Was The Attack in Israel

October 7, 2023,

a Sign of the End Times?



It happened in the Middle of this

Final 120th Jubilee Cycle!

Daniel 9:27


The Attack Was 1290 Days

After Sacrifice and Offering were STOPPED in 2020!!!

Daniel 12:11


They were stopped in the Middle of this

70th Jubilee Cycle in 2020 because of COVID-19!!

Daniel 9:27


YES, We are Absolutely in the Last Days!!!

Allow me to prove it to you.

First of all, most of you will be saying,

“No Man Can Know the Day of the Hour!”


But you do not understand this was

a parable or Hebrew Idiom

to hide the truth from those who would not obey.


Jesus is actually telling you the very day and hour

He is coming back!

The Key


to Understanding


all End-Time Prophecy


are the Jubilee Cycles.



Most Churches do not teach you

about the Jubilee Cycles of Leviticus 25.


We DO!!


It is the only way to understand End Time Prophecy.


The Jubilee Cycles are the missing Key

to the secret puzzle of Revelation!


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Daniel sealed up until the time of the end.


The Time of the End-The Last Days