Chanukah-Yes or No-Learn the Truth

Today, the weekly Sabbath of Sept 17, is the first day of Sukkot. It is the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles. It is the start of the week long rehearsal of our wedding party to our King Yehovah and it takes place at the start of the 8th millennium. If you had watched our video last Sabbath you were shown these things in detail.

Watch, for you do not know the hour

This week I could have greeted you with Chag Sameach (KHAHG sah-MEHY-ahkh)
Hebrew. Literally, joyous festival. This is an appropriate greeting for just about any holiday, but it’s especially appropriate for Sukkot, Shavu’ot and Pesach (Passover), which are technically the only festivals (the other holidays are holidays, not festivals).

Why do We Keep the Day of Atonement?

We are not advocating astrology. We are looking at the astronomical signs Yehovah gave to us and observing them. A witness must see something. An absent or conjunction moon is not a witness. No one can see it. But we have blood moons and we have dark or Yellow moons and we have Solar Eclipses taking place not just at happenstance times, but on the High Holy Days.

Gather the People

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