The Identity of Assyria


Joseph F. Dumond starts out right at the beginning with Noah and his three children and builds our understanding of the scriptures about "the breaker" and what it means and to who it applies. He then takes us down the road of history as we'll learn about Thor and his mighty hammer and how this god was the main god of the Assyrians.

Joseph will have you enthralled through his meticulous research through history as he unravels this mystery in simple step by step fashion, bring it down to our present day so that you the viewer will understand the times we are in and how this ancient nation of Assyria is once again about to strike a blow the world will not recover from.

Again with the use of Heraldry you will be shown the ancient symbols for Assyria and then you will be shown the modern day use of those same symbols on the national flags of this modern nation. Identifying for those with eyes to see exactly who Assyria is now.