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The Battleground Within

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    Do you feel like you live within a room with no doors, no windows and no way out?

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    Are you always trying to please people just to find acceptance?

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    Do you have giants (habits) in your mind that no matter what you do you cannot kill?

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    Do you find it difficult to forgive yourself every day and move on?

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    Do you question your self-worth everyday trying to find reason to keep going?

The Battleground Within

Introducing “The Battleground Within” – a Bible-based study that delves deep into the scriptures to find practical solutions for dealing with depression in real life.

Depression is a complex issue that affects millions of people worldwide, and while science has made great strides in understanding the condition, there is still much that we don’t know. That’s why “The Battleground Within” takes a different approach. Rather than relying solely on scientific research, the book explores what the Bible can teach us about depression and offers practical tools and strategies for managing it.

Through careful study of the scriptures, the author has uncovered valuable insights and practical wisdom for living with depression. “The Battleground Within” is not a scientific treatise, but rather a Bible-based guide that offers hope and guidance to those who are struggling with depression. By drawing upon the teachings of the Bible, the book provides a refreshing and unique perspective on how to manage depression in real life.

Through real-life stories and practical examples, “The Battleground Within” teaches you how to use the power of faith and the teachings of the Bible to navigate the challenges of depression and find your way back to a place of hope and peace. Whether you’re looking for encouragement, inspiration, or practical tools to manage your depression, this book has everything you need to start your journey towards healing and wholeness.

If you’re looking for a Bible-based approach to dealing with depression, “The Battleground Within” is the book for you. It offers practical solutions and valuable insights that are rooted in the teachings of the Bible, providing a fresh perspective on how to manage this challenging condition.

Order your copy today and discover the power of faith and the Bible to overcome depression and find true healing.

The Battleground Within

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This is a list of the topics covered within this study. The point is not to just heal you but show you there is a better way according to your faith and that it is stronger than the darkness you walk in every day.

      • The dark room and depression
      • Pleasing people and biblical boundaries
      • Mind control and fear
      • “Thoughts”, the battle in our mind
      • They say there are giants in the land
      • To have hope
      • What does YHVH require of us?
      • Finding meaning in life
      • Speaking truth to yourself
      • Who makes the earth quake?
      • Forgiving yourself
      • Self-discipline & self-control
      • Overcoming temptation
      • How important are we?
      • More about faith
      • A call to boldness

**I will add this disclaimer. I am not a doctor, I am the patient that has suffered for more than 30 years with depression and seen how it can affect the family, marriage, and work on a daily basis.


I tried like so many to find help through doctors, medicine and councellors, but nothing helped or held out long enough.


So I decided to put my faith in God to the test and ask Him to show me the correct path to escape from this hell. This book is the result of what i could find, and when I feel that oh so familar pull back into the darkness, I remember the lessons that I learned during this study.


I hope and pray that it will do the same for all that choose to share this path.