For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet, till her righteousness shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch. – Isaiah 62:1

Many web sites proclaim to tell the truth. At this site you should be able to follow along from your own bible and prove the things that are stated here. Remember it is of no value unless you too can prove it and share it with others. Do not share it if you can not prove it. This only causes confusion.

The articles on this site, will cause many to be offended and yet are provable by the scriptures. It is our own traditions that our fathers taught us that causes us to err. Our fathers have taught us lies. Even after learning about the Sabbath!

Excitement of Not knowing. Testing of Faith

——————————————————————————– This is exactly why we will not know the day or the hour that the Messiah is to return. Because of the variablity of the sighting of the moon. Please read the article The Return of Yahshuah. Isn’t this exciting. Not knowing for sure that is. The Hebrew Calendar is calling for Passover on…

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News Letters For the Year 5843

Click on the subject you are interested in, to go directly to the page. News letters 5843-001 Sighted Moon day unsure of and Daniel Prophesy Relationship News letters 5843-002 Determining the possible day of Passover having not seen the moon since November News letters 5843-003 Excitement of Not knowing. Testing of Faith News letters 5843-003…

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In the future this page is likely to grow. For now, two very interesting talks are made available. You will find there are various questions from the audience as well. 34.7MB – Flor Bors – What was really nailed to the cross? 31.7MB – Joe Dumond – Where are we in prophecy now? 31.7MB –…

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