The Prophesy in the Law of Niddah


Do you understand the Law of Niddah? Are you aware of the dangers of ignoring when a woman has her menstrual cycle? Are you aware of the fact that you are not to have sex during the time and if you do you can die?

Joseph F. Dumond explains these things to you so that you can understand them and how to use this information for your benefit. But then he goes further and shows us how a women's menstrual cycle is in fact a prophesy about the cycles of war for the national of Israel.

He also shows us when the nation of Israel has these cycles going all the way back to when Adam was created. Knowing when these cycles were in history up to present time now you can see for yourself how deadly they were and will be again in the near future. He then shows us when the next one is to come and what it means to us today. A very sobering teaching for our times now.