystery of the Jewish Rapture.” WOW, was that some good stuff. You mention you have a couple of other books you will have coming out. I’m following you so that I know when that will happen.

As for this book I have just finished, I’m going to read it a second time, this time with pen and paper and a few Bible translations. This is such an important book. I will be ordering a few copies to hand out at my women’s Torah Group.

Thank you for your perserverance at the cost of the ones who mean so much too.

Shalom Brother.

Gwen Mason