Prophesies of Abraham
The Prophecies of Abraham is a compelling work of prophetic revelation which will keep any serious seeker after truth glued to his or her seat.

The books sounds the alarm for our decadent society like no other book before it. This work is dynamite as it will surely blow most of your cherished preconceptions apart. Joseph Dumond takes his readers on a unique journey that is jam-packed with the most amazing truths you will never before have seen or understood in the same way.

What you will learn with this Book
  • Question: When are all the Sabbatical years throughout history and when is the next Jubilee year?
  • Question: When are all the Jubilee years throughout history?
  • Question: When was the flood and what does it mean as it was in the days of Noah?
  • Question: When was Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed.?
  • Question: When was the covenant made with Abraham?
  • Question: What did Abraham prophesy about?
  • Question: How is Abraham’s life a warning for us in our time now?
    • Question: Where are we in God’s time clock of chronology?
    • Question: Where are the Sabbatical years mentioned in your Bible and in history?
    • Question: What secrets does Joseph’s life reveal about our end time situation?
    • Question: When Yehshua read the Isaiah Scroll was that a Jubilee year?
    • Question: When was the Exodus precisely?
    • Question: What is the end time Beast power and where are they located?
    • Question: Does any of this really matter or is it all done away with?
    You have discovered something so very important in the faith based walk of every believer alive in this age. Another piece of “PREPARE TO MEET THY ELOHIM”!
    Lucinda Gibbs Robinson NC.

    Finally someone who is not afraid to tell the truth, and who is more interested in his commitment to YHVH then his own personal needs.
    James Relf

    Web Admin

    Joseph has painstakingly ignited the global messianic movement to have a fresh look at YHVH’s instructions on time. His work demanded attention and therefore it was nominated for a Nobel Prize.
    Professor Liebenberg South Africa

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    Modern technology and ancient history come together in the perfect blend.

    The Prophecies of Abraham contains an awesome and most specific series of warnings to America and the Western world. Do not miss it, as you need to read this, because it contains a prophetic message that is of upper most importance for you and your family.
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    A word from the Author

    I did not want to write a 5th book. I was convinced of the need to write this one by the many people who would write us and say No Man Knows the Day or the Hour, and therefore you cannot know these end-time prophecies you are teaching in your other books.

    It was always disappointing to see this response as it showed us they would not and could not learn any more than what they had already come to understand at their local church or assembly. They had stopped growing. They had never learned what that expression they so often use actually meant and as such are in great danger of being told by Yehshua that He does not know them.

    In order to prove to you what this Hebrew idiom actually does mean we must look at a few other subjects which will again deepen your understanding of the time when our Messiah was killed and of what is meant by Revelation 12. You will also learn that Yehshua always spoke in parables in public to purposely not reveal the information He was teaching about to the public. He wanted them to remain ignorant because they would not take the time to learn about Him in more detail.

    I hope you are not like that. I hope you will be just like the wise virgins who bought extra oil so that they had it when they needed it.

    Get the book, learn the truth and break the curse for not obeying.

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