The 2300 Days of Hell

Get ready to have your world shaken as Joseph F Dumond shows us the deep and terrifying meanings of the Prophecies contained in your Bible from Daniel 8 and Daniel 9:24-27. Never before has any teacher unravelled these prophecies with proper understanding of Biblical chronology… until now.

These prophecies of Daniel could never be understood until the last days, and they could not be understood until the Sabbatical and Jubilee year cycles as recorded in history were kept and understood. These Sabbatical and Jubilee years are now understood and the prophecy in Daniel 9 along with the 2300 days of Daniel 8 are the most terrifying prophecies that are about to begin.

You have discovered something so very important in the faith-based walk of every believer alive in this age. Another piece of “PREPARE TO MEET THY ELOHIM”!

Lucinda Gibbs Robinson

Finally, someone who is not afraid, to tell the truth, and who is more interested in his commitment to YHVH than his own personal needs.

James Relf

Joseph has painstakingly ignited the global messianic movement to have a fresh look at YHVH’s instructions on time. His work demanded attention and therefore it was nominated for a Nobel Prize.

Professor Liebenberg

What you will learn with this Book

  • Question:  Who are Daniel’s people? They are not just the Jews.

  • Question:  What does your family crest reveal about exactly who you are?

  • Question:  What is the importance of the line of Zera and how does it affect you today?

  • Question:  If the 70 weeks of Daniel was about the 490 years leading up to the Messiah, why do none of the Apostles use it to prove He WAS the Messiah?

  • Question:  When did the 490 year teaching begin and with whom?

  • Question:  What does Daniel’s 70 weeks actually mean?

  • Question:  Why is Daniel’s book only able to be opened in the Last Days?

  • Question:   Did the command in Daniel 9 to go and get His people begin with Artaxerxes and if not, then who?

  • Question:  What is the Milo and when was it rebuilt and by whom?

  • Question:  When does the 2300 days of Daniel 8 begin and when do they end?

  • Question:  Why are the Saints destroyed and not the Temple?

  • Question:  When are the 1260 days and the 1290 days and 1335 days and how are these connected to the 2300 Days of Daniel?

  • Question:  What is the “Covenant made with many?” When did it start and when does it end?

  • Question:  How close are we to the end of mans time on earth and the start of the 7th millennium?

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Modern technology and ancient history come together in the perfect blend.

The “Covenant made with many” ends when the 2300 Days of Hell begins. Few even know when that covenant began, yet we are just a few years away from its end. In this book, Joseph Dumond unravels this information and timeline for us so that we can understand these ancient warnings. This teaching is gut wrenching as you come to understand these emotional and sobering truths. There is a price to pay by those who will not return to the Covenant made with Yehovah at Mount Sinai. The signs are all around us with increased terrorism and wars after 9/11. There will be even more devastation and extremely destructive weather events and, very soon, all out WAR, famine and death. It is time for everyone to learn the truth and return to their Creator.

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A word from the Author


You watch the nightly news. You see ISIS destroying thousand year old civilizations. You hear of the women being captured and raped and sold as slaves. You see the videos of thousands of men being killed as they kneel down in large captive groups.

The news is also talking about riots and Ebola and Bird Flu and then there are these unbelievably large super storms crashing into various coastal regions, as well as huge tornados. The rise of the Arab Nations is prophesied to come in your Bible and you are witnessing it live in real time now.

We are in the 70th week spoken of in Daniel Ch 9. In the middle of that week, we are to be cut off and destroyed. That is just a few short years from now. You are witnessing God raise up an army that is about to come and destroy all that you hold as dear. This is not a fiction or horror story; these are real events that you see on the nightly news foretold to you in your bible that will come to those nations that did not and will not obey God.

Get your copy today so you will know exactly where we are chronologically in this 120th Jubilee cycle and how to prove this from your own Bible.

Get the book, learn the truth and break the curse for not keeping the Sabbatical year.


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