For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet, till her righteousness shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch. – Isaiah 62:1

Many web sites proclaim to tell the truth. At this site you should be able to follow along from your own bible and prove the things that are stated here. Remember it is of no value unless you too can prove it and share it with others. Do not share it if you can not prove it. This only causes confusion.

The articles on this site, will cause many to be offended and yet are provable by the scriptures. It is our own traditions that our fathers taught us that causes us to err. Our fathers have taught us lies. Even after learning about the Sabbath!

Counting the Land Rest Years

Counting the Land Rest Years Many start the counting of the Omer after the 15th of Aviv. Those who believe the Messiah has already come, has died and is to come again, can clearly see that He died on a Wednesday and arose on a Saturday and was the Wave Offering offered Sunday morning. The…

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The Year of the Crucifixion

The Year of the Crucifixion The Biblical Calendar System we outlined above was used to determine the date of Passover (also called the Day of Preparation) for a series of years during which the crucifixion of Christ may have taken place. The dates in keeping with the ‘modern’ Rabbinical calculation system are also included for…

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What Is the Sign of Jonah?

What Is the Sign of Jonah? In the Gospel of Matthew, Yahshua gives us the one and only sign that He was and is the Messiah: 38 Then some of the scribes and Pharisees answered, saying, “Teacher, we wish to see a sign from you.” 39 But He, answering, said to them, “An evil and…

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Pentecost’s Hidden Meaning

Pentecost’s Hidden Meaning In the Old Testament the word Pentecost is not there. This Feast Day was referred to as “Feast of Weeks” (Exodus 34:22; Deuteronomy 16:9-10), because it was celebrated seven weeks after the offering of the Barley Sheaf. Also known as the “Feast of the Harvest” (Exodus 23:16), because it came at the…

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The Mark of the Beast

The Mark of the Beast Humor me and conduct a simple Bible study. First, go to a concordance and look up ˜mark of”. I use When I do this, the following Scriptures come up: In Job we read: 14 If I sin, then You mark me, And will not acquit me of my iniquity.…

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