News Letter 5855-001     Adar Bet or L’Shanah Tovah Brethren

News Letter 5855-002     How Do I Keep Passover?

News Letter 5855-003    The Wave Sheaf 2019

News Letter 5855-004    The Counting of the Omer

News Letter 5855-005    The Exodus Story

News Letter 5855-006    The Silence of the Lambs

News Letter 5855-007    Sevening Ourselves

News Letter 5855-008    Leprosy and You

News Letter 5855-009    Some People Did Something In Sri Lanka

News Letter 5855-010     The Bismallah

News Letter 5855-011     What is Yehovah Showing Us on The 8th Day?

News Letter 5855-012    So Your Prayers Will Not Be Hindered

News Letter 5855-013    Parashat Behar- Leviticus 25

News Letter 5855-014    The Start of the Written Hebrew Language

News Letter 5855-015    The Disney Influence & Equality is Not Equal

News Letter 5855-016   Update on This Work

News Letter 5855-017     Unity

News Letter 5855-018   The 3rd Year of the Sabbatical Cycle

News Letter 5855-019   Liberty-What It Is and What It Is Not

News Letter 5855-020   The Feast of Trumpets-How to Know When It Is

News Letter 5855-021   Keeping the Sabbath Holy

News Letter 5855-022   Burundi Final Report

News Letter 5855-023   Ten Days of Awe as of 2019

News Letter 5855-024   Freedom of Speech and Yehovah’s Goat

News Letter 5855-025    The Wedding

News Letter 5855-026    The Eighth Day Feast and The Feast of Trumpets

News Letter 5855-027    7th Month 5855 After Creation

News Letter 5855-028    Shabbat Shuva

News Letter 5855-029    Notes and Videos from the Holy Days

News Letter 5855-030   The Noahides & The Abomination on the Mount of Olives

News Letter 5855-031   The Missing 4 Kings & The Abomination That Makes Desolate

News Letter 5855-032   Mickey Mouse

News Letter 5855-033   Do You Pray to Yahweh or to Jupiter or to Both?

News Letter 5855-034   Bucket Lists

News Letter 5855-035   Is the USA Babylon?

News Letter 5855-036   Are You Joining The Dots?

News Letter 5855-037    Paris Climate Deal UN-done & Exposed For What It is-Rape

News Letter 5855-038    Moloch & Remphan

News Letter 5855-039    St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre

News Letter 5855-040   A Filipino Tsunami

News Letter 5855-041   Yehshua’s Birth Almost Caused a Major War

News Letter 5855-042   Still Whoring Around?

News Letter 5855-043   Omri-Khumri-Gimiri-Cimmerian-Celt

News Letter 5855-044   The Dark Room and Depression

News Letter 5855-045   Prayer The Ketoret of The Temple

News Letter 5855-046

News Letter 5855-047

News Letter 5855-048

News Letter 5855-049

News Letter 5855-050

News Letter 5855-051

News Letter 5855-052

News Letter 5854-001     Shanah Tovah- it is now 5854 years Since the Creation of Adam

News Letter 5854-002     John Bolton

News Letter 5854-003     Where do We Flee?

News Letter 5854-004     Philippines Report & What Is A Prophet?

News Letter 5854-005     Philippines Report Joseph Dumond Diary

News Letter 5854-006     The Red Carpet & The Door

News Letter 5854-007     Speaking in Tongues at Pentecost

News Letter 5854-008     Seventy Weeks or Shib’iym Shib’iym

News Letter 5854-009     Shavuot and it’s Relationship to the 8th Day Feast

News Letter 5854-010     How All of Us Can Serve

News Letter 5854-011     Mortars and Bombs are the same as Tariffs and Sanctions

News Letter 5854-012     I Am that I Am-It is so Obvious

News Letter 5854-013     17th of Tammuz and Compromise

News Letter 5854-014     The Aleph Tav Deception

News Letter 5854-015     Why Did We Need Two Witnesses?

News Letter 5854-016     Migdal Eder-The Truth of Messiahs Birth

News Letter 5854-017     Tish b’Av 2018 And the Blood Moon

News Letter 5854-018     No One Can Know the Day or the Hour

News Letter 5854-019     Many Are Called-Few are Chosen-Which Are You?

News Letter 5854-020     Grace & Selichot

News Letter 5854-021     Get Out of Jail Free Card

News Letter 5854-022     The Seven Feasts of Yehovah and Their Secrets

News Letter 5854-023     Authority over the Tree of Life

News Letter 5854-024     Are Your Clothes on Fire and Is Your Shame Exposed?

News Letter 5854-025     Moon NOT Sighted-May Your Name be Found

News Letter 5854-026     The Magi Almost Caused a War

News Letter 5854-027     Afflicting Our Souls-Baal Peor-Warning

News Letter 5854-028     Against All Odds

News Letter 5854-029     Golgatha

News Letter 5854-030     UN Says Carbon Tax or Total Destruction by 2030

News Letter 5854-031     30 Tomb Stones of Zoar

News Letter 5854-032     Do You Understand What God is Writing on Your Heart and How?

News Letter 5854-033     The Church of the Holy Wisdom

News Letter 5854-034     Chanukah-the Testing of His People

News Letter 5854-035     The Great Nea Church (the Church of Mary)

News Letter 5854-036     The Biyrah of The Bayith-The Rocks Are Crying Out

News Letter 5854-037     The Birthday of Jesus Is the Day He is Going to Return

News Letter 5854-038      The City of Salem History

News Letter 5854-039     Did You See The Prophecy in Action This week?

News Letter 5854-040     2019- Are You Ready?

News Letter 5854-041     Salvation – Am I Really Saved?

News Letter 5854-042     The Pattern within the Tabernacle

News Letter 5854-043     China and the Philippines in Prophecy

News Letter 5854-044     Eden and the Temple of Yehovah

News Letter 5854-045     The Widows

News Letter 5854-046     Which Calendar – Which Moon?

News Letter 5854-047     Why Do We Keep Passover?

News Letter 5854-048     Teach Us to Pray

News Letter 5854-049     Is it Barley or the Equinox that determines the New Year

Newsletter 5853 – 001    The New Moon was Sighted March 29, 2017

Newsletter 5853 – 002   The Jubilee year of 2017 and the Rapture that is this year – Huh?

Newsletter 5853 – 003   Palm Sunday and 6 Days Before Passover

Newsletter 5853 – 004   Wave Sheaf Day 2017

Newsletter 5853 – 005   8th day of Pentecost 2017

Newsletter 5853 – 006   Signs, Signs Everywhere a Sign – Can’t you Read the Signs?

Newsletter 5853 – 007   No One Can Buy or Sell & The Yobel Counting

Newsletter 5853 – 008   Marriage-Gay Marriage-Beastiality Marriage-Polygamous Marriage-Pedophilia Marriage

Newsletter 5853 – 009   Why is the Bride Carried through the Door on her wedding day?

Newsletter 5853 – 010   You Will Know Them by Their Love

Newsletter 5853 – 011   The Unpardonable sin and taking his name in vain.

Newsletter 5853 – 012   Try Me I Dare You

Newsletter 5853 – 013   The Tai Ping

Newsletter 5853 – 014   The Law in Colossians 2:16

Newsletter 5853 – 015   The Sotah Woman

Newsletter 5853 – 016   Galatians Law and Grace

Newsletter 5853 – 017   Romans Law and Grace Explained

Newsletter 5853 – 018   Eden And Its Relationship to the Temple

Newsletter 5853 – 019   Blessings and Curses-Counting the Cost

Newsletter 5853 – 020   He opens a Door and no one can close it

Newsletter 5853 – 021   Fire And Fury and Power

Newsletter 5853 – 022   “Saved by Grace through Faith”

Newsletter 5853 – 023    When does the month begin?

Newsletter 5853 – 024    Oh Holy Night

Newsletter 5853 – 025    Signs and How you react to them

Newsletter 5853 – 026    Rejoice

Newsletter 5853 – 027    The Breaker that Breaks in Pieces will be broken

Newsletter 5853 – 028    Milk or Meat?

Newsletter 5853 – 029    I do not know you, you workers of lawlessness!

Newsletter 5853 – 030    Never Coming to the Knowledge of the Truth

Newsletter 5853 – 031    Where Are Those 7000 Who Do not Bow to Ba’al?

Newsletter 5853 – 032    Where Are We Told to Expect a Messiah in the Torah-Can You Prove it?

Newsletter 5853 – 033    The Messiah was Promised from the very Beginning-Have you proven it?

Newsletter 5853 – 034    Messiah b. Joseph & Messiah b. David are False Ideologies- Not Torah Based

Newsletter 5853 – 035    Do Not Add To Torah

Newsletter 5853 – 036    Where Do Scriptures Say Yehovah is to come and die?

Newsletter 5853 – 037    So this is Christmas

Newsletter 5853 – 038    The Burnt One

Newsletter 5853 – 039    Where does it say we are going to Sacrifice God?

Newsletter 5853 – 040    Yehovah & The Fast of the First Born, The Pidyon Ha’bon

News Letter 5853-041    Sh’ma Israel Yehovah Eloheinu Yehovah Echad

News Letter 5853-042    International Dateline and the start of the Sabbath

News Letter 5853-043   Yehovah or Yahweh? Prove it!

News Letter 5853-044   45 Sabbatical Year PROOFS with documentation

News Letter 5853-045    Kill the Boer Kill the Farmer-The Hidden Genocide

News Letter 5853-046    What Happens When You Die?

News Letter 5853-047    Why are we Looking for Barley at This time of the Year?

News Letter 5853-048    What time is it Mr Wolf?

News Letter 5853-049    The State of the Barley 2018

News Letter 5853-050    I am Keeping the Feasts


News Letter 5852-001    The Barley is Aviv Or the Barley is not Aviv. That is the question

News Letter 5852-002    The New Year is Now Declared

News Letter 5852-003    Until when will they not attain purity?

News Letter 5852-004    The Foot Washing Memorial

News Letter 5852-005    Why Do We Need Barley? Where is it Commanded?

News Letter 5852-006    Why is Unleavened Bread only 7 days and not 8?

News Letter 5852-007    Go Get My People and Bring them to this Mountain

News Letter 5852-008    The Liberty Pole – Where do you Stand?

News Letter 5852-009    Do Not Grieve the Holy Spirit

News Letter 5852-010    Why is Shavuot called the Feast of Oaths?

News Letter 5852-011    Hezekiah’s Passover

News Letter 5852-012    I Yehovah your God am a Jealous God

News Letter 5852-013    Song of Solomon at Shavuot & The Tallit

News Letter 5852-014    World Events Following Bible Prophecy to a Tee

News Letter 5852-015    Do You Wear Your Wedding Ring?

News Letter 5852-016    The World Seeks  A Sign

News Letter 5852-017    Covenant Made With Many-Involves You

News Letter 5852-018    Love Will Overcome Hate

News Letter 5852-019    She Chose the Good Fruit not the Evil One

News Letter 5852-020    Oholah and Oholibah, Come Out of Her my People

News Letter 5852-021    Mourning, Complaining and Not Being in Control

News Letter 5852-022    Can We Know the Times and Seasons?

News Letter 5852-023    The Christmas Story-Understanding the Truth

News Letter 5852-024    Migdal Eder & the Birth of Messiah

News Letter 5852-025    Hebrew Calendar or Crescent Moon-What does the bible say?

News Letter 5852-026    10 Days Of Awe (Just 7-1/2 Years away)

News Letter 5852-027    Gather the People

News Letter 5852-028    Why Do we Keep the Day of Atonement

News Letter 5852-029    Watch, for you do not know the day or hour

News Letter 5852-030    Why Do we Keep the 8Th Day? & The Burundi Report

News Letter 5852-031    Chanukah – Yes and No Learn the Truth

News Letter 5852-032    Herding Cats

News Letter 5852-033    Trump – Come out of her my people

News Letter 5852-034    Good, Good, Good Vibrations

News Letter 5852-035    The Real Terrorist of Haifa is Yehovah

News Letter 5852-036    E=MC2-The Frequency of Light

News Letter 5852-037    D-Day December 19, 2016

News Letter 5852-038    It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Hanukah

News Letter 5852-039    The Blind Man & Father Time

News Letter 5852-040    Come Out Of Her MY People

News Letter 5852-041    Coming Crash or Boom???

News Letter 5852-042    God helps those who help themselves

News Letter 5852-Extra  Baal Peor-Trump and the UN-Paris Agreement

News Letter 5852-043    The Ripening

News Letter 5852-044    Between the evenings

News Letter 5852-045    End of the Sabbatical Year-Bow Your Ear

News Letter 5852-046    TaskMasters

News Letter 5852-047    So It Begins

News Letter 5852-048    The Barley Is….

News Letter 5852-049    Where is the 13th month found in the bible?

News Letter 5852-050    3 days and 3 nights – What do they mean?

News Letter 5851-001    New Year 5851 Feast Schedule of events

News Letter 5851-002    Tet-What Goes Around, Comes Around

News Letter 5851-003    But Passover is on the Sabbath, now what do I do?

News Letter 5851-004    Which place of Safety are You going to?

News Letter 5851-005    That’s the way it is!

News Letter 5851-006    The Famine of the Word

News Letter 5851-007    Kaf- Clean and Unclean food

News Letter 5851-008    Lamed-Yehovah Our Redeemer

News Letter 5851-009    Serat-Serot-Leprosy

News Letter 5851-010    Noon-Cycles of Righteousness

News Letter 5851-011    Why we Seven Ourselves

News Letter 5851-012    Choosing to be First Fruits of the Kingdom

News Letter 5851-013    ray-sheeth – Your very best First Fruits offering

News Letter 5851-014     Yehovah our Elohim is one Yehovah

News Letter 5851-015    Yehovah our Elohim is one Yehovah-Part 2

News Letter 5851-016    Rosh Hashannah, Not Kosher

News Letter 5851-017    Yes, you can be Gay and Christian

News Letter 5851-018    Chanukah The Day of the Wedding

News Letter 5851-019    How Can I Observe the Sabbath Without a Congregation?

News Letter 5851-020    You Shall Teach Them to Your Children

News Letter 5851-021    Dehioth Rules & The Metonic 19 Year Cycles-Why 6 Million Jews were Killed

News Letter 5851-022    How Do you Keep The Sabbath Holy

News Letter 5851-023    Tzaraat, Gan Eden, and the Age to Come

News Letter 5851-024    Feast of Trumpets 2015 – What does it mean?

News Letter 5851-025    The Wall Street Waltz

News Letter 5851-026    Should You Fast on The Day of Atonement?

News Letter 5851-027    Teshuvah Turning back to Yehovah

News Letter 5851-028    The Invasion of Europe – The Hunters Gather

News Letter 5851-029    Yom Teruah-A Day and Hour No One Knows

News Letter 5851-030    They Will Have Dominion Over You

News Letter 5851-031    The Day of Atonement

News Letter 5851-032    Philippines Report #1 Greg Cronkite

News Letter 5851-033    The Philippines Report – Joseph Dumond

News Letter 5851-034    Preparation Day- Why Bother?

News Letter 5851-035    Hating your Brother and Hypocrisy go Hand in Hand

News Letter 5851-036    Boy Play for a bottle of Wine

News Letter 5851-037    Rabbi Rashi – A Brilliant article

News Letter 5851-038    We are at War

News Letter 5851-039    Have You Been Deceived by Channukah, Also?

News Letter 5851-040    Looking into the Eyes of Molech

News Letter 5851-041    Russia in the Middle East

News Letter 5851-042    The Frog in the Pot That Will Not Repent

News Letter 5851-043    This is a Test

News Letter 5851-044    News Years Day- Father Time

News Letter 5851-045    Do you see the Signs & Wonders Yehovah is doing?

News Letter 5851-046    Pandora’s Box

News Letter 5851-047    The Great Falling Away & The Flat Earth Lie

News Letter 5851-048    The Name Jesus & Respect for the Office of Yehovah

News Letter 5851-049    You’ve Read The 2300 Days of Hell – Now What Are You Going to Do?

News Letter 5851-050    The Barley 2016

News Letter 5851-051    Tekufah – Equinox

News Letter 5851-052    Is the Sabbath 12 or 24 hours Long?

News Letter 5851-053    Why Does the Land Need to Rest?

News Letter 5851-054    The Barley is Aviv Or the Barley is not Aviv. That is the question.

New Letter 5850-001 Special Prayer of the 7th of Aviv

News Letter 5850-002 Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday Prove the Sabbath was not changed

News Letter 5850-003 Blood-moons Earth-day 8th-day

News Letter 5850-004 Passover 2014 in Jerusalem

News Letter 5850-005 Prostituting Our Daughters

News Letter 5850-006 Today is the 19th day of the Counting of fifty-days

News Letter 5850-007 Your House is on Fire, What Do You Do?

News Letter 5850-008 The Sabbatical Year Found in the New Testament

News Letter 5850-009  The Sabbatical Years were kept in the Garden of Eden

News Letter 5850-010 Why Let the land go Fallow Anyway?

News Letter 5850-011 Feast of Oaths 2014

News Letter 5850-012 Which Calendar did Yehshua Use?

News Letter 5850-013 Who were the Essenes?

News Letter 5850-014 The Heresy of the Enoch Calendar

News Letter 5850-015 Move Your Feet the Meeking of a Horse

News Letter 5850-016 What Year did the Temple Fall 68, 69 or 70 CE

News Letter 5850-017 The Four Horsemen 19 Proofs of the Sabbatical Years

News Letter 5850-018 Just Another Coincident-NOT!

News Letter 5850-019 Abraham Boaz and Ruth Hidden Connections

News Letter 5850-020 He Who Has An Ear Just Do It! SPEAK OUT!

News Letter 5850-021 Islamic State Warns Christians: Convert, Pay Tax, Leave or Die

News Letter 5850-022 Afflicting our soul part 1 – Balaams Ass

News Letter 5850-023 The Two Goats, Yehshua and Satan

News Letter 5850-024 The Pope and ISIS in Prophecy

News Letter 5850-025 The Little Red Hen – Exodus 23 and Forgiveness

News Letter 5850-026 The Birthday of Yehshua-The Feast of Yom Teruah

News Letter 5850-027 Teshuvah, Tefilla and Tzedakah-Yom Teruah-2014

News Letter 5850-028 Fall Holy Day Season in Prophecy

News Letter 5850-029 Hag Semeach To Each of You

News Letter 5850-030 Jerusalem-Sukkot-2014

News Letter 5850-031 Divine Appointments

News Letter 5850-032 Chanukah and The Feast of Dedication

News Letter 5850-033 The Meaning of The Eighth Day Feast-Part One-Wisdom & Righteousness

News Letter 5850-034 The Meaning of The Eighth Day Feast-Pt 2-That I May Dwell With Them

News Letter 5850-035 The Meaning of The Eighth Day Feast-Pt 3-Hell

News Letter 5850-036 The Meaning of The Eighth Day Feast-Pt 4 Heaven

News Letter 5850-037 The Meaning of The Eighth Day Feast-Pt 5 Shavuot, Trumpets, Jubilee

News Letter 5850-038 The Meaning of The Eighth Day Feast-Pt 6 The Menorah

News Letter 5850-039 The Meaning of The Eighth Day Feast-Pt 7 Meaning of the Menorah

News Letter 5850-040 The Meaning of the Eighth Day Feast-Pt 8 Sukkot

News Letter 5850-041 The Meaning of the Eighth Day Feast -Pt 9 Written in the Stars

News Letter 5850-042 That Still Small Voice-What is it?

News Letter 5850-043 Getting Started

News Letter 5850-044 Aleph-The Strength of the Torah s the Word

News Letter 5850-045 Bet – The Strength of the House is the Father

News Letter 5850-046 Gimel – What Goes Around, Comes Around -This hump or that one

News Letter 5850-047 Dalet-I am the Door

News Letter 5850-048 Hei-Breath of Life is at the Door

News Letter 5850-049 Vav-Behold the Man-Yehovah’s bridge to the Treasure

News Letter 5850-050  Zayin-Cutting the Aleph-Tav to Shreds

News Letter 5850-051 Selah-Aleph-Tav and why we are doing this

News Letter 5850-052  Cxet-Fence Sitting-Rosh Hashanah

News Letter 5849-001 Happy New Year 5849

News Letter 5849-002  Trying to Reflect on Passover Without Crying

News Letter 5849-003  The 7th Day of the Month of Aviv-Speacial Prayer time

News Letter 5849-004  Final Preparations Days & Health Hazards of A HIgh Fruit Diet

News Letter 5849-005  The Cyprus Collapse and how it is going to affect you

News Letter 5849-006  Today Israel Crossed the Red Sea four Video on the History of Israel

News Letter 5849-007  Feast of Oaths

News Letter 5849-008  Saving Your Butt or Doing a Work-Noah in the 2nd Month

News Letter 5849-009  Are You Sinning by Tithing?

News Letter 5849-010   Famine Pestilence and Parasites.

News Letter 5849-011   Uh O Canada!

News Letter 5849-012   Born Again and Shavuot

News Letter 5849-013   Feast of Oath, Have we kept our Oath?

News Letter 5849-014   Read this Proclamation for Shavuot

News Letter 5849-015   Seven Days of Purification and Then on the Eighth Day….

News Letter 5849-016   How do you turn a Cat Around?

News Letter 5849-017   By Grace You Are Saved THROUGH FAITH – What does this mean?

News Letter 5849-018   It is not the Faith “IN” God that saves you!!! Emunah of God does.

News Letter 5849-019   The Demons Believe in Yehovah Like you. So what is the difference?

News Letter 5849-020 Understand, Paul Did not do away with Torah, Translators Did.

News Letter 5849-021 The Covenant Made with many for one Week

News Letter 5849-022 The 9th of Av-Should SDA keep the Feast-The lack of Respect

News Letter 5849-023 The Fastest Growing Threat-Islam

News Letter 5849-024 Islam the religion of Rape and Sex Slaves

News Letter 5849-025 The Hunters Come

News Letter 5849-026 The 40 days of Repentance Begin now

News Letter 5849-027 Where do we get this tradition of the 40 Days of Repentance

News Letter 5849-028 I am YEHOVAH; and beside me there is no SAVIOR This is your Wake Up Call.

News Letter 5849-029 Day and Hour of His Coming, the Ignorant Can not Know

News Letter 5849-030 The Start of the Ten Days of Awe after Shabbat

News Letter 5849-031 Welcome to Shabbat Shuva

News Letter 5849-032 Day of Atonement- To Fast or not to Fast-That is the question.

News Letter 5849-033 Sukkot 2013

News Letter 5849-034 The Face Book Feast Site-The Best Ever

News Letter 5849-035 Moses Died 2 Years before they Crossed the Jordan

News Letter 5849-036 H.W. Armstrong Declared the Month Began with the Sighted moon.Now what are you going to do?

News Letter 5849-037 New Moon or Conjunction Moon at Sukkot 2013

News Letter 5849-038 Messiah and the Crimson Worm

News Letter 5849-039 Bela or Zoar, which are you?

News Letter 5849-040 Tombstones of Hannah and Hasadiah the Priest

News Letter 5849-041  “YEAH BUT… JESUS KEPT CHANUKAH!” SEE JOHN 10:22

News Letter 5849-042  The Curses & Why The Sabbatical and Jubilee Years are so Important | Part 1

News Letter 5849-043  Why is it wrong to buy and sell on the Sabbath and Holy Days? And how that compares to the Sabbatical Year.

News Letter 5849-044  Seven Things to Keep the Sabbatical Years Holy in 2016

News Letter 5849-045 Tis the Season for the Festival of Lights.

News Letter 5849-046 What is the New Year really all about?

News Letter 5849-047 Why Use the Conjunction Moon to Begin the Month???

News Letter 5849-048 Rabbi Kaduri was Right

News Letter 5849-049 A Look at the History of Postponement Rules

News Letter 5849-050 An Extremely Special Announcement

News Letter 5849-051 Repenting of What? Saved by Grace?

News Letter 5849-052 LGBT Human Rights & Ba’al Peor

News Letter 5849-053 Where does it say we need barley to start the new year?

News Letter 5849-054 The Last Supper

News Letter 5849-055 The Barley is not Aviv Adar-bet is declared

News Letter 5849-056 What is the Gospel?

News Letter 5849-057 The Sabbatical Years are not just for when you’re in The Land of Israel

News Letter 5849-058 Sightedmoon 8th Year Annual Report

News Letter 5849-059 The Zeroah of Yehovah

News Letter 5849-060 6 Blood Moons-4 Solar Eclipses-3 Years in a Row. What Does It All Mean?

News Letter 5848-001 Chodesh Ha-Aviv, Happy New Moon Day of the Month of Aviv, And Happy New Year; Rosh Hashannah

News Letter 5848-002 Which Day is the Passover Meal on? Understanding the Chronology.

News Letter 5848-003 Ben Ha Arbayim or Between the Evenings-When is it?

News Letter 5848-004 Did Yehshua Eat Leaven Bread of Unleavened Bread on the Night He was betrayed?

News Letter 5848-005 The Wave Sheaf

News Letter 5848-006 Why is the 7th Day of Unleavened Bread Holy? What does this mean?

News Letter 5848-007 The Debt Bomb & Pension cut backs or Help Build a Farm in Israel

News Letter 5848-008 The 17th Day of Counting the Omer and the Jubilee cycle

News Letter 5848-009 He Prepares a Place for You & Why Germany is interested in Syria

News Letter 5848-010 Learning Hebrew in the Land of Israel & Returning to Eden

News Letter 5848-011 Why do we keep Pentecost, or Shavuot?

News Letter 5848-012 The Serpent Was More Subtle or Pentecostalism Orgasm

News Letter 5848-013 The Covenant and A Federalist Europe under Germany & the book of Jude

News Letter 5848-014 Does Your Spirit Lust After the Flesh or Does it Seek Yehovah’s Holy Spirit?

News Letter 5848-015 Blessings and Cursings come From the Tongue

News Letter 5848-016 George Washington’s Prophetic Vision

News Letter 5848-017 Israel Farm Update & The First Commandment in the Original Wording

News Letter 5848-018 The Second Commandment

News Letter 5848-019 The Darkness of Abraham’s Sleep

News Letter 5848-020 An Enema in a Size 12 Steel Toe Boot!

News Letter 5848-021 Remember-Engrave It In Your Hand-Treasure it above all else

News Letter 5848-022 Pastors and Priests; Are you ready to break the drought curse

News Letter 5848-023 Boaz’s Vineyard, will now be a Reality

News Letter 5848-024 Honour and Respect-The 5th Commandment

News Letter 5848-025 Preparing the Furnace- Are you ready for the trials-Forgiving of Debt- Or Not

News Letter 5848-026 The Meaning of The Feast of Trumpets & Daniel’s Prophecy in Our 3 1/2 year Torah Study

News Letter 5848-027 Feast of Trumpets and 10 Days of Awe

News Letter 5848-028 The End of the Ten Days of Awe. The Day of Atonement

News Letter 5848-029 Computer Crash

News Letter 5848-030 New Moon of the Seventh Month Spotted. Shout it Out.

News Letter 5848-031 EU President- Shuva & Atonement – Song of Solomon

News Letter 5848-032 The Farm Report From The Land of Israel

News Letter 5848-033 Our Week On the Farm Before Sukkot

News Letter 5848-034 How to Keep the Sabbath Holy and Why the Preparation Day

News Letter 5848-035 The Sixth Commandment, More than Meets the eye

News Letter 5848-036 You Have Murdered Your Brother Because you did nothing to help Him

News Letter 5848-037 Prophecy is Happening right now on the world scene

News Letter 5848-038 The Seventh Commandment

News Letter 5848-039 The Festival of Lights; Do we have to Deal with this again?

News Letter 5848-040 You Worship Molech by setting up your Tree or Chanukah

News Letter 5848-041 The Forgiveness & Redemptive Power of Yehovah

News Letter 5848-042 Part 3 of the Seventh Commandment

News Letter 5848-043 About the End of the World

News Letter 5848-044 Joseph of Arimathea

News Letter 5848-045 Where did the Apostles Go? & Part 2

News Letter 5846-046 The Eighth Commandment

News Letter 5846-047 The Widow and the Orphan

News Letter 5846-048 The Nineth Commandment

News Letter 5848-049 Are You Ready for Cannibalism? It is allowed in Sharia Law!

News Letter 5848-050 The Tenth Commandment Turbulent Waters

News Letter 5848-051 When is Passover? The 13th or 14th or 15th

News Letter 5848-052 Fleeing at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.

News Letter 5848-053 Do we go by Ripe Barley of by the Equinox?

News Letter 5848-054 What is the Importance of the wave sheaf offering?

News Letter 5848-055 Thinking about His Mercy as we Deleaven our Homes

News Letter 5848-056 Barley has Been Found making the next New Moon the New Year!

News Letter 5847-001 Happy New Year 2011- 5847 year after the Creation of Adam

News Letter 5847-002 The Ten Horns and Our Two Israel Tours this year

News Letter 5847-003 Foot Washing and the Order of the events of Passover

News Letter 5847 004 Should we Kill a lamb for Passover? Absolutely not. Learn why not.

News Letter 5847-005 The Wave Offering

News letter 5847-006 7th Day of Unleavened Bread

News Letter 5847-007 But you did not turn back to Me,” declares ????.

News Letter 5847-008 It is time for Yehovah to Act & Naboth’s Blasphemy Then and Now

News Letter 5847-009 Living waters and Quenching the Spirit

News Letter 5847-010 If you Owe the Bank Whos In Trouble? It Depends

News Letter 5847-011 Proving the Sabbatical years of 162-161BC Another Test Commandment

News Letter 5847-012 If you no longer have to keep the law then why are you keeping Pentecost?

News Letter 5847-013 Pentecost, The giving of the Law and of Spirit, both of them Mean the same thing

News Letter 5847-014 The 4th Commandment is Testing You. Are you Passing or Failing? Are you Sure?

News Letter 5847 015 Enter by the Door of the Shepherd & The Coins of the Geulah Years

News Letter 5847-016 The 70 Shebuah and Correcting Misleading Teachings

News Letter 5847-017 The Shepherds Over Israel & Where Martha, Mary and Lazarus went

News Letter 5847-018 The House of Shammai and the House of Hillel

News Letter 5847-019 And this shall be the sign for you; blessed are you if you do them

News Letter 5847-020 Judah has made Ephraim more righteous by all her abominations. Follow Judah’s way if you dare!!!!

News Letter 5847-021 Waters turn to Blood In Texas & Double Dip Recession or Depression & Yehovah says Do not Pray for them!

News Letter 5847-022 Did Yehshua replace the law with Grace?

News Letter 5847-023 You cannot keep Torah-Another Christian Lie! & The secrets of The Dome of the Rock and Golgotha

News Letter 5847-024 Who has the right to Baptise new believers??

News Letter 5847-025 Are you Marked and Sealed by Yehovah? How you keep the Sabbath or not shows you the answer

News Letter 5847-026 Libya, Egypt, 9/11 and White Genocide South Africa-All explained in the Sabbatical cycles

News Letter 5847-027 What do The Ten Days of Awe mean? T’Shuva, Repentance and Isaiah 66

News Letter 5847-028 The Day of Atonement & The End of the Great Tribulation According to the Sabbatical Cycles

News Letter 5847-029 New Moon of the Seventh Month 2011

News Letter 5847-030 The Marriage Week And Sukkot according to the Sabbatical Cycles

News Letter 5847-031 The Eighth Day & Nobel Prize & Leprousy

News Letter 5847-032 Do Not Add Too Torah, & Do Not Do as the Heathen Do

News Letter 5847-033 The Foolish Virgins, are you one of them?

News Letter 5847-034 Examples of Wise Virgins Speaking out

News Letter 5847-035 The Book of Acts…..The Rest of the Story

News Letter 5847-036 A Love Letter to Lyla

News Letter 5847-037 Speaking Things Hard to Understand, Which the Unlearned and Unstable twist to their Own Destruction

News Letter 5847-038 Being Sealed by Yehovah and The Coming of the Enlightened One Nimrod

News Letter 5847-039 Hochen a Hanukah Hair Ball

News Letter 5847-040 The Euro Debt Bomb is leading to War

News Letter 5847-041 A love of all things Jewish

News Letter 5847-042 Simon Bar-Kokhba The Messiah or “Ben-Kusiba The False Messiah

News Letter 5847-043 The False teaching of Daniels Seventy Weeks by Rabbi Jose and other Christian Teachers

News letter 5847-044 You never know you’ve been asleep till you wake up. & Daniel 9:25-27

News Letter 5847-045 IT IS WRITTEN in the Ketuba

News Letter 5847-046 Love Letters from Israel

News Letter 5847-047 Are you a motzi sheim ra, Speading Lashon Ha-ra

News Letter 5847-048 The Curses of the Exodus took place in the First Sabbatical cycle in 1386 BC

News Letter 5847-049 It is the Ripe Barley and New Cresent Sighted Moon that determines the New Year and nothing else.

News Letter 5847-050 Moses 120 Years and Deleavening our Homes and our minds.

News Letter 5847-051 Deleavening your home and marriage and Soul which can die if you do not

News Letter 5847-052 Yehshua’s 3 Prayers, Death & Captivity And When a loved one dies then what

News Letter 5847-053 Agenda 21; The Covenant confirmed with many for 1 Shabua Dan 9:27

News Letter 5846-001 Happy New Year 2010

News Letter 5846-002 Nefertiti and the Red Sea Crossing & Our First Triennial Torah Reading

News Letter 5846-003 Be Brave & A Land of Milk and Honey

News Letter 5846-004 Passover 2010 Being Meeked The Seprent of the Garden of Eden

News Letter 5846-005 You Are Blaspheming the Name of Yahovah by not going Home!!! IT IS TIME TO GO.

News Letter 5846-006 Moses Right Hand and How Noah Knew of The Flood

News Letter 5846-007 Financial Appeal

News Letter 5846-008 A False Teaching Abounds in Messianic Circles

News Letter 5846-009 Do You Have The Fear of Yahovah?

News Letter 5846-010 Dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark- King David’s Empire-What is Sin?

News Letter 5846-011 Europe’s Economic Rescue and Gulf Oil as Blood

News Letter 5846-012 Pentecost and World Financial Struggles are leading to War

News Letter 5846-013 Terah, Abram & Haran

News Letter 5846-014 The Edomites begin to Unite and the World Financial picture continues to crumble

News Letter 5846-015 Esau & Ishmael in Prophecy And Why Your Prayer may be an Abomination to Yahovah

News Letter 5846-016 False teachings exposed and To tithe or not to tithe.

News Letter 5846-017 The Rapture and Left Behind Lie Unvieled

News Letter 5846-018 Healing in the Name of Satan

News Letter 5846-019 Hospitality and Shibboleth And Simon Magus

News Letter 5846-020 New Moon 5th Month 5846 AC

News Letter 5846-021 Gossip and Sex are Like Leaven and A wolf licking a bloodied Knife

News Letter 5846-022 9th of Av 2010

News Letter 5846-023 All the Kings Horses And All the Kings Men could not Stop Hyperinflation from coming again

News Letter 5846-024 Last Week’s News Letter Confimred by Hard Facts-Hyperinflation Cannot be Avoided Beyond 2014

News Letter 5846-025 The Quest for Qabalah, a Trip to the Dark Side and Witchcraft

News Letter 5846-026 New Moon 6th Month 5846 AC 2010 CE

News Letter 5846-027 Queen Jezebel and the Quest for Qabalah & Repentance and Making a Vow

News Letter 5846-028 Yom Teruah; Also the Growing Food Shortage

News Letter 5846-029 The Ten Days of Awe & Praying for Justice

News Letter 5846-030 Atonement, Sharia Law in Prophecy, and Yahovah’s Law

News Letter 5846-032 May Your Name be Written in the Book of Life & The Pill

News Letter 5846-033 Yom Teruah 2010

News Letter 5846-034 Shabbat Shuva & The Pill in Noah’s Day

News Letter 5846-035 Memories of Sukkot 2010 and Following the Oral Law

News Letter 5846-036 Muslim Brotherhood ‘declares war’ on U.S.

News Letter 5846-037 The Unholy Mixing of Seed

News Letter 5846-038 Thou Shalt Grow a Beard! Really? & Judah the Lawgiver?

News Letter 5846-039 Tonsuring or Shaving the Head and the Kipa

News Letter 5846-040 Which Torah Did Moses Teach, Oral or Written, and Golgatha

News Letter 5846-041 Chanukah Is Mithraism and Why You Need to be Re-baptised

News Letter 5846-042 Our Father’s Name Yahovah and The Sepulchre of David

News Letter 5846-043 Abortion and The Worship of Molech-One and the Same

News Letter 5846-044 10th New Moon Sighted December 2010

News Letter 5846-045 O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum du bist ein edler Zweig!

News Letter 5846-046 The 12 Tribes of Israel Farm Project

News Letter 5846-047 Why The Farm-Because of Prophecy. Yehshua kept The Sabbath when?

News Letter 5846-048 Saturnalia, New Year, Becoming as a Child, City of Refuge

News Letter 5846-049 The Law of Niddah Part 1 & Under the Shadow of YHWH’s Wings: The Tallit


News Letter 5846-051 Where is the famine that was to come in 2010?

News Letter 5846-052 The Prophecy of Niddah

News Letter 5846-053 Food Crisis 2011

News Letter 5846-054 Many shall stumble, and they shall deliver up one another, and shall hate one another

News Letter 5846-055 The Egyptian Crisis and where it is found in Prophecy-The 3rd Sabbatical cycle

News Letter 5846-056 Germany and Israel are now Allies

News Letter 5846-057 When is the First Month and when does it start? Germany Watching It’s Southern Sea

News Letter 5846-058 If You Love Me Keep the Commandments.

News Letter 5846-059 THE ELECT; WHO ARE THEY? ARE YOU ONE OF THEM? How do you Know?

News Letter 5846-061 The Farm in Israel Project

News Letter 5846-062 Yehovah Laughs at Your Calamity and Mocks You When your Terror Comes

News Letter 5846-063 Iran Checks the USA and is about to declare checkmate And there is nothing the USA can do

News Letter 5846-064 Jerusalem, Jerusalem How I Would have gathered you under my wings

News Letter 5845-001  Shanah Tovah! 5845 Years After Creation, The Sabbatical Year, The Year of Release

News Letter 5845-002  Witnesses Have Come Forward

News Letter 5845-003  Counting the 30 Days of Ezekiel and the 30 Days of Noah

News Letter 5845-004  Exodus, The Death of YAhshua, The Beast is Rising, Exposing a False Teaching

News Letter 5845-005  The seventh Year Tithe, The Forgiveness of Debts, The Reading of the Law

News Letter 5845-006  Drought & Food Prices, You are now a Terrorist, The Swine Flu Outbreak and the Prophecies of Abraham-Famine

News Letter 5845-007  Second Month of the Sabbatical Year 5845

News Letter 5845-008  Swine Flu and Abraham’s Prophecy- Judgment

News Letter 5845-009  Prophecy of Abraham-War and the Birth of Ishmael

News Letter 5845-010  Prophecy of Abraham The Invasion of Judah

News Letter 5845-011  How Many of the Messianic Brethren are about to be Deceived

News Letter 5845-013  When Abraham Flees Haran

News Letter 5845-014  Bozrah-The Sheep Folds of Yahshua

News Letter 5845-015 The Prophecy of Issachar and the Stars and the Secret Place Acubene

News Letter 5845-016  More on the Return of Ephraim

News Letter 5845-017  New Moon Report Fourth Month 5845

News Letter 5845-018  700 Scriptures of Yahweh’s Promises for You In The Land

News Letter 5845-019  9th of Av Fast and the Infiltrating of Egypt And Paul and Colossians 2:16

News Letter 5845-020  H1N1, California I.O.U.’s, and Law and Grace

News Letter 5845-021  The War: Grace vs. Law And ‘Between the Troubles’

News Letter 5845-022  New Moon Sighted, Solar Eclipse “Between the Troubles”, Law and Grace – Galatians explained

News Letter 5845-023  9th of Av Fast and Abraham Lincolns Fast, Grace And Law From Romans

News Letter 5845-024  Pneumonic Plague the Most Deadliest And the Healing Oils of the Bible

News Letter5845-025  Avi ben Mordechai on Law and Grace, Essential Oils, Cannibalism

News Letter 5845-026  Repent of What? I am saved by Grace, why should I repent?

News Letter 5845-027  Heaven or Hell Which one are you going to? Are You Sure?

News Letter 5845-028  1st Day of Sixth Month and 40 Days of Repentance

News Letter 5845-029  The 40 Days of Repentance and Demonic attacks at this time.

News Letter 5845-030  Reading of Torah and Forgiveness of Debts at Shmettah and How Yahshua’s Birth almost Caused a Major War

News Letter 5845-031  The Messiah’s Name is Written in the Tanach many times

News Letter 5845-032  Essential Oils #5 and Economic News

News Letter 5845-033  King David A Man After the Heart of Yahweh, Knew who Yahshua is

News Letter 5845-034  Circumcision and Redemption-Atonement and Passover

News Letter 5845-035  The New Moon of the Seventh Month Has been Sighted Blow the Shofar

News Letter 5845-036  Shabbat Shuva 2009 & Churches of God Admit to Sighted Moon

News Letter 5845-037  Is The Day of Atonement A Fast Day? Most assuredly Yes it is!

News Letter 5845-038  The Doctrine of Balaam

News Letter 5845-039  Eighth New Moon 5845

News Letter 5845-040  The Feast in Jerusalem 2009-Simply Awesome

News Letter 5845-041  Halloween One of the Eight Pagan Sabbaths & Part of Sun God Worship

News Letter 5845-042  The Blessings and Curses

News Letter 5845-043  The Prodigal Son

News Letter 5845-046  The Assyrian invasion and deportation of the Ten Tribes

News Letter 5845-047  The Decline and Fall of Assyria and How Did the Israelites Became Known as Celts and Saxons?

News Letter 5845-048  The Truth That Channukah Hides, The Location of the Temple, The Sabbatical Years, The Identity of 300 Spartans

News Letter 5845-050  The Approaching Food Crisis and Putting On Righteousness

News Letter 5845-051  When is the New Year and Our Awesome Scottish Heritage

News Letter 5845-052  Ulsters Red Hand & Wake Up America

News Letter 5845-053  Where is that King of Judah today That Yahweh Promised would aways be there?

News Letter 5845-054  Haiti’s EarthQuake, Holland, Spanish, Belgium, Scandinavia, Sweden & Norwegian Ancestry and some of India , China and Afghanistan

News Letter 5845-055  Israel You Are Not My People This is why We Fast and Pray

News Letter 5845-056  Many Witnesses Prove The Cresecent Moon Is How You Start The Month

News Letter 5845-057  The Prodigal Son & A Nuclear Iran in Prophecy

News Letter 5845-058  The 12th New Moon and the Release of the Prophecies of Abraham

News Letter 5845-059  The Hunters and The Fishers. The Hunters Cometh!

News Letter 5845-060  Purim, US Finacial Debt Worsens, It is my Brother whom I am Seeking

News Letter 5845-061  The Pride of Ephraim

News Letter 5845-062  Hardening of your Heart & The Barly is Aviv 2010

News Letter 5844-001  Shanah Tovah! Happy New Year! 5844

News Letter 5844-002  How Yahshua Died and the Growing Food Crisis

News Letter 5844-003  Current Events. The Year Abraham Made the Covenant and Joshua Entered the Promised Land

News Letter 5844-004  The Hidden Meaning of Pentecost

News Letter 5844-005  Daniel’s Fast, The Mark of Yahweh and the Mark of Satan

News Letter 5844-006  Helping our Brother, Who You Following? and the Curse of Terrorism

News Letter 5844-007  The Second Curse, Drought & Famine Prophecy as it happens.

News Letter 5844-008  The Third Curse, Pestilence

News Letter 5844-009  Review of News Letters in preparation of the Sword

News Letter 5844-010  Blood Moons and the precursor to War

News Letter 5844-011  Captivity and Cannibalism The Fifth Curse

News Letter 5844-012  Understanding the 10 Days Of Awe

News Letter 5844-013  Exactly when are the Two Sticks of Israel joined together? 2030!

News Letter 5844-014  Why Israel Returns to the Land in 2030 and Why they Leave Again, and How the Two Witnesses Cause this to Happen

News Letter 5844-015  The Holy Ground and When Michael Stands Down

News Letter 5844-016  The Seventy Shabuwa, The Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9

News Letter 5844-017  What is a Prophet and Who is Elijah?

News Letter 5844-018  How to Repent From Breaking the Sabbatical year

News Letter 5844-019  Mortgage Crisis, No Man can Know the Day or the Hour, Why?

News Letter 5844-020 List of Banks on the going bust list

News Letter 5844-021  Various Escape Clauses people use in order not to Obey the Sabbath, The Holy Days and the Sabbatical years

News Letter5844-022  THE HALLELUJAH DIET

News Letter 5844-023  How to Keep the Sabbatical Year today in our Life

News Letter 5844-024  New Moon Sighted & How Know when to Start the Month Biblically & More Bank Failures

News Letter 5844-025  The Sign, The Seal, and the Secret

News Letter 5844-026  Christian, Jew or Notzrim, What does the Bible and History say about them?

News Letter 5844-027  How Satan Has Changed Times and Laws, Financial Crisis get bigger, Famine & Pestilence Looming,

News Letter 5844-028  Economic Hurricane and the Eighth Day Millennium

News Letter 5844-029  Yom Teruah 2008

News Letter 5844-030  Two Major Crashes and one State is about to go Bankrupt, at the Appointed time

News Letter 5844-031  States and Countries going Bankrupt. And Shabbat Shuva The Year of Return

News Letter 5844-032  Sukkot in Jerusalem 2008 and Its Dangers

News Letter 5844-033  The Bond Crisis and the 3rd Curse, The Ten Commandments, The Illuminati falsity, Living with the Unconverted mate

News Letter 5844-034  For Such a Time as This, and Being Grateful and Thankful

News Letter 5844-035  How I am Going to Keep the Sabbatical Years

News Letter 5844-036  Citigroup collapses! Banking Shutdown Possible The Third Curse is Coming

News Letter 5844-037  Bees and the Pagan Lighting of Shabbat Candles

News Letter 5844-038  Chanukah and Its Pagan Traditions

News Letter 5844-039  Continuing to expose the worship of Molech

News Letter 5844-040  What Pagan Sign represents Your Faith?

News Letter 5844-041  Wooden Shoes, Wooden Head, Wooden Listen

News Letter 5844-042  Hunger & Homelessness taking Hold of The USA

News Letter 5844-043  Love and Respect

News Letter 5844-044  Does Yahweh Change or His Punishments Change?

News Letter 5844-045   Current Financial Crisis is here for 10 Years

News Letter 5844-046  Proven Sabbatical Years and When You Come Into the Land

News Letter 5844-047  Third Curse is being Prepared in the Headline News

News Letter 5844-048  If You Thought 2008 Was Bad, Just Wait Until 2009

News Letter 5844-049  Shem and the Execution of Nimrod. A Prophecy for Our Time.

News Letter 5844-050  The Coming Famine and Why we Deleaven our Homes

News Letter 5844-051  The Famine is Already Started

News Letter 5844-052  Twelfth Month New Moon & What was Nailed to the Tree, Not the Law!

News Letter 5844-053  The Month of Abib; Vernal Equinox or Tekufah; California’s Drought and the Great Depression #2 The Panic Begins

News Letter 5844-054  Conjunction or Sighted which? The Return of Yahshua, The Meaning of Valentines and the Government of Nimrod

News Letter 5844-055 The Biblical Calendar Movie & Is the Hebrew Calendar Biblical? Evidence continues to prove it is not.

News Letter 5844-056  New Moon not seen. 3rd Year Tithe, Easter and how it is related to Noah’s Ark.

News letters 5843-001   Sighted Moon day unsure of and Daniel Prophesy Relationship

News letters 5843-002   Determining the possible day of Passover having not seen the moon since November

News letters 5843-003   Excitement of Not knowing. Testing of Faith

News letters 5843-003   New Moon Sighted and the Month is Aviv

News letters 5843-004   Passover message and counting the Omer

News letters 5843-005   The Years of Jubilee

News letters 5843-006  This year of 5843 or the Jewish year 5767 Why the difference? The missing Kings.

News letters 5843-007  The Day the Messiah died in relation to proving the Jubilee years are correct.

News letters 5843-008   Wave sheaf offering, Thief on the cross and going to Heaven when you die, Pentecosts Hidden Meaning

News letters 5843-009   The Eighth Millennium and the Eighth Day Feast. Sunday and Satan. Eighth Day and Jubilee Year

News letters 5843-010   Land Rest Year and Jubilee Years. Does Yahweh consider them important? Where is Israel today.

News letters 5843-011   Conclusion of the counting of the omer and the Jubilee Messages. Now the curses are explained.

News letters 5843-012   The 50th day of Pentecost. How Noah knew the end was when his father died.

News letters 5843-013   My trip to Noahs Ark from the beginning.

News letters 5843-014   Description of Noahs Ark and the Length and width. What is a cubit? The Golden section or Ratio

News letters 5843-015   Noahs Ark the Height Ziggurats and Volume

News letters 5843-016   The Location of Noahs Ark from all sources. Naxuan and Seron. Mt. Judi, Mt. Mashar

News letters 5843-017   What exactly is Gopher wood? Easter Eggs and Doves and the relationship to Noahs Ark

News letters 5843-018   Explanation of How Noah felt warning everyone and only His eight heeded his warning.

News letters 5843-019   Locating the Garden of Eden from scriptures and How it and the temple are related.

News letters 5843-020   New Moon report 5th month

News letters 5843-021   The Serpent of the Garden of Eden and Witchcraft

News letters 5843-022   Ellen G White Kept the Feasts Of Yahweh

News letters 5843-023   The Iron Man Race, Coveting versus Giving Thanks, Encouragement and Endurance

News letters 5843-024   Jubilee Chart and the stock market, Men to remain pure, Calendars Why you need to Know

News letters 5843-025   Letter of Wisdom on Fasting and Prayers

News letters 5843-026   Why you cannot know when Messiah returns and why you can.

News letters 5843-027   The Postponement Rules in Effect, and how they cause you to sin

News letters 5843-028   The Question of the Equinox

News Letter 5843-029   The Mark of the Beast and the Mark of Yahweh.

News letter 5843-030   The Feast of Trumpets Why Judah does not know the meaning of this day.

News Letter 5843-031   The Glory that is contained in the Stars

News Letter 5843-032   Pay it Forward at the Feast this year

News Letter 5843-033   Beit Midrash not enemies

News Letter 5843-034   Zechariahs Prophecy Comes to Life

News Letter 5843-035   The Tallit Prayer Shawl

News Letter 5843-036   Lets Roll, Who will stand in the Gap?

News Letter 5843-037   The Statutes of the House of Omri

News Letter 5843-038   New Moon Update November 11,2007

News Letter 5843-039    The House of Omri written in stone

News Letter 5843-040   The Gentiles Revealed, the Tribe of Manasseh and Ephraim

News Letter 5843-041   The Scots, The Dutch, The Irish Other Tribes. The Yanks

News Letter 5843-042   The Actual Birthday of Yahshua according to the bible

News Letter 5843-043   The Worship of Moloch

News Letter 5843-044   English and Welsh and Hebrew similarities. The royal line of Judah in Britain

News Letter 5843-045   The Stone that Roared

News Letter 5843-046   Joseph of Arimathea

News Letter 5843-047   The King of The South

News Letter 5843-048   The King of the North. Who is He? Daniel 11

News Letter 5843-049   The Whore and The Beast

News Letter 5843-050   The Seven Resurrections of The Fourth Empire

News Letter 5843-051 Germany and Assyria are the Same People

News Letter 5843-052   The Hammer of Thor Which Breaks in Pieces- The Swastika

News Letter 5843-053   The King of the North and the South Unified in Satan

News Letter 5843-054   Speaking tour & Red Sea Crossing

News Letter 5843-056   Prophecy Club Speaking Tour

News Letter 5843-057   Easter and it’s False Teachings and a study on The Prophet Mosheh and the Name of YHWH

News Letter 5843-058   Preparing for the Days of Unleavened Bread

News Letter 5843-059   Third Tithe, Banking Crisis, Food Crisis the Silent Famine