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“The Exodus Story”

On the 7th Day of Unleavened Bread, God wiped Pharoah’s armies out in an instant.

You’re About To Have Your Mind BLOWN!!
What happened to Egypt after the Exodus?
Let us show you the rest of the story.
How did Israel cross over on dry ground
and where exactly is this place?
You are told in Exodus 15. It is right there.
We have video evidence of the chariots
beneath the Red Sea.
They are free to watch with this article.
Who was the Pharoah of the Exodus,
  Nefertiti or Akhenaten?
Who was Pharoah afterwards?
What year did it take place in?
Can we really know any of these things?
What does the Feast of Oaths teach us?
In 2022, I climbed to the top of Mount Sinai. I saw the Golden Calf Altar where Israel sinned. I saw the 70 wells and where Israel came out of the Red Sea.
Let us show you all this and much more.
And It’s FREE!