The Curses


Why is the weather so severe? Why are huge storms eclipsed by even greater and more destructive ones after that? Why are diseases heard on the nightly news more and more? Ebola, Bird Flu, Zika, and more to come. Why did we have a "War on Terror" and why does the rest of the world hate us? What is going to happen next? The 4th Sabbatical cycle begins in 2017 and the curse that goes with this cycle is War. Watch for war in North America.

Joseph F. Dumond teaches us the answers to all of these questions and more by explaining the Sabbatical and Jubilee years and showing us when they were in history and from your own Bible and how to prove when the next Sabbatical years are to come. Using the Jubilee years Joseph F Dumond will show you just how close we are to the end of this, the 6th Millennial day and the start of the 7th Millennium.

He then goes even further by showing you the curses that are happening right now on the nightly news because we have not been keeping the Sabbatical years in the past. Truly an eye opening teaching, that once understood opens up many of the prophesies in the bible unlike they have ever been explained to you before.

Get the video today and share it with your family and Church groups so that you can break the curses that come from not obeying.