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Sightedmoon would like to thank all those who donate and contribute to the spreading of understanding on the Sabbatical & Jubilee Years.


To show our appreciation for what for some must be difficult, we are giving access to all of the material at through the bookstore for free.


While we cannot afford at this time, to give hard copies of all the material, and we know it would be much nicer to step away from the computer or tablet to read them, but it is the best we can offer for your continuing support.


We pray this material is a blessing and benefit to your understanding of Torah and also the Sabbatical and Jubilee years and what is coming up very fast in our near future.


Before you can gain access to the library, please use ” TODA ” as the password. We would also appreciate it if you did not hand this password out for other who do not contribute to this work.



May YHVH bless you all.


Joseph F. Dumond