For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet, till her righteousness shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch. – Isaiah 62:1

Many web sites proclaim to tell the truth. At this site you should be able to follow along from your own bible and prove the things that are stated here. Remember it is of no value unless you too can prove it and share it with others. Do not share it if you can not prove it. This only causes confusion.

The articles on this site, will cause many to be offended and yet are provable by the scriptures. It is our own traditions that our fathers taught us that causes us to err. Our fathers have taught us lies. Even after learning about the Sabbath!

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward Joe Dumond At the Feast this year (2004) I came across a middle aged woman who began to talk to me about what it was like to be single with no children and no prospects. After a while I could see that it was turning into a Pity Party, and I began…

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Living With An Unconverted Mate

In May 2003 a United Church of God member asked about literature concerning spouses that are not in the church. Joe Dumond’s spouse is not a church member, and never has been, and many a time is very antagonistic towards the church. I have been baptized since 1983, and started to attend World Wide Churrch…

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Contact Information

If you have comments or questions please write . I will reply as time permits. The Forum area has been closed to all due to the amount of spam and jibberish comments recieved. If your comment is worthy I will post it for you. If you would like me to come to your group…

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The Messiah Was killed by Stoning

The Stoning of Messiah I have asked a few people recently, how did Yahshua die. A couple said He died by Crucifixion. And when I suggested He died by stoning they were adamant that he was crucified. Another said if He did not die by crucifixion then show me the scriptures that said He died…

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The Garden of Eden. Where is it?

The Road to Paradise Published in the Express on Monday, February 8, 1999 By David Rohl The snow-covered dome of the Mountain of God, shrouded in billowing clouds, towered above the old Mongol village known locally as ‘the honeycomb’. Earlier that morning I had set out on a pilgrimage to the Exalted Throne of Yahweh…

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The Eighth Day

A Pastor of the United Church Of God International by the name of Mr. Mark Mickelson, gave a sermon, at the Feast of Tabernacles, in Kelowna BC, in 2003, on the “Eighth Day of the Feast”. It was very profound to me. It opened my understanding to something I had not considered; the return of…

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