The 70 Shabua of Daniel


Joseph F. Dumond takes the 70 week prophesy of Daniel 9 and explains to us exactly what it means and what it does not mean. It was never a prophesy about the coming Messiah. Nor does it have anything to do with the Daniel Timeline teaching abounding in many groups today.

Joseph F. Dumond shows us what the Akra and the Milo are as spoken of in this prophesy and other places in the bible and exactly who it was that rebuilt them. By understanding the truth in a chronological order and by starting at the proper place as to when the command to go and get my people began he shows us how the gap theory began and by whom and why it does not hold any water. Only once you see the truth does this gap theory fold up and become the false misleading teaching it always was.

Once you understand who is being spoken of in this prophesy and who is about to return, then you will understand the exciting times right in front of and where we are in relation to those 70 "weeks" better translated as Shabua.