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– Why do I have to keep “All” of the commandments?

– What does it mean to be saved, REALLY!

– What is the “Mark of the Beast”?

– How come so many bad things happen to believers?

– I’m a good person, but by who’s standard?

Biblical evidence is all around you, everyday!

“Where are you looking for it?”

Finally someone who is not afraid to tell the truth, and who is more interested in his commitment to YHVH then his own personal needs.
James Relf
James Relf
Web Designer / Chef
You have discovered something so very important in the faith based walk of every believer alive in this age. Another piece of "PREPARE TO MEET THY ELOHIM"!
Jane Doe
Lucinda Gibbs Robinson
Joseph has painstakingly ignited the global messianic movement to have a fresh look at YHVH’s instructions on time. His work demanded attention and therefore it was nominated for a Nobel Prize.
Professor Liebenberg
Professor Liebenberg
South Africa

Today’s Bible believers are seeking more! More than just creeds and dogma, today’s believers want to apply the Bible to life by studying to learn, practice, and teach. They want to explore outside of traditional, denominational interpretations by examining the Bible as it was understood by the original writers of the Scriptures. Studying the Scriptures through “Hebrew eyes” enables the Bible believer to enter into the theological, cultural, and historical world contained within its pages and understand its meaning just as it was meant to be understood. By digging deeper into the Scriptures through the original Hebrew language, Sightedmoon grants us a “before” picture with which we can compare to what is being taught today and open our eyes to the Truth that has been brushed aside for a more watered- down version of the modern believers faith. A historical approach to Bible study re-calibrates our spiritual compass; correcting our course for the future by pointing us to the key elements in Scripture that are going to save us from the events yet to come. invites you to take the next step in your walk with your God: to study, to practice, and to teach.

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