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2300 Days Of Hell - mobi

Are you still expecting to be one day raptured out of this world? Are you still thinking there are 31/2 years followed by the Great Tribulation of 3 1/2 years? Have you been able to understand correctly the 2300 day prophesy of Daniel 8? Get ready to have your world rocked as Joseph F. Dumond shows us the meaning of this prophesy in an emotional and sobering teaching.

You are about to learn why the scrolls of Ezekiel and the Apostle John ate tasted sweet in their mouth and bitter in their stomach. This teaching is gut wrenching as we come to understand this bitter truth. We are almost to this time in the middle of this current Jubilee Cycle when it is to take place. That year is 2020.

There is a price to pay for those who will not return to the covenant made with Yehovah at Mount Sinai. The signs are all around us on the nightly news. Once you watch this you will be crying and sobbing as the stark reality of where we are in prophesy comes to bare on you and just how terrifying it is about to be for all those who will not obey Yehovah. Those in your immediate and extended families.