The Ten Lost Tribes


Most people have no idea where the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel are, that Yeshua sent His apostles to preach the good news to. By learning what the ancient nations called them Joseph F. Dumond shows us how subsequent nations then referred to them and the names they called them by, which are recorded in all encyclopedias.

But Joseph F. Dumond does even more than this. He then shows us through the use of Heraldry how you can trace all the tribes of Israel down to our present generation using the coat of arms of each tribe. And how many people have these same symbols in their own family crests.

He then also shows us the lineage of Pharez and Zerah and surprises you with the explanation of the Gealic language. This is a must watch video for all people in order to understand to whom the blessing were given and to whom the curse are being given to for not keeping the Torah of Mount Sinai.