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Explore Israel with Sightedmoon & Joseph Dumond

When the opportunity to visit the land of our forefathers presents itself there is no better way to do that then during the Festivals of YHVH. During these times the land comes to life and the atmosphere is at its best. So why not come out with us and see for yourself.

  • What was Moses able to see when he looked across the Jordan at the Promised Land?
  • What is the real meaning of the Baal Peor incident?
  • Where did they cross the Jordan and where is Gilgal?
  • What do the giant footprints in Israel mean?

Come with us as we explore the answers to each of these questions up close in person this Sukkot on your epic tour of the real Israel.
Where did Abraham and Jacob and Joshua build their altars to pray and worship God? You will stand in the very place where Jacob had his dream of the stairs going up to heaven. Then ask why is this place connected to Gilgal?

You are even going to go to Mount Carmen to learn about Elijah and then to Meggido and contemplate the future events in prophecy that are to take place right here.

 Join us this Feast of Tabernacles 2017, as we walk where Joshua walked and crossed the Jordan. Come with us to the place where, just 407 years after they crossed the Jordan, Israel set up again the golden calf at Dan.

You will learn more about your understanding of the bible than you can in years of study. You are actually going to walk in the footprints of Abraham, Jacob, Joshua and all of Israel and be reading it from the pages of your own bible.

I have been coming to Israel since 2005 and have now shown people around this inspiring country 16 times. Each time, everyone leaves with a greater and deeper understanding of His words. Just the pure words of your bible. No matter what denomination you come from or what level of understanding you have, the facts of history and your bible will amaze you. This trip will change you and you will never forget the things you learn here. You may even be challenged by the things you learn.

Join this Sukkot for the trip of a lifetime. You will understand God more than you did before you came.

Please join us this October 2017. Hit the button and sign up today.

What People Say!

You were an amazing tour guide and that trip was and is going to be the best one i’ll ever have. Here are just some short thoughts of the trip. “I can genuinely say, this trip was the trip of a life time. Only having been on this earth for 21 years, I can’t imagine a trip topping this one. I can proudly say I was baptized in Israel, and I can say it was along side some of the best people I have ever met in my short life, these people could not have been more kind, fun and caring; saying that with all honesty. This trip was one my grandfather had dreamed of for quite some time, I was blessed enough to be invited along with him. If ever given the chance to go to Israel, take it, especially with Joseph Dumond. He is one of the most intelligent men I have ever met, he made this trip what it was. We did everything from just casual touring to seeing rare sights and the truth behind them. Not to mention the age differences with everyone there, we all had an amazing experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Jordan Mackenzie Wilhite KY

Hi Joseph!

Sorry that it has taken me so long to write this. May God continue to bless and expand your ministry!

It didn’t look like much at first–a bunch of couples and singles near my parents’ age–on this tour. But it was a trip of a lifetime! Going on tour with Joseph Dumond means that you don’t visit the tourist places or get a lot of free time; what you do get is a LOT of walking, getting to see places that most tourists don’t get to see, learning facts that have been lost in tradition, and time to explore sites from the past.

One of my favorite days of the tour was when we went on an open air bus and went off-roading to different sites such as ancient Gath, the cave of Admullah, and the valley where David fought Goliath . I loved bouncing around the bus, concerned one moment that the bus would flip over and ducking tree branches the next. 

But the place that I enjoyed the most was Hezekiah’s tunnel. While waiting by the entrance of the tunnel for some of our group who were using the washroom, I looked up to the Mount of Offense, and suddenly the magnitude of what Yeshua has done for us hit me. Here I was going to enter into a dark, small tunnel (I am rather claustrophobic) like going down to die, yet I did not have to be afraid because Yeshua already died for me. And so I went down and got mitvahed and came back up. Something changed in my heart down in Hezekiah’s tunnel; Yeshua’s sacrifice became more real to me, in that underground spring. It is something that I will never forget!

It’s so hard to describe what it is like being in Israel; you just need to come and experience it for yourself. It’s like trying to describe a beach to someone who lives in the desert and has never seen large bodies of water. I would highly recommend coming with Joseph on tour. He is so knowledgeable and makes the experience fun.


A young person who loves Israel

Beloved Joseph,

my “words” will not achieve to explain what I have leaved and understood during this awesome tour that you have made possible for the 22 persons …and surely the 23rd was the “WORD”… who was so present in love truth and mercy with us.

thank you for the reading of the Torah, for all you shared with us and the special places that you brought us. And especially the informations about the strategic place in Yerushalayim, as the city of David and wall of Nehemiah and the mount of offense and

I recommend my brethren and sisters to join you in any other travel in YsraEL and hope will have the opportunity to come again.

Braha ve shalom

Josephine – Switzerland.

It was a pleasure and blessing to meet (and get to know you a little) you and the rest of the group.

From the moment I arrived at the Abraham Hostel – you were resting – I was greeted by James and Paul.

The warmth shown by all of the group and the absence of any schism was what impressed me the most.

I have only 2 regrets:

A).  That I didn’t read the 3 books you recommended before coming on the tour, and
B).  That the tour had to end.

I felt very much at home in Jerusalem.

The reading that we all did on Shabbat as commanded by Yehovah, every 7th year was moving. Standing at Joshua’s altar and doing the Mikvah were quite humbling.  The experience has challenged my spiritual walk.  The whole experience has left me feeling how unworthy I am and how much I need Yehovah in my heart and mind.
I hope to be at the next tour Joseph.


Adrian Walker UK

I write to thank you for the Sighted Moon Israel 2016 tour. I have the following comments, all of which are positive. I have no complaints:

  • The overall atmosphere on the tour was one of comradeship. This was due to your leadership, the attitude of the members of the group, the relaxed atmosphere in the Abraham Hostel the communal reading of  the Torah during weekly Sabaths and the comprehensive itinerary.
  • Making all the Jerusalem tours by walking and not by bus led to good interaction within the group and a better understanding of the layout of the Jerusalem sites. It also helped the fitness of the group!
  • The day tour of Qumran, Masada and the Dead Sea was spectacular.
  • The visit to the vineyard was a real eyeopener as to how agriculture can be developed in the desert. I admire the attempt to apply Torah principles to the operation of some vine lines.
  • The walk through Hesekiah’s water supply tunnel was fascinating. The Mitvah was very meaningful.
  • The visit to Joshua’s Alter and the “footprints” was also fascinating. I understand that this will be the focus of future tours.
  • The rationalization of the sites of the hanging and burial of Jeshua was a revelation. I look forward to staying at the Maison d’Abraham in the future.

All in all it was a fascinating tour and I look forward to the next tour.


Ian Taylor, UK

Feast of Sukkot Tishri/September 2016 Smetah Year Israel Tour

I want to Obey God in Loving him with all my being strength mind will all of me.

Hear was a offer to do just that I could not refuse. From the call of the Sightedmoon on the first of Aviv March 10th 2016 and the Aviv ready by the 25th March calendar now sorted. Counting of the omer made sense after Joseph teachings on severing one self,(Check it out)

Then a Offer ! Trip on Sukkot to Read Torah on the first as instructed by Yahovah, and in the City of David that no One denies authenticity of its origin. Truly Set Apart Ground. I got to Go!

Righteous Works. Coming from a word of faith charismatic back ground you don’t see simple obedience to his instruction as a righteous work, its not the same as a miracle by the laying on of your hands, its not a financial gift to a mega faith preacher, its a strong inner desire to simply obey a instruction of your Father that easy Wow !

The offer of the trip to Israel was unbelievably reasonable it must have hard for Joseph to have made it so.

Shabbat Saturday City of David open but no one is around we walked down to a lower place e overlooking the Kiddron Valley, Since the last seven years at this level there had been erected a new Paggola large enough for all the group to gather, it was if Yahovah what effect a Sukkot for what we we’re about to do, Quite and extremely peace full Joseph introduce the purposes of why we were here and what we going to obey only the second time in over 2000 years. I’m telling you it was amazing reading the Torah law Deuteronomy all of it as commanded., I have felt measure of the Ruach Quodesh Before in my time, opportunity to read was approaching chapter 27 I new the Blessing and Curses were in chapter 28 .Once I was into chapter 28, whoosh! Something supernatural Happen it was if my reading was a Spirit, Ruach Quodesh filled and afterwards I knew something had been accomplished by us all joining together and Obeying his desire in the land.


Joseph later mentioned about the Maccabees purifying the land by removing all the ground work under the alter or temple that had been polluted by the first a abominations and desolation caused by Antyyicosh Apithany or Geeks. He explained the importance of the Mount of Offense and its real purpose in Yahovah’s plans. To see the position of Gihon Spring in relevance to the rebuilt wall of Nehemiah ( or Jeremiah) ask Jo ha ha !

The height of High Priest house in relevance of height to the Antonian Fortress and to where the Temple would have to have stood ! For the Cohen Gadol to see the matters going on in the Temple. These are the things I remember but so much is shared in such a small amount of time being with Joseph Dummond this is no complaint I have had a lot of wasted time on a previous tour

These above were the highlights of the first day. Second day. Second we spent around the old city and we did explore Temple mount Western Wall Bethesda Mount of Olive Mount of Assent and the Mount of Offence Absalom’s tomb a small part of then Kiddron Valley all of these place were identified in Joseph understanding and we were talt Bible evidence about each place rather than religious assumption and previous Religious embellishment of what they are, great to find someone who wants nothing for himself other than his desire for you to know truth.

If and when Joseph goes again I will be booking my seat , I know the times he goes will be according to Yahovah calendar as well be seeing Jerusalem again, and be there not for our self but to fulfill the desire and word of our Father Yahovah.


Paul Barry, UK

I was tested on every mountain and hill in he holy land, walked 19,700 steps in 9 days. (Psalms 37v23) It was boot camp, under Joseph Dumond. This adventure has been the greatest physical and spiritual challenge of my life ! I now realized at 63 yrs of age, and after my first day in Jerusalem of traveling 19 hours from Ireland, and a few hours sleep before Joe Dumond himself woke me with a loud knock, and speaking through my bedroom door, saying \”Good morning Ma\’am welcome to Israel. I\’m Joseph Dumond your tour guide. We\’re meeting our group in the lobby in half an hour. We hope to see you there shortly. \” Fatigue was not an issue, as I was awake and alert, and eager to feast at the table which Yah had prepared for me. From that moment on, I was ready, equipped and prepared. Being pushed beyond myself, eating and drinking on the trot, left me with no time to think or hear anything but Yah’s voice through Joe Dumond’s teachings, we stopped at every site along the way and I listened attentively, as we stood in all the REAL holy places where Yeshua and bible heroes walked. Im profoundly changed now and ready to blaze a Torah trail to the highest hilltop in Ireland !

Jacinta Friel